She’s so proud that people will recognize him if they do it.

He felt bad at the thought that he had wronged Ji Yue.
The new emperor looks ugly and has to smile. "… Cousin aside, the most important thing now is to get people back …"
It’s too disturbing for him to leave her outside. She could come back at any time.
Nangong Hanxi’s face sank. "Get it back?"
The room temperature dropped several degrees, and the new emperor choked back his anger. "Yes, please come back. I’m afraid she will do something bad for God bless, and please ask my cousin to help me."
Nangong Hanxi flatly denied that "she is not that kind of person"
The new emperor is depressed. This cousin has never been against him since childhood.
"Can you guarantee? She is a love-hate person. I have sinned against her. Sooner or later, she will retaliate against me. There must be nothing wrong with the lives of my subjects. "
To put it bluntly, I am afraid of death!
He cooed for a long time and carried the first emperor out. The Nangong Hanxi moved in his heart. "All right, then I’ll take a trip."
Now that the country is in a stable situation, he might as well go to Ji Yue to make amends.
The new emperor was beaming and knew that it would be very comforting to move out of his father’s house.
Nangong Hanxi doesn’t like to hear this. "Too many words like this will hurt feelings, although we don’t have much feelings."
It’s a shame to say this. "Cousin, you are the most trustworthy person in my heart. We are brothers."
He frequently tries to pull in two people, but it’s quite annoying that Nangong Hanxi doesn’t get oil and salt.
The nangongshan Han Xi gave him a deep look. "I don’t want to be your brother. I still want to live."
"…" The new emperor is all bad. Is there such a face?
He really wants to drag Nangong Hanxi out and cut it down, but he can’t.
"I know you’re upset about that, but I can’t help it. If I don’t kill them, I can’t live …"
He tried to take it off himself and put himself in the victim’s position.
But it’s all in vain to say that Nangong Hanxi has convicted him in his heart. "There’s nothing to say. I’ll go first."
He bowed his hand and turned away.
This is also the interest of Mr. Yu. "That day will not be too far away."
The new emperor is happy and finally has a loyalty. "Fortunately, I have you around me, Mr. Yu. If you help me well, I will give your grandson a good background."
Mr. Yu was stunned. "Grandson?"
When he returned to Beijing, the second emperor called his eldest daughter into the palace. I heard that he had been favored and sealed by Yu Fei.
This made him very anxious at the moment?
It’s filial piety now, and everyone is staring at the new emperor’s every move, but the new emperor himself doesn’t care about doing whatever he wants.
Maybe it’s broken. There’s no good name anyway.
The new emperor smiled and said, "I and Yu Fear are not your grandchildren? Rest assured that my first son must come from Yu Fei’s belly. "
Mr. Yu’s heart moved with a smile and bowed deeply. "Thank you for your kindness."
He’d like to hold his grandson’s throne. It’s too difficult to control this new emperor. It’s often difficult for people to defend themselves. Every day, he cleans up the rotten stalls.
Seeing that he is so sincere, the new emperor is very proud and feels that his control level is high. "Get up."
Mr. Yu got up and hesitated. "The emperor …"
The new emperor frowned. "If you have something, just say it. We are not outsiders."
Mr. Yu struggled for half a ring. "Xie Huangxiao can’t have a child …"
Filial piety is not a good name and can’t be a great cause.
For the sake of the future, he doesn’t want this name to fall on his grandson’s head.
But the emperor’s reaction was so wonderful that he said casually, "What are you afraid of? It’ s a big deal to change the child’ s birthday. I’ m an emperor. Can’ t it be decided? "
He was so sexual that he completely ignored the power of former ministers and imperial clan.

Ma Hang burped and the alcohol hit his head. "Today, I just told you that this place will wait and see if there is an opportunity to do it immediately. All right, go to sleep. I have a terrible pain here."

