Because it is too messy, even if the variety of meat and aquatic products with state-owned brands is still rich, Xu Taotao is somewhat insensitive

She wants to buy cheap goods directly at Tong Mall. Who knows that Comrade Gu has to buy food with her so that she can give up her plan to buy food with Tong Mall?
Xu Taotao and Gu Yu Yun push their bicycles into the market, which happens to be very crowded on Sundays. The whole vegetable market is very lively.
It’s hard enough for people to walk, and they have to push bicycles.
You can’t ride a bicycle without pushing it. In this era, bicycles are equivalent to BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the future. No one can look at it and ride it for you in the blink of an eye.
Will you cry when the time comes?
Gu Yu Yun came to this place for the first time, and there was no place to stay. The whole person followed Xu Taotao stiffly.
The pork stall master laughed and asked Xu Taotao, "Lesbian, this is your man. The young man has never been to our food market at first sight. How can he wear leather shoes!"
What about eleven pairs of leather shoes? Who counts if they are dirty?
This gay man is not particular about it!
The pork stall master envies jealousy and hates thinking.
Xu Taotao couldn’t help laughing when he saw Professor Gu’s black shoes. "Master, he’s not my man. He’s my cousin who just came back from abroad and hasn’t been grounded yet!"
Master looked at Professor Gu with red ears and a face of disbelief.
He said, "Is it really your cousin? I don’t look like you two look different. Besides, this gay man looks at you with a smile just like I look at my wife! "
Xu Taotao ""is very outrageous.
When the master of the pork stall saw that she was speechless, she was immediately proud.
"I said that you are a lesbian and want to lie to me!"
Professor Gu is not only blushing at the tip of his ear this time, but also steaming.
He urgently explained, "Master, you misunderstood that Comrade Xu and I are simple friends, not what you think."
He didn’t even dare to look Comrade Xu in the eye, and he didn’t know how the pork stall master decided that his eyes were not pure.
Professor Gu thinks that he is quite simple and has been misunderstood.
However, his explanation is not as good as not explaining that he is flushed and gives people the feeling of shattered glass.
The master of the pork stall looks’ clear’
He jokingly said to Xu Taotao, "Comrade, I believe you now. He is not your man, but you two must be secretly talking about someone!"
He took a look at Gu Yu’s hand carrying vegetables and said to him, "I’ll cook for you before I get married, so a virtuous girl should give someone a birthright early!"
Professor gu jumped into the yellow river and couldn’t wash it clearly
Hey, what are you blushing for?
Xu Taotao "Master, we are really not the object"
The pork stall master waved his hand. "I don’t care if you two are objects or not!"
The two silently bought a good pork tenderloin from the master of the pork stall and a bunch of other ingredients, such as meat, duck and fish.
I came out of the market and went to the marketing agency to buy flour and eggs.
Finally, the big bags hung on Professor Gu’s bike, and Xu Taotao rode it easily by himself.
"Comrade Gu, do you want me to help you share some?"
Comrade Gu kept riding forward, even if the front of the car shook again, he wouldn’t let go. "No, you go first."
Since he said that he came with Comrade Xu as a coolie, how can he give these heavy things to Comrade Xu?
Chapter 10 It’s all bicycles that cause trouble
"Lily, this is your sister’s bike. It’s beautiful!"
"There’s no horizontal bar. It’s smaller than my dad. Oh, this car is also small. Lily, can you help me ask your sister where to buy it?"
Xu Taotao was pulled aside by Xu Lili and smiled at her sister. Xu Taotao took a rest to see her.
"Go ahead, what is it?"
"Hee hee little sister" Xu Taotao tugged at Xu Taotao’s arm and carried the girls down. "I told them that you have a bike, and they have to make fun of it. I can’t. Don’t be stingy, just show it to them."
Xu Taotao saw through her mind at a glance.
"Just look so simple? Nothing else? "
Xu Lili’s eyes dodged, "Don’t be suspicious, little sister."
