Mo Qilin’s interpretation of the sacred mind will dissipate a little once. Even if there is an old man Yang, it can’t "fill" the relic of the beast. It is impossible to move it at will. For many students in Level 4, the sacred mind contained in the relic of the beast is too complicated for them to touch easily.

Later, these four-level students were all paid attention to by Yang Lao-tou directly. Now it’s good. Finally, another Dacheng monk, Pan Cai Pan Cai, came again. After this job is accepted, he can be handed over to him for less than ten years … After ten years, Hua Zhen and others can’t always fail to improve, can they?
Before lunch is finished, everyone who has joined Yangyuan Valley will be given a promise. Aren’t you afraid that if they don’t keep their promise, they will return to the East and never come back? Of course, I’m not afraid of being branded by my soul, and I’ll raise Yuangu in a big array of caves. They can’t take these things away!
At noon, nineteen new "mentors" in Yangyuan Valley finally went to the back to meet three old-timers and three old people who didn’t show up earlier. Of course, even if they wanted to end the rack, there was nothing wrong with it, but they didn’t want to force people to let Hua Zhen do it themselves.
Now that everyone has become one of our own, we can sit together and chat at home. Hua Zhenxing found that about Gao Le’s farewell to Xiaoyao was really used by Yang Laotou as a small bench cushion! Everyone saw it, but no one did.
Although Hua Zhenxing asked Xiao Guang to go to Yangyuan Valley three months later, Chief Xiao entered the role that night, called everyone to discuss the work, and implemented the one-step work plan schedule to everyone.
Now that Pan Cai and others have made a decision, they will not hesitate to make specific arrangements. Pan Cai is a bachelor, and no one else has expressed their willingness to move home. The key is to bring the children over.
Of course, education is not a problem, and no matter what the teaching quality of Huiying School is, it depends only on the ability and quality of raising these high-ranking people in Yuangu. If you want to run a school well, it is very simple, let alone give your brother a learning environment.
Children who are studying in middle schools will definitely have to transfer and attend the training of Yangyuan Art Center. They have already passed the threshold of monks. Who doesn’t want to train their children to be monks? And here is that b environment they can find.
Even those children who have already gone to college should take advantage of the summer vacation to come to Fei Suo Port to participate in the training of Yuanshu Art Center first, and maybe they can become formal monks in Yuangu in the future.
After the meeting, there will be a small meeting in each dormitory in twos and threes, such as Yang Laotou, where his old man holds a teacup in his hand to Hua Zhen and Manman. "I’m afraid that Pan Cai is unwilling. What are you going to do?"
Mann Mann "Xiaohua must have thought it over long ago"
Hua Zhen also nodded modestly. "If he is willing to sign a 10-year agreement, he will say that he has other ideas. His point of view is not to steal the pillars, but how can he steal the pillars or raise the pillars of Yuangu? We can even transform these people with those gangsters. Why not?"
Yang Laotou also nodded, "Well, although you’ve killed many people, you can become an adult because of the situation if you want to harm others. I won’t say much about going back to the grocery store in two days."
Maman: "Why are you going back to the grocery store? Isn’t it uncomfortable to live here?"
Yang Laotou: "It’s not that I’m too lazy to mind my own business. I’ll often come and stay for a few days if I’m in the mood."
At the same time, there are four monks gathered in one room in a cave dwelling in the dormitory area, that is, Pan Cai, Wang Long, Zhu Yujing and Chen Feng, all of whom were originally scheduled to be brothers of Wang Yan, the elder of Fengtan, and Wang Long was a relative of Wang Yan’s family, while Zhu Yujing and Chen Feng were a couple, and they had the most contact and the closest contact in the past twenty years, and they were a close small group.
In a few days, they will build their own caves according to specifications, but tonight they will stay in the caves built by the original students. Here, we discuss how to deal with some industries, who to send to stay, who to take over from relatives and so on.
Wang lung suddenly said, "Brother Pan, I’ve been through a lot of hardships. Are you willing to …"
Pan Cai’s mind stopped him from continuing to talk, and then he made a gesture. The other three people understood that this is the territory of others in Yangyuan Valley. If you have anything to say or not, don’t discuss it here. Whether the other party can hear or not should be habitually cautious.
The next day, an important event happened in Yangyuan Valley. The International Yangyuan Art Association called the inaugural meeting, with representatives from all over the world.
The most important part of the conference is the issuance of membership cards. Three old men didn’t become members, and they made another guest appearance at the guest meeting responsible for issuing certificates. Others became the first members of the association.
The membership card is numbered according to who gets the No.1 card. Hua Zhen Bank, Yue Gaole and Guang also gave each other some concessions. In the end, Mo Shang Tong came forward to make a perfect decision.
According to the number of continents in the world, Hua Zhenxing got the "Black Wilderness No.1", Yue Gaole got the "Roba No.1" and Guang got the "Dongzhou No.1", all of which were five-level membership cards.
This difference in the qualification certificate of Yangyuan Valley Department represents that the International Yangyuan Art Association has certified the world-wide level of Yangyuan Valley teachers. Of course, Yangyuan Valley students will also join the original qualification certificate of this association and get another membership card.
After the conference, a group of people will leave Yangyuan Valley in the afternoon. Jiang Huaigu has to go back to the construction site class and Xiao Guang has to return to Banda City to work.
Seven of the nineteen new tutors also need to go out of the valley together. This is what Mo Shang Tong meant. Because they came as aid engineering technicians, they will continue to work here in this capacity.
Twelve of them stayed in the valley for the time being to prepare for the third training course a week later. After the third training course, they still have three months’ holiday to return to the East to deal with the follow-up matters.
And by that time, the new alliance will have a further big move, and the south will be liberated. After a short break, Wago City will also liberate a few miles of borders!
Chapter 314, the real best laid plans
The third training course hasn’t started yet, but a guest has to leave first. It’s a major. Guangshi is a doctor. He and his tutor have taken a leave of absence for half a month, and now it’s almost time.
The situation of Guanghe Shi Shuangcheng is not the same. Shi Shuangcheng has just attended the college entrance examination and is waiting for the admission notice. dongguk university’s new student coverage base is in early September. She just needs to get back before that time, and she can stay for another two months.
Guanghe Shishuang Chengdu was sent to Fei Suo Port by the flying artifact of the master, but how to get back requires them to find their own way. This is also a kind of travel experience.