Taotao hugged her knees in bed and looked at her brain all night. After a night, she didn’t know what she was thinking.

When the sun comes out, the temperature of chaos boundary comes again.
Last night, the snow accumulated on the ground and melted in a short time, and there was no trace of snow at night
When Taotao walked into the courtyard with a slight black rim of the eye, Yuan Tianhe and Kuang Qingming were in the middle of a five-chess game, and some idle things were also watching.
Duan asked, "Don’t you take the postgraduate entrance examination? I haven’t seen your back recently. "
Qing Ming adjusted her glasses. "Grandpa is determined not to let me out of the chaotic world. It’s hard to find someone to stare at me every day. It’s hard to slip away. These days, let them relax their vigilance for a pretence, and then find a chance to sneak out."
When he finished, he saw peach eyes staring at her behind Duan, and Yuan Tianhe and Duan also stared at her.
Taotao wiped her face and there was nothing dirty.
Yuan Tian put five chess pieces together and pressed Taotao on his stool.
He pressed her shoulder politely, which made Taotao get goose bumps.
Duan pushed the breakfast in front of Taotao. "When you eat it, I went back and thought about it carefully. He Li’s bone fart is too difficult to do. If he finds out that I stole his fart, he will probably kill me, but you are accommodating. Remember to tell me when you fart. I will come over with a can and prepare to pick it up."
Taotao was a little scared by their abnormality. She got up and stayed away from them. "What are you doing?"
Yuan Tian blinked. "He Li Bone announced in the chaotic world this morning, and then you will be the heir of the chaotic burial bell."
Taotao "…"
She He Li bone is to say that I didn’t expect him to be serious just because she can ring the emperor clock?
Duan Mou "Ying Taotao" Is this He Li bone that you open the back door? When the news came out, all the spiritual masters in the chaotic world were shocked. Did you see the expression of Feng Chu, the early witch? It was as shocking as seeing the witch’s family being demolished, but I am curious. Why did you choose to be the bell ringer? "
On that day, the clock was very wide, and everyone in the chaotic world heard it.
They also know that the emperor clock is in the chaotic tomb, but it is said that it is in the artifact, and no one associates the clock with the direction of the emperor clock, and no one will guess that Taotao rang the clock.
Yuan Tian was at the scene, but he was so strict that he didn’t even say the name of Qing Dynasty.
Yesterday, He Li gave the Emperor Clock to Taotao.
At this time, the top of the multiplier list was wrapped around the waist by Taotao and the wind chimes that Nangong dust sent her.
She doesn’t talk. No one knows that her waist is a bell.
Taotao primly said, "Don’t talk nonsense. It will be me when the bell rings."
He Li didn’t finish talking to her last night.
Taotao got up. "I’ll go and talk to grandmaster."
"I’m afraid He Li Bone hasn’t seen you now." Duan said lazily with grass roots in his mouth. "Early witch Feng Chu also wanted to see him blocked by the guardian spirit teacher and said He Li Bone was in a meeting."
Can Yuan Tian be the same? When Wu Feng Chu saw him, he didn’t mean to say that he wanted to return my brother’s divorce sticker. Taotao saw that he was down to business. Now she is the heir of the bell ringer. How can He Li’s bone disappear? "
Duan "inherited personnel in front of the Salvation League meeting, but also a little later?"
Kuang Qingming "It’s true that Grandpa also said yesterday that it would be very important to attend the meeting as a bell ringer."
"It’s important" Duan said, "The dark spiritual master is trying to sacrifice nine babies with a boat of students in the sea, which makes the spiritual world angry and the world in jeopardy. Instead of looking for debris to exorcise evil spirits, he points his sword at the spiritual master’s own silence, which can punish his heart."
"The act of killing spiritual masters and killing mortals in Silent Liao has aroused dissatisfaction among many spiritual organizations. This meeting is to determine the line. When dealing with Silent Liao, it is said that the meeting will be held in five days and the place will be in chaos."
Yuan Tian ""line? Then my brother is not coming, too? "
Duan nodded, "The spiritual world will be busy when the Salvation League meeting is held."
The moment Silent Liao made a move against Chaos Tomb in the sea, Taotao knew that the spiritual world would respond, but she didn’t expect it to be so soon.
Silent Lord ranks second in the immortal altar, and its strength is unfathomable. The number of dark spiritual teachers is unknown. If you really want to attack Silent Lao …
Taotao feels that it is really not peaceful for future generations.
Duan Mou: "This quiet Lao is really amazing. It is said that undercover agents have been inserted in the Chaos Tomb and the Special Bureau. I heard that Yuanling and Hefeng have been investigated for a long time, but they have not found any clues until now."
Yuan Tian looked at him suspiciously. "How do you know all this?"
He remembered that he, Taotao and Feng were present when Hangxiang was interrogated at the bottom of the cabin.
Yuan Ling knows that there are undercover agents in the special investigation bureau, but these insiders should not go around saying.
Duan pointed to his nose and was lazy but proud. "I am a spiritual teacher in Duan. There is nothing I don’t know."
"Do you really know everything?" Yuan Tian came to interest.
Duan, um, snorted. "I don’t know the secrets of the spiritual division. I know what brand toilet paper the logistics buyer in the chaotic world likes. What do you want to ask?"
"Do you know Xiao Yue figure things? Where does her family live? What do you like to eat, drink and play? What is your favorite cartoon? Who is the idol? How old are you? Did you like any boys at school? Tell me all about it. "
Duan rubbed his fingers.
Calcium dobesilate capsules has lost all his money, and now he is completely broke.
He suggested, "Why don’t I give you my fart?"
Duan "…"
Duan kicked him open. "Are you strong? Do you have any fans? Can you sell fart? What do I need your ass for? Do you want to smell it? Roll-"
Yuan days hanging in his neck whine "please-"
Yuan Tian hangs in Duan’s figure like a sloth, twisting left and right, and turning upside down, without throwing him around.
Taotao watched them intertwined and suddenly asked, "Do you know anything about grandmaster and teacher?"