Xu Taotao nodded and turned to push the cart. "Then I saw it and pushed it home."
"Hey, hey, don’t!"
Xu Lili quickly took the little sister and looked at the group of’ sisters’ who were watching bicycles in full swing, tearing up Xu Taotao pomelo and pleading.
"Little sister, you go home first, and I’ll send you the car back. You show me off for a while first."
I knew you were dishonest.
"No problem," Xu Taotao raised his smiling face. "What do they give you to punish me half?"
Xu Lili ""
She is so clever!
See Xu Lili don’t talk Xu Taotao face immediately to "don’t want to? Don’t want me to go to the cart. "
Xu Lili dragged her away and said angrily, "I will divide you and you will not die!"
Xu Taotao vomitted to stick out his tongue proudly at her. "I’ll give you the bicycle to touch or ride, and send it home completely late. I’ll tell mom if there’s a patch missing."
Xu Lili ""
When Xu Taotao left, Xu Lili was surrounded by a group of little sisters who clung to her bike.
Some people envy and say, "Lily, your sister is so kind to you. I’ll give you a ride on this new bike!" "
"My dad’s bike won’t even touch the baby!"
"Lily, it’s very kind of your sister. Can you tell her that I want to be her sister, too?"
When others hear this idea, it’s good.
"Lily recognizes that the sisters are all sisters after giving your sister a dry sister!"
Xu Lili blushed with anger. This group of shameless people wanted to ride her car, not counting, but also wanted to rob her sister.

Ten fox tails continue to grow crazy, which looks like vines growing wildly after the rain, but it’s ten million times faster. It quickly entangles the back half of the second sword mans and then yanks it!

The sword is sharper than the sword, but it failed to cut off a fox hair!
Ten tail White Fox’s power at loggerheads is better than that sword. Stop!
All this happened in a very short time. The first 12 swords collided with the other four black mans, and they didn’t even come back in the middle.
And in this short moment, no one can count how many tails there are in the white fox. Only a few insiders know that it is in the demon family that ten tail and tian hu are born.
The fox clan has never been a sacred race in the demon world. Buron, Phoenix and Kirin have all kinds of variations. However, it is undeniable that the fox clan has its own strength evaluation standard, that is, the strength of the seven-tailed ghost fox cultivated in Kyubi no Youko St. ten tail Tianqi is already equivalent to that of the fairy and demon. The fox with the tail of an ordinary sub-god is a high-order sub-god, and the Kyubi no Youko holy fox is a complete sub-god. Once it appears, it will be a great realm of surpassing the sub-god. What dragons, phoenixes and Kirin have to lag behind? That is to say, If Emperor Xuanyuan didn’t have the first myth, maybe Bai Qionghai could really become the only god in the ancient world.
Now ten tail tian hu is born!
But the one in the black door doesn’t care!
He finally stepped out of the second finger of his left hand and moved forward together!
At that moment, he replaced ten tail and tian hu with his sword finger, which attracted everyone’s attention!
Ordinary sword fingers seem to condense the power of the whole world!
And things fly out, but they have already flown out of the six black swords, but they have come alive!
"hey! !”
I don’t know how many fox hairs have been cut off when the fox’s tail is entangled in that sword, but it’s twice as fast and powerful as before. ! !
This is a sword through the heart!
The female monty suddenly turns decidedly purple, and her skin suddenly turns black!
It’s better to be injured than dead. This old ghost came out of nowhere and killed her!
It is said that the old ghost is because the other party has stepped from the black screen at this time and let the purple Yan see the appearance.
Handsome, a half-sized old man in a costume of fifty doesn’t look like a ghost to be continued at all.
Chapter six hundred and seven Breakthrough
Human-shaped ghost spirits are very common, but no matter what kind of ghost spirits are carved out of a mold, there are few shapes, just like Nan Yunqing’s ghost spirits. Although they are superb in martial arts, they are unique in appearance.
