"Which one of you has finished?" Asked with a smile.

"I …………………." Li Yi don’t know what to say at the moment, it seems that I haven’t finished that.
"That’s all I have to say. I’ll leave the rest to you."
Li Yi felt as if he could do nothing at the moment, and he had a deep sense of fertility.
"This doesn’t count, you have to find one piece of evidence," Lin Keer said, choosing to escape from reality.
Lin Keer let himself out of that kind of force in one sentence. If he wants to strengthen his practice, he will definitely get rid of this kind of force.
"Chloe, don’t escape from reality," Li Yi said.
"I … I … I …" Lin Keer didn’t know how to say it at the moment.
"Chloe, stop fooling yourself. You won’t drink at all. Why are you doing this?" Li Yi asked
"I … who said I wouldn’t drink?" Lin Keer said with a flat mouth.
"Come on, stop it. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t hide anything," Li Yi said.
"I … I what do you want me to do?" Lin Keer’s heart is a little tangled
"I really can’t leave Li Lu!" Li Yi said
"Then you will leave me?" Lin Keer was in tears as if Li Yi nodded, and this drop of tears would fall.
"I don’t want to leave you either," said Li Yi.
"Then what are you going to do?" Lin Keer asked.
"I … I … I don’t know. I promise I can give you a satisfactory answer when you give me some," Li Yi said.
"How long will it take you?" Lin Keer wanted to think and asked, if he can’t think for a generation, he won’t have to wait for him for a generation!
"Let me ask you a question, old man." Li Yi asked.
"What’s the problem? If you have emotional problems, you’d better ask you about the moon and my heart. I’m not the host of emotional programs, "said the pole."
"What’s that? It’s not an emotional program. It’s not an emotional problem," Li Yi said.
"What’s the problem with smelly little?" Extremely asked
"Cultivation problem" Li Yi asked.
"Go ahead" is extremely important.
Is it a lie? I don’t think it’s the old man’s business to ask what is the problem of uniting.
Chapter seventy-three A meal
"Old man, do you think I can reach a good height in three months?" Li Yi asked
"Smelly little want to practice? If you are serious every day, you should be able to reach the avatar or Yuan Ying in three months, "said the pole."
Avatar? Yuan Ying? * Good, just three months!
"Chloe, after three months, I promise I will definitely give you an answer, a satisfactory answer," Li Yi said.
"Good for three months," Lin Keer said.
"Then you have to promise me that you won’t deceive yourself in these three months and don’t ruin your health because of me," said Li Yi.
Lin Keer raised her mouth and said, "Don’t worry, you can’t" (this place needs a little common sense to understand)
Li Yi smiled and solved a difficult problem by himself.
"Brother Yi, why don’t you go in?" Yellow hair came running and asked
"Nothing. Let’s come out and talk for a while. I’ll get some for you!" Li Yi said
"Brother Yi, how can you take it? You are a guest." Huang Mao smiled and said.
"Yellow hair, are we brothers?" Li Yi asked
"Brother Yi and I are brothers, of course," said Huang Mao without hesitation.
"We are brothers who share weal and woe. Do you think I can not help you?" Li Yi asked
"This art elder brother can’t do it," Huang Mao said.
"After we are brothers, the gang can’t give it to you. Do you want Huang Mao to take care of it?" Li Yi got the things in Huang Mao’s hand
It seems that Brother Yi is really a good man. Huang Mao can’t help feeling that.
In this way, Lin Keer Huang Mao Li Yi entered the room.
"Xiaoyi, you’re back. I didn’t expect things to be so fun before you." Li Yigang went in and Li Lu smiled and said.