Later, it was messed up by the night departure.

He didn’t delve into it. After all, this is the most important thing compared with other things that can make the night come back.
Just because he doesn’t delve into it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know
Judging from the night departure measures, especially in the new house, before the night departure suddenly, he reached into Feng Ying Mo’s robe and took away his hairpins. That move made him have to suspect that everything had something to do with Feng Ying Mo.
He bided his time.
Whether Phoenix Shadow Ink is kind to him, whether Phoenix Shadow Ink is an important official or whether it is affectionate to Phoenix Shadow Ink at night makes him feel that he can’t make a rash move.
Once you do it, you must do it with one move.
Not only should it be justified to get rid of Feng Ying Mo, but it is also necessary to completely break the feelings of Ye Li for him.
This is also the reason why he came to Northland to bring Phoenix Shadow Ink and then took Yi Min as an excuse.
Feng Yingmo, Yi Min and Ye Li must have stories.
Lu he also deliberately had a temptation.
Three people are very subtle.
It was not until tonight when he heard the innkeeper say that he was taking a medicine bath that he thought about it.
It’s Yi Min’s medicated bath. He made people cheat.
It is said that when people are living, they are the most likely to be intoxicated. Yi Min will definitely go to the man in her heart.
If this person is Feng Yingmo, then all his problems will be solved.
He needs to lead someone to catch the rape and then let the night leave see all this.
Phoenix shadow ink is over, and the night is over with him.
Although the emperor actually disdains this three-way abuse, he has no choice.
He really can’t help it
He thinks that if he goes like this again, he will be completely finished with the night.
Everything went well, and tonight he won.
But he didn’t think Shen Yan snow also mixed in.
And lost his life for no reason.
After all, they are friends with a lot of friends.
Think of this in his heart is not a burst of sadness.
Actually speaking, Shen Yanxue is also a friend of Phoenix Shadow Ink.
He didn’t expect him to be so cruel.
Maybe he has always been cruel, but he is too good at pretending in front of him.
"Feng Ying Mo" withdrew his thoughts. He looked at the man sitting in front of him again. "You will have this?"
He took something out of his sleeve and held it in his hand.
I know that children don’t like reading books in my heart, in order to bring out some causes and effects, and there will be updates tonight. It is necessary to sample children’s books after eleven o’clock, so we can’t wait for the morning to see them ~ ~
Thank you [
LIYAN Li Yan] Pro-purse ~ ~ Thank you [ea77] [Escape from water and blue moonlight] [Weak and enchanting] Pro-monthly ticket ~ ~ Love your group ~ [185] He hates him ten times and one hundred times more than he does (second more).
"Feng Ying Mo" withdrew his thoughts. He looked at the man sitting in front of him again. "You will have this?"
He took something out of his sleeve and held it in his hand.
It’s that Yu Pei exactly like him. It’s plum-blossom shaped and fried with Hetian jade.
One from his father and one from his uncle san huang.
His father gave him the ring.
Can you understand that his uncle san huang gave it to Phoenix Shadow Ink?
So what is Feng Ying Mo and his uncle san huang?
Is it the same as his predecessor?
Is it the father?
Didn’t you say that his uncle san huang was killed when he was attacked by a mountain thief on his way to the secretariat of Youzhou?
What if he’s lucky that he hasn’t known his true identity all these years?
After all, being in the royal family is better than being poor and white.
It’s also wrong to say that he doesn’t know his identity because he wants to hide it deliberately.
If you really want to hide it, he won’t hang this Yu Pei around his waist so conspicuously.
After all, he also has one in Yu Pei, and the representative is identity.