To put it more bluntly, it is that the innate deficiency of the spirit of destiny can never reach the real human level in terms of appearance, temperament and intelligence. It is this reason that the spirit of destiny is easy to recognize.
And the one that just appeared in the black screen actually broke that law, and his appearance has its own characteristics and temperament, which is not like fate at all, but more like a person.
It’s not just a fact that he looks like a person. All the people who see him feel that he looks more like a person than a ghost.
But he shocked everyone, even if he was afraid together, it would be better than Nan Yunqing alone.
When the talent reached out an arm and grabbed the back of the female monty’s neck, Nan Yunqing felt a quiver in her heart. The seemingly simple and rapid stretch of her hand turned out to be a technique that she was familiar with, a technique that she had taught her life.
Then the black sword awn flew out of the familiar and unfamiliar sword light, which made her heart beat hard. She guessed some possibility!
Four roads, five roads, six roads, no more, no less, a total of six swords and awns, whose colors have changed and their shapes are exactly the same as before …
The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is the name of the six swords.
Then the man stepped out of the black screen and Nan Yunqing finally saw the man’s appearance.
Even if she insists on killing Xuanyuan Emperor again, she will be calm at this moment.
"Dad …" She stopped the offensive fibrillation shouted.
That man turned out to be Nan Yu!
But at this time, Nan Yu lost all her wisdom and her body and skin were all alive. The unique black color of the ghost is already a shell.
And Bai Qionghai spit out the ten tail and tian hu, but they didn’t have their own wisdom to obey others.
Nan Yunqing’s shout was so light that it could not reach Nan Yu’s ear, but the saddest thing was that Nan Yunqing knew very well that even if he heard it, he could not respond.
Her father must have died long ago. It’s a body.
She forced herself to believe that this was not her father. She should calm down and continue to deal with Emperor Xuanyuan.
But from absolute calm to excitement and then to absolute calm, it always takes an hour, even a moment.
Nan Yunqing’s recovery was obviously not so fast, and her mind was still in a trance. Emperor Xuanyuan did not hesitate to give up Hainong’s power to attack her.

Besides, how can everything be so just right that she has no room for manoeuvre? It’s as embarrassing as being caught on the couch!

"This is the heart of the dust king?"
At this time, it seems that it is not too much to watch the scene of bustle. Xiao Ning suddenly looked at the opening Gulan and asked 1.
Now this kind of situation if there is no purpose in Xiao Ning, then Su Ling doesn’t believe it at all!
But she never thought that she would design her in this way in the near future when she was kind enough to save people!
But what really makes her feel ironic is that Huang Lao hates her expression as if she were betrayed!
What can she say? What else can she say?
She was the first to see them together last night! Whether it’s true or not, he and Gulan seem to have more emotions than she thought!
Xiao Ninggu Lan …
Today, Su Ling has clearly known that she was set up and really left her speechless!
She can’t explain what happened just now to burn old three!
She also put on her pride to look forward to the forgiveness of Lao Huang!
"Xiao Gong you don’t blather! Me and Brother Dust … We … We are just brother and sister! " Gulan cheeks suddenly flashed some hongxia after hearing Xiao Ning’s words, and then prevaricated to explain her and burn the third place.
But from her uncertain tone, it doesn’t sound very credible!
"oh? Brother and sister But there is no similarity in looking at your looks! " Xiao Ning spoke again, but what did he say? Su Ling couldn’t listen!
In a short time, she looked at Huang Lao in the eye. At that moment, she clearly saw his eyes flashing disappointment with her. His outline was still divided. When Toshiko faced her, he was once again so indifferent and bone-chilling!
Xiao Ning and Gulan won this battle!
And she Su Ling is broken to pieces!
After that, I didn’t have the mind to listen to what Xiao Ning said. Su Ling secretly lowered her eyes and hung her lips, and she was bound to walk into the dormitory.
It happened that the situation has developed, but there are still people who are not going to let Su Ling go.