Although we can’t kill him at once, the ninjas still don’t mind destroying him first!

After all, it was once the peak of forbearance, and now not everyone has the opportunity to detain this kind of film-level strong person.
People jokingly gathered around him, and some senior allied forces also acquiesced in this line-they really hated this young man!

In the ecstasy of victory, no one noticed that they were reared, came to inquire or fight, and all the animals stopped in front of the man and knelt down …
All creatures felt fear in front of him, but most humans have been covered by excitement. Only those loyal animals realized the threat before them-if they were not trained, I’m afraid they would have turned around and run …
They didn’t even notice what kind of sadistic smile the man who had been taken prisoner by them was wearing …
Ha ha…
"I’ll ask you for the last time. Where is Jin Yong now?"

I haven’t slept for three days and nights … but I just woke up from my dream in less than an hour after sleeping with the vulture-a strange feeling seems to be waking up. I’m afraid that the man who has been covered in scars will have another adventure.
And when she arrived at Zhenyong ward, the hospital bed was already like this …
Almost without hesitation, the vulture immediately set off and began to March to the front!
From the moment Jin Yong woke up, the hatred flash in the other person’s eyes never disappeared-that despair and anger vulture is really familiar …
She must stop Zhenyong … At this time, besides lying in the ward watergate, she can do it.
But just as she was about to climb over the fence, an absolute method predicted that someone would stand in front of her …
"Mother … you can’t go there."
In the past few years, he has long been a handsome young man. Although his skin is too white and somewhat delicate with some girls, in terms of strength alone, he is no longer the same as that young kid-he is firmly in front of the vulture with complex and decisive eyes.
He has a reason not to let vultures through here …
"Where is Zhenyong?"
The voice of the vulture suppressed the anger, but the murderous look of wanton pouring has made everyone around feel the pressure … The battle three days ago has made everyone realize that this woman is terrible, but now almost no one has the courage to look directly at her spinning sharingan …
Yueyin didn’t answer. He shook his head silently with his hands outstretched in front of the vulture.
He can’t let his mistress go …
"I’m going to ask you one last time."
The vulture’s fists have been clenched and the three gouyu in his eyes have been reassembled into an unknown kaleidoscope after rapid rotation …
"Thousands of hands really brave in the end where! ?”
She almost yelled out these words! And everyone, including Yueyin, still chose silence …
Is that right …
"Moon Silver …"
The scarlet kaleidoscope began to turn rapidly, and almost at the same time, it stood in front of her. Moon Silver immediately fell to his knees-he was panting heavily, but he couldn’t control his actions.
"How dare you!"
The angry punishment vulture instantly crossed the blockade and appeared on the tall wall of konoha …

