Hua Zhen’s mysterious spear hit the ancient prose, and the ancient prose hastily offered a crystal shuttle to fight back. He didn’t want to be able to kill Hua Zhen’s trip, but he had to create opportunities for himself to escape. It would be better if he could succeed in fighting back.

Gu Wentong was a decisive person, and all the actions arranged outside failed. He also suffered a sudden assassination and immediately reacted. His whereabouts and plans were already exposed. He didn’t dare to entangle the crystal shuttle, and he didn’t intend to take back others and just slipped away.
Another reason for Gu Wentong’s decisive escape was that he realized that Brech and Pidan had rushed to the toilet, and the two theologians appeared on this occasion and took the initiative to help, which surprised Gu Wentong. In his original plan, he did not expect that two "peers" from Gambistine would obstruct the scene.
Hua Zhen’s hidden gun stabbed Guwentong’s right shoulder blade and disabled his arm. Hua Zhen didn’t see it at that time, but Brech noticed it when he met.
Hua Zhen’s stealth gun attack even killed Frick’s great god craftsman, but Gu Wentong was able to escape because the situation was different. Frick didn’t put Hua Zhenxing in the eye with a cat-catching mentality, but Gu Wentong was always vigilant
Although Gu Wentong was injured, he didn’t shed a drop of blood when he ran away. Obviously, it was controlled by some means. It can be seen that he has done dirty work like this many times and is careful about the details.
However, there was a pool of blood condensed into a bright red bead in the heart of Hua Zhen’s left hand, which was sealed by mana condensation and brought out when the ancient prose was stabbed with a hidden gun, and was taken in by Hua Zhen when he was walking.
At this time, there was another warm applause in the lobby on the first floor. Luo Chad and Lian Na signed the agreement respectively, then exchanged signatures and shook hands with each other to take pictures. The ceremony was finally officially completed.
Chapter 21, Beam
The ceremony is a symbol. The details should be discussed. After the ceremony, the luncheon venue is still on the first floor. Because this place is easy to set the table, everyone just takes a break in the building. When they go upstairs again, the original venue is packed and a hot banquet is arranged by magic.
The base is all oriental food, fresh fruits and vegetables are self-produced in the agricultural reclamation area, and the guests have returned all kinds of wine with knives and forks. Suddenly, a secret machine gun came outside the town, and it was far away. I couldn’t hear it very well.
Someone asked curiously what was this movement? Huan Xiang Yi Bin, head of the industrial planning department, said with a glass of wine, "It should be to set off firecrackers to celebrate the custom of the East! Maybe there’s a new building capped nearby … This is from the past Liang Tong. "
Then Yi Bin talked about his hometown experience when he was a child. Anyone in the village who built a new owner’s beam would set off firecrackers to celebrate and sprinkle sugar and copper coins on the surface … Oh, I made a mistake. It was in ancient times that I heard his grandfather say that he had seen the scene of throwing steel and jumping 50 cents or a piece.
As he spoke, Yi Bin also took out a one-dollar chrysanthemum coin issued by Dong Guo from his pocket. Some people pointed out that his memory was wrong. The first one-dollar peony coin was issued in 1991. Earlier, Liang Sa Steel was full of one, two and five cents. At that time, people were not so rich.
Then someone went to his hometown in recent years, and now it’s not called Liang. Some people in the village in Gai Lou will set off firecrackers and spread red envelopes. There is not much money in the red envelopes. The base is a five-dollar bill because of its beautiful color … The more people who have heard this custom say it, the more lively it is. The more people who have never heard it, the more curious it is. The banquet is full of cheerful atmosphere.
Yi Bin is telling the truth. He really set off firecrackers to celebrate. Who would have thought that machine guns would come to the agricultural reclamation area in broad daylight?
In some cases, Yi Bin doesn’t understand that it is impossible to have a building cap around Gao Qiao Town today. All construction has stopped. Without knowing the situation, it is difficult for him to understand the ability of the new alliance to establish order. There is no need to notify martial law. There are other ways.
The engineering department of Dongguo aid construction project, the largest unit in Gao Qiao Town, organized the team members to queue up for vaccination today. Everyone has to attend the roll call one by one and must not be absent from the vaccination. It is also necessary to observe the reaction and not leave the station on the same day.
