Summer flowers picked up a small stone and bowed their heads and pounded the green pole. They gave him a cold look and said coldly, "You are the melon, and your family is the melon."

Yuan Ruan gas straight through the angry way "grandma little bitch mouth is quite severe …"
Xia Hua stretched out his hand and pointed to the half-dead lying on the ground. Xiao was absolutely indifferent. "Shut up if you don’t want him to die!"
Yuan Ruan, take a look at his face. Xiao never wants to talk back. After all, he squatted aside and ate melons. It’s hard to make a melon sound in his heart, which is particularly loud.
In a short time, Xia Hua helped Xiao to finish the medicine and was about to tear a piece of cloth from Xiao to wrap Yuan Ruan. "Bah" vomited the melon shell and grabbed Xia Hua’s anger. "You little bitch, just apply medicine and tear my grandfather’s clothes. Why don’t you learn well at an early age?"
"Yuan Ruan, then pull you!" Shaw never moved his lips.
Yuan Ruan consciously put his arms around his chest and said, "Ye is still a yellow flower …" He suddenly felt wrong and changed his mind, "I can’t look at this young girl."
Xia Hua sobbed at the corner of her mouth. "You are blind for a pair of peach blossom eyes. I want to dress the wound for your grandfather."
Shaw’s absolutely cold eyes seemed to have a smile, and he lost his eyes in a flash and closed his eyes to rest.
Yuan Ruan’s knowing face turned red and gave Xia Hua a hard stare. "I know" and then "I stabbed" and pulled a piece of red cloth from my body neatly.
Three, five, two, and summer flowers are bandaged, and the healer’s kindness enjoined, "This wound has been temporarily treated to prevent infection. When I go back, I need to pay more attention. I’ll prescribe another prescription to apply medicine on time, and it will matter. When the wound heals, I have to take out stitches …"
When Xia Hua’s words were unfinished, I suddenly felt a cold autumn wind blowing on my neck, and Xia Hua shivered. Xiao Jue had opened his eyes and sat up with his left hand. His right hand and five fingers were frozen and buckled Xia Hua’s neck.
"Who the hell are you?" Xiao Jue yin sen leng
Summer flower heart is a little nervous, but it doesn’t move. "What? Are you still afraid that I am a weak woman? "
"Ye this little bitch neck thin like a twig a pinch is broken, be careful don’t really pinch her to death" Yuan Ruan immediately advised.
Xia Hua is thinking that Gua Man still has a little conscience, at least he doesn’t want her to die. Who ever thought that Xia Hua hasn’t finished listening to Yuan Ruan and added, "If you want to crush it, wait for her to say the prescription, then crush it, and take out stitches so that she can tell her exactly how to dismantle it!"
"Grass!" Xia Hua scolded 1.
Xiao absolutely laughed and loosened his hand. "What a weak woman! I don’t know her name. Who is Fang?"
Xia Hua coughed, "The girl’s surname is Xia Minghua Baitou Village."
"I know that Baitou Village is the broken village in the mountain."
"Well," Xiao said casually, "Summer flowers are easy to remember."
"Ha ha!" Show dollar Ruan Hao put a smile and pointed to Xia Hua Road. "I always look at your yellow and thin dry wood. Where is it appropriate to call flowers like dead wood and call Xia Chai?"
Xia Hua took a look at Yuan Ruan and ignored him. Yuan Ruan immediately stood there awkwardly, and Xiao was absolutely slow. "Yuan Ruan talks too much."
Yuan Ruan moved his lips to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. He took out a handful of melons and squatted quietly in a corner somewhere.
Xia Hua calmly looked at Xiao Jue and said, "Now that Uncle knows, can you rest assured that I can go back?"
Xiao Jue was silent and looked at Xia Hua with a look that could not be stared at, but it was a flash in the pan. "What if you don’t trust?"
"The dead are the most reassuring." Xia Hua’s hand has inadvertently grasped the male hand. "You need a little more force to wring my neck …"
"What is it?"
"But if you don’t trust me, how can you put your life in my hands? I can just save you and take the opportunity to kill you. You don’t have to doubt my identity. I’m just a small village girl in Baitou Village."
"Well, it’s a very special little village girl." Xiao never squinted. "You are a poor little village girl. It’s a bit too harsh."
"Poor your younger sister! Old niang is not flat chest is not developed "summer flower heart dark scold replied" this uncle dry "
Xiao absolutely chuckled and turned to hold up Xia Huaba’s pair of sly eyes staring at Xia Huaba’s autumn wind and blowing up his hair and white hair with a dancing evil spirit. "Didn’t you say you have a good prescription for breast enhancement?" You should try it yourself. "
"This is even more dry."
"How can you do it?" Xiao Jue’s fingers gradually slipped into Xia Hua’s collarbone, and stop for a minute slipped into her chest fingertips. The fingertips were ambiguous and elegant, and the cold fingertips went straight into Xia Hua’s body through wet clothes. "If I give you half a year, I will punish your family."
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Xia Hua sobbed out two sharp little tiger teeth at the corner of her mouth, sneering and biting out a word "good!"
Xiao never looked at this cool and weird little village girl like a civet cat lurking in the dark, ready to stretch out its claws and give a fatal blow. His hand slowly left Xia Hua’s chest and Gherardini dialed the temples, and the white hair and eyes were dim and cold. "It’s a refreshing! I can consider letting you go. "
When Yuan Ruan heard this, he ran over with a full face of surprise and a melon in his hand. He bowed his head and asked Xiao Jue, "How can I let this little bitch go?"
"why?" Xiao Jue looked faint. "You can’t bear it?"
Yuan Ruan’s face immediately flew up, and a grain of melon shell was stained on the corner of her mouth. "This little bitch looks as white as firewood for the old …" Suddenly, I thought that the tone was wrong and I quickly changed my mind. "It’s not that I can’t bear to part with this little bitch’s prescription and stitches removal method. Are you going to stay here for a long time and wait for this little bitch to help you remove stitches?"
Shaw never bowed his head and didn’t know what he was thinking. He didn’t lift his head or lift his head for a moment and mused, "Ask the prescription and the method of taking out stitches before you let her go."
"I don’t know pharmacology, and this little bitch can’t remember it when she tells me about it." Yuan Ruan is quite difficult.
"This little thing is solved by yourself" Xiao absolutely sat cross-legged and closed his eyes, slowly adjusting the breath sound is very cold.
Yuan Ruan respectfully said yes, turned around and looked at Xia Hua with a fierce look. "Did the little bitch bring pen and ink?"
Xia Hua nodded, "Of course I did."
"hey! You little bitch don’t bother to get out. You bring a needle and a belt. It doesn’t matter. What do you bring with you? Maybe … "
"Good wordy" Xia Hua suddenly interrupted Yuan Ruan’s words and raised his eyebrows. "Reach for it if you want."