He found out a little that it was made by witchcraft, magic, machine, puppet and many other methods.

The materials are mostly rare gold and wood, which are no less than a spiritual treasure.
If such artifacts are good, they are quite as good as ordinary immortals.
Of course, if you want to exert its strength, you need to be very demanding.
If it weren’t for it, Lingqing and Wu Tiantong would never leave it alone after no one controls the power.
Even will be nullified.
Lingqing looked and saw Wu Tiantong with a curious face and handed it over.
"This treasure was handed over to Minister Wu, who thanked him for helping me this time.
And this thing to wu minister to the Ministry of special affairs can play a more powerful "
Wu Tiantong took it and took a look at it. In the heart, he was surprised and solemnly handed over. "That would be a real person in Xie Daoqing. The Secret Service Department will surely be grateful for the gift from the Muslim people."
It’s not that he hasn’t seen Lingbao Bi Tianhe with one in his hand.
However, it is difficult to sacrifice instruments like treasure ships and halls, and even magic weapons are rare, let alone Lingbao.
With this Lingbao, China’s strength can definitely rise several times.
Although this thing is too expensive to use the power of the French Ministry, ordinary people can’t help it even if they run out of mana.
Only physical strength can make it better.
But the strength of Laoshan religion is not bad, even if it can’t be fully exerted.
With the help of this treasure ship, Laoshan religion can definitely become the first force in the country.
Ling Qing said, "minister Wu yanchong, this thing is yours and mine."
Besides, without the help of Minister Wu, I want to refine this treasure of mine and I don’t know how much effort it will take. "
Without Wu Tiantong’s help, it is impossible for him to slay Xu Fuliu’s treasure ship so easily.
When he finishes the sacrifice of Qing Di Jiuchongque, he may not lose to this treasure ship.
The main thing is that it is more appropriate to send this thing out than to stay in Laoshan.
When Wu Tiantong put away the treasure ship, Lingqing also offered a sacrifice to the Nine Heavenly Jade Que.
But he still has two busy faces, and the seventh and second doors are coming.
After he released Emperor Miao Dao to ninth gate, the whole Pingan Jing world had disappeared.
A bubble world as if there were several appeared in front of Lingqing and Qingren.
These foams come in different sizes, shapes and colors.
Every bubble contains a world and a variety of interpretations.
Obviously, every bubble may represent a sub-world.
These sub-worlds are a piece of light rushing forward like a river.
The foam floating around is like splashing in a long river.
Two people just glanced at it and felt a desire to melt into the body.
However, this desire also hides a great crisis, which makes them stop their fear.
Just as this fear spread and gradually swallowed up their minds, a traction pulled them in a familiar direction.
That’s the "real world"
This traction is not strong, as if it were blocked by something, which seems a little weak.
Lingqing has a feeling that she needs to earn a little to break free.
Heart desire also urged him to break away from this traction into Fang Changhe.
But his heart broke free, and the real world was completely cut off.
Now he doesn’t want to do this.
So instead, he runs his own way and strengthens this traction, leaving this world and returning to the real world.
From the instant he saw Wu Tiantong shape is slowly disappearing.
A strange experience made Lingqing vaguely and soberly experience the feeling of entering and leaving the sub-world.
Can’t tell whether it is from illusion to reality or from reality to illusion.
When he went to the top of Fuyue Mountain in Japan, an inexplicable emotion flooded his mind.
What is the real world in which you live?
Like the bubble world, or is it another strange phenomenon?
After he got used to it, he felt that the world in front of him was a little more real.