"Gege" Dong Ying was silent for a long time and finally called me.

I wry smile "vanquish? Dong Ying … You didn’t take me for a long time … didn’t you? "
She looked at me and turned her head away, saying, "Dong Ying’s heart is always vanquished."
"Really?" I asked in a rhetorical way but in a declarative tone.
"Sister and your maid-in-waiting are afraid they have a lot to say?" Nian Qin Xue suddenly interjected with a smile, "Then my sister won’t bother my sister, and your servant and servant will catch up. At this time, you should grasp it well. If someone finds out about your forgetfulness, it’s really a lot of trouble."
She finished laughing and went out with two other maids.
The light in the cell is very weak, and the flickering candlelight maintains the pitiful light here. The jailers have been expelled by Nianqin Snow somehow. There are me and Dongying breathing in this enclosure, and there is water flowing from nowhere from time to time.
"When is Dongying …" I grinned and hoped to ask these questions in a calm voice as much as possible, but I still got what I wanted.
"… Gege" Dong Ying surprised me. She smiled gently and explained to my eyes. "Gege naturally won’t know how the handmaiden can be so humble in Gege’s heart. Do you want to ask when the handmaiden tried to harm you? ….. "Her eyes flashed and she continued," It was Baylor who gave you a title and Dole’s prince gave you a title, but it was Baylor who stopped being attracted to his woman, and it was when you were interested in Baylor but forgot about the 14th May method! ….. So much resentment … Handmaiden put away bit by bit means that today’s Gege handmaiden doesn’t want you to become like this, but-only in this way will Baylor forget you and he will get what he wants. Do you deserve Baylor’s heart! " Winter jade-like stone suddenly excited. "Gege, will you regret it now that you think about it? Regret not being strict with handmaiden? Maybe … If you want to vanquish your handmaiden, you won’t have a chance to do these things … "
There was a momentary absence in Dongying’s eyes, but soon she smiled again. "But now Gege, you regret nothing. Everything is a foregone conclusion."
That’s why?
"So … how about Honghui?" I tried my best to restrain my heart from being hoarse and said, "Honghui … are you poisoned, too?"
Winter jade-like stone smell speech body can’t help fibrillation fibrillation way "yes is handmaiden medicine"
I looked at Dong Ying’s familiar and unfamiliar face, thinking that this is my own sister Dong Ying, thinking that this is the house that has been accompanying me regardless of hardships, and Dong Ying thinking that this is the time when I am timid and sometimes I am long …
In those memories, Dong Ying and the person in front of me, who is calm now, overlap so abruptly.
I licked my dry lips and said, "Hong Hui is a child and you have the heart to … I have always loved him sincerely …"
"Really?" Winter jade-like stone repeated my words with a painful look in her eyes. She smiled. "Sincerely … handmaiden has long been confused by herself. Handmaiden knows that the thing about Baylor in handmaiden’s heart is the most important thing … and he can ignore it."
"Including koo child? !” I finally cried out irrepressibly, "Dong Ying, if you hate me, do you have to?"? Take Honghui’s life for nothing! Have you ever thought that Honghui is a koo! He knows nothing! He knows nothing! You should borrow his life to … Winter jade-like stone is really unexpected … unexpected … haha … "I am crazy like laughing.
At this time, I don’t know what kind of complicated emotions have emerged in my heart that make me laugh so inexplicably.
Chapter 19 The truth [5]
"So what did Nianqin Snow promise you?" I gradually stopped laughing, but I didn’t feel numb in my heart, like I was lying in the icehouse made of ice for an hour the year before last, so I looked up at what I was staring at because I laughed wildly and froze Dongying.
It took her a little while to react, and she seemed embarrassed and replied, "Master Nian … said he would let Lord Baylor accept me …"
"This is what you want, or Dongying." I wry smile. "So that’s it … No wonder … it’s my fault … it’s Dongying." I called her name and smiled at her as gentle as before. "You will be so impatient … since I promised you, you won’t break your word in the future … and if you still have something else in your heart … then do something with Xiaoshun.
Winter jade-like stone stared at me for a long time and suddenly said, "Gege! Maybe … Maybe Baylor will … Kill … Kill … "
I was shocked and then turned around, stopped looking at her and didn’t answer her.
Winter jade-like stone still didn’t finish that sentence and left.
I sighed faintly, lying on my side in the haystack and facing the cold hard wall, I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t cry. After trying several times, I couldn’t squeeze out the tears, and I gave up the impulse to cry.
Yin Zhen, will you kill me? ……
If you trust me enough, then you won’t kill me.
I believe you. I always believe you.
Do you believe me?
I took out the bottle of acacia tears that Yin Zi gave me and stared at the porcelain bottle to moisten the bottle. Do you regret it if you miss it?
At this time, the jailer came from afar and snored, thinking that he was already asleep. I don’t know what kind of dreams he had this night.
I fell asleep with my eyes closed and listened quietly to all the movements around me.
"Don’t! Don’t kill me! " There was an exclamation in the ground, mixed with rustling footsteps. I listened attentively and vaguely heard the words "wronged" and "please" in the man’s mouth.
I also heard someone seem to keep cursing something.
Soon the cell was quiet again.
It’s a common practice. Every night, people who are detained here are sent out for trial.
Some of them will come back covered in injuries after suffering, while others will go out and never come back.
I once overheard the jailers chatting at dinner about the fact that most of the prisoners who were sent out at this time were going to die. Most of them either offended some important people or hid some important people’s handles to make them sleepless. It was the so-called adults who had to be ordered to come to this secret moment to nail those thorns in their hearts and then quickly.
Some people were directly killed by capital punishment.
But more because I couldn’t stand the pain of torture here and died by biting my tongue.
Therefore, it is understandable to say that suicide is a fear of sin in the copywriting.
I pinched my fingers and counted the hours. The man didn’t come back and thought it was run.
I couldn’t help twisting my eyebrows together … How many ghosts are there here? And am I about to become one of them? ……