A big living person just disappeared, but I saw so many people yesterday that I was surprised or said something. I’m afraid it’s a common practice except that the host strictly forbids talking nonsense. This kind of thing should not happen once or twice.

This time, Zhan Zhao still kept some information while watering the flowers. No, the woman in black went to him and wanted to find the man who disappeared.
Xu Xutian was moved by his bitter search for the truth, and his persistence finally made him find something different.
Because Zhan Zhao moves faster than the other two, he has to undertake more things, just watering the flowers is a lot more than the others.
Watering flowers is a common thing, but it is unusual that one of the flowers seems to have been watered, and the petals seem to be still stained with water drops. Usually, there is a faint bloody smell in the rich floral fragrance, perhaps because it is covered up by the strong floral fragrance. If ordinary people don’t smell it carefully, they can’t smell it.
However, Zhan Zhao has been walking in the Jianghu for many years, and even when he was around Bao Zheng, he never lost these anomalies. How can he escape his eyes?
But it turns out that the crimson petals are stained with a drop of blood instead of water drops. Looking at the color of the blood, it should only appear in these two days.
As soon as his eyes swept away, he squatted down to carefully observe the plant in front of him, which looked almost tall and lush.
Suddenly, his eyes were fixed on this flower, and the soil around the other flowers and trees was different. It seemed to have been dug up and refilled. The soil was darker and more moist, but it was more flat and solid.
Zhan Zhao’s heart is fiercely, and everything seems to be developing towards his worst guess. Rao is that he has always been calm and steady, and at this time he can’t help but get short of breath. He wants to dig up this flower soil and see what is hidden.
But at this time, there is nothing he can do, he can do and wait.
Zhan Zhao got up and was preparing to leave the bucket, but he couldn’t help looking at the flowers in front of him and touching them. The petals of the flowers quietly wiped away the blood when he never found one.
"Do you like this flower?"
That sound is sweet and soft, and it has a lasting appeal, so people will never forget that their eyes are close at hand. Zhan Zhao immediately reacted and the bearer was the girl Wang whom he had seen the other day.
Zhan Zhao lowered his eyes and was about to pretend to be a shrinking sample and replied in a low voice, "I didn’t mean to see this flower blooming well, but I couldn’t help but hope to forgive Miss."
Wang Yuyan didn’t see a trace of anger, and it was rare for her to follow her maid. Her eyes were naive with a shallow smile. "Everyone loves beauty. Don’t ask my mother to see that she doesn’t like others to touch this flower."
"Thank you, Miss, for warning the villain to remember."
Zhan Zhao doesn’t want to say much, so he has to leave Wang Yuyan. He seldom wants to talk to anyone on weekdays. Today, I don’t know what happened. It is also strange that the same gardener said two words.
Chapter 55 Chapter 55
Mantua flowers are buried with bodies, which is the so-called flower fertilizer. Zhan Zhao can almost imagine that the inexplicable dead person is not the one in front of him.
Escape is not his wind, even if it is painful, but also face everything in front of him. What he wants is always a clear and peaceful world.
Zhan Zhao conveniently dug up a flower soil next to it, and sure enough, there was a pile of bones buried at the bottom, with white bones mixed in the soil and that was a human skull
Pale and desolate moonlight shines in the garden, and even the dormant flowers with petals all over the garden can’t hide the rotten smell of the pile of bones buried deep underground.
Growing luxuriantly, charming and moving, mandolin flowers were nourished by human bones and blood.
Even before Zhan Zhao looked at the picturesque scenery in front of him, he would feel open-minded and even suddenly gave birth to a kind of joy.
But now when Zhan Zhao looks at these beautiful flowers, he will think of those fresh lives buried in these flowers. Where can there be any joy?
There was silence on the fourth day of the month. Even though Zhan Zhao had not found the trace of the woman in black before, he felt that he could not wait any longer. He had to hurry back and report the sudden discovery to the adults.
After burying the bodies he found in a hurry, Zhan Zhao’s figure quietly disappeared into the vast darkness, just like tiny ripples on the water surface, which is not easy to be noticed.
Mantuo Mountain Villa seems to be no different in the daytime in the middle of the night. Wang Yuyan stays in her bedroom, and there are volumes at hand. She is studying them carefully.
She has always loved to have fun in the world, but she left for a while without God knowing it.
No one knows that Wang Yuyan is distracted at this time, and this person is an ordinary gardener in the villa
He may be an ordinary gardener in the eyes of others, but Wang Yuyan knows that that man is Zhan Zhao, the famous southern knight in the Jianghu.
