At that moment, Zhuge Yue was surprised, and the bottom of my heart gave birth to a feeling of despair. I couldn’t kill each other and I couldn’t destroy each other. Is it so good?

-dividing line-
South Lichuan side also thought of a way to look at the false plan to "by the way, that didn’t count just now …"
But the other party is not stupid enough to ask, "What didn’t count just now is that I won!"
"Listen, don’t you want to play a little longer?"
The other party listened to this reason and felt very reasonable! So he nodded. "Well, let’s play again!"
"Let’s guess again this time. If we lose, we can win!"
Nan Lichuan thought that he would turn everything upside down this time. If he wants this, he will praise him for getting smarter!
If so, Nan Lichuan lost three sets in a row and won!
At this time of the other party, it seems that it has increased its strength. "Does it count that we will start again? Chapter 61 is not to say that we should not hit our faces (4)
At this time, the other party seems to have risen. "Is it not that we will start again!"
"How not! Just now, you were greedy and said you wanted to play more! So we have to continue, but now I’m tired and don’t want to play! " South Lichuan also played a role of being dependent at this time!
The other person’s eyes are watery with anger as if they will cry at any time!
Nan Lichuan made a face behind him and pointed to his temple. "You are still too young to compare with my brain!"
He’s really bursting with a sense of accomplishment. This is the first person who is more stupid than him. Hahahaha … Actually, he almost wanted to play more games with each other just now!
But unlike that man, he has a month and a month, and now it’s his department. Yueyuean can’t keep playing …
As soon as he got it, he immediately ran to Zhuge Yue’s side, where the fight was in full swing. As soon as the other side saw Nan Lichuan running, they were cruel and prepared to take him hostage to avoid injury to Nan Lichuan. Zhuge Yue also broke out at this time, which had never been brave and courageous before!
Immediately step by step to South Lichuan to pull up …
At this time, the night is like a stranger, and I have solved my own fake. Although I am one step behind Zhuge Yue, it is actually more and more difficult to upgrade because of the higher the level!
When he approached Zhuge Yue, Zhuge Yue keenly saw that the fake behind him had revived and stabbed the night like a stranger!
"Be careful …" As soon as she screamed loudly, she saw that the night was stabbed like a stranger, and suddenly his white shirt was stained with blood, and his pupils suddenly enlarged a few minutes!
Zhuge Yue forgot all the expressions at this time, so he just looked at him and didn’t know what to do for a second!
The night is as keen as a stranger, and the sword is broken directly by hand, and the body swings quickly to pull out the remaining piece …
Everyone has fallen into an unfavorable state. They are all living people with feelings, and the other person is already a person who has no feelings and is always energetic. This is like fighting hard!
At this time, Nan Lichuan, who has always been slow, attacked his brain and said, "Aren’t you most afraid of drinking every month?"
Zhuge Yue’s mind was lit by a big light bulb. This sentence really gave her a limit …
If these people are copied by them, they are bound to be as afraid of things as they have the same shortcomings!
Then she secretly thought of a way in her own mind, that is, not to take someone to learn a Tian Ji horse racing!
Tian Ji, the general of Qi State, likes horse racing very much. He once agreed with Qi Weiwang to have a race.
They agreed to divide their horses into third-class races, and they should be horse-to-horse, middle-to-horse and middle-to-middle.
Horse-to-horse races have been held several times in Tian Ji, because each class of horses in Qi Weiwang is much better than that in Tian Ji.
Then Tian Ji’s good friend Sun Bin suggested waiting for the horse to lose the first game against Qi Weiwang.
Then take the medium horse to win, and finally take the medium horse to win another game!
Although this is still a solution to the root problem, it can finally be temporarily delayed. Copy these to stop 6. Isn’t chapter 6 agreed not to hit the face (5)
Although this is still a solution to the root problem, it can finally be temporarily delayed when these copies are stopped!
"Ogawa ….." Zhuge Yue put his hand on Nan Lichuan’s shoulder. "This is your cleverest and most powerful time!"
I don’t know where to put my hands when I hear Zhuge Yue boasting about South Lichuan!
He smiled at Zhuge Yuejing and waited for her to pick up the message!
Zhuge Yue said softly, "I’m giving you an important one. Go and find out what’s strange around here. This is the most serious game. I hope you do your best!"
"Yes, I will do it well every month!"
Everyone else is United in preparing for Nanlichuan, and Zhuge Yue recognizes that there is no smoke without fire. These fakes can appear again and again, so there must be something wrong with the certificate!
Nan Lichuan looked very carefully, even if there were some fakes, he almost hit himself on the back with a fist. He knew that one punch would make him die!
But he still keeps looking for things. He believes in him every month!
He has never let him down once a month, and every time he is full of gains!
So when he didn’t move, he was almost hit by that fist and vomited blood to death. Someone always appeared behind him and got rid of the copy!
He just found all the way and suffered from the crisis, but he was not hurt at all!
In this way, he searched everywhere and found no mystery. He was not a little upset. He paid so much, but he found nothing!