"One dozen and two doubles have killed three people. FP Road has completely collapsed. How can the crocodile line hit this wrist?"

The doll really can’t figure out what else khan can do to deal with it. The wrist is so fat that the crocodile can’t even live in the tower. The hero jumps over the tower and is very brainy.
It’s easy to cross the tower with W skills in your hand. Even if you can’t kill it, you can play a wave of perfect consumption. You can face a very fat wrist player with a wretched development of the tower
"Xiao Leyan also took the opportunity to take the canyon pioneer through the road. This wave of two IGs also played its own rhythm, which is unique to IG rhythm."
"Most teams’ rhythms start from wild areas or get resources through wandering support, but IG is different. Their rhythms start from lines."
"For example, the unfavorable rhythm in the early stage of completing a single kill will be alleviated in an instant. We have seen this scene more than once. IG just likes the player’s line ability to bully people."
Speaking of IG’s ability to line up, Miller couldn’t help but shake his head. A neutral explanation made him feel that IG players’ ability to line up was too dependent.
Strong teams can still play a dozen weak teams in front of IG. Facing the IG base is a line collapse situation. If IG can’t stand the line, it won’t say anything about operation and later period.
"Is going to put the canyon pioneer way directly to get a blood tower? No Kindred chose to return to the city. "
The doll stared at the screen with vague fine print. "If I didn’t read Kindred’s body mark wrong, it’s already three layers."
"It’s not easy to have two layers of Kindred and three layers of marks. Although Kindred’s rhythm ability is not strong, don’t say that he is really lucky to get the three layers of marks so easily."
"Maybe this is that fools are blessed with fools." The doll smiled and teased Xiao Leyan.
Ten minutes later, when Xiaolong was about to refresh, Ah Shui seemed to have smelled danger. He took the initiative to call Xiao Leyan for half-squatting. He felt that FP Nakano might come to fuck him.
I came to Ah Shui to make Xiao Leyan fight against squatting, but I didn’t expect Xiao Leyan to be so leng. He went directly to the route to help Ah Shui clear a wave of lines, and Kindred did not hesitate to directly take out the canyon pioneer.
Xiaoleyan won’t squat to guard against FPgank when he brushes the wild. It’s better to take the initiative to take the initiative to control a little dragon by pressing the momentum of FP Road to IG first.
Xiao Leyan didn’t listen to Ah Shui’s command, but seeing the pioneer of the canyon, Ah Shui chose to forgive him. ez, this situation really doesn’t dare to eat Tapi Ah Shui.
Although Xiaotian has never been seen since heshy got the double kill, Ah Shui knows that the blind monk in Xiaotian must be eyeing up in the half area and ready to get back.
If Rkie didn’t put a lot of pressure on dinb in the middle of the road, it might be that FP Zhongye linkage four-package two-package package gave Ah Shui another set.
Although three people share Tapi, he is still very happy to get this wave of Qian Qian, but it is very difficult for ez to continue to eat Tapi.
Ah Shui can look at Tapi and drool.
Twelve minutes later, the second little dragon is about to refresh FP, and it is already ready to move. After Lu Yibo’s defeat, the rhythm of FP has been silent for a long time.
Therefore, they attach great importance to this wave of little dragons, and the fighting capacity of FP half area can still be combined with IG if the fattest wrist is not involved in the war.
The blind monk in Xiaotian didn’t make a move, but went to the middle road first to help dinb Ruiz clear a wave of lines, and the two talents entered the river in the half area.
With the disappearance of the blind monk and Ritz, IG people in the middle of the road also know that this wave of group battles is a way to avoid heshy’s severe blow to the arrogance of FP. After that, IG certainly doesn’t want to see FP get the dragon soul rhythm.
So IG Middle Road also went to the road to gather together. Xiaoleyan said that he would meet Ah Shui in the half area first, and then the three of them would touch the river together.
Rkie can double-team from the middle direction alone. Although Rkie seems to be weak, the fox is not worse than Lu’s three teammates in terms of combat effectiveness.
The fox’s equipment is not very good at this time. The first thing Lu posted is that half of the injuries will definitely be scraped, but it will still hurt a lot if it needs to be scraped several times.
FP didn’t hesitate this time. The four of them wanted a fast second dragon. The IG half-zone array didn’t have much fighting power, so pke-FP in the distance certainly hoped to cut the gordian knot instead of pulling with IG in the river.
FP is very fast at fighting dragons. When IG sees the view of the dragon pit, half of the blood of the dragon is gone, but Xiao Leyan has no impulse to move forward but continues to wait and see.
Xiaoleyan knew that the probability of grabbing the dragon was very low, and she would become a living target of FP, so she was very cautious. On the contrary, Ah Shui ez was very impatient and couldn’t help but harass FP to fight the dragon.
"Ah, let’s see if there’s a chance to grab the dragon."
Ah Shui couldn’t help but speak when he saw Xiao Leyan dawdling. Even so, Xiao Leyan didn’t get too close to the dragon pit, and there was no way for Ah Shui to find a way to grab one by himself.
Ez released a big move in the direction of the dragon pit, hoping to win a probability. If the naive hand shakes ez’s big move, maybe it can really grab the dragon.
However, there was no punishment for fighting wild battles. Xiaotian firmly took Xiaolong as FP. If he wanted to retreat, he had to get IG’s consent.
But I have got the situation of Xiaolong. FP is really not afraid to join the group with IG. Seeing that the position is very radical, Ashui Liu Qingsong greeted his teammates and rushed decisively.
Luo Qi’s big move surprised Hong and increased the speed of movement. He wanted to charm Ah Shui, but Ah Shui responded quickly. ez surrendered E skills and retreated without giving Liu Qingsong a chance.
However, since Liu Qingsong has a confident group, of course, he will not let Ashui Luo flash so easily. W quickly went straight to Ashui after handing over the displacement.
Liu Qingsong predicted the displacement of Ah Shui, and the flash of W was almost one step behind Ah Shui. It’s really hard to hide such a strong group.
Lw behind Liu Qingsong was also very decisive. After seeing his partner playing group control in the crowd, he flashed and threw out a big move, the corruption chain IG of Verus spread all over the body.
When the IG three were in crisis, the sapphire cat finally played his game. He hid from Ah Shui and his body was not controlled by Luo.
Cats choose backhand to output FP before preparing, and the four-person department is hit by the cat’s big move and soon hangs up the imprisonment effect.
The cat gave Ah Shui a chance to breathe, so ez kept outputting flat A interspersed with Q skills. Because of the big move just released, Ah Shui ez has been stacked with five passive layers.
It’s the injury that seems a little scraping. It’s a bit of a pain in everyone’s body. Even ez Kindred doesn’t have much output.
Ah Shui and Xiao Leyan wanted the fire to drop first, but they played a set of skills but didn’t kill Luo Residual Blood. Liu Qingsong returned to the back row gracefully and lightly.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-three Elegant Death