Royal sa a2 points

Gv athletic 17 points
Blue sea and blue sky 13 points
When three sk11 points.
N9 points
I’m two points
1 point for killing the army
I have to say that the bo2 competition system is cruel, which can make the gap between the two sides so obvious, especially the difference between the top team and the bottom team is also a surprising situation.
And with this system, it is hopeless to announce the I team and the Ji army team before the competition. This season, they are just playing soy sauce. If there is no miracle, it is time for them to say goodbye at the end of the season.
"I’m going there, so there’s still hope for us." Erhong looked at the match table. The scores of the three teams in the first group were tight, but the second group was not bad. sk was able to catch the second group of shoes barely enough.
I’m afraid there is no hope for the third regiment, which has become the experience of the rest of the team by default. The baby is sent to the school.
"Keep working hard, our team is still promising. The competition in the first group is fierce, but we must take it when we face those middle-end teams."
Chen Yi looks at everyone. This is the only hope. If you want to stand out from these teams and win the game, you must try to get even if you can’t win.
It is best to level the foundation and win, because according to Chen Yi theory, it is not technology and the gap is different in understanding and familiarity with the alliance.
Talent is important, but theoretical learning is more limited, while the latter can create limited possibilities.
Of course, the consequences of combining the two are extremely serious.
"But at present, it’s like making Hao a star."
Cai Liangyan said a very realistic problem after reading the situation map, which made a room full of people hold their breath.
But at present, the most important consideration seems to be to let Zhang Hao be the assistant of Star Wars.
"take money"
Erhong’s words were despised by everyone. Can you get money for this kind of thing?
Besides, it’s outrageous that the number of votes is for everyone to take money.
Tang Qinling thought for a moment and said, "Well, I think we can let Zhang Haoduo try other positions, showing that his strength certificate technology is very good, so it may be smoother to be a star match assistant."
Tang Qinling’s words are like sounds of nature waking everyone up. Yes, everyone is upset. I didn’t think of this thing before.
Since you want to attract people’s attention and change places, it must be the best move. It is an aid. If you are proficient in various positions, you are afraid of technology.
"Xiao Hao, let’s settle it." Gao Chengfeng next to him also looked at Zhang Hao and asked.
"It’s a good idea to try."
Zhang Hao nodded to tell the truth. Who wouldn’t want to go to the stadium like this? Zhang Hao said that not wanting to be sure is false, but there are too many outstanding people. Zhang Hao feels that his future is slim and he can work hard silently and dare not expect too much.
Just do it. sk Zhang Hao’s green light position is optional. Zhang Hao chooses it, but it is finally confirmed that he can call this card in every position in Zhang Hao.
But Zhang Hao doesn’t touch ad. After all, Cai Liangyan’s ad is too famous. Compared with him, it is in bring disgrace to oneself.
So Zhang Hao’s campaign tour was shown here, and the live broadcast was delayed. First of all, it was playing the wild position. Seeing that Zhang Hao was playing the wild was nothing more than Erhong. It was so long since he had cooperated with Zhang Hao. I was so looking forward to it.
"Xiao Hao, it’s finally your turn to play wild, or you are the most relieved to play wild."
This makes Xiao Kai very unhappy. It seems that he doesn’t seem to be playing wild, but all this is broken in Zhang Hao
Zhang Hao showed that he naturally chose the most violent Debon manager, which is the gank soul. Zhang Hao is driving this violent gank machine, which is the three-way rhythm of killing and collapsing.
Bureau Zhang Hao didn’t stop. The blue side Zhang Hao took the red buff and went straight from the river to the opposite Dandan.
Debon’s close-range Q-opening skill flashes directly in close-range attack, and the situation is not good in the opposite chrysanthemum. Flash quickly, but Debon’s fear of charging can continue the raid directly without handing it over.
With the middle of the road, Gao Chengfeng’s game appeared in a few seconds, so the audience naturally watched it
"Increased knowledge"
"Debon used to play like this."
All kinds of comments are overwhelming, and Zhang Hao’s attention has risen to an unprecedented level. Everyone is curious about what else is hidden in this aid.