Out of the door of the horse line, Heiwa stopped Longjie and found a secluded place. Heiwa said, "Just now, the eldest brother said that there is a white-haired bear in that good place, so we can’t fall into our hands. In case something happens to the white-haired bear, we can naturally take that place soon." Heiwa said this with a slight smile on her face.
Chapter three hundred and seven Misunderstanding
Longjie patted Heiwa on the shoulder and said, "Brother Hei, you and I want to go together. Do you want to?"
Before leoco continued, Heiwa hurriedly covered leoco’s mouth. "I counted that the white-haired bear brought a hand today, so I’m afraid we can’t do it. We have to find a few more people."
"Who else wants the eldest brother to send a few people?" Longjie said.
Heiwa shook her head. "No, absolutely not. Eldest brother won’t agree. Even Brother Mu and Brother Wu can’t tell them. If they know, they will."
"Who are you looking for?" The two men wanted to go to Longjie Road. "Call Brother Shi."
"Line" black Eva immediately said.
"There are Yu Mu, Zou Kai and Yongnian. I think six of us are enough."
Black Eva didn’t speak, and she kept thinking about answering the words of Longjie. Ma Jianwei suddenly turned out from the corner. "Uncle Black and Uncle Long, take me."
"Go, go," Heiwa said impatiently. "Don’t get involved with adults and children. Hurry up. Your mother has been looking for you several times. Go back to sleep."
Ma Jianwei snorted, "I’ll tell my dad what you’re talking about now with or without me." As soon as I turned around, I walked into the house.
Longjie a pull, "you little rabbit dare to threaten us. Come on, take you to say yes. No one can say go to bed. We’ll call you when we leave." Ma Jian Wei happily agreed to go back to the house
Heiwa and Longjie left Ma Hangyuan to find the stone. Of course, there is nothing to say. They immediately agreed to the three men and went to find Yu Mu. Zhang Yongnian immediately agreed that Zou Kai didn’t speak. Yu Mu hesitated. "It’s not good to do this. If the battalion commander knows how we can explain."
"You’re timid," the stone said. "Let’s go with or without love."
Longjie quickly stopped the stone and said to Yu Mu, "We didn’t do it ourselves. Besides, white-haired bear knows this good place but doesn’t say it. It’s not sincere to unite with us. He can’t blame us for being unjust. Besides, we’re not trying to kill him. We’re asking him to hand over the place and walk. It won’t be anything."
Yu Mu look at all out of friendship, there is no way to also agreed to take advantage of the night, a few people changed their clothes and took a shortcut out of the cottage, black blind ditch, according to their estimation, white-haired bears, although they have horses, drank wine and walked not too fast, so they should be able to catch up.
From black blind ditch to Heixiong Ridge, you have to pass Yingchoujian. The road here is not very easy. White-haired bear drinks too much and his hands are wobbling. He is worried that White-haired bear will fall, so he sends someone to help White-haired bear lead the horse forward a little bit.
It’s getting cold in the northeast in September, and there is a faint chill in the mountain wind at night. It’s not a good day tonight, and the moon is on and off, and now dark clouds are shuttling back and forth from it. They are bandits who are used to walking at night, but they still feel a little dizzy after the autumn wind blows.
White-haired bear wrapped himself in a wrap and sat on horseback with his eyes closed. Suddenly, in the dark, a group of birds flew from the nearby Woods and rushed to the sky in the dark. A tingle of white-haired bear sat up and his right hand had pulled out his own box of guns.
"Stop" being a bandit for so many years, there is still a vigilance. Birds have to sleep at night, so there must be something wrong with so many birds flying suddenly.
"What’s wrong with the boss?" asked one hand.
"Send two people to the forest over there to see if there is a problem." As soon as the white-haired bear turned over, he leaned against a stone from Malay.
"Why are you here?" Black Eva glared at Ma Jianwei mercilessly.
"Hum" Ma Jianwei snorted. "I knew you wouldn’t take me. If you don’t take me, I’ll do it myself."
Yu Mu said, "Get out of here quickly. The white-haired bear has found that there is a problem. If he sees it again, it will be bad for anyone."
Several people sighed and quickly got up and ran to the depths of the forest. When they ran for about half a column of incense, they listened to nothing behind them. Then they rested against the big tree and leoco gasped, "What the fuck is this? Everything has run away. Come and be healthy."
They found that Ma Jianwei didn’t follow Heiwa to look at the Woods behind him and asked the stone, "Brother Shi, you didn’t take Jianwei with you at the end."
Stone shook his head. "I didn’t see him following you."
"It’s broken," said Longjie. "It’s a teenager. It shouldn’t be directed at the white-haired bear." When I said this, the road rushed away. Things didn’t go well. I lost my horse’s son, but if the white-haired bear caught it, it would be even more troublesome
Rushed to the ambush where there is no figure? A few people are in a hurry and don’t know whether to go back or continue to find Yu Mu. He said, "Well, Jianwei White Bears have seen him, and he won’t be like that. We will split up and report to the battalion commander immediately, and continue to chase White Bears to the south to ask."
Six soldiers were divided into two roads. Heiwa led Zhang Yongnian and Longjie back to admit their mistakes to Ma Hang. Stone took Yu Mu and Zou Kai and continued to chase south.
Before entering Dazhai Heiwa, she felt that the atmosphere was not right. Jinsong oil torches lit the whole village as a horse, Mu Yunchen, Liu Wu and the white-haired bear were in the square in front of the village. Ma Jianwei was tied around the column like a dumpling and surrounded by a circle of minions, Wu Jing and Li Fang, who helped each other with tears.
Ma Jianwei waited for Ma Hanggao with a small face and said, "Mom, don’t cry, it’s just a dead generation. I’ll still be your son."
Hearing this, Wu Jing cried even more. Heiwa and Longjie rushed to the front of Ma Jianwei and knelt down to Ma Hang. "Eldest brother, this is not with Jianwei. It’s all us. Let’s kill us if we want to."
Ma Hang said angrily, "Shut up, you two. I’ll tell you slowly about your business. Pull them for me." Ma Hang is riding a tiger now, and it’s hard for a white-haired bear to keep his mouth shut.
Heiwa pushed her two minions together. "White-haired bear, I did the whole thing. If something happens, you killed me and a teenager. What kind of hero is it? I left my words here today. If anything happens to my eldest nephew, I would give my life and dig your ancestral grave."
White-haired bear sneer at a quietly watching the scene.
Chapter three hundred It’s not over
A horse line execution and all the people looked at the white-haired bear one by one with a face of consternation, and the flames of murder erupted in their eyes.
"Forget it" wobbly got up from his chair and smiled at Ma Hang. "It’s hard for children to make mistakes and it didn’t hurt the brothers. I think we should spare the children. Hehehe, where can children make mistakes and change them?" White-haired bear said lightly.
Don’t you think it’s a little late to say that in Ma Hang’s heart? But his face can’t be exposed. He said, "Bai Da takes charge of adults and doesn’t remember villains. Anyway, it’s all my younger brother’s lax discipline, and I feel sorry for my children. But this matter must never be forgotten. My Ma Hang must give Bai Da a responsibility."
When he said this, Ma Hang bent down and pulled out the dagger from the boot without looking at it. He stretched out his left hand and took up the knife and fell. By the time everyone tried to stop it, his left little finger had fallen to the ground.
"Dad, Big Brother" shouted a lot. Mu Yunchen quickly grabbed Ma Hang around and pressed hard to stop the blood from continuing to flow. Wu Jing took out his handkerchief and shed tears while holding his left hand for Ma Hang.
"Bai Da takes charge of my horse line is a benevolent person. Today, I hope that Bai Da takes charge of everything and reveals it in my face. If Bai Da takes charge of everything, what do you say? My horse line goes on." The horse line looks at the white-haired bear.
White-haired bear looked around, and he ha ha smiled. "Brother Ma, where do you say this? It’s like brother I have to manage and tide wait for no man. Listen to brother. Hehehe, it’s almost dawn. There are things in the cottage, so I’ll go first."

It is obvious that Jiang Rufei’s smashing a glass on the wall just now has ruined this harmony. Many people are unhappy, but few dare to go out.

Jiang Rufei didn’t look at the woman and insisted on communicating with Xi Yanlie. "Did you call Louqin today? See if there are any missed calls. "
Xi Yanlie always laughs at Jiang Rufei while he has no intention to take out his mobile phone from his pocket. "Are you henpecked and want to save everyone?"
Lou Qin never has nothing to call him. She has been on a business trip for half a month, and they have failed.
There are a few missed calls or others.
"Did you see" Xi Yanlie showed Jiang Rufei the words.
Jiang Rufei’s patience is like coaxing a child. "Then you won’t take the initiative to call Lou Qin?"
The sharp woman interrupted again, "Jiang Rufei, are you still addicted? !”
Jiang Rufei grabbed the bottle in front of him and threw it at the woman.
The crackle screamed in a hurry, accompanied by the air-conditioning around it. Jiang Rufei scolded the woman, "Today I will tell you that women should mind their own two things." Others have come to the shivering woman, "B and this mouth."
The woman grabbed the hematoma and got up. Tears swirled in her eyes.
Jiang Rufei patted the woman’s face with force and muttered "disgusting" in a low voice and left the room.
There was silence in the private room. Xi Yanlie looked at the woman who was hit by a bottle. She looked familiar, as if she remembered that she was close to Shallow.
He looked shallow and went out from the private room to chase Jiang Rufei
Section 5
Jiang Rufei was cold.
Xi Yanlie ran a few steps and put his arm on his shoulder. "What’s wrong with you?"
Jiang Rufei’s heart is much calmer now. He was not angry just now, but he didn’t like those women.
He went to the land cruiser and hit the door. Jiang Rufei asked him, "Where are you going?"
What were you two doing on the night of 59?
Xi Yanlie was too lazy to beat around the bush and hit the back door car directly.
As soon as Jiang Rufei started the car, Xi Yanlie smiled and asked Jiang Rufei, "Do you still have secrets with me? Don’t say it, right? "
Jiang Rufei is not that kind of person who get angry for no reason.
Unless there’s some reason
Jiang Rufei frowned. "Stay away from those no three no four women. Don’t forget that you are married."
Xi Yanlie was surprised’ yo’ and held his hands in front of him. "When did you realize so high?" Think about it wrong! "Are you bought by Lou Qin?"
Jiang Rufei stared at Xiyanlie and ignored him.
Ask for more happiness! He doesn’t care. Not yet?
The husband and wife fall asleep beside each other. Same-sex people can’t have a good dream
Louqin hasn’t had a good rest recently, and this sleep is not very practical.
Because he drank too much wine last night, Xi Yanlie slept until noon.
Jiang Rufei disappeared. I don’t know what I’m busy with, but I’m looking for him.
"What happened to punk last night?"
Jiang Rufei and Xi Yanlie pulled their slippers. "Who knows he won’t talk?"
Peel the orange peel for yourself. "Did something happen recently?" Feed a petal into Xi Yanlie’s mouth.
Xi Yanlie thought "I don’t know"
Gu Jin is busy in the science and technology building, staring at his hand with a mobile phone.
See if there is still nothing to sneer at. He picked up his coat and went out of the door.
One to two, one month later, Lou Qin was still lying in his mobile phone, and Gu Jin sent a short message-
I won’t apologize to you. I didn’t bully you anyway, but you should hurry up and repent, or you may not have a chance one day.
Recently, Lou Qin often travels around the country to engage in international cooperation.
When she landed at the city airport again, she saw Gu Jinze
Gu Jin, however, looked at the corners of the body and blew it up, especially when Louqin saw him.
Although Louqin was followed by Gu Jin, a small assistant with luggage, he went over diligently.
"Are you tired?"
Gu Jin is still a good brother.
Louqin held his breath and didn’t want to talk to him.
Gu Jin hit her shoulder "ask you something! Why are you acting like a child? "He wants to know when Lou Qin will go home on time and ask the super sister controller.
Lou Qin tilted his head at him. "You don’t want to disappear from my eyes."
That night Gu Jin said that if nothing happened, he would no longer appear in front of her.
"Do you remember all this?" Gu Jin laughed at her. "Look, I know you miss me. If I disappear, I won’t let you regret it."
Louqin ignored him and went straight ahead.