Also outside the window Gulan see Su Ling turned to go to detain hurriedly shouted "princess elder sister, you are quick to talk! Don’t let brother Chen misunderstand me. I believe you and this Xiao Gong must be innocent! "
Gulan’s repeated pressure made Su Ling’s heavy emotions on the verge of breaking out.
Step in place Su Ling is still straight back eyes without any waves, trying to calm my heart, feeling mixed feelings, lips slightly upturned and casually saying, "Whatever you think!"
This is the most suitable answer she can give now!
Yes, whatever they think, she doesn’t bother to explain such a thing!
Maybe she and Huang Lao are the wrong start!
Both of them don’t know anything about love, but they get in touch with each other slowly and get in love for a long time!
But no one has ever said that long-term love can resist fickle people!
Heaven is the best way to grasp and the most elusive. In fact, it’s not feelings, but people’s minds!
She was suspicious of the incident last night, but she was also disappointed with her because of what happened just now in her eyes!
Who said that feelings are two things!
In fact, feelings are a lot of personnel! Because when two people can’t tell each other, there will always be all kinds of people involved in this relationship with distortion!
This is a doomed love!
What she Su Ling wants is always simple! She needs a pure relationship. It’s pure!
But it is so difficult!
This is a more two more wait!
Chapter 335 Leave others for the building! (small)
In Su Ling’s quite irresponsible words, Gulan couldn’t help looking up and looking at Huang Lao.
Seeing his thin lip line sipping a sharp arc, he couldn’t help secretly grinding his teeth and shouting at Su Ling’s back again, "Sister Wang, brother Chen and I …"
"You shut up!"
In Gulan, one sentence after another’ Brother Dust’ calls. Finally, Su Ling can’t stand the sudden return of phoenix eyes. At first glance, Gulan suddenly froze and stared at her face and said with a sneer, "Since you are so worried about Brother Dust, don’t take her away quickly! Gulan, you are the last person to have a say in my affairs!
Speaking of which, why don’t you tell me about what you and your brother Chen did last night? "
Sharp teeth and sharp mouth have always been Su Lingwu’s own weapon!
Now in the face of Gu Lanxian’s pressing situation, Su Ling can’t bear it any longer!
Since we want to make it clear, it’s better to have a fish die!
She and Xiao Ning are just a hug even if they are gross again!
But what about them? !
Midnight dreams come back to intimacy! So compared with her and Xiao Ning again calculate what!
When Gu Lan saw Su Ling’s fierce look and cold eyes flash across her cheek, she suddenly felt embarrassed, and then her eyes began to ripple like water waves. Bei Tooth also bit her lip and said, "I … I … Sister Wang, I want to help you!"
"Shut up!" Su Ling looked through the window through the eaves of the window. It seems that from her point of view, there are still raindrops falling along the eaves from time to time.
Dropping on her forehead moistens her hair and helps her look wronged at the moment, which is somewhat delicate and touching!
But in Su Ling’s eyes, these are nothing but scorn!
After Su Ling rebuked the export, she burned her old thin lips slightly, but she didn’t say anything after all!
Looking at Gulan’s expression of bitterness, Su Lingfeng’s eyes are like torches, and the murderous look is gradually coming out!
She used to be the king of special forces. She tried to hide herself and deliberately made herself unruly!
But today she doesn’t want to play such a role anymore!
"Gulan trouble you pack up your worthless injustice in front of me! From now on, you will know what the consequences will be if you step into the boundary of Xiyuan! "
If Su Ling’s remarks didn’t move, they certainly didn’t sound convincing!
It happened that Su Ling walked back to the window again while talking and moving at the moment, and her eyes were not instantly condensed with Gulan. At the same time, she reached out and gently pinched the handless handless small at her side in the palm of her hand, and with her last word blurted out, the handless small was also instantly broken in her white hands!

Huang Yaoshi inserted the jade flute back into the waist, then his left arm separated the fist and his right palm. At the same time, he shot this palm. If there is any uncertainty, it is the move of the palm of the Excalibur that "flowers float"!

