Lu Chen turned his head and explored dozens of figures in the distance, all of which were the strongest in the end, reaching the fourth order of the end.

Jiang Li pulled up Liu Chen and cast his escape technique and rushed at the black whirlpool.
And those noble people with deep blood also found Lu Chen, and they sped up and rushed in their direction.
Lu Chen pulled out the regicide’s clothes and was ready to enter the fighting state. However, he was held down by the elder Jiang Li. "Liu Xian’s nephew saves some energy. There is still a long way to go. You may have to go alone."
"Ginger elder you …"
Before Lu Chen finished speaking, he felt a strong force to throw Lu Chen into the dark whirlpool in Jiang Li’s evasion.
They are all great monks at the final level, but this strange desert is not as fast as the outside world. In an instant, Jiang Li will judge that they will be chased by deep blood nobles, and someone must break up.
There are a lot of nobles with deep blood who dare to be sent to explore the forbidden area. Naturally, they are strong. There are more than a dozen in the third-order degree of the final realm alone, and there are two nobles with fourth-order strength in the final realm.
Lu Chen looked back, leaving only seven predecessors to block the road with Jiang Li, and all the fighting forces broke out with all the immortal light, ready to fight to the death.
His mind trembled and he grasped the blood of regicide in his hand, and he was confused for the first time on the battlefield.
His battlefield has always been the last one, but today someone is behind him.
Is it a shame? He didn’t know
"Let’s go!"
Senior Ji Shanhai from the royal family of Daxia roared and rushed to several noble people with deep blood, "They all crushed you!"
Liu Chen’s foot stepped on the line and the secret disappeared away without looking back.
Behind him, when the forbidden killing method bombards, the sky rings, life burns and growls, and the death comes and falls …
He is not so sentimental. The moment Elder Jiang Li throws him out, he will understand that if they rush towards the entrance of the whirlpool, they will be caught up. It will be ten deaths and one life must be delayed, otherwise no one will arrive.
Elder Jiang Li’s judgment is correct, and so is his rushing into the whirlpool. But what?
What, his mouth is bleeding, and his teeth are so tight?
These predecessors had a good sense of death from the time they set out, so that they could send themselves into the depths of the original mine, and nearly half of them fell all the way, but he was unscathed.
"When people die, they will die. They have lived enough to fight for a future for future generations!"
In the distance, the elders of Jiang Li were covered with double axe totems, and the nobleman with the strongest source of blood killed him and let him laugh wildly in the battle. "Old Roots don’t want to ask for a bunch of cowardly goods, but they want to chase me. My nephew Liu Xian stepped over the old body first."
He was like a totem, and in the end, the whole humanization was dark, leaving only a few Shou Yuan’s crazy burning power soaring, but one enemy and two stopped the strongest two deep-blooded nobles
"When the race wants to die, it will be you."
That noble old man with deep blood can command his department with surging blood. "You go after Lu Chen. That’s the entrance. Don’t let him in."
Lu Chen, forbidden to step on his feet, rushed into the dark vortex and prayed in his heart that this vortex has four time zones in a year. He prayed that God would take care of the star that buried the gods once and not let those predecessors die in vain.
When he was rushing to the dark whirlpool, he received a sound in his ear. He was a little tired. "Brother Liu Xian’s nephew Tianhua has a sentence for me to tell you that if you don’t want to shoot after you go in, don’t come out. It’s never too late for the secret blood fighters to take revenge."
Lu Chen looked back at the predecessors who buried the gods. After all, there were seven people and two people in the end. The second-level source blood aristocrats had approached him, and only Jiang Li in the crowd was still fighting bloody battles.
His moves greatly stopped most of the deep-blooded nobles from growling, "If you fight in the same world, you will all be native dogs!"
At his words, his totem suddenly broke up, but those noble people with deep blood all turned to retreat quickly.
The fairy gods’ bones burst into the sky in the desert, and the old elder Wuwanggu blew himself up.
Seven Terran strongmen fought thirty-four deep-blooded aristocrats and missed two. None of them could instantly pose a death threat to Lu Chen. The strong man was released.
Lu Chen rushed to the dark whirlpool before gnashing his teeth.
His roaring whirlpool didn’t start him into a corner, and it was meaningless for his predecessors to fight for it.
He turned out to cut the knife to the two strong men, and the mysterious blood of the magic grain appeared on his face, and the forbidden art was lifted again.
Cause and effect knife meaning emerge so that two blood can pass by by themselves.
"Liu Chennian, your generation of tianjiao Romon’s adult said that if you want to carve your soul brand, you will be accepted as a war slave."
The deep blood noble smile mouth.
Lu Chen looked at the distant desert filled with dust and sand, and the sky was full of blood and rain. "Fight your mother!"