Only in this way can we regenerate and eliminate all the dark wounds in our bodies.

Lian Jin was happy that his hamstring could still pick it up, but when he learned that he could use the first half of his strength, Lian Jin felt gloomy again.
Took one look at Lian Jin’s left hand and said, "Practice your left sword after Lian Jin Gong."
"Left-handed sword?" Lian Jin one leng.
The left-handed sword is not so easy to practice.
The same swordsmanship is powerful with the right hand, but poor with the left hand. Not only can you not kill the enemy, but you will also hurt yourself.
Lian Jin is a fencing master. He didn’t think about practicing sword with his left hand before. Unfortunately, many attempts have failed and ended.
Chen Yan nodded, "Yes, it’s the left-handed sword. I once knew a swordsman named Zhao Danchen. He was the top ten super strong man in the list of law enforcement elders in clear lake Island. His right arm was cut off, which led to a great decline in martial arts. Years later, he developed a left-handed swordsmanship, which was even better than the past. After Zhao Danchen, he was honored as’ one-armed blade master’. I have his left-handed swordsmanship cheats here."
Clear lake island law enforcement elders day list strong one-armed blade master.
Lian Jin has never heard of it.
However, it gives Lian Jin a feeling that he is not aware of it.
Lian Jin immediately knelt down and pleaded, "Mr. Chen also asked you to teach me’ one-armed blade master’ Zhao Danchen’s left-hand swordsmanship."
Lleyton lifted Lian Jin up and said, "I told you not to kneel Zhao Danchen’s left-hand swordsmanship. I hope you can practice it well and don’t let this swordsmanship get dusty."
Chapter 413 Draw the snake out of the hole. Big things will happen tonight.
"Lian Jin, you go back first and come to Wujiabao early. I’ll give you your left sword." Ulrich is going to Fujian.
Lian Jin was a little impatient and asked, "Can’t I learn now, Mr. Chen?"
Ulrich shook his head and said, "Haste makes waste. You are now mentally unstable. It would be better to get twice the result with half the effort if you go back and calm down."
Wu Tingfang said, "Lian Jin is home now. Where else can he go? Just live in Wujiabao. I’ll arrange accommodation for Lian Jin now. "
Off Lian Jin and Wu Tingfang Chen Yanzheng is going to have a good rest, but unfortunately things didn’t work out.
Zhao Ya came with a sad face. Her eyes were red and swollen, and she obviously cried.
Zhao Ya saw Ulrich and shed tears. "Mr. Chen didn’t see Pan Er after I went back to the office. He was arrested by Zhao Mu. I still don’t know where Pan Er was. Zhao Mu just came to me to ask for Lu Gong’s secret record. He said that if I didn’t give him Lu Gong’s secret record for three days, he would start work on Pan Er."
Zhao Pan was Chen Yandi’s first visit when he came back to Handan Zhao Pan, but he didn’t come.
It turned out that he was detained by Zhao Mu.
Chen Yan said, "Lady Ya, you don’t worry that Zhao Mu won’t hurt the public plate until he gets the secret record of Lu Gong. Go back and tell Zhao Mu that I will take the secret record of Lu Gong to see him one day. Where is the best pub in Handan City?"
Zhao Ya said, "It’s the Zui Xiang Building, just east of the strip, not far from my mansion."
Ulrich nods, "Well, the meeting place will be Zui Xiang Building."
Zhao Ya said, "I’ll go back and tell Zhao Mu now."
Zhao Ya had to rely on Yan Yan when Wei was in Daliangcheng. I didn’t expect to return to Handan, Zhao. She still had to rely on Yan, not because she was too timid in princess royal, but because Zhao Mu was too powerful.
Zhao Mu didn’t put the royal family of Zhao in the eye.
Zhao Mu is the illegitimate son of Chun Shenjun of Chu State.
Zhao Mu is not a native of Zhao. He can be said to be the biggest undercover hiding Zhao Chaotang. Zhao Mu has no awe of the Zhao royal family.
Ulrich sent Zhao Ya out of the back channel outside the house. "Zhao Mu is a little too eager to get Lu Gong’s secret record."