(Could it be Shangxian? "Holler chuai is not unreasonable. The 4th Air Force’s spring bombing fleet was still in Slovakia during the day, and the pilots in Suiguo estimated that there were only a few hundred Soviet fighters lurking there.

Maybe! Male root closed gills eyes, hand holding nose beam bone end gently saved the cangue "hai 222 should help sharp fighter forces which came to cut into MuEr owe fried fire extinguishers when fu Wei scattered to the winter war remnants! "
"Since calcium dobesilate capsules has reached such a fate," let’s do our best to implement it! "Zhen le goodwill she urged.
Logan retorted and said, "I want to arrange it according to what Qi Xiong said!"
Compared with the war minister of Cheqing Imperial Army, Holler is much more experienced in the actual speech. Before the special train arrived in Berlin, he had already delivered the details to the corresponding two aviation troops and airports.
The military train didn’t just enter Potsdam Feng in the urban area of Berlin, but stopped at a small platform sheath near Junyue Airport in the western suburbs of Berlin for several hours, and then returned to Mizuho from Romanian Qin Ruiyi. General Wolfgang von richter swore that she was very dusty.
"Hello again at last, General!" Luo Genzhi met with an uncharacteristic hot orange in the Yuan office, but richthofen responded with courtesy and politeness. I can see that he is very tired and his eyes are always shaking.
The main reason is that the First Jumping Army suffered heavy losses in Romania. If it were not for the end of the Crete War, the German troops deployed in Greece would have rushed to the Romanian battlefield. The First Jumping Han would have continued to fight the powerful Soviet residual air group in the south after losing its fighter planes and late dive bombers.
Now, like the first army, the five regiments that suffered the most losses were forced to be reorganized, and the squadrons of Shangcai fighting capacity were scattered and filled up, and they were still holding on to each regiment, and the whole Romania was handed over to the first. General geissler, the officer in charge of the panic army, had to get out of the complicated army and return to Berlin to report on the situation of the southern remnants. Most of the officers and soldiers and civilians still didn’t know that they had moved to Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin, to settle down a seat for richthofen and bring a cup of hot coffee to the regular soldiers. In turn, he comforted, "Don’t worry, the cooks are working overtime to make new fighters and bombers, and it won’t be long before the first aviation and the first army, which suffered heavy losses in Poland, can be rebuilt! In addition, based on the excellent actual combat performance of the new Woolf fighter, we are going to form 6 new Woolf fighter wings, one of which will be assigned to the first one! "
"We have damaged the skilled pilots!" Richthofen cupped his coffee cup in his hands. "What’s worse, our pilots now have a fear of swarming Soviet fighters. That is, a person is being spared by mustard flies, and he will feel scared at the sight of mustard snails!"
"This metaphor is really" Logan was very surprised, but he thought that he had never been in a war before, and he could feel the true feelings of the pilots by relying on the atmosphere he imagined.
Richseed Hoffen is very handsome. She calls Logan "the cabinet of war ministers". He is extremely serious. She said, "The steep soil is a serious trick, but I still sincerely hope that the war department will consider sending more fighters to the southern line. Only one day will we plan to completely stock them!"
Logan stared. "Yuan has never thought about putting things on the stack, and so have we, but we have no more fighter units to deploy! Fact "yuan play for zai" tonight will be two zha air force sent to the execution and Czech her area, blocking the Soviet union to Austria found the pile into! "
"Audley?" Obviously, richthofen didn’t realize that the situation in other battles was very bad. He insisted heavily, "I personally think that if the current situation is not changed, General geissler’s first, our first and our last remaining troops can hold up for another week at most!"
Logan didn’t understand her and said, "But we have been fighting with Soviet talents for less than a week, and the situation is changing every day!"
"Maybe it’s because the report didn’t really reflect the reality of the battlefield!" Richthofen was very worried, saying, "Because our fighter plane Bunny closely protected the Romanian oil field from the Soviet Union, there has actually been a big gap in the battlefield in the South Stack. However, the defensive actions of the defense forces and the Romanian army have been hampered by the Soviet Union, and the situation is deteriorating every day. Once the Soviet Union breaks through the Romanian oil field in Fukemini-Galac, it will be over. Sui Guo Oil should be greatly cut off!"
It took Rogan a long time to sink, and then he said, "In the new situation that the soil defense is not very stable, we are forced to deploy heavy troops to fill the gap in Slovakia. If we deploy another army to Romania, what should we do to fill the gap?"
Richthofen sighed. "So," our 6th Army should adapt to the lack of talent to support the battle, instead of thinking of Smika in the special situation of lacking firepower! "
"I’m afraid so!" Logan was also very shaken and said, "In a few months, I’m afraid our troops will be given aid to the battlefields everywhere like wooden villages. It’s better to be bitter first than sweet first!" “
Chapter 62 chess language
Minister of war, I think the defense plan of one tear and ten strokes should be deleted. If it can be completely implemented, we have a great chance to turn the tide in three to four weeks! "
Slightly shaking the train carriage, Feng Sui, the general of the aviation soldier, Tilf von richthofen leaned forward at an angle of about 10,000 degrees, supported his hands on the wooden rectangular table, and his eyes just shifted from the war map to his front.
Opposite him is a young and handsome Major General of Imperial Army. His posture of holding his head high and holding his chest high is like a rooster who is still passionate when he meets a strong enemy. His black head is still full of suppleness in the wall lamp, but his original intense eyes are full of deep tiredness.
"The problem is that we don’t have that long to verify this plan! Because Yuan insists on his own judgment, we have transferred two main aviation troops to Austria and the Czech Republic, and the defense forces left by the original defense system make up for the efficiency of doing so. But if he refuses to accept Yuan’s order, the result is likely to be another person to take over the actual command of the army. Nowadays, the German army has enough qualifications and ranks, but he has climbed from the bottom through a series of rare opportunities!
"Ah, we yuan" richthofen sighed, saying neither wrong nor right, but sighed with emotion, "As far as strategic choice is concerned, China has its own advantages in carrying out soil defense or dividing its troops to guard all fronts, but handsome people should insist on going to the battlefield after making a judgment. The most taboo is to swing from side to side, but they can’t divide their troops and worry about it!"
"I don’t think so." Logan put his fist on the wooden table and stared at the map around the war in Central and Eastern Europe. "The more we need to accurately judge the enemy’s next move in this situation, but the intelligence department has the Soviet army to deploy information to us." The general doesn’t mind a war chess deduction. "
"Of course not!" Richthofen did not hesitate to say, "I will play the Soviet side."
"hmm!" Rogan picked up a pencil and drew directly beside the map. He said casually, "You are Shmushkevich now. You still have 10,000 planes that can touch the war at any time, including about fighter planes, agricultural planes and bombers, and more than 1,000 important transport planes and auxiliary planes! Some of these planes are deployed in Ukraine to deal with the team deployed in Romania, and the rest are deployed in Poland! In addition to these, there may be hundreds of new planes just transferred from the rear. Let’s just call it a fight! Well, this amazing army will be completely deployed by you. "
"Insert a word to fight the Minister’s Cabinet!" Richthofen raised his eyebrows and said, "If I am Shmushkevich, do I need to get the approval of the Soviet Supreme Commander and the Military Commission before implementing some war operations?
"Huh?" This frightened Logan, who had never considered that he had stopped moving for two days and seemed to have found a clue to the strange behavior of the Soviet Russian army
"Let’s just say that I am a combination of Shmushkevich and Stalin." richthofen quickly searched the map and picked up a red pencil. He drew two horizontal lines in the German defense line in central Poland and near the German border in depth. "Since bombing German targets day and night must pay a heavy price, I will support the ground war with strong military forces, in addition to attacking the first-line positions of the German team, and cut off their troops and ammunition with the rear! In order to achieve this goal, I invested in ugly fighter jets and blade bombers. "
"Well, the Soviet army is indeed doing this at present, and the input of troops is almost the same." Rogan commented that he set a corresponding blue line along the east side of the German border and crossed the second red line drawn by richthofen. "I helped Messerschmidt fighters to carry out strict soil defense and attack Soviet aircraft entering the cordon, and had an absolute advantage in voyage and early warning."
Richthofen Xun drew a big arrow with an arc in the Slovak position. "When the war situation is unfavorable, I correspondingly contracted the regional force to attack the first line of defense of the German team and urged the 6 th Army to speed up the attack! At the same time, we invested in Tian Qi fighters and curved bombers to Slovakia in the southwest to help the 6 th Army make a breakthrough from the left wing and cut off the contact between Germany and the southern line! "
Rogan drew an arrow pointing to the southeast from the soil in a tit-for-tat manner. "We transferred the two air forces to Austria and the Czech Republic according to the great meta-instruction to build a Messerschmidt fighter plane to intercept you. You advised the fighter plane to use the razor-thin bomber to block your ground forces. With the radar deployed in eastern Austria, we still have the early warning advantage."
Richthofen thought a little "now that you have transferred some of your main forces to the south, I am faced with two choices: one is to send more reserve troops to the Slovak front, and the other is to take advantage of this small opportunity to storm the front again!" I personally choose the second one. "
Logan’s response also slowed down a little. He frowned and said, "I still have Xu Messerschmidt and Li Woolf on the front. I still carry out the closing of the mouth. In the unfavorable situation, I gave up the German border east area and deleted the first line of anti-artillery cover soil!"
"On the front, our army is still active in the area where you don’t take the initiative to attack, suppressing the ground defense of the German team. Our ground troops are likely to make a breakthrough in the short term!" Richthofen pointed to the direction of Slovakia and said, "I jumped on a plane there and firmly restrained you from brewing a fighter plane. At the same time, I also dispatched the latest fighter plane in my hand to let you swing the bomber, and our ground troops can advance all the way along the southwest of Slovakia to Austria!"
"In this situation, you will lose one plane every day, but I can’t lose four." Logan confidently gave this calculation ratio.

