Hear small sunny so worried about Yang Xiao and Zhang Dianfei two people looked at each other for a silence!

Thoughtfully for a moment, Yang Xiao said hesitantly, "Why don’t we just stay around here! In this way, if something happens, we can also rescue it! "
Zhang Dianfei and Xiao Qing looked at each other and didn’t know what to say! From here, although they can reach the misty hill quickly, it still takes an hour! None of them can predict what will happen during this period! But there is nothing else they can do!
"no! Can’t let the boss be in danger! " Suddenly, the fat boy said with a red face, "So … What should I do?" After hearing what Fat Boy said, Yang Xiao turned red.
After hearing Yang Xiao’s words, Fat Boy couldn’t help but lower his head and frown slightly and think hard!
"I … I …" Fat boy hesitated for a long time but couldn’t say a way.
"That’s right! We can go to Xiao Ran! " Suddenly Zhang Dianfei said with a face of awakening.
"Xiao Ran?" Yang Xiao eyes are not a bright! Indeed, no matter how they say it, they are playing the Xiaoran flag! If they can get Xiao Ran here, all the difficulties will be solved.
"Then let’s hurry to find him!" Xiao Qing looked up with a face of joy and said!
"Wait! If we call Xiao Ran, how can we explain things here to him? " Suddenly Yang Xiao frowned.
"Just say that my boss is closing!" Fat lift up your little head a face of dignified and said
"good! Just do it! " Thought for a moment, Yang Xiao nodded and agreed, except this explanation, it’s not easy to explain.
At this moment, Yang Xiao’s three eyes looked at the fat boy.
"I’ll take you there! Xiao Ran will definitely come! " Maybe it’s the thought of a way for Zhang Xiaotian to avoid danger. Fat boy said very heartily.
"Wait a minute!" Just as several people were preparing to go out, Zhang Dianfei suddenly shouted.
Three people stop shape qi qi looked Zhang Dianfei.
"Just now, it suddenly occurred to me that we killed the black ghost town in Tiangui! Will Xiao Ran kill us directly when we go there? " Zhang Dianfei was hesitant and said slowly, inexplicably.
After hearing Zhang Dianfei say this sentence, Yang Xiaodi and Xiao Qing can’t help but think of it! His face immediately became embarrassed.
"Yes! That dark place is dead. Xiao Ran must hate us! " Xiao Qing hesitated and said
"No! Xiao Ran will definitely come! " Just when three people are in trouble, fat boy shook his little head and said with a face of anxiety
"Fat boy! That Heiyou and Xiaoran were famous figures thousands of years ago! They must have known each other for thousands of years. Xiao Ran and my brother only knew each other a little, but when they were young, they were killed by the eldest sister-in-law and he pulled them to help out. Can he leave us alone? " Bowed their heads and looked at the fat Yang Xiao said with a wry smile.
"And XiaoRan and earth treasure not shallow! What if Xiao Ran shows something and tells the earth treasure king about us? " Zhang Dianfei said again.
I don’t want to know that there are really many problems with this idea!
In a short time, Yang Xiaodi and several of them overthrew this just-figured-out way.
"Let’s go back and find a place closer!" After a while, Xiao Qing looked at Yang Xiao and three people said again
"hmm!" Zhang Dianfei sighed slightly and nodded. Fat boy also hung his little head and stopped talking.
So four people again to the misty hills!
"Elder brother said ghost emperor level ghost repair spirit induction range up to a thousand miles! The two ghost emperor level ghost repair at most is the ghost emperor mid-repair! The spiritual induction range is 500 miles at most. Shall we stay 600 miles away from that misty hill? " After flying for a while, Yang Xiao asked to export
"good!" Zhang Dianfei and Xiao Qing nodded and said that everything should be protected against eleven thousand. The two ghost emperors have a special spirit. Find out the scope farther than other ghost emperors. This hundred miles is the buffer range.
Say that finish four people to fall, at this time they are very close to the misty hill.
When I got to the place, Yang Xiao and four people just found a hill and even lived!
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Chapter two hundred and forty-nine Xiao days away
The top of the misty hill! Three evil spirits are discussing together.
"Eldest brother! There is nothing on the top of this mountain but this fog. Do you think we should go in? " Blue evil spirit frowning look aside purple evil spirit export asked.
"Second brother! The fog outside made us stay in the park for two months and suffered a lot! This fog inside is worse than outside! What if we go in and can’t get out? " After hearing the blue words, the black face said
Is bowed their heads and meditation purple evil spirit heard these words can’t help but face some hesitation said "two pieces of fog outside here is law! I was just wondering how this array came about, and what’s the difference between the ghost man and this array! "
"Isn’t this a natural array?" Hear purple evil spirit so hesitate blue evil spirit and black evil spirit expression is not from one leng asked some doubts.
"I was still a natural array, but now I think there are many questions!" Purple evil spirit shook his head and said slowly
"The fog is four months first suddenly appeared! Before this fog appeared, the spirit beast lived in this hill and didn’t feel anything strange! In addition, the general natural array is not too powerful when it is just formed! And when we came in, the two arrays were powerful! And these LingShi! The natural array in hell doesn’t need lingshi, but there are some lingshi here! And when I came in, I saw the ghost and her three companions throwing soul stones into the fog! So I don’t think this array root is naturally formed, but the ghost and her friends! " Purple evil spirit slowly express their doubts and finally say for sure
"People cloth? What are they doing with this array? " Blue and black are stupefied.
Three people were silent for a moment and finally looked at the fog in the top of the mountain.
"Is it because of this formation?" The three men looked at each other and questioned at the same time.
"What’s in this array?" Three people question again.
Just as the three people wondered, the fog on the top of the mountain churned violently.
Seeing the fog on the top of the mountain churning violently, the three evil spirits can’t help but brighten their eyes! Keep a close eye on the fog
At the same time, Yang Xiao exclaimed, "No! My brother is going to fight! "
So in Yang Xiao, when the words sound just fell, four streams of time went up into the sky and rushed to fly out of the misty hills.
Zhang Xiaotian’s plan is to play for half a year, but they forget to calculate how long Zhang Xiaotian can persist in the law!
Four months is a long time! Although Zhang Dianfei has to be recorded in it for the longest half a year, it was impossible to get out of Zhang Dianfei, and during that half a year, the essence of Zhang Dianfei’s mind was going to collapse several times.
The most important thing is that Zhang Xiaotian’s entry into the array this time is almost an illusion of devotion! Is to save time! The longer it takes, the more changes there will be. When Zhang Xiaotian dares not wave a spark! As a result, Zhang Xiaotian had to go out during these four months.
Outside the misty hills, Eagle Nine and Niu Tong are watching the scene of the crowd’s competition, but now four streams are flying in the distance! In my heart, I can’t help but be alert and wait until four streamers are close to Eagle Nine and Niutong, so I can rest assured! Heart also relieved at the same time turned out to be Yang Xiao to four people!