And then she saw …
This is probably a scene that she will never forget in her life.
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All creatures felt fear in front of him, but most humans have been covered by excitement. Only those loyal animals realized the threat before them-if they were not trained, I’m afraid they would have turned around and run …
They didn’t even notice what kind of sadistic smile the man who had been taken prisoner by them was wearing …

Summer flowers picked up a small stone and bowed their heads and pounded the green pole. They gave him a cold look and said coldly, "You are the melon, and your family is the melon."

Yuan Ruan gas straight through the angry way "grandma little bitch mouth is quite severe …"
Xia Hua stretched out his hand and pointed to the half-dead lying on the ground. Xiao was absolutely indifferent. "Shut up if you don’t want him to die!"
Yuan Ruan, take a look at his face. Xiao never wants to talk back. After all, he squatted aside and ate melons. It’s hard to make a melon sound in his heart, which is particularly loud.
In a short time, Xia Hua helped Xiao to finish the medicine and was about to tear a piece of cloth from Xiao to wrap Yuan Ruan. "Bah" vomited the melon shell and grabbed Xia Hua’s anger. "You little bitch, just apply medicine and tear my grandfather’s clothes. Why don’t you learn well at an early age?"
"Yuan Ruan, then pull you!" Shaw never moved his lips.
Yuan Ruan consciously put his arms around his chest and said, "Ye is still a yellow flower …" He suddenly felt wrong and changed his mind, "I can’t look at this young girl."
Xia Hua sobbed at the corner of her mouth. "You are blind for a pair of peach blossom eyes. I want to dress the wound for your grandfather."
Shaw’s absolutely cold eyes seemed to have a smile, and he lost his eyes in a flash and closed his eyes to rest.
Yuan Ruan’s knowing face turned red and gave Xia Hua a hard stare. "I know" and then "I stabbed" and pulled a piece of red cloth from my body neatly.
Three, five, two, and summer flowers are bandaged, and the healer’s kindness enjoined, "This wound has been temporarily treated to prevent infection. When I go back, I need to pay more attention. I’ll prescribe another prescription to apply medicine on time, and it will matter. When the wound heals, I have to take out stitches …"
When Xia Hua’s words were unfinished, I suddenly felt a cold autumn wind blowing on my neck, and Xia Hua shivered. Xiao Jue had opened his eyes and sat up with his left hand. His right hand and five fingers were frozen and buckled Xia Hua’s neck.
"Who the hell are you?" Xiao Jue yin sen leng
Summer flower heart is a little nervous, but it doesn’t move. "What? Are you still afraid that I am a weak woman? "
"Ye this little bitch neck thin like a twig a pinch is broken, be careful don’t really pinch her to death" Yuan Ruan immediately advised.
Xia Hua is thinking that Gua Man still has a little conscience, at least he doesn’t want her to die. Who ever thought that Xia Hua hasn’t finished listening to Yuan Ruan and added, "If you want to crush it, wait for her to say the prescription, then crush it, and take out stitches so that she can tell her exactly how to dismantle it!"
"Grass!" Xia Hua scolded 1.
Xiao absolutely laughed and loosened his hand. "What a weak woman! I don’t know her name. Who is Fang?"
Xia Hua coughed, "The girl’s surname is Xia Minghua Baitou Village."
"I know that Baitou Village is the broken village in the mountain."
"Well," Xiao said casually, "Summer flowers are easy to remember."
"Ha ha!" Show dollar Ruan Hao put a smile and pointed to Xia Hua Road. "I always look at your yellow and thin dry wood. Where is it appropriate to call flowers like dead wood and call Xia Chai?"
Xia Hua took a look at Yuan Ruan and ignored him. Yuan Ruan immediately stood there awkwardly, and Xiao was absolutely slow. "Yuan Ruan talks too much."
