But the woman wouldn’t let him see it. She clung to her hair, although the pain was gone.

Let her have no blood, look paler and sweat on her forehead, but she still smiles happily.
Originally, her hair was thin and messy when she pulled it out, and a few strands of gray hair hung freely and grinned so much …
It hurts to leave my eyes at night, but I just want to say that she let go, only to see her suddenly smile. "Husband, Yan Xue, I personally avenged you. I finally personally avenged you. I’m coming. I’m coming for you. You wait for me …"
Everyone was shocked.
Night away suddenly realized what was wrong and turned to look at the ruin of the fence.
Sure enough, I saw the ruin of the hedge and covered my chest painfully, blanched and sweated.
See the night from the wrong reaction Zhang Shuo and phoenix shadow ink is also at the same time look at the stranger hedge wounds.
The wounds of the hedge are manifested in the eyes of two men, and the pupils are closed at the same time.
Everyone was shocked by this scene.
No wonder the woman said that she not only lied to him but also hurt him.
So it refers to this.
But what is this work?
Is it a spell?
How can two people hurt each other without contact, let alone fighting?
And both of them have the same symptoms
There is nothing in the heart of the hedge. If it hurts like this, it will be like being stabbed like a woman.
Finally, I couldn’t hold on to the ruin of the hedge and fell to the ground with rickets.
The five senses twisted together painfully.
One hand over his chest at the same time, the other hand is suddenly struggling to Zhang Shuo dumb call "Shuo son Shuo son …"
Zhang Shuo eyes looked at him with regret.
Looking at him, Zhang Shuo is not the only one?
And phoenix shadow ink
The same painful look sank at the bottom of the eyes
However, Zhang Shuo is the only one in Mo Li’s eyes.
He kept shouting "Shuo Er Shuo Er …"
At night, he sighed, "He was caught in the method of contemporaneity. The so-called method of contemporaneity means that two people in the method can live and the other person can live and die, and the other person will die and die together."
Everyone heard an uproar.
no wonder
No wonder it’s so amazing.
It turned out to be a contemporaneous method.
It turned out that it was a woman who died for Mo Li and then committed suicide to achieve mutual destruction.
It was then that everyone realized what she said. The first emperor made two imperial edicts that turned out to be a lie to the hedge.
The purpose is to let Mo Liyi rob her of her silk. Is she in the silk?
That’s amazing
Good way to refuse destruction.
You remember that Chu Ning is a spiritual master and the woman is Chu Ning’s personal maid. The woman said that she taught Chu Ning Nvhong Chu Ning how to teach her in the palace.
Presumably this method is to learn from Chu Ning.
The woman began to vomit blood, and the deep red blood spilled down her mouth.
Night away is a healer and a person who knows the method. She knows very well that it is a great help to save a woman from being treated even if she is treated.
And she also knows that women can’t last long.
Once a woman dies, even if she can survive for a while because of personal physical problems, it will never last long.
"Mom …"
She shouted
At the same time, she saw that Bian Zhang Shuo finally got up slowly and walked towards the ruin of the fence.
She bent her lips with a slight sigh of relief.
She just called it to Zhang Shuo on purpose
She’s the woman who woke him up. She’s dying
He is also a healer, although he may not understand the method, but she has made it very clear about the characteristics of the contemporaneous method. He naturally understands that women are dying, which means that there is not much time for the ruin of the fence.
Although the man who is so guilty is really culpable of punishment.
But he and Zhang Shuo are fathers after all.
On Zhang Shuo’s admission or non-admission
No one can change the fact whether it is accepted or not.
"Master son …"
See Zhang Shuo finally before devoted to hedge wounds seem a little excited desperately held out his hand toward him.
Line near Zhang Shuo slowly squat body devoted to hedge wounds a hold his hand.
"Master son don’t blame the father … the father is a master son …"
Zhang Shuo shook his head gently shaking his head in pain but couldn’t say a word.