Other workers in the agricultural reclamation area organized a physical examination today, and the roots didn’t come to work. They were taken away early in the morning, and even the oil sprinkled noodle restaurant and the small shop were closed.
In this way, anyone who appears in a place where he shouldn’t be will be found immediately. For example, although the two off-road vehicles carry patrol signs, all the personnel are well disguised, but they shouldn’t be here at all. For example, Penkus, although wearing overalls, knows at a glance that this person is abnormal.
Three apprentices of Gu Wentong also sneaked into the port of Sofia. During this period, they also made great efforts to promote Locke’s deeds as a major league liaison. Today, they quietly entered the agricultural reclamation area, and they were discovered.
They lurked in the wild forest next to the wetland, a few kilometers away from Gao Qiao Town, and set up a semi-concealed temporary stronghold with vegetation cover. The main purpose should be to meet the ancient prose.
After Gu Wentong fled, there was also a fight. Van Duck led the team to block the area and called for the other party to surrender voluntarily. The three men actually tried to break through the big shell with their skill and you’re welcome to make the machine gun cross-fire.
Not many people took part in this operation. Considering that Gu Wentong is good at illusion and illusion, ordinary people are easy to misjudge the gun and what will happen. The shooters arranged have three realms of practice.
Now that the three apprentices have decided to break through and escape, Van Dak has no intention of catching the living place and arranging for them to have a secret meeting point here. No one can find out what they want to play for the time being, and they have asked the ancient scholars not to escape in this direction, otherwise I am afraid they will be blocked red-handed.
After the luncheon, Charles, Rothschild, Ke Mengchao, Yue Gaole and others all left, but Brech and Pidan made excuses to stay.
After the ceremony and before the lunch break, a field worker reported that someone had drilled a hole in the door of the women’s toilet on the second floor and a partition door inside. It is estimated that some abnormal person should check it out.
Of course, the two ambassadors of Gambyshire stayed not to catch the pervert but to escape.
In a conference room on the second floor, Locke, Lianna, Wang Fengshou, Hua Zhen and Manman all took a look at Wang Fengshou and said, "You are a little injured." Talking, raising your hand is a soft white light that brushed Wang Fengshou’s body.
He did a healing trick, and it was nice, right? Wang Fengshou was shocked, but he had to say hello and ask for his consent.
Locke’s reaction was very quick. It was also a white light to raise his hand to resolve the embarrassing atmosphere. At the same time, he said, "Although I am not as advanced as Mr. Brech, I have also learned a little healing magic to recuperate Mr. Wang’s injury."
Since Locke has done this, even Na has conveniently come to write it down, and then Hua Zhen has also cast healing magic to gather together a lively Huazhen line. The foundation of repairing is to cultivate the yuan and heal the magic, which is the easiest to change hands. He has already got started.
Now that these people have all started work, Pidan has certainly performed a healing activity. On the other hand, he can also watch it.
The best way to make Wang Fengshou feel "curative effect" is to raise his hand without white light, that is, to point at Wang Fengshou across the table and secretly urge the fragrance of water to help regulate the operation of qi and blood
Wang Fengshou can’t laugh or cry. People at this table can’t treat magic by themselves? Brother Dongguo also has similar means. For example, Maman uses healing magic, which is obviously a merger and storage. He also has to learn Huanxiang, which is being promoted in the top management of industry recently, and practice it himself. Maybe it will make three teachers happy.
Everyone "cured" Wang Fengshou and felt a lot closer at a distance. It seemed that they all became one of their own. This was an episode. Brech and Pidan mainly wanted to understand one thing. Why did they do that?
The staff of the ancient prose was put on the table, and the crystal shuttle was taken out by Hua Zhen and inlaid back into the staff.
Brech didn’t know that today’s goal of Gu Wentong was that Xia Er knew nothing about him, and Hua Zhen and others pretended not to know, so they just sat there listening to Brech’s analysis as if listening to the moderator’s speech.
Brech finally came to the conclusion that the ancient prose should have been bought off by some forces in order to destroy the Oheim reunion of Chundan Center.
