Mark frowned and listened to Debbie’s words. It was a magic smile.

Smile reluctantly
Laughter hides his embarrassment and panic.
quite a while
Debbie scratched her head and said again, "But this opportunity didn’t come. Come on, I almost got it. Natasha got the message after midnight and left in a hurry."
Mark listened to the corners of his mouth twitch again.
Almost there?
Debbie must have a heroine’s aura of luck. It must be like this. Otherwise, how can she explain why she can’t control her desires after having a daughter who can be worth ten thousand girls?
Mark now deeply doubts whether Debbie is the reincarnation of a crooked succubus.
However, mark asked, "You said Natasha left in a hurry after midnight."
In the three flying ornaments, Debbie walked out of the guardrail of the conference room and looked as busy as a hot pot of ants and said, "Yes, boss, what happened last night? The workers here at Sanfeishi seem to be crazy. "
Mark said, "Stay there until Nick Frey comes back."
Say that finish
Mark hung up and lost in thought.
How many people were there in The Avengers?
Captain Rogers, Hawkeye Barton, Black Widow Natasha, Iron Man Tony, Thor Sol, Hulk Hulk, …
Who else?
I think it’s gone
How many people can SHIELD produce now?
Hawkeye and black widow are the problems that employees can’t come out. Captain Rogers should also defend the world after all.
So the problem comes.
Can these three people alone kill the Qirita people?
The answer is no.
What should we do?
By the way, where did Tony’s career go? Has the lowest bronze holy garment been rolled out?
Mark looked up at a ceiling.
Sitting there, greeting the two daughters to play in the game room, Kate looked at Mark with a frown and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Mark shook his head during the event and said, "I really want to put myself in the pit."
Kate and the daughters looked blank.
Then Mark was able to talk about his layout and plan and meeting with Caratu.