"Elder … I don’t know if it’s your view …"

The foreign Terran Holy King in that domain also shivered and said that he had just let the other side roll.
"Let’s go"
Liu Chen raised my hand and pressed the small stubborn son. This is said to the Terran Holy King.
Several holy kings of the Sun clan turned around and wanted to leave as they thanked Amnesty repeatedly.
"Did I let you go?"
Lu Chen light way suddenly several holy kings of the Sun family froze again.
"Predecessors ….. we have never spoken insults, so it must be so aggressive?"
The holy king of the Sun clan looks ugly, but he doesn’t know that the man is aiming at himself, and his body can’t stop shaking because the golden dragon in Tamio is drooling over himself.
At least the Great Sage!
He concluded that because the golden dragon was so magnificent, he was like an ant in front of him
"I seem to be in a bad mood with the Sun clan. I was disturbed just after I got back."
Lu Chen sighed with emotion, "I’ll leave it to you."
"It’s a master"
Little Nian ‘er is rubbing her hands. She has always been unhappy with the Sun clan. Before she set foot on the ancient road, the Sun clan had already arrived from outside the country. Beidou was very unfriendly and cruel to the local terrans.
At that time, she was also a contemporary enemy of the young people. She was really willing but unable to face the old king of the Sun clan. Now that the ancient road has returned, even the old and strong are not her opponents.
"You … you are the Eucharist with the missing sun!"
Suddenly, one of the three holy kings of the Sun was shocked and recognized the identity of Xiao Nian.
More than a hundred years ago, Xiao Yao ‘er killed several suns before leaving Beidou. At that time, he was chased by the Sun clan, and then he stepped on the ancient road. The Sun clan could not find Xiao Yao ‘er.
"You’re not on the ancient road? It’s only been a hundred years since I came back! ?”
The sun was shocked and said with disbelief.
Through the ages, I don’t know how many tianjiao people have stepped on the ancient road of stars, but few people can come back alive, even if they can come back alive, it will be at least hundreds of years later
"The ancient road is full of fun … I’m back."
Small stubborn son cold way forward immediately changed almost some disrespectful claim in front of the master.
Well, blame the dog masters and them!
A few holy kings of the sun are even more frightened. Have you already beaten all the ancient enemies of Terran from the King of the Light of the Beidou a hundred years ago? ?
Their hearts are unwilling to fight together, but they are suppressed by the vast sun’s holy power in an instant
As a result, the beauty of the little girl became colder after searching for the soul.
"What’s the matter?"
Lu Chen probably knows what happened in his heart, but he still can’t be the prophet.
"Master ….. the sun came for the little pupil pupil pupil now he don’t know life and death …"
Small Yao son show eyebrows slightly wrinkled obviously very worried.
Although she often beat her brother since she was a child, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t spoil her brother. After all, she is her own brother.
Besides, it is said that the eldest sister was a teenager when she was born, and she was holding a belt every day when Ye was a little girl.
"Go back to Beidou to find out the situation first."
Probably know something about the plot. Lu Chen is not worried about Ye Fandi’s life, but it depends. Is Ye Fan not home yet?
What is said is probably familiar because it is normal for the former explorers to insert some small changes in the details of the plot because of the hidden world.
No one should dare to die and change the plot. I’m afraid it will be destroyed by the causal force of this world.
What happened to Ziwei Star Domain? Liu Chen told me that it’s just some great sages. Leng Yue can easily handle temporary worries.
And the real distance between the big dipper domain and Ziwei domain is not far. After exploring the coordinates on his side, his speed can be ten percent.
An old man in a suspended warship around Beidou opened his eyes and looked at Lu Chen and his little son falling in the direction of Beidou.
"It seems that Chengxian Road is really about to start, and even these characters are coming to Beidou. Does he look … so young?"
The old quasi-emperor muttered to himself with doubts in his eyes. In his perception, Lu Chen seemed to be full of life and blood, like a real young man.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and thirty-two Reunion of old friends The Great Sage dining tables
Liu Chen first took his little son to the holy city of Zhongzhou, which is a good place to get information.
After many years, he was also deeply touched when he came back here. He once held his own ancient city, Qing Di Emperor, soldiers and night kings, and fought to protect the recovery of the God King.
I also had a stormy bet with Ye Fan here.
Today, the holy city is still the bustling area of Beidou, and it is a good place to find out information.
Lu Chen stopped a monk at random to ask for advice and learned what had happened for more than a hundred years.
Xiao Nian ‘er didn’t brag. Since Ye Fan, she has been regarded as the man of the year in Beidou. It’s even more miserable for the younger generation to beat many tianjiao people in the ancient clan and dare to play in foreign visitors.
The young tianjiao of the Sun clan provoked Tiancun and was almost killed by Xiao Nian.
This is also a disaster. One day, there was no master in the village, and Xiao Nian was under great pressure. I just felt that no one in my generation could fight and meet the requirements of the master, so I set foot on the ancient road to pursue Lu Chen’s footsteps.
Only after stepping on the ancient road did I find that the master … was lost.
"Alas, the Eucharist is in the same strain, but the natural endowment of the leaf pupil has been chased by the sun clan. I heard that several senior strong people will be seriously injured, and they will also pull their arms and thighs to put bloody decorations in the sun clan’s territory to shock the pack."
A Terran monk sighed with emotion that "Terran predecessors seem to have left this ancient star in recent years, and it’s not so easy for Tianjiao, who was once brilliant."
Although Jiuyou Gai deterred the ancient people many years ago, with more and more powerful people coming to this ancient star, he became more and more reckless.
"What about the big black dog? Didn’t it shoot? "
Xiao Nian ‘er didn’t say Uncle Dog, mainly because she didn’t want to let Beidou know that she was back too early. Because the Master hasn’t made a statement yet, she is worried about her brother and his friends in Tianmu.
"From the black dog, it … although it is hateful, it is indeed a powerful force in the Eucharist, but I don’t know if it is true or not when I heard a test array pattern decades ago."
The holy monk said that he was not sure after listening to the words.
My little son was dumbfounded and said something that made him lose himself. It seems normal to enlarge the black dog’s body if it is ridiculous to let others go.
Lu Chen also wanted to laugh when he heard this. After all, the Black Emperor had a good time, but he was miserable. These students came to Beidou to experience Tiancun.
He knows that Qingtian Village has moved out of the Big Dipper because of the chaos in the Big Dipper. Can anyone know that it is the Black Emperor who came to Beidou with his young players to experience?