Ma Yu glanced at Zhen Zhibing and said, "After Zhen Zhibing is the chief brother."

Qiu Chuji and Sun Buer and others are also gloomy and no longer look at Zhao Zhijing.
Li Mochou put Sun Popo in the sarcophagus, and Yang Guo, Lu Shuang and Hong Lingbo cried in a big mess.
Li Mochou also has a faint sadness in her eyes, but the little dragon girl is still expressionless.
"Boom …"
Li Mochou pushed the coffin lid and nailed the coffin.
"Jianghu is like this. Either you kill people or people kill them. If you want to live, you have to keep killing others." Li Mochou said to Hong Lingbo and Lu Shuang.
Isn’t it hard for two little guys to double when they are surprised?
Little Dragon Girl took Yang Guo to a stone room.
The little dragon girl said to Yang Guo, "Yang Guo, I promised Sun Popo that I would take care of you, so I will take care of you. I really teach you that you can’t go back. I don’t know if you would like to worship my teacher."
Yang Guo nodded. "Well, of course I would, but can I call you aunt? Calling you master reminds me of that smelly Taoist priest in Zhao Zhijing. "
"Suit yourself," said the little dragon girl
The little dragon girl pointed to the portrait of Lin Chaoying and said, "This is my ancestor of the ancient tomb school. Please kowtow."
Yang Guo kowtowed and said, "Aunt, what’s the martial arts of the ancient tomb school? After practicing, can you kill those Taoist priests as badly as the teacher? "
Yang Guo is very envious of Li Mochou’s martial arts. He hopes that he will be as good as Li Mochou.
The little dragon girl said, "My ancient tomb martial arts are not many of the highest and deepest martial arts, but the martial sister of Jade Girl Heart Sutra. She is not my ancient tomb martial arts, and I have never seen her martial arts, but it is more than enough for you to become a master to deal with those Taoist priests if you cultivate Jade Girl Heart Sutra."
Yang Guo’s enthusiasm is not high and he nods "Oh". It turns out that Li Mochou’s cultivation is not ancient tomb martial arts. It seems that his desire to become a master is about to fall.
The next day, Li Mochou asked Hong Lingbo and Lu Shuang to pile the little dragon girl but taught Yang Guo to catch sparrows and practice tight encirclement-style palm.
Hong Lingbo and Lu Shuang are itching to see Yang Guo playing sparrows.
"What for?" Li Mochou saw that two little guys were distracted. "If you don’t concentrate, don’t eat at noon."
Lu Shuang looked at Yang Guo and envied, "The master’s stupid palm looks very powerful."
Tight encirclement palm looks good in visual effect, but Li Mochou disdains that it is too fancy to show off-fortunately, it is not very powerful against the enemy.
"Shut up" Li Mochou Avenue "That palm carving skill is a child’s gadget. You have cultivated your family boxing to a dark strength, and Yang Guo will never be able to pick you up."
Li Mochou grabbed a sparrow and let it go without any anger, but the sparrow just couldn’t fly.
"It’s the most important thing for me to catch sparrows and give me a good pile foundation." Li Mochou said to Hong Lingbo and Lu Shuang when he released sparrows.
Little Dragon Girl can’t fly in the palm of sparrow Li Mochou’s hand. She can’t do it without being shocked. ?
Chapter 137 atrix in the tomb
Wang Yue’s practice in Zhongnanshan for more than a month has achieved good results.
In the past, I have not felt the physical growth as if I had reached the limit. Wang Yue is now relaxed and far away from the world of mortals. The strength has actually increased again.
Wang Yue’s strength has reached 20 thousand Jin, which is still strong. If it reaches the level of dark strength, Wang Yue’s strength will be even more terrible.
"This is the real accumulation of hair." Wang Yueshan looked at the sunset and sighed in his heart. "Concentrate on beating the body to enhance qi and blood, and the strength of the fighters is close to that of the master fighters. This time I must be strong."
Wang Yue’s eyes are firm with the strong fighter, but he has given up a lot of things.
Now Wang Yue’s strength is once again in a bottleneck, no matter whether he is boxing or practicing, he will not grow at all.
"It’s really a bottleneck this time," Wang Yue replied. "I don’t know how to break through this limit?"
Wang Yue’s eyes suddenly lit up and he smiled. "There may be some places where you want to stimulate your body and stimulate your potential."
High temperature is easy to handle. You can get extremely high temperature by burning a fire, but what about low temperature? However, the Southern Song Dynasty could not produce ice cubes, and ordinary ice cubes could not meet Wang Yue’s requirements.
Wang Yue’s qi, blood and energy are enough to keep him from being invaded by cold and heat.
"By the way, isn’t there a cold jade bed in the ancient tomb? It is said that this cold jade bed is cold and I don’t know if it can meet my requirements. "
Wang Yue, who thought of the cold jade bed, rushed to the ancient tomb like a cheetah, which was extremely fast.
"You can dive into the ancient tomb from here."
Wang Yue came to the south of the ancient tomb, where there was a small river. Wang Yue knew that there was a secret passage leading directly to the ancient tomb department.
Wang Yuezha dived into the water to find the entrance.
Wang Yue has a strong qi and blood, and there is a lot of oxygen, energy and nutrition in his blood. When he is long enough, he can hold his breath in water for 20 minutes when his body needs it.
Twenty minutes is quite a long time for ordinary people.
"hmm? Found it. "