Yeah, that woman, he gave birth to such a lovely daughter, but he let her be bullied in prison. Why isn’t he cruel?

Zheng Heng also said that after the blue song, his mental state was not very good and he got depression.
In his image, depression is a terrible disease. Most patients with this disease have one result-death!
She asked him, Xi Yunzheng, are you going to force me to death before you are willing?
He never wanted to force her to death. Even if she did something wrong and killed him and the Xia Xue child, Xia Xue lost half her palace. He never wanted to make her pay for it. He wanted to send her to prison to be reformed, and then she could return to her old blue songs.
But ask yourself what he did not force her to die?
She looks gentle and soft, but in fact, her personality is the strongest and the most stubborn.
He said something to her before. Can you study medicine with such a stupid head?
But she said, I’ll be the best medical university in Jiangcheng. You’ll see.
If the college entrance examination notice is sent home from the best medical university in Jiangcheng.
I don’t know how my heart ached as I contracted.
I really didn’t feel sleepy, so I got out of bed, touched my cigarette case and went out to smoke.
Smoking, smoking an idea, generate is in his mind.
Unconsciously, he poked himself in the arm with a red-hot cigarette butt.
The burning pain in his skin made him sweat from the eyebrows.
So you’ve been in such pain.
He took a deep breath and looked out of the window. There was no end to the night, and his eyes were getting wet.
"Dad, I have to pee?"
God gathered his face back and saw the little girl in Donald Duck’s pajamas rubbing her sleepy eyes and coming towards him.
He took back the cigarette butt pressed on his arm and threw it out of the window.
Durian approached and saw his arm burn in a small circle. He stood on tiptoe and grabbed his hand and exhaled gently. "Does dad hurt?"
"no pain"
He stooped and smiled and rubbed her short fluffy hair.
Durian raised his little head doubtfully, stretched out his little hand and touched his wet eyes.
She frowned. "Did Dad lie and cry?"
"It really doesn’t hurt. It’s the wind." He still smiled gently and held the little girl in his arms. "Okay, let’s go pee."
Xiyunzheng carried durian back to the room, and the little girl ran into the health room, stripped her pants and waited for her father to come in.
She doesn’t have to be carried to the toilet by adults for her small size.
After urinating, she giggled at him again, "I have to poop."
It’s true that this little girl can’t casually say a sentence of "fine things" but her eyes overflow with a spoil smile.
When pooping, the little girl got sleepy again. Little by little, Xi Yunzheng worried that she accidentally fell into the toilet and put her hands on her little shoulders.
This ordeal arrived after midnight.
I was about to put my daughter to bed when the steam came from the upstairs, and soon the woman shouted again.
Who dares to come to Xi’s house in the middle of the night to make trouble?
Leave the room for fear of waking your daughter.
As soon as I got to the stairs, I saw the provocative and unreasonable woman drumming on high heels and swearing at her mouth. "Where the hell have you been, Xi Yunzheng?"
"Who let you in?"
Yu Xi panted heavily as he ran to the building and looked at Xi Yunzheng coldly, wishing he could not peel him off.
"I have a star face and Chi Gong’s girlfriend. Does your doorman dare not let me in?"
Xiyunzheng eyes light gathered disdain cold asked "come to me? Blue song revenge? "
"Blue song revenge that is another story! The most important thing now is that you let me take your daughter away. "
"Yuxi, your bravery is really hypertrophy. Come to my house in the middle of the night to take my daughter away? Do you think I can promise? "
"Blue Song is in the hospital now. She is very ill. She has been chanting the name of Little Durian in a daze. I have no choice but to ask you for someone."
Yu Xi still learned from Yu Xiao that the blue singer didn’t die, but was carried away by Xi Yunzheng for so many years. What’s even worse is that he let the blue singer daughter recognize Xia Xue as a mother!
This is simply forcing children to recognize thieves as mothers!
Suddenly XiYunZheng a shock grabbed YuXi hand "you said she was very ill? Is it depression? "
He is so nervous that Xi Yunzheng makes Yu Xi feel that he seems to care about blue songs very much.
But how is that possible?
He tortured Blue Song so crazily!
"Not only is she depressed, but she also has a high fever. Although her fever is gone, her consciousness has been in a vague state. But if you still have a little humanity, please give me the little durian and let me take her to Blue Song. Blue Song really needs her child now. Do you really want to drive her crazy to death?"
No! That’s not what he wanted.
"I know what to do," he said with a lump in his throat.
Loose Yu Xi’s hand and went back to the room to wake up the little durian. She was directly picked up and stuffed into her bathrobe.
Durian squatted on the man’s shoulder and rubbed his sleepy eyes and yawned again and again. "Dad, where are you taking me?"
"Dad will take you to see you-"he paused, but he changed his words. "You met the blue aunt who came home today. She wants to see you now. When you see her later, you should listen to her. Do you know?"
The little girl sensible nodded "o" and continued to sleep on her father’s shoulder.
Three people a line from hiding in the spiral staircase Xia Xuecai raise eyebrow eye into the bedroom.
Hello, Blue Song is depressed and very sick.