Zhou Botong’s right forearm elbow center drew a circle in the middle, and Huang Yaoshi’s palm wind was sucked into it, which instantly bounced out and attacked Huang Yaoshi head-on. That’s a trick!
"Your fist is really amazing!" As he spoke, Huang Yaoshi held out his left palm to block his palm, and then took a quick shot of "taking a moment"!
"You’re not bad at catching flies!" Zhou Botong left arm is still the fork wear a waist right arm suddenly pop up three fingers turned out to be like an orchid shape poking Huang Yaoshi wrist from the side.
"How did you steal my orchid acupuncturist?" Huang Yaoshi’s mouth said at the same time, he quickly turned his wrist and evaded Zhou Botong’s three fingers and left palm. At the same time, he took it lightly. It was a trick "falling flowers"!
"Are you rare in martial arts? This is my fist move’ Gu Youlan’!" Zhou Botong said it was still his right arm, but his left hand reached behind him and scratched it.
"Why don’t you have your left hand!" Huang Yaoshi suddenly discovered this problem and immediately asked.
"I’ll let you do three tricks first to save the old poison from saying I bully you!" Zhou Botong glanced sideways at Ouyang Feng and took a palm at Huang Yaoshi with his left hand. It was the real "three flowers gathering at the top" palm method!
Huang Yaoshi hurriedly stretched out his arm to parry Zhou Botong’s right fist, but then hit exactly one stroke in the fist, "Forever and Last"!
"The old urchin’s arms are actually two different martial arts!" Huang Yaoshi one leng in the heart also dare not neglect one after another to use the ingenious tricks of Excalibur palm Zhou Botong fighting in one place.
Ouyang Feng beside to see the two top players peak matchup can not help but be ecstatic in my heart, carefully observe each move and type of these two people, and try to keep it in mind and come up with a cracking method when I get back.
"I’ve been practicing frog kung fu for more than 20 years. I didn’t expect this Huang Laoxie martial arts to be different. It seems that now and I are still half a catty. How can this old urchin realize such a magical martial arts? It seems that Huang Laoxie is still likely to lose in his hands! " Ouyang Feng stared at the two men fighting in front of him, and their self-confidence was severely challenged.
"There are still two years before Huashan talks about swords. If you want to win the first place in the sky, you will remove these stumbling blocks one by one in these two years!" Ouyang Feng thought of here corners of the mouth emerge a subtle sneer.
At this time, the two men have fought for more than 200 strokes. Although Huang Yaoshi’s work is slightly better than Zhou Botong’s, Zhou Botong’s two arms cooperate with each other and divide into converging moves, which accounts for a great deal of cheapness. When it grows, Huang Yaoshi can’t resist the sudden virtual split of a palm, and his body is vertically backward three feet away.
"Old urchin, you’re amazing. I’m Huang Yaoshi!" Huang Yaoshi is really a master, and even giving up is so simple.
"Ha ha ha!" Zhou Botong burst out laughing with ecstasy and suddenly took out the two-nine-yin Sutra from his pocket and said, "You have been stuck on this island for fifteen years to get this nine-yin Sutra, but now I have defeated you even if I don’t have martial arts in this Sutra!"
Ouyang Feng saw’s greedy eyes in Zhou Botong’s hands, but Zhou Botong suddenly raised the two classics above his head and cried, "It seems that the martial arts in the nine Yin scriptures are not so good, so I will ruin it and save you from always thinking about it!"
Huang Yaoshi and Ouyang Feng didn’t expect Zhou Botong to be destroyed, but Ling Feiyang in the bamboo forest had already expected to rush over immediately and shouted, "Zhou Dage, this is a relic left to you by the founder of Chongyang!"
"Yes, this is the most precious thing my brother left me. How can I ruin it?" Zhou Botong zheng hurriedly will nine Yin true through chuai into the bosom again.
However, Ling Feiyang suddenly appeared in the place and everyone was shocked!
