"Then let the store send it to have a look!" Lotus Yan jiing nodded and let the doorman get it.

But only for a moment, the person in charge of the wonderful artical excelling nature, everyone said that Qin Niang actually came in person, and the expression was slightly sorry. "The county owner has a guest watching this pink jewelry …"
Qin Niang paused well, but it won’t continue to be difficult if she doesn’t mean to find fault.
Dong Fengling was slightly disappointed, but she didn’t want to be so importuned. "Why don’t you come first and let others see it first!"
"Xie County Master’s understanding" said Qin Niang and specially looked at Dong Yuling. Is this the woman county master who heard about middle peasants? It’s okay to say that this girl is ill-bred, rude and doesn’t know the rules.
Now it seems even jealous and sour …
"Who’s watching?" Lian Yan Jing casually asks if she can’t buy it. Anyway, Wangfu also has pink gems and pearls, and a lot of them are taken to the palace to make a set for the palace people.
It’s better to be in the palace than to be wonderful.
Qin Niang paused and then sounded Qin Ru Wang Shihe. The man didn’t hide that "it was Miss Su Da who came to incense earlier than the world and the county Lord."
"Oh!" Dong Fengling suddenly hasn’t seen this big lady for a long time.
"Poof, you still love pink at that age?" A listen to is Su Yalan Lian Yan jiing immediately you’re welcome to 1.
Dong ling-ling, if she remembers correctly, Su Yalan is only sixteen years later. Putting aside modernity means that flowers are generally old, and it’s just the time when they are pink. How can she become an old man in the mouth of Lian Yan-jing?
"Lian Yan Jiing, you slandered me behind my back again. I heard it." Su Yalan’s voice sounded from the outside and soon appeared in the house.
Lotus Yan jiing glanced at her and simply ignored her leisurely and took a sip of tea before saying, "Do you want that set of jewelry? Don’t don’t occupy it. "
Su Yalan uncomfortable stare at a certain world and walked over to Dong Yuling’s side. "What are you doing as a big man? If Xiaoling likes me, I will naturally let it go? "
Dong Ling smiled a little. "That’s not true. I’m looking for my sister and I don’t know if she likes it." If you want to don’t have to "
"I just want to see if I don’t particularly like it. I already have two sets of pink jade jewelry. You can have one more set!" Su Yalan or waving is very heroic.
See Su Yalan said so, Dong Yuling will no longer refuse to look at it carefully and express satisfaction with it. Let Qin Niang wrap it up, which is really suitable for little girls.
Think so. Dong Yuling never thought that she was also a girl in the eyes of others.
Qin Niang smiles but is relieved secretly. Fortunately, there is no dispute. She is really afraid that these darling daughter have met each other and have seen enough over the years.
See Dong Fengling bought Su Yalan glanced at the world and found something strange. "You will also come to buy things in person? What an accident! "
The most important thing is to accompany a woman, which is even more unexpected. Su Yalan just misread herself.
"Is it difficult for people’s stores to restrict guests?" What’s the surprise? It’s unnecessary to pass without coming before.
"A man with a heart is really different." Su Yalan continued to vomit with a slap in the mouth.
After saying this, Su Yalan found in hindsight that Dong Yuling didn’t have his reaction, so he felt that the two seemed different.
It’s so obvious to accompany a woman to go shopping. If Dong Yuling is still indifferent, it’s not calm but stupid.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
After packing the jewelry, let the wonderful craftsman send it directly to the county government, and Dong Yuling doesn’t take it himself.
After leaving the store, Dong Yuling still pushed Lian Yan Jing and saw Su Yalan around him. "Do you want to go shopping together?"
Su Yalan immediately felt a hostile line of sight, and her back was instantly chilly, and she quickly shook her head. "I was tired of going out early in the morning and asked you to join me!"
Although she is very interested in their real shopping trip, she still dares not stroke a certain tiger beard
Uh-huh, Princess, it’s not afraid of death that dares to repeatedly commit crimes against a certain person. If you don’t care about her in previous lives, who will let her provoke Dong Yuling?
Who knows how miserable the princess’s own home was after the palace banquet? It seems that I can’t take good care of myself, and I’m weaker than I was when I got married that day. Even the wind can blow down.
Of course, his family heard more or less about the abortion of the princess, which made all darling daughter have a lot of rules and homework, which made them hate the princess even more.
On the day the princess got married, many people went to the scene to see the joke
Actually, the princess is weak, and abortion is the main cause and the secondary cause. It makes people feel restless and can’t take good care of it. This is getting worse and worse. Chapter 196 of 196 has been marked.
Of course, Lian Yan Jiing didn’t mean it on purpose. It was a coincidence that he did it for Dong Yong Ling.
I’m looking for someone to do something to scare women in the middle of the night
Who knew that the princess was too frightened by ghosts in her heart? Even later, Lian Yan Jiing stopped when she saw something was wrong, and she made herself weak. I don’t know if she secretly did too many bad things and was always afraid by accident.
There is a strong psychology that is contrary to her personal deep calculation.
No matter what, it doesn’t prevent Su Yalan from feeling that some life is terrible. She doesn’t want to jump into the pit. No matter how curious she is, she has to endure it abruptly.