Niu Ping arrived this afternoon with Shen Si, Li Jingzhi and others. They occupied the best position outside the array pivot, and the name protector actually visited and realized the whole process of the formation’s completion and operation.

In addition, there are nine instructors in each of the nine eye arrays, leading a group of students to sit in the town, and there are nine six-level instructors who have to cooperate with Hua Zhenxing to operate the array.
At noon, the Hua Zhen line will be washed in the Dan furnace, and the array will run together. It seems that there is no deviation in the process of chiseling and building.
The long Sima value also breathed a sigh of relief. Although he had been sure, it was now that he was completely at ease. He looked up at Yan Yuehu and there was a rainbow light.
February is in the dry season. In this area, the original Wan Liyun is running with the formation method, but there are clouds gathering in the sky. The strange light refracts and presents a rainbow scene with the breeze blowing.
I don’t know where the wind rises, but I can feel the vitality. It seems that there are buds in it as if it had just broken ground.
The large array of Bihu Lake has been completed, but there are still more things to be done in Hua Zhen. He took out another Xuanzang bead and put it in the Dan furnace. With the operation of the array, Xuanzang bead turned into a milli-ray and entered the pavilion top.
The clouds are getting denser and denser, gradually obscuring the sun, and the wind is getting stronger and stronger. The position of the array pivot and the array eye is still a breeze, and the wind is howling in the large array, and then there is a roar
Many tutors and students in sound stage have heard of this. Yesterday, the rhinoceros beast roared and saw a rhinoceros figure appear in the large array, which seemed to be a false combination of illusion and falsehood, roaring and rushing in the clouds.
When this large array was built, Yangyuan Valley refined the remains of a rhinoceros canal demon king into arrays, which were placed in nine arrays respectively. Another wonderful thing is to summon a rhinoceros canal to guard it.
With the roar of the rhinoceros canal, thunder and rain poured down, and the rain was particularly urgent, especially heavy and continuous, but the rain curtain strangely avoided the position of the array pivot.
The downpour enveloped the fields. Hua Zhenxing took out nine five-qi pills and put them in the furnace. He also took out various kinds of elixir auxiliary materials to refine Chundan.
One of the most important purposes of building Bixi large array is to complete the final step of sacrifice refining of Chundan to replace the original nine-turn Zijin furnace large array. Taking this opportunity, Hua Zhen Bank will also refine a furnace of Dan medicine on site.
The alchemist in Huazhenxing’s Moon-Covering Pavilion was also hit by a heavy rain day and night. The rainfall range enveloped the surrounding hundreds of square kilometers. Where did it come from in the dry season?
The climate of a certain place is influenced by latitude, topography, season, vegetation, ocean current, wind direction and many other factors, resulting in that the country is located in the north of the tropical equator, and the northeast wind blows in winter and spring.
In this direction, there are no tall mountains in Yuan Ye to prevent the surface temperature from being hotter than the wind from the ocean. After reaching the land, the warm and humid airflow will pass south along the narrow terrain of Guinea, and no rainfall will be formed.
On the contrary, at the end of spring, the wind blowing from the ocean to the north and south winds will form convection, which will lead to the rainy period lasting for nearly four months, which is the unique local rainy season.
At the moment, Huazhenxing’s large-scale operation has changed the direction of gas flow in a local area, which is not far from the ocean. After the air flow from the ocean direction enters the land, it is led to a lower temperature and forms a turbulent front.
By noon the next day, Yanyue Lake had become a real wetland, and there were several meters of water in the deepest part.
This is the prototype of the Moon Lake, which is close to the lowest water level in the design at present. It is planned that it will not reach the highest water level until the end of this year’s rainy season. Today’s operation of the Hua Zhen line is just a foreshadowing.
If he is an alchemist in the pavilion, he doesn’t need the other nine eyes to cooperate, but he can’t rest at the nine eyes if he wants to keep the rainstorm going. Hua Zhen travels alone, but he has changed four rounds of tutors each.
Hua Zhenxing cooperated with him to run the array pivot and refine Chundan day and night, but he changed four rounds. All the instructors and students witnessed the director of Hua today.
Under normal circumstances, there is no need to make such a big noise. Today, the inauguration ceremony was specially held. After noon, the Hua Zhen trip finally got up, and suddenly the clouds disappeared, the rain rested and the sun fell on the moon lake.
The half-middle rhinoceros canal is no longer roaring, but the large array is still slowly running, and the turbid water gradually becomes clear. Looking at it, it is actually a beautiful scenery.
Chapter 534, difficult journey
More than 1,000 students distributed in 10 places gave cheers and high-fived each other to celebrate Hua Zhen’s trip. Looking back and forth, he was in high spirits, and he was limited to feeling that there was a sudden movement in Yuan Shen.
"Huan Xiang Guo Tong" had a little reaction, but it was not new, but "Tong Tong" released one a long time ago and finally finished it today!
19. Choose a place to build the second Bixi large array. Since ancient times, the demon king, the rhinoceros beast Xuan Xuan Zhu, and the rhinoceros beast’s original natural materials and treasures have been chiseled and built everywhere to improve the array.
Reward can realize the wonderful changes of each Bixi array in the future.
This "unification" Huazhenxing was released before going to study in the East, and it was not finally completed until today. It took nearly two years to complete it, which is the longest one of all the unification so far.
The Moon Covering Lake Array is the second Bixi Array built by Yangyuan Valley. After the completion of this array, Brother Yangyuan Valley will also build a dust-free Luofa Array in Luohu Town, Luochade Airport.
It is much simpler to chisel and build a clean-dust Luo Fa array than to build a large array. The amount of work is roughly equivalent to chisel and build a large array. It takes Hua Zhenxing to do it himself, and Sima Yi can take a group of people to get it done.
After the Spring Festival, the exhibition plan was completed before the arrival of the rainy season this year. After the completion of the Luohu array, Huanxiang Tebang had two Bixi arrays and four Jiechen Luofa arrays.
First, the Beiluohe River swims the Bihu array, then the Tianhe array, Xintian array and Gao Qiao array in turn. This array is distributed along the Beiluohe River basin, and then turns to the north, and then turns to the Luohu array and the Moon Lake array in turn.
The first and second large arrays plus the fourth array are like a pearl chain scattered in the wasteland, which connects all the blessed places together.
Since ancient times, there have been many famous mountains and rivers in the blessed land, and the scenery is beautiful and far away from the hustle and bustle. Ordinary people can neither smell nor see some Zongmen Dojo, although they are in the market, but they are also different from each other.
However, it is quite different for Huazhenxing to build a large array of clean dust and Luo Fa array. It is a free array except for the array eye and the array pivot. The array is surrounded by towns and villages everywhere.
At present, these arrays are surrounded by blessings and connected into a chain, and in the future, this chain-like structure will extend into a network.
Huanxiang specially helps people in cities, villages and towns to distribute the location of this network node chain in their production and living areas. I don’t know if it will be until September, but now it is just a success to build the second Bixi array.
After the "Nineteenth National Plan" was finally completed, several old people engaged in "thinking about reunification". So far, all the trips to Hua Zhen have been completed, and there are corresponding records in Yuan Shen.
1. (1) Escort Dr. Rothschild away safely
(2) Investigate the situation that the Big Head Gang wants to kill Dr. Rothschild.
Three (3) two days’ walk back to the original road and insist on cultivating Yuan-nourishing skills along the way.
(4) Eradicate the Golden Big Head and control and transform the Big Head Gang.
Five (5) refine your own pure gold. Don’t let Uncle Mo always help you dig gold mines and find a way to get the source of gold mines yourself.