Brech didn’t know that Locke’s deeds were heated up some time ago because the ancient prose was secretly pushing him. It seems that this is the most logical explanation. Who doesn’t want this success? Not only the competitors of Oheim Group, but also various political and economic forces are involved in complex factors.
During this period, the stock price of Oheim Pharmaceutical Group has been said to be in the interest, but from a broader perspective, the market value of Oheim Pharmaceutical Group is still a trivial matter
Brech’s analysis is very reasonable. Even Hua Zhenxing felt that this possibility could not be ruled out. Because this conclusion is also speculation, Locke asked, "Did he violate the code of practice of divinity?"
Brech ashamed to nod a way "is this should never! Now that it has happened, we will capture this person and let him be tried by Gambisi Court … Don’t worry, he has been seriously injured and can’t afford to lift any waves. "
Brech was really embarrassed. He came to the port of Fesso as an envoy of Gombe Court and asked Locke to "register" and then asked Locke to take an oath with the code of conduct of Gombe Court. Locke did so, but the common practice of the same envoy blatantly violated the code.
Fortunately, Gu Wentong didn’t succeed and was stopped by him when Pidan did not lead to serious consequences, otherwise it would be really difficult to explain.
Did the diviner do dirty work or wet work privately? There must be, but only if no one finds out! If someone finds out and the evidence is conclusive, Gambyshire will have to deal with the dirty work of reading ancient prose, which should have been done many times before, but today it is completely ruined.
Pidan Trail: "This man is very cautious and weird. It is said that he can’t run far if he is so seriously injured, but it is not easy to find a place like this if he wants to hide."
At this time, Hua Zhen reached out the palm of his hand and there was a blood condensed into beads. He said, "This is the blood that Oude Divine Master lost when he was injured. Should it be available when I received it?"
PiDan eyes a bright way "blood offering to the gods should be traceable to his position is not far away, I’m afraid it’s hard to have any means to counter his injury now."
Hua Zhen line "then give this drop of blood to the two magic division, can’t let the murderer run out evil".
Just then Wang Fengshou suddenly picked up a word and hung up, saying, "The news from the detention center is that when someone touched an ancient prose, it suddenly disappeared, just like disappearing. The police are organizing people to look around."
Pidan: "How can those losers in the detention center in the port of Sofia find out that Tego has left him early in the morning and left a phantom member to hide his eyes and ears … leave it to me and Brech, and he will be captured?"
Hua Zhen trip is also happy to let Brech and Pidan contribute to the chaos with the ancient prose sent by Gambistine, so it is reasonable to let the other two people be responsible for who they don’t catch? I’m afraid it’s also very dangerous to fight to the death if Gu Wentong is seriously injured. What to do after catching someone will be discussed then.
Hua Zhen went back to the grocery store at dinner to make a good meal, but Yang Tehong was nowhere to be seen. He was a little puzzled. Old man Yang’s heart was really big. What a big deal! It’s just a big heart. Aren’t you curious? This is not like his old man’s temper.
Just when I was thinking this way, there was another guest at the door. Without looking up, I knew that it was about Gao Le who skillfully waved and a pair of chopsticks flew out of the kitchen and landed at the table.
About Gao Le didn’t see the outside at all. "You gave Brech half of the blood sample of Gu Wentong and kept half of it yourself. Do you want to arrest people yourself?"
Chapter 22, don’t understand
Hua Zhenxing didn’t answer. He got up and went to the cupboard in the house to get a bottle of good wine made in China. After that, he poured a cup for Yue Gaole. "Thank you so much, Mr. Yue!"
Hua Zhen did leave half the blood sample of Guwentong, not that he wanted to arrest people himself. This is a guaranteed measure. What if Brech and Pidan can’t catch Guwentong?
His gratitude to Yue Gaole was sincere. If Yue Gaole hadn’t woken up in a roundabout way that day, I’m afraid everyone would have forgotten the ancient prose in the detention center. Who would have thought that he had such a vicious plan? Shao Hua is really good. I didn’t expect it beforehand!
About Gao Le smelled it and picked up the bottle and looked at it. "Flying for five years?" Not bad! "
Hua Zhen trip "This bottle of wine is as old as me. I specially took it out and prepared it for you."
About Gao Le, "Boss Hua is not so polite, but there will be someone to wake you up even without me."