Yuan Ruan moved his lips to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. He took out a handful of melons and squatted quietly in a corner somewhere.
Xia Hua calmly looked at Xiao Jue and said, "Now that Uncle knows, can you rest assured that I can go back?"
Xiao Jue was silent and looked at Xia Hua with a look that could not be stared at, but it was a flash in the pan. "What if you don’t trust?"
"The dead are the most reassuring." Xia Hua’s hand has inadvertently grasped the male hand. "You need a little more force to wring my neck …"
"What is it?"
"But if you don’t trust me, how can you put your life in my hands? I can just save you and take the opportunity to kill you. You don’t have to doubt my identity. I’m just a small village girl in Baitou Village."
"Well, it’s a very special little village girl." Xiao never squinted. "You are a poor little village girl. It’s a bit too harsh."
"Poor your younger sister! Old niang is not flat chest is not developed "summer flower heart dark scold replied" this uncle dry "
Xiao absolutely chuckled and turned to hold up Xia Huaba’s pair of sly eyes staring at Xia Huaba’s autumn wind and blowing up his hair and white hair with a dancing evil spirit. "Didn’t you say you have a good prescription for breast enhancement?" You should try it yourself. "
"This is even more dry."
"How can you do it?" Xiao Jue’s fingers gradually slipped into Xia Hua’s collarbone, and stop for a minute slipped into her chest fingertips. The fingertips were ambiguous and elegant, and the cold fingertips went straight into Xia Hua’s body through wet clothes. "If I give you half a year, I will punish your family."
Please don’t turn when starting!
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Xia Hua sobbed out two sharp little tiger teeth at the corner of her mouth, sneering and biting out a word "good!"
Xiao never looked at this cool and weird little village girl like a civet cat lurking in the dark, ready to stretch out its claws and give a fatal blow. His hand slowly left Xia Hua’s chest and Gherardini dialed the temples, and the white hair and eyes were dim and cold. "It’s a refreshing! I can consider letting you go. "
When Yuan Ruan heard this, he ran over with a full face of surprise and a melon in his hand. He bowed his head and asked Xiao Jue, "How can I let this little bitch go?"
"why?" Xiao Jue looked faint. "You can’t bear it?"
Yuan Ruan’s face immediately flew up, and a grain of melon shell was stained on the corner of her mouth. "This little bitch looks as white as firewood for the old …" Suddenly, I thought that the tone was wrong and I quickly changed my mind. "It’s not that I can’t bear to part with this little bitch’s prescription and stitches removal method. Are you going to stay here for a long time and wait for this little bitch to help you remove stitches?"
Shaw never bowed his head and didn’t know what he was thinking. He didn’t lift his head or lift his head for a moment and mused, "Ask the prescription and the method of taking out stitches before you let her go."
"I don’t know pharmacology, and this little bitch can’t remember it when she tells me about it." Yuan Ruan is quite difficult.
"This little thing is solved by yourself" Xiao absolutely sat cross-legged and closed his eyes, slowly adjusting the breath sound is very cold.
Yuan Ruan respectfully said yes, turned around and looked at Xia Hua with a fierce look. "Did the little bitch bring pen and ink?"
Xia Hua nodded, "Of course I did."
"hey! You little bitch don’t bother to get out. You bring a needle and a belt. It doesn’t matter. What do you bring with you? Maybe … "
"Good wordy" Xia Hua suddenly interrupted Yuan Ruan’s words and raised his eyebrows. "Reach for it if you want."

Suddenly the blood was bleeding all over the place and screamed.

