Suddenly the blood was bleeding all over the place and screamed.

The man got a shiver and hid in the back scratching his head and couldn’t figure out a way to turn his eyes and shouted, "Brother, don’t! We are all players. Can I trust you? "
Ji Fan smiled and said, "OK!" Say that finish made a gesture to withdraw the shield back longbow, walked to the player.
The player smiled contemptuously and his expression passed away. The enthusiasm went forward and made a gesture behind his back. The mountain thief also enthusiastically surrounded him and was surrounded by a faint state.
JiFan pike in hand and proud to walk over, the player’s eyes is also a burst of murder.
JiFan moves silly all know that when he leaned in, he must be better than him.
The man looked at JiFan JiFan face can’t believe shouting "drop don’t kill! Those who drop don’t kill! "
Those mountain thieves don’t care.
When Ji Fan was originally surrounded,
Qiang Qiang!
In an instant, an iron wall stood upright in the middle of the tunnel and formed a small circle.
Boom! !
Handfuls of pike stood upright in the gap between the iron walls and stung out.
Like hanging kebabs, there were more than one mountain thief left in a blink of an eye.
JiFan disgust waved beheaded and went straight to the hall.
Dig the cornerstone as usual
"Please choose 1 Occupy 2 Destroy"
The whole cottage flashed twice and turned into a lot of materials.
"Huiyuan Yanhuang"
Lu Xun was as usual looking at only a few mountain thieves roared!
"shoot freely!"
Mountain thief leader was fierce, picked up a pike and rushed to pick up Zhou Shuang in an attempt to get Lu Xun to get the boat.
Wang Qiang looked at the bandit leader with disdain and shouted, "Target bandit leader shoots!"
It was embarrassing to find that no one listened to his scratching his head and picked up the iron tire bow and shot it. The poor performance really caused Lu Xun’s attention
Tracing the cause ordered that "the leaders of the first group of target bandits remain unchanged"
Wang Qiang excited a roar, seized the opportunity, kicked a foot soldier, walked behind the boulder, and his left eye narrowed, similar to aiming at the bandit leader, seized the opportunity and boomed to push.
The big head hides behind Zhou Shuang and turns a blind eye to Zhou Shuang’s hard struggle.
"Stones and boulders"
Booming ~ ~ ~!
When the leader heard that something was wrong,
It’s too late
Suddenly, two people were crushed by huge stones, including flesh and blood, glistening brains and Nathan’s white bone powder.
Intermediate Hutou Mountain Village was destroyed.
Chief! Die!
Far away, Ji Fan breathed a sigh of relief, smiled easily and shouted "Victory!"
"All hegemony rate +25 intelligence +21"
"Command 36 force 36 intelligence 33 politics"
Ji Fan spat out a sigh of relief. "It’s finally getting better!"
Chapter VI Bing
In the hall, Ji Fan sits in the theme, and Lu Xun and Wang Qiang are located in turn.
JiFan said with a smile, "After the war, it is natural to reward Lu Xun for his merits. I have nothing to reward you for the gold and silver in the warehouse. You can take my position if you want! I have nothing to give you, Wang Qiang! Your small eyes are accurate enough, so I’ll give you ten young men and you can be the scout leader! How about those ten young men give you a longbow, leather armor and sabre training after training? Are you satisfied? "
Wang Jianqiang nodded and said, "Brother Yao, you are too kind to me! I have long wanted to be down a peg or two. "
Lu Xun cut in.
JiFan a face of what look at Lu Xun.
"Master, the logging field is coming to an end, and we must make preparations. There are at most this village, but large villages can’t rise to towns and resources are scarce, and most of them are mountains."
JiFan nodded at Lu Xun made a look at Wang Qiang expression.
Lu Xun looked at Wang Qiang and saw Wang Qiang’s fat face smiling at him.
"Wang Qiang listens!"
Wang Qiang grin immediately bitter to the original opportunity to make this severe Lu Xun please him or face up.
But I didn’t expect to say "yes!"
Lu Xun looked funny and said, "Find out all the cottages in Fiona Fang, the village, and explore the village along the road to Jijiazhuang, and investigate the forces of the cottages along the road."
Wang Qiang spent immediately rang rang "elder brother yao your sister you’re not sick! Ten people! Ten people! "