Xuanyu Daojun gently denounced a fingertip generate out of a mana into the fire cover.

Going round and round from the fire hood in the wind is almost instantaneous and has come to Sumo’s head!
Sue ink look a fiercely.
This fire shield is a jade princess. He dare not let it buckle!
Su Mo’s palm patted the bag and moved out of a gray-black mountain peak.
Ancient treasures, Xuanci Mountain!
He wants to use the power of Xuanci Mountain to pin down the fire cover.
However, after the arrival of Xuanci Mountain, there was no deviation from the fire cover!
"Not good!"
Su Mo’s heart sank
The fire shield is made of metal, but there are some rare metal materials in the wild continent that are not attracted by the mysterious magnetism!
That is to say, Xuanci Mountain has nothing to do with the fire cover!
This level of killing a misjudgment may fall into the wind and even disappear!
A large shadow came over.
Far from the center of the fire hood, it exudes a strong pulling force to form a field, and Sumegan can’t escape!
And Xuanyu Daojun has taken this opportunity to rush to the crowd!
The situation reversed in an instant!
Sumo is in great danger!
"Empress, you are quick to shoot!"
The little fox was in a hurry and urged, "You just take back the fire cover and give it to the public!" "
The woman in white shook her head unmoved and said, "It’s only natural that he took it back with his own hands because he lost the fire cover."
"What’s worse, he made an appointment with XuanYu. What about my budget? If you can’t get through this, how can he protect you in the future? "
At this time, the battlefield will have a drink.
Seeing Su Mo flying out of the sea, a statue of a blue lotus stand with six circles of petals blooming, and the sunlight diffused towards the fire hood and hit it hard!
Nature lotus!
There was a loud noise when the two instruments collided!
The fire hood wants to cover it, and the top of the lotus stand is desperately against the fire hood!
The wrestling of the two great instruments was hard to separate for a while!
But it is such a delay that Xuanyu Daojun has already killed the crowd, and the blood is surging, and a punch is shining and an unparalleled violent atmosphere is erupted!
Su Mo can meet him with a backhand punch.
Boxing collision