Third, Xuanyang citizens must believe in religious gods or they will be punished by retaliation.

4. Call for encouraging believers to attack or discriminate against non-believers.
Five, in violation of the principle of freedom.
Organizing the establishment of religious institutions in Somalia to preach teachings must be reviewed by the administrative department, which does not violate the above provisions. This provision is aimed at the situation of publicly establishing religious institutions, and it is necessary to review classics to preach teachings and not interfere with personal belief choice.
Ke Mengchao wrote it quickly. He translated the "freedom principle" while writing Locke, and then stipulated the principles of equality, anti-discrimination and anti-superstition, which were extended and supplemented according to the foundation of freedom principle.
The so-called principle of equality is not only the equality of all sects, but also the equality of believers and non-believers.
The principle of anti-discrimination further refines all kinds of forbidden behaviors. For example, if an institution is to be established to teach, the public, including believers and non-believers, must be allowed to interpret and judge.
The principle of anti-superstition does not mean that a certain belief is superstition, but a series of specific rules. For example, people should not call themselves gods, people should not claim that they represent the will of the gods, and people should not deceive or coerce others to believe in a certain god.
Finally, the draft emphasizes once again that if the gods come to people, no matter which gods they are, they will enjoy the same benefits as the citizens of Somalia and abide by the same regulations.
At this time, Pi Dan wrote a "ridiculous mortal"
Ke Mengchao was not angry when he heard this. "We are all ridiculous mortals. This is the rule made by mortals."
Pitan: "Do the teachings preached by the Gambisi Court also need to be audited by the local administrative department of Somalia?"
Ke Mengchao shook his head and said, "What teachings are preached by Gambistine Gambistine is of course not under the jurisdiction of Somali Port, but the establishment of institutions here must abide by the religious management regulations of Somali Port."
Pitan: "How do you know these rules are reasonable?"
Ke Mengchao smiled. "We can argue that logically it must be reasonable. For example, if it is unreasonable, are you like Poseidon?"
Pidan wanted to say something, but Brech shook his head gently at him and motioned for him to stop pestering this topic.
Lianna interjected, "If the gods come here … but don’t forget that the gods have divine power!"
Ke Mengchao asks, "You also have magical power! Everyone’s knowledge, ability and skills are your advantages, your enjoyment, your resources and your detachment.
If the god you believe in comes to people, does it not believe in anyone or believe in anyone’s freedom? Does it also believe in itself according to your will? "
Chapter 17, prevent micro duration
In the backyard of the grocery store, Joko suddenly laughed.
Hua Zhenxing wondered, "Is it so funny?"
About Gao Le waved his hand and said, "Ignore me and let me laugh for a while!" It was a long time before he accepted the smile. "I think it’s so interesting!" This draft clearly refers to the regulations of the East, but it is stricter than the regulations of the East. "
Hua Zhen trip "must be strict, because once some things take root and sprout and have a fait accompli, it will be too expensive to remedy them. If it can be strictly stipulated from the beginning, it is best to do so, which will avoid many troubles and disasters in the future.
The situation here is very special. People’s world outlook is chaotic and they believe in all kinds of messy things, but these have not affected their values and their judgment in daily life. People don’t care about ghosts and gods, and their hearts are not these. "
Hua Zhen seems to be able to formulate such a draft because the port of Somalia has the conditions to implement it. Although people here believe in all kinds of witchcraft, the secular life has not been infiltrated by various religious organizations
It is necessary to promulgate and implement this draft as soon as possible. If it is changed to another place, I am afraid that the provisions in this draft will not be implemented so well, and it will cost a lot to implement it.
Yogoro asked again, "What do you want from implementing such a policy?"
Hua Zhen line "you might as well ask another way what we don’t want? There are too many contradictions and conflicts in this world. How are they provoked? The place of Porto de Somalia is too small, too poor, and too chaotic to withstand that kind of tossing.
I have seen the lesson. Why should I make the same mistakes and take those detours? If someone has already visited the minefield, they should avoid it. This is not specifically aimed at the Gambyshire policy.
As a matter of fact, a law should discuss the appointment of lawyers from three aspects: rationality, necessity and feasibility. Do you think there is anything wrong with it? "
Ke Mengchao just said that the draft was reasonable, while Hua Zhen explained the necessity and feasibility.
About Gao Le blinked to "no problem, I also think no problem! In my opinion, this is to ensure that people can choose what they believe in, what they trust and what they realize.
The laws made by people are all people themselves, even if it is God’s, it is not God’s. The so-called temples are all built by people. Of course, there is no temple, and God does not need these. "
Hua Zhen also asked curiously, "What do you think of God, Master Yue Gaole?"
Jogoro put his right hand on his chest. "I was once a god walking with me. I was trapped in chains. I was saved."
This whole trip to Hua Zhen was a bit stupid. He paused for a while before saying, "Your experience is quite complicated! What about now? "
About Gao Le seems to be irrelevant answer "now? This is the way to understand the world and the world. "Then I looked at Hua Zhen’s street." If God comes to people, it should be simple. I don’t think you can. You think too much. "
Hua Zhen said with a smile, "Are you trying to say that I am colorful?"
About Gao Le is happy again. "You are a little careless. Who taught you?"
Hua Zhen line "adults teach!"
You answered a lot of questions today. It’s hard to imagine that a child who didn’t go to school said it.
Hua Zhen trip "Although I didn’t study, it’s not that I haven’t learned anything and it’s not that I haven’t been taught."
You’re not surprised that Mr. Ke Lao drafted the rules. Even if he didn’t say anything, you said it. Is that what you mean?
Hua Zhen trip "that’s what I mean, and it’s the same if I have to draft it."
About Gao Le "It turns out that Boss Hua is the boss behind the new alliance. All the changes here are disrespectful!"
Hua Zhen trip "didn’t Mr. Yue already know? Otherwise, why would you come to me today? You are definitely not looking for a grocer! "