At present, there are two sets of generating units built at the beginning of the century, with a total installed capacity of 20 thousand kilowatts, which is relatively old. When one set needs maintenance, the other set is put into operation.

At present, the maximum capacity of the port of Sofia is 20,000 kilowatts, which can always be guaranteed to be stable. It should be parked in a few blocks such as the southern coast, central area and trade area, while many suburbs are not able to cope.
The so-called stability should mean living in industry … There seems to be no large-scale industry here. Some important production units, such as international hospitals and international docks, have their own emergency generators all the year round just to prevent sudden problems.
The 100,000 kW heavy oil power plant aided by Dongguo has three units, which are very advanced and mature at present. The equipment is very stable in operation, with low failure rate and much lower production and maintenance cost.
As soon as this project agreement is signed, the share price of Sofina Investment Company should fall. Perhaps it is nothing but the port of Suo, but it represents a certain trend and has great influence.
Not long ago, the attitude of the authorities in Guinea has changed subtly, saying that they want to suspend the construction of the aid project. The central government of Guinea also said that they don’t want to repay the guarantee any more, and asked whether the local authorities in Somalia can repay the guarantee separately.
The surface reason is that the economic growth is expected to drop due to the impact of the ball epidemic, and there is not so much demand in Somalia for a long time.
It is necessary to build a unit, and once it is in operation, it cannot be stopped easily. I am afraid it will be difficult to make a profit after it is completed. This will not only make it difficult to guarantee the income from the operation to repay the loan, but also drag the non-Somali port into the abyss of continuous loss debt.
After the completion of the project, there was a problem with debt repayment. Lei Yunjin encountered it, but now it is the first time that he has encountered this situation just after the foundation stone was laid. Obviously, some people don’t want this factory to be completed smoothly.
At present, some gossip is said that Sofina Investment Company lobbied the governments of several countries. On the one hand, they said that it was not worth the loss to build such a power plant on the scale of non-Somali port economy. On the other hand, they also said that they would upgrade the existing power plant and increase the output to meet the demand in a more economical way without the government taking the guarantee risk.
It is also said that an international charity fund has given several million dollars to Guinea for environmental protection, and this aid has been directly credited to the government account of Guinea, but there is a political condition that the government cannot support projects that affect environmental protection.
It is hard to say what project will affect environmental protection. Although it is not publicly written, the organization verbally pointed out that the governments of several countries could not support the heavy oil power plant project in Somalia and could not be guaranteed by the state letter. This was before charity assistance.
I don’t know if these gossip are true or false, but Lei Yunjin can’t verify it anyway, but the attitude of the governments in several countries has really changed, and the project construction of the guarantee institute has stopped because of the unwillingness to continue, and it has not been said for sure that it will be cancelled.
After listening to these, Hua Zhen asked, "What about the completed part of the factory?"
Lei Yunjin: "We have completed the site leveling and the supporting heavy oil transportation terminal. This project is owned by the Beiwan District Government, and the Beiwan Power Company was specially established for this project. The latest news is that Sofina Investment Company wants to buy Beiwan Power Company at a low price, and their share price has risen recently."
At Li Xiaoyang, Hua Zhenxing said, "It’s better to buy from Beiwan District Government by Huan Xiang Industry. I know the situation of several countries. The so-called three-level administrative governance system is no better than the Emirates Union. Neither the government of several countries nor the municipal government of Suogang can control this decision of Beiwan District Government."
Li Xiaoyang nodded. "Even the government of several countries can not stop the project directly without continuing to guarantee. We can continue to build it after buying it."
Lei Yunjin paused for a moment with his glass in his hand before saying, "Even if you buy it, it’s not easy to deal with it. This is a reconstruction project with a loan from the Bank of China. I understand that our policy must be guaranteed by a national letter, even if it is guaranteed by the Beiwan District Government."
With the help of wine, Hua Zhen Bank said, "Huanxiang Industry can mortgage gold to Dong Guo Bank as a guarantee or directly pay the project payment by stages according to the progress. Besides, we can think of other ways."
Li Xiaoyang continued to nod, "Yes, there is always a way to do it again."
Details of the heavy oil power plant project in Hua Zhen today is also the first time to understand him. He immediately felt that he must try to keep and build this power plant, whether it is to build Kelin District or transform Beisuo River Basin to build a real state in the future.