"Brother Ling!" Huang Rong’s face lit up.
"Brother!" Ouyang Ke is a little nervous.
"Ling Shaoxia, how did you come here and how did you break my peach blossom array?" Huang Yaoshi saw Ling Feiyang and immediately thought about the reasons for Zhou Botong’s appearance
"The younger generation can go here by mistake …" Ling Feiyang knew that this peach blossom array was Huang Yaoshi’s lifelong effort and naturally didn’t want to offend him.
"You are so lucky to be able to crack this strange divination by mistake. Did Rong Er draw him a map?" Huang Yaoshi thought of here ruthlessly glanced at Huang Rong.
Huang Rong immediately guessed that Dad’s idea was about to be explained before, but then he thought, "Anyway, I wouldn’t marry Ouyang Ke if I were killed. It’s better to be close to Ling Dage. Dad can think what he likes … but Ling Dage is really clever and can break this peach blossom array!"
"Is this Ling Feiyang running here to rob Rong Er with me?" Ouyang Ke suddenly thought of this problem and immediately became wary.
Ouyang Ke was thinking about Ling Feiyang, but suddenly he walked up to Ouyang Ke and said, "Dear brother, I didn’t make a special trip to Peach Blossom Island to ask you about something!"
"Why bother you to come all the way across the ocean to find me?" Ouyang Ke asked doubtfully.
"Should the good brother of Jiaxing Zuixianlou give me an explanation?" Ling Feiyang’s question is at the same time observing Ouyang Ke’s expression carefully.
"I haven’t been there in Jiaxing Zuixian Building?" Ouyang Ke said strangely.
"You lie! I was just about to ask you! " Huang Rong suddenly jumped out and pointed to Ouyang Ke’s nose and said, "You stole poisonous smoke while playing in Yang Kang, Guo Jing, and brought more than a thousand poisonous snakes to besiege us. You almost caught all of us. Now you dare not admit it?"
"Which have the matter? How can you be so wrong about me? " Ouyang Ke hands a pool made a very koo expression from Ouyang Ke look ling float in the sky feel he doesn’t like lying.
"So where did you go before you came to Peach Blossom Island?" Ling Feiyang asked
"I have been preparing for a sea boat with my uncle in Zhoushan fishing village. My uncle can give me a certificate!" Ouyang Ke Road
"It is so!" Ouyang Feng Road
"Your uncles and nephews are family, of course, they will protect each other!" Huang Rong beside interrupted.
"Rong Er, how can you talk to Uncle Ouyang like this!" Huang Yaoshi sank his face and said, "You, Uncle Ouyang, are a great master. Do you doubt it?"
"What if someone pretends to be your poisonous snakes? Besides, white camel mountain’s martial arts is’ a thousand miles away’, so no one else can learn it, right? " Ling Feiyang said
Chapter 11 Ling Feiyang’s relatives and friends
"Brother, since you must plant this matter on me, the younger brother will admit it!" Ouyang Ke simply stopped arguing and sneered, "I actually did all these things. I just want to catch you masters of the Song Dynasty!"
"Dad, I have told you that this Ouyang Ke is not a good person, but you just don’t believe it!" Huang Rong immediately said to Huang Yaoshi.
Although Huang Yaoshi acted perversely and irrationally, he attached great importance to the national justice. Ouyang Feng knew Huang Yaoshi’s character very well and quickly stepped in front of Ouyang Ke and said, "This snake array and martial arts are really not learned by outsiders, but Keer has never been to Jiaxing. I will make a careful investigation and give you an account when I get back!"
"If we were all dead at that time, we wouldn’t explain it!" Huang Rong’s words are still sarcastic.
"Shut up!" Huang Yaoshi immediately stopped Huang Rong and said to Ouyang Feng, "Brother Feng has said this, so let’s not let go of my Huang Yaoshi to teach her to make Brother Feng laugh for the time being!"
