In Yangyuan Valley, the climate actually has bamboo shoots all year round. It depends on the bamboo species. If the bamboo shoots should be the most before and after the fright in the south of the East China, the most bamboo shoots here are just the beginning of the rainy season, and now it is just the right time.

Hua Zhenxing turned and walked into Kefu Garden, where there was an acre and a half of houses, and bamboo in this area was built about the thickness of a glass.
Different bamboo shoots have different stresses. For example, winter bamboo shoots are usually the kind of hoes that dig the thickness of tea cups, while this kind of bamboo shoots directly hold the roots and pull the elbows skillfully. Takaso bamboo shoots are just fresh and tender
There aren’t many roots in a dish, but Hua Zhen’s trip was very careful. He swept the whole bamboo forest in the courtyard first, and it was the most suitable to distinguish the physical properties. He didn’t pull out any place, but tried to pull out a part of the dense bamboo forest and raw bamboo shoots, which could play a role in thinning the forest and did not affect the growth of this bamboo forest
Kefu nodded with satisfaction when he looked at his back hand.
Hua Zhen pulled out a bundle of bamboo shoots and a thin bamboo thread, and finally caught a pair of bamboo chickens, picked out a dozen bamboo eggs and stuffed them into the bamboo forest with hands and things.
Ke Mengchao: "You pick a lot of bamboo shoots. You can’t get a dish."
Hua Zhen trip "I’m going to make three copies"
Ke Mengchao "No wonder you want to catch a pair of bamboo chickens. These eggs can also be used for other dishes."
Hua Zhen line "to fry tree buds … but where are the bamboo chickens here?"
There is no Toona sinensis in Yangyuan Valley, but at least a dozen tree buds can scramble eggs like Toona sinensis. There are no bamboo chickens in Yangyuan Valley, but there are still many near the bamboo forest just now.
Ke Mengchao smiled and asked, "Did you finally find out?"
Hua Zhen trip "There are pheasants here but there are no bamboo chickens. I was surprised just now."
Ke Mengchao "How do you recognize it?"
Hua Zhen trip "I haven’t seen any living things, but I’ve seen photos and videos. Lao Yang said that bamboo chicken tastes good. I checked it, but it’s a pity that it’s not a black and wild mainland species."
Ke Mengchao "is really Lao Yang’s idea. He and Lao Mo deduced together that the wild bamboo chicken here is very suitable and will not affect the ecology."
Hua Zhen trip "When did it happen?"
Ke Mengchao "When Lao Mo and I built the Ministry of Education of the Research Institute after you broke through the five borders, Lao Yang introduced thousands of bamboo chickens here."
Hua Zhen trip "That was before the first training class!"
Ke Mengchao "Yes, I am a cave Lord, and you just found out! Did you notice Lao Yang’s paper crane just now? "
Hua Zhen conduits ashamed bowed their heads and said, "I’ll cook first."
It takes a lot of effort to set up Ling Festival, even if it is simplified, if you want to eat late, you should prepare it now.
Peel the bamboo shoots, soak them in water for an hour, and cook chicken soup at the same time. A little chicken with a little fat and salt will be crushed into minced meat. Cut the soaked bamboo shoots and fill the minced meat into the cavity of the bamboo shoots on one side, and then think about pork stuffing. Unfortunately, there is no stuffing here, but the real thing is chestnut powder and dough as minced meat.
In this way, the bamboo shoots should be placed in a plate and poured with a layer of bamboo chicken soup, which can be slightly longer when they are steamed in a cage.
Hua Zhenxing didn’t play freely according to the original recipe-this would save time and trouble. If he had cooked it from last night according to the original recipe, and there are still many kinds of ingredients here that can be adapted to local conditions (note that I don’t need words here in my other "Wandering" recipe)
In the process of cooking, I don’t always look at bamboo shoots and soak chicken soup. I also need to cook Hua Zhen and walk out of the kitchen to have a rest and chat with Kefu.
Ke Mengchao casually asked, "Xiaohua, I suddenly want to eat this dish today. Do you think it is too thoughtful?"
Hua Zhen trip "I didn’t think it was just to make it. It took me a long time to come up with this dish."
Ke Mengchao "Is it worth it?"
Hua Zhen grinned, "Of course it’s worth it. You told me when you were old," You never get tired of eating. "
Ke Mengchao was angry and laughed. "There is something wrong with this sentence, not when I was a child, but when you were a child!"
There is a saying in East China that "people eat the sky", which has many meanings. The so-called food does not simply mean eating. It refers to what is needed to ensure life and reproduction. The first step in the transformation of the non-Somali port is to build a farming area first.