He didn’t even take a few bites himself, and then accompanied her directly to wait for porridge in the restaurant.

But even if the porridge is cooked, she can’t eat it after drinking less than half a bowl
Now Xiao Jing knows that Anyan is in a temper, and her face reveals frankly that I am angry and refuse to communicate with you.
For example, she didn’t respond to his words after he just asked her to eat coldly, and she didn’t give him any response at all.
The man’s temper has also come a little, but because she still forcibly suppressed her emotions, she raised her voice a little. "In peace, are you sure you want to be angry with me again because of a servant?"
An Yan lifted his eyelids and looked at him without saying anything. His eyes were cold.
He said "again"
It is true that history repeat itself three years ago today.
At that time, it was also because she was dissatisfied with him and punished the servant for something. She was angry with him, but at that time, she at least knew how to be soft, and she couldn’t stop after he taught her a lesson in bed.
But at the moment, her attitude is harder than his.
Even from the topic to the present, there is a meaning that she is deliberately finding fault.
Xiao Jing glanced over the food on the plate beside her and his face sank again. "Are you still not eating today? Even if you want to be angry, you have to have the strength to be angry with me, but what are you doing now? "
The atmosphere was dead.
In the distance, the servant doesn’t know what happened, so he can look at the unhappy face of the villa host and the angry face of the hostess and dare not come out.
Dare not approach and dare not go far.
It should still be early this afternoon. Yu Lu was invited out of the villa without a word. She didn’t explain it directly, but she was dismissed quietly.
This kind of thing makes everyone panic.
The chef also stood on the side, feeling numb or cooking by himself. It was not suitable for them, and they were also on the side with fear.
An Yan suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Xiao Jing’s nails deeply trapped in his palm. "I’m not angry, but you are angry." An Yan bluntly looked at his voice without any special ups and downs, but every word was biting. "You can’t take some inexplicable anger out of my heart and take the knife you can take."
What about her? She left the villa yesterday and he is in a good mood now, but he should just look good.
He quietly put all this anger on others, perhaps not only Yu Lu, but also those who worked for him, such as guarding bodyguards around the villa yesterday
He can also say that they neglect their duties and can’t even look at a woman.
Anyway, if he wants to find a reason casually, he can solve others.
Xiao Jing listened to her and suddenly pulled her lips and smiled. The radian of the corners of her mouth was very mocking and stared at her lightly. "You are right. I really can’t put these gases on you. After all, I am even more unhappy when I see you unhappy."
The man’s tone is mixed with the cold eyes. "But I can’t just let you do this to me. I can help you, but your current trip has already threatened me. I have to do something."
An Yan’s finger instantly fell to the table and started to "bang". "Is our bank a threat to you? Yes, yes, yes, you are now the president of Anson Group. You can cover the sky and have sex in an instant, but because I am the one who makes these movements, you can’t do it. You can’t do it by your means to suppress these news departments resolutely-"
"But at the same time, you can’t watch things get worse with peace of mind. You are in this contradiction, and now you are just a tangled body!"
Xiao Jing didn’t move, and his eyelids didn’t move. He looked at her and said what he wanted to say.
No, she got up directly from her chair before she finished a second’s silence. "Actually, I think the method is very simple. Now it’s all about you and your new lover. Now you need to drag me to a reception. I think the scandal will subside."
An Yan couldn’t help laughing and looked at him coldly with a slight trembling. "For my ex-wife … you need to say that we are back together."
But to do all this requires him to ignore the feelings of silence.
Xiao Jing looked up slightly at the gloomy mood in her eyes, but it was the strong black that was about to stretch out, but it shocked her eyes. He looked at her for a while and heard him say, "Yes, I can quickly eliminate the gossip flying outside. Then what?"
The first volume Chapter 256-Pain-
"Then they will talk to you again about what happened to you in the past and talk about your leg. Do you think that result will be better than now?"
Yan Yan resisted the tumbling emotions in his body and looked at him motionless.
Xiao Jing Yingjun’s face was covered with a kind of deep silence, and her eyebrows were foggy and hazy. She looked at her. "It’s safe to say that you want to be white. Even if I made you like that at the beginning, those people will focus on your trial. I don’t want you to be talked about again."
Even the former one, she never showed up to talk about it.
Because today’s society is so realistic, he is Xiao Jing, even if he is vilified by the world, he is still him.
There will still be a lot of people gathered in front of him.
But Ann said it was different. If he didn’t love her and protect her, some things really broke out again, and she really appeared in front of the public. She couldn’t have suffered those.
An Yan looked at him with a cold face opposite him for a while and turned directly away from the restaurant and moved towards the building.
Section 459
Xiao Jing’s secretive eyes watched her figure disappear in the corner, and her eyes dimmed a lot, and the radian of her mouth once again set off a light sneer.
After a while, the servant was invited and respectfully stood in front of him. "What can I do for you, sir?"
She glanced at the dining table, and the dishes were almost the same as at noon. No one had touched them. There were traces of the soup in front of Anyan.
Xiao Jing got up from the dining chair, raised his hand and pinched his eyebrows. "I’ll get some food taken late at night in two hours."
After that, he was ready to walk down the stairs. The servant was just about to ask his wife what she wanted to eat. As a result, Xiao Jing turned to look at her and "wrapped some wonton or dumplings for her". Xiao Jing said, "Little dumplings."
Anyan actually likes sweets.
When he first joined Anson Corps, she was about to graduate. At that time, many students around her were preparing for further study, and even Lu Qingqi was considering whether to continue studying.
However, she is not as ill as Anjiu City. Anyan once considered taking over the company.
At that time, he just got back what belonged to Xiao’s family, and it was necessary for him to make a comeback, and he joined Anson Group.
Seeing Anyan is because Anjiu City is also a coincidence.
Her bodyguard was not in Anjiu City that day and asked him to send something to Anyan. She said Anyan had been chanting for several days, and Anyan had not been home for a whole week.
It is said that she is studying hard
On the way, Xiao Jing saw Anjiu City and asked him to give Anyan something, not what a little girl needed, but several bricks.
It is related to enterprise management, corporate culture and finance.
Xiao Jing can clearly remember the day when he was waiting for her in her teaching building. An Yan called him just after class. Xiao Jing said that he was in her classroom building.
At that time, Xiao Jing was born very good-looking, mainly because of his good temperament, but he was not particularly old, but he abruptly gave people a kind of lean and aggressive momentum.
Many people saw him holding him at the flower stand on the side of the teaching building, which once made some women mistake him for a newcomer or a person who is about to become a newcomer in their school.
But because of his body, people dare to strike up a conversation before.
On this day, Anyan’s influence is somewhat different from his. She is not the kind of perverse lady in others’ mouth, and she doesn’t have that kind of arrogance and superiority in her face.