But I asked her if a boudoir woman who had no knowledge of martial arts and barely stepped out of the villa would know?
Because some people are born with a pair of discerning eyes, she has read almost all the martial arts secrets that can be obtained in the Wulin today, so she can still see a posture move at a glance even if she doesn’t know martial arts.
Maybe this happened before her, but she just can do it.
Mrs. Wang didn’t allow Wang Yuyan to step out of Mantuo Mountain Villa, but she didn’t stop the outside world from smelling martial arts secrets.
It’s a pity that even after reading it, Wang Yuyan kept it in his mind, but he was still very exclusive about practicing martial arts.
For her, she doesn’t look at these things for practicing martial arts or walking around the rivers and lakes, but for relieving boredom. It’s as simple as that.
Maybe everyone thinks that Mrs. Wang is very good to Wang Yuyan, and everything good is prepared for her, so it’s nothing to stay indoors.
But in Wang Yuyan’s view, she was imprisoned in Mantuo Mountain Villa, and she also wanted to see the outside world, but she was never allowed.
More than that, Mrs. Wang told her that if she disobeyed her and left Mantuo Mountain Villa without permission, even if she was her daughter, she would never be soft and would kill her.
I don’t know if Mrs. Wang knows that Wang Yuyan already knows what she is doing in private rather than what is the flower fertilizer buried in the mandolin in the garden.
So Wang Yuyan has no doubt about what he said to his mother, because she has never seen her love for her in a lady’s husband.
More often, Mrs. Wang looks at Wang Yuyan with a mixture of love and hate. She wants to control her every move and keep the only person who truly belongs to her around so that she can never leave herself again.
This kind of love makes Wang Yuyan feel depressed and suffocated. She wants to escape, but she can’t escape from her. Alas, her mother can’t forget her deep fear.
She is a naive and brilliant young lady and an indifferent bystander in Leng Qing. It seems that in her blood, she also inherits the paranoia, madness and morbidness from her mother and grandmother, and all this is hidden in her natural beauty and beauty, which makes people love at first sight.
Just like a calm water surface, there is a fast current hidden in it, and it may suddenly break through the calm water surface at some time.
In fact, since I first met Zhan Zhao Wang Yuyan in the garden and asked her name on a whim, she began to be suspicious of Zhan Zhao.
I guess a person who can’t read a few big characters should have such a special name, and an ordinary-looking person should have a pair of bright and hidden eyes.
Zhan Zhao deliberately hides his martial arts and looks, but he doesn’t know that some things can’t be hidden.
Wang Yuyan doesn’t know martial arts and she’s an inexperienced boudoir lady. Who would worry about what she can see?
It was the sudden encounter between the two that caught Zhan Zhao off guard and made Wang Yuyan see something wrong when he left.
Or a person who talks to death, even a small ant, can see that the flowers are worse, and she is still a living person?
When they met again, they were in front of that mandolin flower, and none of them had the slightest idea about it. They were all thinking about the beautiful flower in front of them, where the body was buried.
Wang Yuyan knew from the beginning that Mrs. Wang was the one who tried to stop it and would not stop it because Mrs. Wang was her own mother.
But she always comes to see the flowers from time to time as if she were pretending, and Wang Yuyan never gave up doing these things.
It’s not up to her not to doubt Zhan Zhao when she sees him again or in such a special place.
However, Wang Yuyan did not intend to tell Mrs. Wang, because chatting with people finally found a new person and thing
Therefore, she unconsciously went to secretly observe Zhan Zhao’s every move because she had a maid, Camellia, who was almost inseparable from her, and her hands and feet were often very inconvenient to do things.
Camellia was specially sent by Mrs. Wang to take care of Wang Yuyan, saying that it was care and supervision, fearing that Wang Yuyan would do something that didn’t suit her mind and upset her.
It was thought that the few camellia conversations in front of Mantua were actually said by Wang Yuyan on purpose, and naturally they were quietly revealed to someone.
Now Wang Yuyan is thinking about Zhan Zhao, even if he knows everything. What will he do? She suddenly looked forward to the arrival of the day, but even tonight, there must be some movement.
Just as Wang Yuyan guessed that Zhan Zhao was moving, even when he couldn’t see in his hand, Zhan Zhao had already sped all the way back to Bao Zheng’s residence in Gusu.
Zhan Zhao suddenly came back late at night. There must be something important or something important.
Therefore, as soon as the people in the government heard that Zhan Zhao had come back, they immediately went to wake up Bao Zheng and others. This is also what Bao Zheng specially told for a moment before and can’t be delayed.