But is life just about food and clothing? Then there is a difference between animals and animals. What about eating cassava noodles every day after food and clothing? Even if there is meat, it is boiled in white water with some salt. So there are so many oil-sprinkled noodle restaurants in Locke that it makes sense?
The so-called "simple food" is not only literal, but also refers to a kind of cultivation, not indulging in the pursuit of higher spiritual realm and more achievements
Neither Yang Laotou nor Ke Fushi is a tough person. They have talked about "frugality" with Hua Zhen since childhood, although the angle is different from that of Mo Shang Tong, not to mention a diligent and frugal person.
Yang Tehong has always advocated frugality and kindness, but since he was a child, he has asked Hua Zhen to use recipes as cartoons and let Xiaohua learn to cook all kinds of delicious food. How can this be explained? Once Kefu saw Xiaohua flipping through the recipes and asked him this question.
Hua Zhen was only five or six years old at that time. What can he say and repeat what Yang Lao-tou told him? This is called respecting heaven and cherishing things.
It’s rare for people to eat food in the sky. Shouldn’t it be better? Treat these foods with more respect, or you will be against God!
He amused Coffey and asked him if he knew that the so-called text not only has height but also thickness. This is a modern discourse style, and his old man doesn’t always speak ancient Chinese.
The so-called height of the text is easy to understand, but the thickness is difficult to explain to such a child. Kefu just came to chat and told Hua Zhen that an important reference in his trip was that he was reading the menu at that time.
How to look at a lot of accumulation of a text hides the height of accumulation of a given text in secular life, for example, the degree of prosperity is different, and many aspects reflect how people live.
What can be eaten and how to eat during the period of ignorance is a secret of tribal development, which is equivalent to the advanced core technology of modern society.
How many kinds of materials can be found or cultivated in nature and how to make food is a very important factor. This problem does not necessarily appear to be rich or poor. For example, pickled spicy cabbage is a civilian food, and there is such a thing that a country has learned to unify it and regard it as a national treasure. Although it is funny, it also reflects this truth.
A radish, a cabbage and a few cucumbers can make all kinds of tricks. This is not only an appetite, but also represents the spirit of interest in life. It is not reflected by someone.
Besides, cooking this dish today is very Hua Zhen-style, and it’s really not extravagant. The bamboo shoots and chickens are all things. Try to respect them more and enjoy them more.
If you just fool an unpalatable, violent and vulgar person, it is definitely not Yang Tehong and frugal, let alone Ke Mengchao.
There is a difference between this extravagance and luxury, that is, it is not to be extravagant and forget the spirit of "not eating meat". That kind of joke is to understand people’s livelihood, and this spirit is just about people’s livelihood.
The processing and selection of ingredients can also reflect this spirit, such as all kinds of dirty animals and all kinds of scraps, which are commonly known as water world in many places. Many places are not processed well and don’t know how to eat.
But Dongguo can make all kinds of delicious dishes, and there are also different characteristics of dishes. For example, those who have mountain city hot pot were originally dock river workers, working hard to keep out the cold, removing dampness and eating snacks, but now it has become a common practice.
Are these really hard-working? That’s not necessarily what our predecessors thought. It is necessary to observe and practice everything. Are these just food and clothing? Are they just a reflection of material desires? Of course not!
The so-called food is not enough, so if you talk more, Xiaohua will not understand at that time.
Today, sitting in the house chatting, Ke Mengchao actually talked about this topic again. The trip to Hua Zhen has grown up a lot, and the truth is more white. Like an adult, he sighed, "I don’t get tired of eating and improving my skills! In this respect, you and Yang Zong agree very much. "
As soon as the words were exported to Hua Zhen, I regretted it a little, because he also knew very well that Kefu wanted to talk about the views of Old Man Yang and Uncle Mo. Kefu always couldn’t help but shake his head and said, "specious, you still haven’t got the essence. My old Yang is very different!"
Chapter 276, Saving the World
Now that the words have been said here, can Hua Zhen continue to ask, "What’s the difference?"
Ke Mengchao’s line of sight seems to be looking at the distance. "Lao Yang never mistreated himself in those days. I don’t like him to harm others, but he also helps the world …"
Hua Zhenxing raised his hand and said, "I’ve heard a lot since I was a child. Today, I say it’s cooking. You always love this dish as much as he does."
Ke Mengchao gently coughed a "Ke Mengchao paused", so let’s talk about cooking. Is there a "Jiejin Wrapped Jade Pill" that Lao Yang, a vegetable in Wuwei City, asked you to do?