"People are … filthy."

Is to let the undead bible Sun Jin Jing Economic Cooperation 21 Mark involuntarily look at the curator with white beard.
This guy didn’t abandon his surname in his previous life, did he?
This sentence is not something that ordinary people can say. If fate can’t suppress a few people, they will die suddenly.
But the curator is still alive …
The pentagram array is abrupt, and the light from Mark’s feet is bright, which leads the force of hades to be transported to the fusion and collision.
One second!
The pentagram’s large array of light instantly gave way to the crowd, and everyone had to close their eyes. The thick light directly smashed the museum floor and completely disappeared into the virtual …
"bad guy"
"Don’t you want us?"
"Is the bad guy"
"Why did you come to see us?"
They slowly opened their eyes after hearing the movement for a long time, but they saw two children in front of the man who was as magical as God.
The two children all looked at Mark in the chair with their waists crossed.
Mark rubbed and danced, and his eyebrows ached, staring at the two children in front of him who were very porcelain.
There is a burning sun in the eyebrows of the left child. The attribute is a boy.
There is a cold moon in the eyebrows of the child on the right. The attribute is girl.
Very obvious
The boy on the left is the incarnation of the Golden Sutra of the Sun, and the girl on the right is the incarnation of the Bible of the Dead.
The two dolls are bulging and cursing at Mark’s various adverbials of past lives, so quickly that Mark has no chance to throw the pot out …
in ten minutes
The two children’s speech speed slowed down.
Mark quickly reached out and said, "Wait a minute."
The girl opened her mouth and blinked.
Nanwa is a face like a brother looking at a sister looking at a girl.
Mark breathed a sigh of relief and said, "See clearly that I am not the former self. You can’t blame the former things on me and don’t pay attention to your past lives. Aren’t I white at this moment?"
"not white"
"Sister is right."
Just then.
Mai directly put away the devil’s wings and came in from the window. After seeing the boys and girls, he greeted them and said, "Hi, it’s been a long time since the sun and the cold moon."
The girl turned and looked at Mai’s arms directly, which was very proud and slightly lifted.
Boys and girls follow suit.
There was a smile on Mai’s mouth, which seemed to have long been accustomed to the attitude of the two children. Then Mai looked at Mark and said, "What about the Dark Book? Lucifer? "
Mark leng leng.
Something is wrong.
Mark thought about watching Mike pointing at the two children who were chattering in front of him for ten minutes and saying, "You don’t know them?"
Mai frowned and said, "Know the fierce sun and the cold moon in hades, and be responsible for the rotation of the sun and the moon in hades. I was just about to ask you where to find these two little guys."
Mark has grown up.