There are too many practical problems bothering him.

Sitting in front of the brain for a while, Dong Qiudi got up and hit the computer at the brain table.
Because he remembered that today is Monday, and there is Football Day at this time.
The website said that there was a special topic about Lazio in this issue of Football Day.
Introducing Chang Sheng, the head coach of China, is like becoming a big star in Rome.
Lazio is a supporting role in this special program, but Dong Qiudi still has to watch it because he is also a winning fan.
Watching the streets and alleys of Rome are full of posters and advertisements of winning, looking for Lazio fans in Rome and asking them what they think of winning, almost everyone has a worship expression.
Slowly Dong Qiudi was also infected-I can’t help it. He is such an excitable person.
He finally made up his mind when he heard the explanation that "it’s really a pleasure for Lazio fans to go to the scene to watch a Lazio game every week, not only to enjoy the wonderful football but also to enjoy the victory …"
He’s going to Rome!
This is for real!
He wants to watch a Rome city derby at the Olympic Stadium. Although this city derby has no gimmicks for Italy, it is still of great significance to him as a Lazio fan in China.
He also knows that he is not the first China fan to watch the Rome Derby at the Olympic Stadium, but this is his first time for himself.
He really wants to go.
Dong Qiudi took advantage of the weekend to run back to his hometown, got the mouth from his parents and asked the boss for a day off to get a passport.
Of course, he didn’t tell his boss what he was going to do, but he said there was an emergency at home
As a result, the boss was very unhappy, complaining that Dong Qiudi was busy now and you had to go home …
In the end, he was accurate, but told Dong Qiudi that the bonus was gone this quarter.
Dong Qiudi doesn’t care so much anymore.
The idea of goe to Rome overwhelmed everything.
What is the bonus compared with realizing your dreams?
Get a passport and a visa … He is crazy and busy about these things.
He is as enthusiastic as fire in his heart.
A month later, he will appear in the North Stand of the Olympic Stadium, where he will witness a Lazio victory with his own eyes!
Lazio vs Rome in the 10th round of the league!
While Dong Qiudi is working hard to realize his crazy dream, Lazio is making steady progress under the leadership of Constant Victory.
Lazio beat Brescia 31 at home in the sixth round.
Lazio beat Bari 2 away in the seventh round.
Then they welcomed Tottenham Hotspur, the third opponent in the Champions League group stage, at your home.
Before the game, public opinion did not recognize what threat Tottenham Hotspur could pose to Lazio by returning to the Champions League stage after 40 years.
"The first time Tottenham Hotspur participated in the Champions League was in 1961-1962. At that time, Tottenham Hotspur’s current coach Redknapp was still a caddy … This was the first time in the history of Tottenham Hotspur Club to participate in the Champions League, and it was the only time that they reached the semi-final of the Champions League but were eliminated by the powerful Fica. It was very difficult for Tottenham Hotspur to make trouble for Lazio, especially at home …"
This is a commentary in the pre-match "Rome Sports Daily".
However, Changsheng attaches great importance to this game.
In the players’ eyes, Tottenham Hotspur is no different from the first two.
They don’t know why the boss attaches so much importance to this opponent. They haven’t seen the boss like this before the Werder Bremert Winter game …
It is impossible for Changsheng to tell his players because he is a traveler. He knows how powerful Bell is and what he will explode if he is not careful.
He can analyze the tone and tell himself that according to the video of Tottenham Hotspur, gareth bale is the most threatening player in Tottenham Hotspur, so he should make some arrangements for him.
This explanation was accepted by the players.
Anyway, it’s always right to listen to old lies.
From the video of the game that the boss showed them, we can also find that Bell is really fast.
If you let him rush to the Lazio defence … there’s really nothing to do but foul.
The key to this game is that Jambers and Lennon can’t speed up.
If they can’t rush up, the threat is much smaller.
Therefore, the focus of Lazio’s defensive tactics in this game is to limit Tottenham Hotspur’s flank attack
On the left, gareth bale, on the right, Lennon, this is a constant victory, and the team should pay special attention to two people in the game
Then the game came.
Chapter two hundred and ninety Tottenham wings
When Lazio played Tottenham Hotspur, Lazio players soon looked up to their boss.
The boss said yes, Tottenham Hotspur’s two flanks are sharp.
Especially on their left.
That Tottenham Hotspur No.3 player who looks a bit like a monkey is like an F1 car!
Lazio players were a little lax in defending him and gave Bell a file, so Bell rudely took the football from that place.
When he picked up the speed, he blew past Lazio right-back Azpiliqueta like a gust of wind.
By the time Azpiliquita reacted and turned around and chased him, Bell had dumped him for five or six meters.
"The Welsh emperor is so fast!"
The Italian commentator exclaimed.
Breaking through Azpiliqui, Tabell finally came in the middle and followed Crouch to push the football high.
But when Crouch jumped up for the top, many Lazio fans felt cold because the tall guy was so tall!
Let him head the ball in front of the door. Is Lazio okay?
It’s a good thing that Crouch is high when Sai Passareira interferes.
Changsheng got up from his seat when he saw this scene, and then quickly walked to the sidelines and shouted, "What did I say? Watch out for two flanks! Don’t take it lightly! !”