The man got a shiver and hid in the back scratching his head and couldn’t figure out a way to turn his eyes and shouted, "Brother, don’t! We are all players. Can I trust you? "
Ji Fan smiled and said, "OK!" Say that finish made a gesture to withdraw the shield back longbow, walked to the player.
The player smiled contemptuously and his expression passed away. The enthusiasm went forward and made a gesture behind his back. The mountain thief also enthusiastically surrounded him and was surrounded by a faint state.
JiFan pike in hand and proud to walk over, the player’s eyes is also a burst of murder.
JiFan moves silly all know that when he leaned in, he must be better than him.
The man looked at JiFan JiFan face can’t believe shouting "drop don’t kill! Those who drop don’t kill! "
Those mountain thieves don’t care.
When Ji Fan was originally surrounded,
Qiang Qiang!
In an instant, an iron wall stood upright in the middle of the tunnel and formed a small circle.
Boom! !
Handfuls of pike stood upright in the gap between the iron walls and stung out.
Like hanging kebabs, there were more than one mountain thief left in a blink of an eye.
JiFan disgust waved beheaded and went straight to the hall.
Dig the cornerstone as usual
"Please choose 1 Occupy 2 Destroy"
The whole cottage flashed twice and turned into a lot of materials.
"Huiyuan Yanhuang"
Lu Xun was as usual looking at only a few mountain thieves roared!
"shoot freely!"
Mountain thief leader was fierce, picked up a pike and rushed to pick up Zhou Shuang in an attempt to get Lu Xun to get the boat.
Wang Qiang looked at the bandit leader with disdain and shouted, "Target bandit leader shoots!"
It was embarrassing to find that no one listened to his scratching his head and picked up the iron tire bow and shot it. The poor performance really caused Lu Xun’s attention
Tracing the cause ordered that "the leaders of the first group of target bandits remain unchanged"
Wang Qiang excited a roar, seized the opportunity, kicked a foot soldier, walked behind the boulder, and his left eye narrowed, similar to aiming at the bandit leader, seized the opportunity and boomed to push.
The big head hides behind Zhou Shuang and turns a blind eye to Zhou Shuang’s hard struggle.
"Stones and boulders"
Booming ~ ~ ~!
When the leader heard that something was wrong,
It’s too late
Suddenly, two people were crushed by huge stones, including flesh and blood, glistening brains and Nathan’s white bone powder.
Intermediate Hutou Mountain Village was destroyed.
Chief! Die!
Far away, Ji Fan breathed a sigh of relief, smiled easily and shouted "Victory!"
"All hegemony rate +25 intelligence +21"
"Command 36 force 36 intelligence 33 politics"
Ji Fan spat out a sigh of relief. "It’s finally getting better!"
Chapter VI Bing
In the hall, Ji Fan sits in the theme, and Lu Xun and Wang Qiang are located in turn.
JiFan said with a smile, "After the war, it is natural to reward Lu Xun for his merits. I have nothing to reward you for the gold and silver in the warehouse. You can take my position if you want! I have nothing to give you, Wang Qiang! Your small eyes are accurate enough, so I’ll give you ten young men and you can be the scout leader! How about those ten young men give you a longbow, leather armor and sabre training after training? Are you satisfied? "
Wang Jianqiang nodded and said, "Brother Yao, you are too kind to me! I have long wanted to be down a peg or two. "
Lu Xun cut in.
JiFan a face of what look at Lu Xun.
"Master, the logging field is coming to an end, and we must make preparations. There are at most this village, but large villages can’t rise to towns and resources are scarce, and most of them are mountains."
JiFan nodded at Lu Xun made a look at Wang Qiang expression.
Lu Xun looked at Wang Qiang and saw Wang Qiang’s fat face smiling at him.
"Wang Qiang listens!"
Wang Qiang grin immediately bitter to the original opportunity to make this severe Lu Xun please him or face up.
But I didn’t expect to say "yes!"
Lu Xun looked funny and said, "Find out all the cottages in Fiona Fang, the village, and explore the village along the road to Jijiazhuang, and investigate the forces of the cottages along the road."
Wang Qiang spent immediately rang rang "elder brother yao your sister you’re not sick! Ten people! Ten people! "