"Brother medicine out of this? I also like this marriage very much. I hope Brother Yao will consider it carefully! Wouldn’t it be nice to think that I, ashes of time, is as famous as heaven and earth, can form a in-law? "
Huang Yaoshi carefully looked at Ouyang Ke and saw that his handsome and elegant daughter was a perfect match. I thought he was a nephew of Ouyang Feng, and his martial arts must be not weak. I’m afraid that among the younger generation, no one could. Although Huang Rong had already embellished Ouyang Ke’s affairs with Huang Yaoshi, Huang Yaoshi was also a romantic girl when he was young. These things were not only normal, but also praised.
"Dad, I will not marry this Ouyang Ke even if I die!" Huang Rong saw Huang Yaoshi smiling and seemed to have a crush and suddenly "wow" cried.
"What a fake cry! You’re covered in mud. I haven’t scolded you yet! If you mess around again, I’ll break your leg! " Huang Yaoshi Shirley drink a way to think that Huang Rong has simply lost his face.
"Huang Rong is I can never let her marry Ouyang Ke!" Ling Feiyang thought that she was a junior here and suddenly came forward and said, "Marriage is not a child’s play, please think twice about Huangdao!"
Everyone didn’t expect Ling Feiyang to suddenly intervene in this matter. Ouyang Ke glared at Ling Feiyang and thought, "He really came to rob a woman with me!"
"Ling Shaoxia seems to have nothing to do with you?" Huang Yaoshi to ling float in the sky have a good impression, but at the moment it is a fire in my heart to talk has some you’re welcome.
Ling Feiyang didn’t know how good Huang Rong was, but suddenly he ran to Ling Feiyang’s side and grabbed Ling Fei’s hand and cried, "Why not!"
"Huang Rong must want me to be her shield!" Ling Feiyang thought of a warm feeling from his hand all the time. Ling Feiyang can hold Huang Rong’s hand tightly and don’t care about being touched with coal ash.
"Guo Jing tried his best not to catch this little hand, but now I am holding it in Ling Feiyang’s hand!" Ling Feiyang was ecstatic, and even the face almost responded.
Everyone present was stunned by Huang Rong’s move. Ouyang Ke hated it even more. Huang Rong affectionately took Ling Feiyang’s arm and said, "Dad, in fact, my daughter has a heart!"
"Hu said! If you like Ling Shaoxia, why didn’t you say so earlier! " Huang Yaoshi saw through Huang Rong’s trick at a glance.
"Daughter, I’m sorry …" Huang Rong put on a shy expression and leaned her head against Ling Feiyang’s shoulder and said, "Actually, Ling Shaoxia came to Peach Blossom Island to kiss …"
Huang Rong is not a student of Film Academy, but her acting skills are no worse than Ling Feiyang’s. Huang Yaoshi thought that Ling Feiyang could crack the peach blossom array, but she didn’t know it was so good at the moment. "Rong Er, don’t get Ling Shaoxia’s clothes dirty …"
Ouyang Feng has endured for a long time, and finally came forward and said, "Marriage must follow the orders of parents and matchmakers. Since this young Xia is here to kiss, I wonder if he has gone through this process?"
"The younger generation is an orphan and has never seen his parents!" Ling Feiyang’s parents are still in modern society. Of course, it is impossible to move them here, so he said
"If you don’t have your parents’ lives, you can’t count!" Huang Yaoshi immediately said.
"But isn’t this Ouyang Xiandi also childless?" Ling Feiyang said
"I can represent his parents!" Ouyang Feng said.
"Ouyang, do you dare to say that Ouyang Ke is your own child?" Ling float in the sky immediately asks face is with a hint of mockery.
Ouyang Feng immediately froze when he heard Ling Feiyang’s words. Ouyang Ke was the son of adultery with his eldest sister-in-law, but since the death of his brother, no one else knew that even Ouyang Ke was kept in the dark by him.
"Look at his expression this sentence is not casually said the ling float in the sky exactly is what person? Be sure to catch him and torture him later! " Ouyang Feng thought to himself.