Wei Qing also came in after Anyi left. "Empress Huamei Princess has been sent back to Apricot Pear Palace."

"After sending two ladies-in-waiting to the apricot pear palace, on the one hand, they will take care of the virtuous princess, on the other hand, they will also stare at the gorgeous princess. Don’t let her do anything out of line again, and the palace will not be able to keep her if anything happens without permission."
Rhyme princess faint ordered.
"Handmaiden know empress rest assured"
Wei Qing line should be smooth.
The room was quiet for a while.
Rhyme, princess took a sip of the teacup a long time suddenly a word "wei qing palace is wrong, you say 37 chapter 37 to be a person!
"Wei Qing, are you wrong about the palace?"
"The empress made this statement?"
Wei Qing low eyes looked at his tiptoe light rhetorical question.
Princess Yun shook her head and put the teacup in her hand. "Nothing more. I’m tired of stewing sea cucumber soup for the emperor. You stare at it for a while. Wake up the palace and send it to the emperor in person."
In another corner of the palace, Princess Changle is in Changshou Palace. Although her biological mother was a princess among the four concubines, she lost the favor of the emperor when she was pregnant because her biological mother was timid.
Otherwise, how could she be born?
Even if you have children in the palace, if you don’t have the favor of the emperor, children will not be welcomed.
What’s more, Changle is just that her daughter is more unattractive to others.
Changle entered the palace this time just to arrange some things before entering the palace
She hasn’t forgotten that Tang Luoling agreed to retaliate against Tang Jincheng, the ungrateful man. There’s nothing she can’t do!
Tang Jincheng humiliated her. Changle is the eldest daughter of the Northern Power. How can Tang Jincheng be so ungrateful to her?
Even if it’s cheating, it must be her!
She has always been unpopular in the palace before. If it weren’t for the protection of the Queen Mother, princess royal was afraid that she would have no position in this palace as early as possible
Although the queen mother sheltered her, she was not close to her, and the queen mother was dedicated to worshipping Buddha, regardless of the harem. This made Changle see Tang Jincheng and hoped that Tang Jincheng could marry himself by his own efforts, but he never thought that he would really marry him.
It’s his wife, not her, but Anyi!
I introduced Anyi Tang Jincheng, and they met because of myself.
Is this ridiculous?
Changle sat quietly in Changshou Palace, waiting for news.
Not long after, a little maid-in-waiting "Handmaiden Lin Lan See princess royal" entered the door.
"Lin Lan, get up. Did you find out what I asked you to do?"
"Back to princess royal, the handmaiden found out that Princess Anyi entered the palace today and went to Fengzao Palace."
Lin Lan’s words made Changle frown. It seems that Tang Luoling’s words are true. Tang Jincheng actually wants his sister to enter the palace for the draft!
But will her happiness make Tang Jincheng happy?
"Lin Lan, go back first and don’t do anything. I’ll inform you otherwise if there is anything."
"It’s princess royal"
Lin Lan looks so handsome that she is definitely the humble one in this harem.
Lin Lan turned back and left Changle but stopped her "wait"
"princess royal, what else do you want?"
Lin Lan immediately turned around and was very alert and asked
"Take this silver and come to me if it is not enough."
"princess royal this shall not be a handmaiden …"
"If you want to take it, you can take it back. Don’t let anyone find out that you have been here."
"The handmaiden excused herself."
Lin Lan took the silver in his hand and turned around to show disdain. princess royal’s hand was really rich, which made people dare not compliment just 12 silvers. Did she want to send herself to work hard? She Lin Lan is by no means so humble. One day she will be a human being!
Lin Lan eyes light sink sink quickly left the longevity 38 Chapter 38 Invite the government to get together 1.
There are still 20 days before the palace draft.
Several major events have happened in Lecheng these days.
The first thing is that the Tang mansion is located in Yile City, and the mansion is still Princess Anyi’s own house. If it weren’t for the wedding, the emperor did not let the department of rites build another princess mansion, which would never have become a Tang mansion.
The second thing is even more incredible. The lord protector House next to the Tang House actually changed hands because lord protector died a few years ago, and none of his descendants had any promise to protect the country. The old lady had no choice but to sell this mansion in Beijing and plan to move back to her hometown to settle down.
The third thing that surprised Tang Hui most was that the word "Night House" was actually hung in the original lord protector mansion. The next day, Xing Shan, the confidant of King Zhao, actually sent many heavy gifts to the night house.
King Zhao is his own goal, not to mention that the Tang government fell in Yile City during this period. King Zhao did not say that Tang Jincheng was far away.
And what is the position of the night house next to Tang Fu really makes Tang Hui confused.
"Sir, I’ve sent someone to check, but there’s still no way to find out who the other party is. Otherwise, we’ll invite the wives of the night house to get together in the house, which is a harmonious relationship between the neighbors. What do you think?"
Feng put forward his own ideas on the side.
Tang Hui frowned and hesitated. "It is not clear whether the other party is willing to come. What’s worse, they are rushing to invite me, even it is difficult to ask God to send God."
Feng smiled corners of the mouth slightly hook "master invited guests to Tang Fu Tang Fu is our own home, maybe the other party can also stay in our home? Not to mention that our brocade son is a father-in-law, but Tang Jiabao’s position in the Jianghu alone. If the other party doesn’t know what to do, we can kill the other party casually! "
The wife’s words made Tang Hui nod his head.