"Kill" Mark said coldly, "Give me these two guys’ eyes and throw them into the purgatory of the underworld, and I will slowly clean them up when I return."

Mai walked towards the blonde and dark-skinned man with a ferocious face and a demon dagger in his hand.
Just then.
The blonde and the dark-skinned man burst out laughing.
The blonde’s face looks weird and deep. Mark says, "You can’t catch us, Lord of the underworld."
"Really?" Mark’s tone fluctuates
The blonde was just about to speak when her face suddenly changed.
Mark disappeared from his place.
Blonde face a twist a head to look behind her.
Mark still smiles.
The dragon blasted her face with a hint of consternation, and the blonde blasted off the slag.
Mark frowned at the blonde angel’s piece of meat.
What about the soul?
Look at the dark angel next to him, slowly decaying from toe to toe.
Mai looked at all this and frowned. "What’s the matter?"
Mark shook his head.
He remembers cutting off his angel wing.
There are also memories of putting angel wings on this earth.
Where to put it?
How to put it?
These memories haven’t flashed back yet
How did his angel wing become what it is today is a complete mystery to Mark.
Blonde female angel and black male angel have turned into a pool of ashes.
Mark felt that there was a big conspiracy against himself here.
Who could it be?
Here, Lord?
Or …
The stagnation around seems to be loose.
Mark directly grabbed the evil dragon and seized it with his mind surging towards the fake still hanging on the wall.
A long time!
When recovered.
Wine red men and women on the dance floor are still swinging their bodies.
Chapter 531 disguised as Emperor Hades
In the distance, the waves surge from layer to layer, like thousands of horses screaming, running and fighting. The waves rush to the cliff and splash more than ten feet high, which is spectacular beyond words.