The teenager tilted her head and looked at her.

At a certain moment, Lu Ying saw cruelty and indifference to life from his eyes.
For this strange expression, her heart contracted for a moment and she had a strong feeling that he would not obey.
The word "death is death" blurted out with a cold meaning and she felt exactly the same.
Lu Ying was afraid that she still held on and didn’t run away from her. She said softly, "If he dies, you should go to jail and don’t kill anyone, okay?"
The teenager looked at the girl in front of him. She wore a long pale dress and her long hair fluttered in the evening breeze. There was fear in her clear eyes, but it accounted for a small part.
More worried about him.
-She is worried about him.
The teenager released his hand and dropped the dead man to the ground.
Covering the sky, the dark light and shadow disappeared, and the men climbed out of here.
The teenager fell to his knees with a bang as if he had exhausted his strength.
The indifference in his eyes gradually faded, and Lu Ying tried to reach out and touch his soft hair. "It’s okay."
The teenager didn’t escape, raised his vacant eyes and looked at her like a miserable puppy, and his eyes were totally different just now.
"I don’t know what would happen like that …" The teenager stumbled. "I didn’t want to kill anyone …"
He returned to his former appearance, and Lu Ying held him in her arms.
She examined his forehead injury and said softly, "I know. I know it’s okay. Don’t be afraid."
"Aren’t you afraid of me?"
Lu Ying smiled. "I’m afraid of people just now, but I’m not afraid of you. You’ve changed back, haven’t you?"
The boy’s trembling gradually stopped and fumbled for a small box from his pocket.
He handed it to Lu Ying and opened it. There was a beautiful cherry blossom hairpin lying inside.
Chongxu temple
Near sunset, the vegetarian meal is about to be steamed, and the fragrance wafts all over the courtyard.
The sunset glow filled the sky, and Huijue sat in a tree and stone chair in the backyard, listening to WeChat constantly transferring money, and her heart was as sweet as falling into a sugar jar.
He couldn’t help but turn on his mobile phone, squint at his shirt and blink his eyes to check the incense money donated by tourists today
A tourist voice came from behind, "Master, I have something to ask."
The tourist handed a sign to Huijue and immediately turned off the screen of the mobile phone, posing as a kind-hearted monk.
He looked at the sign in the tourist’s hand and smiled like a Buddha and Bodhisattva. He was just about to gently make all beings grow taller, and the young monk hurried over.
"Master, it’s not good. It’s not good …" The young monk whispered when he saw someone taking a breath. "… it’s the devil. He’s doing something bad at the door. Go and have a look!"
Hui Jue was stupefied.
Recently, there has been a lot of talk that people are not at peace with demons and are about to wreak havoc on people.
It is said that Master Huijue of Chongxu Temple was reincarnated as a Buddhist monk, so more people came to the temple to pray for God and worship Buddha in recent days than in the past.
In the evening, people come and go outside Chongxu Temple, and the bodhi tree is full of red flowers like clouds in the flower season.
Tourists have just come from the mountains to rub tourism outside the entrance of the Buddhist temple, and vendors are selling snacks, ice water and gadgets.
The sunset holds the sunset dome, which is dyed magnificent by dusk.
Mortals come and go without rest, burning incense, worshipping Buddha and traveling.
Nangong Chen sat in front of the steps of the Buddhist temple with a string of windmills in his hand. He robbed the windmills, and the children cried and cried for their mother.
He blew the paper windmill, and the windmill with silver hair wandered together in the evening breeze and was in the noisy world of mortals.
Hui Jue smiled.
The nangongshan dust back also smiled at him "I’m coming again"
Chapter 36 Chapter 36
I am a chess watcher, not a chess player.
Luo Hou is wearing his big gold chain and sunglasses and a sleeve vest. bike-sharing Li Xiaohai is already waiting for him.
"Manager Luo!" Li Xiaohai quickly handed a cigarette.
Luo Hou looked tired and didn’t go directly into the restaurant. He took the cigarette and squatted on the side of the road and smoked.
"Why hasn’t Master answered the news recently?" Li Xiaohai scratched his head. "Is it annoying that I talk too much?"
At dinner, lampblack came out from all the houses, and the whole street smelled of coriander.
Luo Hou smelled people’s fireworks and looked up at the dark sky in the alley in the evening. "How do you say that Taotao should accept you as an apprentice?"
"Deny," Xiao-hai Li said, "in fact, I didn’t really agree. How is she recently? I think there are more and more posts about supernatural power in the forum and those things in Chucheng. Is it true? "
Luo Hou didn’t speak. He had a heavy black eye socket and was upset. He choked his cigarette halfway.
What did Xiao-hai Li feel from his expression?
Although I have met Luo Hou several times, I have the impression that he has always been a light-hearted person. What is the reason for this irritability?
Xiao-hai Li turned to look at the world in front of him. Even after the disaster, as usual, there was nothing wrong.
Luo Hou finished smoking and got up. "Let’s go and see what you say about people."
Li Xiaohai took Luo Hou into the restaurant, which is not luxurious, but it is already the best range of Lu Ying’s ability.
He knew that Luo Hou didn’t choose, so he went to a mental hospital to help him treat employees. After he finished, he didn’t even enter the pavilion. He directly asked him to invite a five-dollar scallion cake on the side of the road, even if the reward was finished, he rode him back to bike-sharing to wash his feet leisurely.
For such a person, Xiao-hai Li admires him even though he doesn’t say anything.
"Watch the steps. People are inside." He politely led people to the door.
Luo Houchao glanced at the room and his lazy face was frozen in his face.
The girl in the room is as young and gentle as Li Xiaohai described, but the teenager sitting next to her …
Luo Hou squinting.
He pushed Li Xiaohai out and slammed the door.
The bell vibrates and turns the sound waves toward the window boy.