However, I feel that this is also an opportunity to take out the [Ice Jade Knife +1] that he just noticed and ask her, "What does Grandma mean by this equipment +1?"

Because he just got into the game yesterday, he doesn’t know much about many things here, and he feels that this is a good opportunity to ask her.
Purple clothes took a brief look and told him, "Your current concept is to strengthen equipment and benefit other equipment cards. Sacrificing to strengthen the soul of an equipment is a bit like feeding a small ice."
Grandma is not the kui is the game when the great god saw that the snow feather had been fed by him, which made Wu Xiaojian suddenly realize.
However, she also woke him up. "But strengthening a piece of equipment is very risky, especially since +6, it is possible that the equipment will be reduced to its original appearance or simply disappear. This weapon has been said by +1 that this person has not only paid great efforts but also had excellent luck, which can help you grow in the early stage."
"Yeah, I see."
Wu Xiaojian consciously didn’t tell grandma where this Star God card came from, for fear that if she really knew that this equipment was from a group of people, it would be difficult to get it, and she would probably let him quit the game directly.
She is worried about her grandson, and she is lucky. Her experience gives him a cheat device, like GM in the game, but it will really threaten his life. She will give priority to his life, which is also grandma.
Although Wu Xiaojian really wants to catch up with grandma, she thinks that Li Qianru should still be waiting for him at home. After he has been out for so long, she should also be worried about greeting Xueyu and getting ready to go out.
Xueyu should be ready to return to her star card and go out with him.
Purple clothes secretly stopped Xueyu and asked her, "haven’t you signed a contract with him yet?"
Xue Yu, who has always been cold and naughty, seems to be as shy as her future mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Her face is slightly red and subverts Wu Xiaojian. She recognizes that she doesn’t understand the emotional situation and says to her, "I still want to observe". There is a little girl who is shy.
Purple clothes can read eyes like an old fox, squint and smile and say to her, "He is my grandson, which will definitely satisfy you."
Snow feather noncommittally immediately into a white light with Wu Xiaojian disappeared in this place.
Purple clothes are also looking up here. I have been a little tired of the bamboo forest scenery for many years, but for the first time, I feel that the sun is cold and it is a dreamland. It is warm here.
Starting (8
Chapter 9 Sister is also a star emissary [Chapter Words 78 Last updated 1394 :8:15]
Wu Xiaojian left the blue agate to fall into the dreamland and directly appeared in the street outside the demolition area. Look at the Star Card in his mobile phone and see that there is one more card inside, which is the only one that he can inherit from his grandmother now.
Grandma carefully selected to keep the baby, although it is not a card group, but the effect is absolutely top-notch
"Go home"
It’s strange that after Xueyu came out, there was no doubt that she didn’t follow.
But it should be confirmed directly in his head that she doesn’t want to talk now.
Wu Xiaojian also don’t want to hurry back to estimate now Li Qianru are anxious to find where he ran.
I also remembered what grandma said to him and asked Xueyu-ichi, "Where did you say the little fire was?"
I feel that since I was grandma, Spirit, that is, grandma summoned animals, he and her grandson naturally had a sense of recovery, and it was even more intuitive to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Xueyu, the ice ghost king. She must be at a high level in the local area.
"It’s close to here, and it seems to be sealed in some Wudang Mountain flame cave." Xueyu told him through her heart voice.
"Wudang Mountain … OK"
Wu Xiaojian even knew that this was a real game, but when he heard that he was going to collect monsters, that is, to fight monsters and train, there were still 10 thousand grass mud horses running by in Wudang Mountain.
As if in the dormitory, I was suddenly shouted by my roommate, "Wu Xiaojian, go!" Today, I went to the university cafeteria to play the assistant chef and exploded his epic pot spoon! "
That’s almost what it feels like
Lu is considering whether to tell Li Qianru this matter. Anyway, Li Qianru is now his partner. This star war is also a combination of two people. The individual is a group of two.
Finally, I thought about it and forgot to tell her about it. Because Li Qianru lives a more ordinary life than he does, but she is not as powerful as Xiaoqiang, and she is as adaptable as he is. It’s awesome enough to accept it all in just one night.
I feel that the atmosphere at home is not quite right when I haven’t opened a security door in the hallway outside with a gift. I have a feeling of wondering if Li Qianru and Mu Jiao Jiao are quarrelling.
But when I opened the security door, I found that the situation was more serious than he thought. At home, I could faintly hear the sound of the pot being knocked over and the table being pushed down.
This …
This is not a quarrel, but a fight!
Quickly open the security door outside the door, push the door and enter, and instantly find that it is still too simple to think in front of him. When entering the door, I feel a feeling of entering the battle field through the fog area, and the battle is not in his home but in his home area, that is …
Star god fights!
Sure enough, just after entering the combat zone, I saw Li Qianru fighting with a white boy who was not like a boy. Next to the boy, there was a petite girl who cooperated with the boy. Both of them were assassins, so Li Qianru still fell into the wind.
Wu Xiaojian recognized the little girl with a round face who was fighting with Li Qianru at a glance, and her big eyes were like dolls.
"Brother Xiaojian, you came back just when I caught a thief in your house."
"thief?" Wu Xiaojian corners of the mouth twitched a.
Li Qianru was so angry that her eyes were about to breathe fire. She yelled at Yingying, "You are the thief! I was kind enough to open the door for you and you attacked me directly! "
"Hum! You’re still quibbling! Say hello to the boy next to her together and let him attack Li Qianru.
Boys, too, listen to whatever girls say without saying anything. Li Qianru can fight them with his bare hands because he is not awake. It seems that it is a loss
Wu Xiaojian has a headache. Unexpectedly, the warbler is a star god or a star messenger. Now it turns out that he chose a summoner. This is not good. He has no ability to stop them from fighting. While rubbing his temples, he took out a star card from his mobile phone and shouted "Start! Gravity field! Ten times gravity! "
Brake when the living room gravity was forced to change into ten times the normal gravity, suddenly three people on both sides were pressed to the ground and couldn’t move, and he was not affected by Li Qian, and everything would be affected by him. Of course, the effect of his card was intentional
"Can you calm down now?" Squat down and ask them both.