But at this time, Qu Ningning’s fist clenched and pinched, and he couldn’t help but tremble and sweat dripping from his forehead.

Suddenly they felt a palpitation.
Lin Ying’s eyes shine with "Yes"
Say that finish before Lin Ying hands surging will QuNingNing side a feminine vitality into his body.
As the primordial qi enters Quningning, the characteristics of corpse vanish instantly.
Suddenly Qu Ningning opened his eyes and shouted, "If you kill old people, you dare to rob old women and money."
Say that finish QuNingNing blow to the Lin Ying.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-one Rob people
Lin Ying waved his fist and punched Quningning.
"Bang!" Two people fist intersection issued a flips.
Qu Ningning thumped back more than ten steps before stopping, while Lin Ying did not move.
Lin Ying carrying a hand cold hum a "hum old just saved your life you he will kill me bite the hand that feeds you? But your strength is still a little too spicy. "
QuNingNing holding his arm hurriedly his whole arm is going to be broken with a full face of horror at Lin Ying.
The bean sweat keeps dripping. "It’s so strong that my hands feel like they’re going to be ruined."
But for a moment QuNingNing suddenly reacted, touched his face and exclaimed, "I’m not dead? I’m not dead! I didn’t die. Ha ha ha ha ha. "
Qu Ningning shook an awakened person next to him like a madman and said excitedly, "Hit me, hit me, try me. Is this not a dream?"
Next to the awakened one, Qu Ningning looked excited and slapped him in the face without hesitation.
"Pa" palm QuNingNing face a crunchy.
"Ow, I stung you, did he really fight? It hurts so much." Qu Ningning covered her face and grinned and cursed, and then she was ready to call back.
The awakened one immediately dodged back and said, "Qu Ningning, stop. You asked me to hit you."
QuNingNing smell speech leng one and then a burst of laughter "old this is not a dream, I really didn’t die, I came back to life, hahaha"
Looking at there, Quningning Lin Ying shouted, "You’re not dead, but you always save your life. Come here quickly."
Qu Ningning looked at Lin Ying and suddenly felt his arm hurt again, so he took two steps back.
Lin Ying immediately rolled up his sleeves and walked forward. "You have been saved and it’s time to fulfill your promise."
Qu Ningning heard that his face changed and he bit his teeth. "What promise?"
Lin Ying grimaced in a row. "Hehe, it seems that you forgot, so let me wake you up."
Qu Ningning looked at the fierce Lin Ying and immediately took a few steps back to Yang Gao’s back. "Yang Lao Da wants to hit me."
Yang Gao took a step forward and stopped the avenue "living" in front of Lin Ying.
Lin Ying squinted at Yang Gao and asked, "Why do you want to stop me?"
Yang Gao’s face was gloomy. "I just want to stop you and me. You can’t touch him."
Lin Ying suddenly smiled "want to stop me? But also want to see if you have the strength. "
Say that finish Lin Ying held out his hand and pushed Yang Gao in the past.
Yang Gao saw Lin Ying shaking his body, then a powerful momentum rose from him and reached for Lin Ying.
But when master Yang takes Lin Ying’s arm, it’s like taking a piece of steel.
At the same time, a huge force came from Lin Ying’s hand.
Then Lin Ying palm directly press Yang Gao chest.
Lin Ying shook Yang Gao’s hand and flew out directly and fell to the ground.
Lin Ying slapped Yang Gao and then continued to catch Quningning behind him.
Qu Ningning saw a genial smile that she was about to slip away when Lin Ying grabbed her by the collar.
Then Lin Ying took Qu Ningning by the collar and dragged him away like a dead dog.
Yang Gao, who fell to the ground, immediately shouted to his hand, "Kill him, kill him, kill him quickly."
Hear Yang Shouting Lin Ying turned and stared at Yang Gao with a murderous look on his face.
Yang Gao’s throat immediately seemed to be choked, and he couldn’t make any sound at all.
Qu Ningning also felt Lin Ying’s murderous look, but his eyes rolled and he shouted, "Boss, boss, I’m sorry, I’m willing to fulfill my promise."
Lin Ying threw QuNingNing to the ground and looked at him.
After being thrown to the ground, Qu Ningning turned over and fell on his knees, and then said, "I will meet my eldest brother, my eldest brother, and my mighty younger brother will do anything for you."
Qu Ningning saw the wind make Tuoling first-class, but Yang Gao beat Lin Ying and immediately took refuge in Lin Ying.
Yu Zhenzhen doesn’t really have his own knowledge.
At this time, Yang Guobin looked at Quningning’s face and smoked. "Xiao Lin, he should fulfill his promise to me and make me a cow and a horse."
Lin Ying took a white look at Yang Guobin’s way, "I saved people."
Yang Guobin: "I came to save him, but you forced it."
Lin Ying "It was an emergency and you were helpless. I saved him."
Yang Guobin stared angrily. "You’re not me. How do you know I’m helpless?"
Lin Ying was dismissive. "You see, none of the questions you asked were asked."
Yang Guobin was so angry that he didn’t know what to say.
The people next to him couldn’t help laughing when they saw Yang Guobin and Lin Ying bickering.

However, this really wait until Chai Xue they ate up to see Han Min month late.

