Ten fox tails continue to grow crazy, which looks like vines growing wildly after the rain, but it’s ten million times faster. It quickly entangles the back half of the second sword mans and then yanks it!

The sword is sharper than the sword, but it failed to cut off a fox hair!
Ten tail White Fox’s power at loggerheads is better than that sword. Stop!
All this happened in a very short time. The first 12 swords collided with the other four black mans, and they didn’t even come back in the middle.
And in this short moment, no one can count how many tails there are in the white fox. Only a few insiders know that it is in the demon family that ten tail and tian hu are born.
The fox clan has never been a sacred race in the demon world. Buron, Phoenix and Kirin have all kinds of variations. However, it is undeniable that the fox clan has its own strength evaluation standard, that is, the strength of the seven-tailed ghost fox cultivated in Kyubi no Youko St. ten tail Tianqi is already equivalent to that of the fairy and demon. The fox with the tail of an ordinary sub-god is a high-order sub-god, and the Kyubi no Youko holy fox is a complete sub-god. Once it appears, it will be a great realm of surpassing the sub-god. What dragons, phoenixes and Kirin have to lag behind? That is to say, If Emperor Xuanyuan didn’t have the first myth, maybe Bai Qionghai could really become the only god in the ancient world.
Now ten tail tian hu is born!
But the one in the black door doesn’t care!
He finally stepped out of the second finger of his left hand and moved forward together!
At that moment, he replaced ten tail and tian hu with his sword finger, which attracted everyone’s attention!
Ordinary sword fingers seem to condense the power of the whole world!
And things fly out, but they have already flown out of the six black swords, but they have come alive!
"hey! !”
I don’t know how many fox hairs have been cut off when the fox’s tail is entangled in that sword, but it’s twice as fast and powerful as before. ! !
This is a sword through the heart!
The female monty suddenly turns decidedly purple, and her skin suddenly turns black!
It’s better to be injured than dead. This old ghost came out of nowhere and killed her!
It is said that the old ghost is because the other party has stepped from the black screen at this time and let the purple Yan see the appearance.
Handsome, a half-sized old man in a costume of fifty doesn’t look like a ghost to be continued at all.
Chapter six hundred and seven Breakthrough
Human-shaped ghost spirits are very common, but no matter what kind of ghost spirits are carved out of a mold, there are few shapes, just like Nan Yunqing’s ghost spirits. Although they are superb in martial arts, they are unique in appearance.
To put it more bluntly, it is that the innate deficiency of the spirit of destiny can never reach the real human level in terms of appearance, temperament and intelligence. It is this reason that the spirit of destiny is easy to recognize.
And the one that just appeared in the black screen actually broke that law, and his appearance has its own characteristics and temperament, which is not like fate at all, but more like a person.
It’s not just a fact that he looks like a person. All the people who see him feel that he looks more like a person than a ghost.
But he shocked everyone, even if he was afraid together, it would be better than Nan Yunqing alone.
When the talent reached out an arm and grabbed the back of the female monty’s neck, Nan Yunqing felt a quiver in her heart. The seemingly simple and rapid stretch of her hand turned out to be a technique that she was familiar with, a technique that she had taught her life.
Then the black sword awn flew out of the familiar and unfamiliar sword light, which made her heart beat hard. She guessed some possibility!
Four roads, five roads, six roads, no more, no less, a total of six swords and awns, whose colors have changed and their shapes are exactly the same as before …
The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is the name of the six swords.
Then the man stepped out of the black screen and Nan Yunqing finally saw the man’s appearance.
Even if she insists on killing Xuanyuan Emperor again, she will be calm at this moment.
"Dad …" She stopped the offensive fibrillation shouted.
That man turned out to be Nan Yu!
But at this time, Nan Yu lost all her wisdom and her body and skin were all alive. The unique black color of the ghost is already a shell.
And Bai Qionghai spit out the ten tail and tian hu, but they didn’t have their own wisdom to obey others.
Nan Yunqing’s shout was so light that it could not reach Nan Yu’s ear, but the saddest thing was that Nan Yunqing knew very well that even if he heard it, he could not respond.
Her father must have died long ago. It’s a body.
She forced herself to believe that this was not her father. She should calm down and continue to deal with Emperor Xuanyuan.
But from absolute calm to excitement and then to absolute calm, it always takes an hour, even a moment.
Nan Yunqing’s recovery was obviously not so fast, and her mind was still in a trance. Emperor Xuanyuan did not hesitate to give up Hainong’s power to attack her.