When discussing the reconstruction project of Beisuo River Basin, Huazhenxing insisted that the swimming reservoir should also be turned into a water, which is also the reason why it is too early to expect water. However, the heavy oil power plant project can be built and operated soon, and it will be completed faster than originally planned.
The problem of infrastructure and economic development is that the chicken and egg cycle cannot be established, or the knot cannot be tied. Although Hua Zhen still lacks specific engineering experience, it definitely has this knowledge.
LeiYunJin drank a little too much to raise a glass. "Li, on behalf of the engineering headquarters, I propose a toast to you and your company! If you can really understand the project set of the factory, it will help us a lot!
To tell you the truth, we just talked about the first and second phases of the reconstruction of the Beisuo River Basin, which is a drop in the bucket for the headquarters. I have 1,500 people here. Even if I pick up your project, it won’t be a problem. Even the artificial Chengdu is not enough … "
Dongyi Company sends aid workers overseas, and the average per capita income is almost 200,000 Dong Guo. If the number of people is 1,500, it will cost 300 million a year.
After the completion of the Feisuohe Bridge, a group of workers were going back to China. However, due to various reasons, the Huanxiang Industrial Project was temporarily evacuated. Even if the third phase of the reservoir project was taken, it was planned at present, and the construction period of the first and second phases of the project was one hundred million yuan a year, which was far from enough for the project department to manually work in Chengdu.
Of course, there are not so many people in the first and second phases of the reconstruction of Beisuo River Basin. Only when the heavy oil power plant project can start smoothly can the problem of the project headquarters be truly solved, otherwise most engineers and technicians will try to return to China in batches.
Once these people leave, it will be difficult to find them again. Their local roots can replace them, but there must be enough projects to run. Even if someone returns to China, Dongyi Company will send someone to rotate.
I’ve been thinking about this question since I went back to Hua Zhen after dinner. There are two main contradictions: one is how much it costs to deal with the local authorities in Beiwan District, and the other is how much it costs.
Uncle Mo spent 100 million meters of gold, which is the annual budget of Huanxiang Industry. At present, he has spent 50 million meters, and the remaining 50 million meters of gold is equivalent to 350 million yuan, which seems like a lot, but it needs somewhere else.
Today, except for the two small projects, apartment building and block building, Hua Zhen Bank has to find a way to do it by itself.
He used to be a boy in a grocery store. How could he have done such a big thing? But if you dare to dream, you dare to do it. He wants to make a happy country!
According to Lei Yunjin’s introduction, the total cost of the heavy oil power plant in Hua Zhen is US$ 12.4 billion, and the cost of the first phase and the second phase of Beisuohe Reconstruction Project is RMB 100 million. These two items add up to a total cost of about 1.4 billion meters, and the payment period is one to one and a half years.
How much money can Huazhenxing expect to transfer? At present, there are 15 million meters of gold in the bank account of Jin Dian, and the mining company is expected to buy two tons of ore gold and refine 1.4 tons of pure gold, which is equivalent to more than 93 million meters of gold income if refining is not counted.
That is to say, he can raise about 1.2 billion meters of gold base, which is enough, and there will be new mine gold production in non-Somali port this year. Although it is impossible to buy that much again, it is also a source of profit.
The account is very clear. Hua Zhen Bank only didn’t expect that its "refining ability" was so exaggerated. 1.4 tons a year means that he has to refine seven or Jin of pure gold every day, which is comparable to a small factory.
Seeing Hua Zhenxing sitting in the front row in silence, Li Xiaoyang asked, "Xiaohua, are you drunk?"
Hua Zhen trip "No, I just want to talk about something today."
Seeing Li Xiaoyang, he didn’t worry about money, but laughed. "The bumper harvest is alive again. Who told him to be brave? Let’s work harder if he can!"
Next to Maman, he asked them what they said, and explained it in the local dialect of Hua Zhen. Maman nodded, "Those who can do more work and love to be brave, and you love to be brave!"
Why can’t she tell the difference between praise and criticism when Hua Zhen talks for a while? Is this a compliment or a disservice? But looking at Manmangu’s small eyes should be a sincere compliment. It seems that he still needs to study his language well.
Chapter 95, keep pace with the times
As he spoke, Hua Zhen’s Yuan God suddenly felt a sense of concentration and called for reunification. Seeing that "Huan Xiang Guo Tong" had promulgated a new-
Sixth, the signing of the "Beisuo River Basin Reconstruction Project" agreement officially started this project; Buy Beiwanli Company, sign a new agreement and continue to build a heavy oil power plant.