Han jilt package didn’t good the spirit tunnel "what the hell? I managed to find it. "
"Come on, you can find half a day even if you are crazy." Chai Xue wiped her mouth and said rudely.
However, it caused Han Minyue to have a toothache. "Cher, do you always expose my old age and deliberately give me a hard time?"
"Cut also don’t know who said the somebody else know first" Chai Xue also stared at her.
"Very well, is it your treat? Somebody give me a bottle of six-year-old Lafite and a sirloin steak with pine mushrooms and foie gras. Just sign it! " Han Min month breath say that finish also don’t forget to raise your eyebrows to Chai Xue that expression is about to Chai Xue ready to bleed.
Chai Xue swallowed saliva and suddenly regretted eating too fast and too full just now. I hope Shenjin can see him drinking water calmly.
It’s hard for her to ride a tiger now. If she tells Han Min that the monthly account is Shenjin knot now, she will definitely not comply. If you don’t tell her that you are sorry again, Shen Jin will be cut off with a neck of blood; If you give him money afterwards, Shenjin will definitely not accept it.
Is this so good?
And Han Minyue doesn’t care how much it took Chai Xue to meet each other. Anyway, she has to make up for her tears before, and the best way is to have a big meal. Anyway, Chai Xue is now a wealthy family.
Chapter 57 Can’t say why.
Seeing that the clerk was going to order Chai Xue with joy, she was so frightened that the little heart hurriedly reached out and stopped the clerk who was about to turn around and said, "Wait!"
When she wants to order food, she is full of smiling faces, which is almost heart-to-heart flowers and a face of rhinoceros waiting for Chai Xuewen.
Er, yes, the sparkling starlight eyes made Chai Xue stretch out his hand and cringe, but he had to swallow saliva before he stammered, "You can directly serve the truffle foie gras, but it’s really rare for Lafite for six years, especially for a person who is used to drinking heavily. It’s a bit embarrassing for her to wait for delicacies in her hands. Let’s respect the winemakers. Just bring a bottle of Great Wall dry red wine casually. Thank you!"
"This ….." The clerk looked at Han Minyue and wanted to seek her meaning.
Presumably, at this moment, his heart is like being thrown a pot of cold water at the pledge, but his face is hard to show, so it is too much to find Han Min.
Who knows Han Minyue rolled her eyes and made no comments?
In this way, the duck will fly away, and it’s hard to say what to do.
Chai Xue heaved a sigh of relief and finally saved the purse, but I thought that the truffle foie gras hurt me again, so Uncle Han Minyue just came to burn my money!
"You te stingy! Do a wealthy family don’t tell me even if I don’t want to invite me to eat a meal, you know? My heart is cold now. "Han Minyue caressed his chest with a painful experience.
Chai Xue also sank to her heart. She could not help but earnestly say, "Min Min, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hide you, me and me …"
"You can’t talk about your difficulties, can you?" I didn’t expect Han Minyue to take over her words and look excited. "But we have always been close friends, haven’t we?" What, you don’t leave me a message and choose to leave? Can’t our friendship stand this change? Or did the life of a young housewife make you look down on ordinary people like us? "
"Ah?" Chai Xue gaped at her and almost blurted out the explanation, which was choked by Han Min’s successive confession.
"Cher is not like this. She really has difficulties." Shen Jin tried to make amends.
"Do you really think so? Then who came to ask me about her yesterday? " See ShenJin maintenance firewood Han Min month instead of red eyes almost growled at him.
Chai Xue shook his hands in surprise. "Don’t do this. It’s all my fault, Min Min. I’m sorry for you, but you are my most important friend up to now, including Jin."
Section 2
"Really?" Han Min month Chou to her reddish eyes shining with complex emotions, like unwilling, angry and sad.
"Well, not only now, but always." Chai Xueli nodded.
Han Minyue looked at her for a while and suddenly turned to Shenjin with a smile. "Do you hear that we will always be her friends?"
"Don’t repeat it if you hear it," Shen Jin replied stiffly, and the bitterness in the fundus slowly overflowed.
"I really cherish this kindness." Chai Xue suddenly felt that the atmosphere seemed to be depressed and strange, but I couldn’t say where it was strange. I looked back and forth in solitude and was afraid that Han Minyue would question her again, so I tried my best to show my heart.
If you can’t drink a truffle from Lafite, it’s a top count. Han Minyue wiped her mouth and reached for the glass in front of her. "Let’s meet again and have a toast!"
The crispness of the wine glasses when they hit each other makes the originally somewhat depressing atmosphere transient and harmonious.
Chai Xue burst into a smile and drank the wine in one breath as if to show how much he valued the friendship between the three.
And Han Minyue Shenjin gave her a look and silently drank his own wine and didn’t intend to stop it.
Chai Xue, who put down his glass, suddenly said excitedly, "Hey, I have a proposal. We finally got together. Anyway, it’s a long night. Why don’t we find a place to drink enough?"
No one agreed and no one objected. The other two were still drinking silently.
"Don’t talk just agreed! Come on, let me check out first. "Chai Xue looked very excited and made a final decision simply.
In fact, the real reason why both of them want to drink at this time is just that all kinds of words that have been entangled in her for the past two days can’t be released, so they just come to drink to burn their sorrows, but they just use the fact that three people get together as an excuse. Of course, this also contains some but it’s not.
However, they are still a little scared to add Chai Xue when they think of Chai Snowman’s drinking scene. Now it has made headlines many times and you will recognize her at a glance.
Both of them dare not compliment Chai Xue for choosing the venue, but they unanimously denied Chai Xue’s location with great perseverance.
The last two votes passed Shen Jin’s departure place.
Chai Xue frowned slightly, and then thought that his purse was saved, so he readily agreed.
When I walked out of the restaurant, it was already the beginning of the lights, and the traffic was a little blocked. Shen Jin held the car steady when two girls creaked behind him.
Shenjin saw from time to time in the rearview mirror that hip-hop was laughing and Chai Xue’s eyebrows were lingering and melancholy. It can be seen that she was just showing her heart, but she still wanted to drink and get drunk.
The reason why everyone is tacitly ignorant is that they have formed a tacit understanding for a long time, and they are very dependent on each other’s trust.
Cars are interspersed with dense traffic, and the neon lights outside are constantly changing. With the movement of cars, they gradually retreat and extend forward, covering this bustling city.
At this moment, the charm of the whole city is also fully erupted, and there are endless traffic and crowds everywhere.
Say goodbye to a tired day, people meet in groups in the bright night, in the bustling square in the colorful world … At this time of night, it is the most noisy moment in the city and the moment of getting drunk, which also means that the evening performance is coming.
For example, the night performance of Chai Xue’s three people can make several people feel at ease and get drunk without worrying about getting drunk and going back to their misery.
It’s hard for Shen Jin not only to move wine and food before and after running, but also to take care of two drunk and unconscious women, and to clean up the mess before and after, even if he is tired, he can’t complain.
Hey, who told him to come to his own house to drink?
So he has always been a gentleman. Forget it! It’s better than forcibly moving people out of the night show.
Chapter 5 is getting worse.
Chai Xue’s headline story will be diluted in a day or two as usual, but I never imagined that things were getting worse.
"How did this happen?" Chai Xue stared at the mobile phone screen in regret.
"It’s a little hateful, but the author has a good style of writing. It says,’ The wife of the president of HK Group is suspected of having a tryst, and Gao Fushuai’s husband’s restaurant is openly and sweetly eating, and the marriage is in danger.’ I said that this matter has been heated up. Why didn’t your Gao Fushuai husband come forward to clarify it?"

"Know the cheapskate" Qinhuai Roupa Miao Honghai arms "I also lied to you about something"

"Oh, hurry up and I promise not to get angry." "Really"
"truer than pearls"
Qinhuai soft bit his lip "I’m not ten years old, I’m ten years old this year ~"
Chapter 25 A surname fairy she chan.
Chunyu blushed and a plum cut broke the hammer, and there was a baby in leopard print jumping around in front of the left and right.
The hammer girl’s first visit to Beijing represents the broken knife door. It is natural for them to do their best to visit the bustling area of Beijing first.
The broken hammer is still curious. "Why didn’t Sakura come?"
Cut the plum. "She’s injured and has lost a lot of blood. She’s recuperating in the palace."
Chunyu blushed and said, "How did this happen?"
The broken hammer is also "ah"-"I think she is very strong. How can the palace still be injured?" Who did it? "
A prune looked at the two men’s choice of truth and truth.
The broken hammer was angry and said, "How can your emperor work for him like this? He also made Sakura bleed!"
You may even get a swollen belly. When you cut the plum mouth, you sobbed. "It’s not intentional to learn. It’s a bit frivolous. We ignore her."
Listening to this, Chun Yu blushes and is lost in thought. If there is no light and heavy bleeding, it should be Xiao Hulu. How can it be cherry blossom bleeding?
If you can’t turn back, you must go to the palace to help her check and don’t leave any hidden diseases.
They walked around the hammer girl’s bag and could hardly hold it. The girl was fine, but she still had some secular thoughts and bought a lot of mundane things that she had never seen before. Every time the bag was revealed, the store enthusiastically said that she would not accept money.
This means that there are still few practitioners, especially those who are willing to reveal their identity. There are even fewer practitioners, and ordinary people are still curious about and respect them. When will this interesting social phenomenon disappear?
And many mortals with spiritual roots have pinned this hope on the Green Forest Villa.
Nowadays, Lvlin Villa is definitely the hottest sect in Xidan Xianjie, which has undertaken more than half of Xidan’s traffic. Linggen people have to consult Master Wang Tianwang every day. Many aspiring young people outside Beijing who are eager to cultivate truth are the first thing to do when they come to Beijing, but they also visit Lvlin Villa.
There are not enough people in the imperial court to master Yuepu’s primary knowledge of cultivating immortals, but they can also rely on Wang Tianba and Wang Liuwang to drink them. This is not a good job, and their cultivation progress will inevitably be affected.
Xiao Erlang and Wang Tianba have been refined, but once Liulang and Jiulang still can’t see the hope of cultivating immortality.
I’ve had enough shopping outside. When the party returns to Xidan, the first thing to do is to sit on the throne of Xianbu yamen. It’s Xianbu Shang Kun’s adult.
Next to him, he left and right assistant ministers. During this period, he intended to train two assistant ministers. After he left, he would not make a mess.
Before he was ready to leave, he agreed that Liu Bo would send him to visit the major sects and listen to their hearts.
"Oh, I’m so innocent!" Seeing someone come in, Kun found out earlier than the two deputies that the expression of the newcomer was more flattering than flattery. This is a midwife!
Later, Kun rushed to cut the plum arch and handed it over. It was also very polite. Although the principle of Huang Wei was also responsible for fixing the truth, it seemed that it should be under the jurisdiction of Xianbu, but the actual emperor never said it.
Moreover, Xianbu’s hand didn’t dare to fight and fight to fix the truth. Although there are also two people, Liu Bo and Yi Jianmei, there is also a Qiushan Sect in Liu Bo’s hand. Xianbu wants to restrain the city from fixing the truth and has to rely on the law enforcement of Huangwei.
Yi Jianmei introduced the broken hammer to Kun. "This is the head of the broken knife door. My elder daughter, Duan Yilang, broke the hammer and broken the knife door. I’m going to Xidan to find an adult to go through the formalities."
The broken hammer asked, "What procedures does Mei have to go through?"
Chunyu blushes and laughs. "How can I choose a store for you without going through the formalities? Paying attention to a rule in court affairs may be more complicated than that in sects, but it is already optimized."
Kun also laughed. "Hammer Fairy doesn’t have to worry about filling out a horse without trouble to take you to the store."
The "divination" in Tiange has been replaced. After all, he is a recorder who can do anything. Yan Hongji also needs someone to change shifts.
The question Lanpang wants to ask is "Is Qin Lan, the owner of Qinlan Island, alive or dead now?"
Imperial Palace Tingxuege
Sun Qiaoer wondered, "How come the two emperors didn’t come at such a time?"
Cloud light "it’s not just that he doesn’t come, so you can practice and I can rest assured."
Sun Qiaoer, "I hope the emperor has not forgotten you, or you will die if you are so ill."
Just then, Chu linked up with Yunqing, "Something’s wrong with the master!"
Chu Wei, "The emperor has been slept!"
Yunqing "What’s the big deal? When will he not be slept?"
"No, he slept with someone else before. This time, someone else slept with him. He didn’t find out who it was last night!" Chu Xu gua Dao
Although tea didn’t ask her about it, Xiao Guo’s mouth was too big, and Jin Yuzhu accidentally let it slip when she visited there, which happened to be Chu Qi.
"Is there such a thing?" Yunqing couldn’t help but regret that she deliberately didn’t go to Yuxiu Palace to teach Sixth Princess last night. I didn’t expect to miss this drama.
I can’t help laughing at the thought that the little emperor should have suffered from this disaster, but I think it’s not very kind to laugh like this. I don’t know who is so good at this.
"It’s not a man or a woman!"
"Female?" Cloud gently snorted. "Then what is this? He has nothing to lose."
"It seems that it is also this person who hides his head and reveals his tail. I don’t know whether it is the palace or the outside of the palace." Chu Chu’s expression is weird. "Master, you often go to the West Palace in the middle of the night and always wander outside the Yuxiu Palace. Don’t you know that it is a person?"

Feng Baobao said wearily that she was tired and tried to know that she had just been severely demanded. She wanted to sleep, sleep and sleep …

"I’m here to see you, Feng Baobao. I think it’s necessary for us to talk."
Bai Jing with soft laughter but slightly heavy.
Before Feng Baobao got confused and didn’t react, she took a step forward and squeezed Feng Baobao into the room.
Feng Baobao bared his teeth at her behind her and secretly lamented Nima’s face.
It happened that Bai Jing turned back.
Feng Baobao looked at his fist raised awkwardly and smoked the corners of his mouth. "I really want to treat you to a fist, you know."
"You are still so naughty and cute, and you are so restrained when joking." She paused again and said, "Is that what he likes about you?"
It seems that there are some things that she can’t learn in a generation.
"Hell yes," Feng Baobao asked with a lip curl. "What would you like to drink?"
She wants to come and be safe. Politeness is always appropriate.
Bai Jing sat casually and freely on the sofa, smiling.
"Oh, I drink jasmine tea. Yes, it’s in the red box on the second floor of the refrigerator."
Feng Baobao felt inexplicably relieved that she seemed to know more about this family than she did, as if she were the owner of this family and she was a guest.
Feng Baobao poured out some dried petals and served them to the tea table in front of her.
Bai Jing took a sip of his shallow took a glance around.
"Hey … where did the Chihuahua go? Before I come, it will wag its tail to meet me. "
I remember that rogue dog was mean to her at the airport.
She knew from Bai Jing’s words that this woman was deliberately setting something from time to time.
This is the great thing about this woman. Her words are still sharp when she smiles.
Vaguely, she thinks that Bai Jing and Liu Jin are the same type of people, and the same belly is a good match
Feng Baobao suppressed his mouth and smiled at her.
"Oh that dog? That dog was a birthday present from Lu Jinyuan three years ago, but it didn’t know how to please my master, and Lu Jinyuan sent it away because I was pregnant. "
Bai Jing heard the word "pregnant" in Polly’s shot.
Soon her face returned to smile and nodded. "That’s no wonder that the dog was too stupid and deserved to be sent away. But you can’t blame the dog. Although it used to be your dog, after all, it will always be unfamiliar with you for three years, and I will try my best to take care of it for three years. It’s hard for you to say, isn’t it, baby?"
☆ Chapter 45 You must never touch her.
What is Bai Jing saying and implying?
What does Lu Jinyuan have to do with her?
Bai Jing see Feng Baobao expression slightly stiff face smile see deep drink a mouthful of tea and then said.
"You’re going to have a baby soon, aren’t you?"
"The doctor said that there are still more than two months."
Lu Jin kept it a good secret. She knew that Lu Jin’s original flowers and plants were falling outside, but she didn’t expect him to suddenly break off his engagement with her.
If she hadn’t sent someone to check it out, she wouldn’t have found out about him and Feng Baobao.
"Look at your pale face and dark circles. You look as thin and weak as a panda. It’s too much for your body to have a baby."
Bai Jing’s sharp eyes shot at her as if she had seen through her.