You Haoran’s practice of the root method in Zhengqi Xianzong is called "The Road of Iron Blood and Soldiers", which is also one of the root methods of Zhengqi Xianzong.

The word "soldier" in "The Road of Iron Blood and Magic Soldiers" does not refer to the weapon of magic soldiers, but refers to the soldiers who defend their country and defend the country. When soldiers fight to protect the peace of the country and the people, their bodies will inspire a stronger fighting spirit, which is also a kind of righteousness between heaven and earth. It is by absorbing and transporting this fighting spirit that you can promote yourself to minor in some common methods and tactics, and make rapid and advanced achievements.
It is precisely because of this that you Haoran used to practice in places where chaos and small countries abound, and every time he hid near the battlefield to absorb the fighting spirit of the so-called righteous soldiers
However, in addition to releasing this kind of war accident, these soldiers will also produce another thing in the battle-Shaqi, which can’t be absorbed into the body to practice, but it is a good material for refining instruments, so you Haoran took the opportunity to refine this iron and blood banner during his childhood in the practice.
This iron and blood battle flag is the most vigorous iron and blood evil spirit and the sharpest iron and blood evil spirit in the battlefield, and it is the top-ranking weapon. After so many years of warm cultivation and sacrifice, it has already achieved the middle-ranking treasure, but it is the first treasure in his body. If he didn’t want to break through the knot in one fell swoop, then the real person didn’t want to practice hard before, and there were too many waves of mana. He would have refined this iron and blood battle flag into a life instrument, so it would not be necessary to put it in a bag now.
You Haoran knew very well that he had really made a hatred with Wei Ji this time, so he was determined to kill him. When he was afraid, he delayed for too long, and the storm dissipated outside, giving the five elements of the outside brother a chance to intervene in the rescue, so he made a move to go.
When the word "iron and blood" in the iron and blood battle flag released the hordes of soldiers and horses, the golden ShaQi beam wrapped Weiji up and quickly killed the shield released by the black lotus.
Black lotus Wei Ji used to make you Haoran see clearly that it was also a powerful treasure during the first world war of Yi Tianyang, but he didn’t care because obviously at this moment, without Wei Ji to manipulate the black lotus and move its most original means, those more powerful power roots could not be made. In his view, the black lotus shield was broken, which is a split second.
However, it is so surprising that the storm momentum outside has slowed down significantly after a while. Although the black lotus shield is thin, it is still strong. At this moment, you Haoran’s heart is not a bit anxious. After all, the five elements in the background of Wei Ji are much more earth than those of his master, but if Wei Ji is rescued today, Wei Ji will pull a ticket for other disciples to retaliate against him, but he can’t stand it.
When you swim in Haoran’s heart, no matter whether you have been seriously injured, the secret method of stimulating the potential of the righteous immortal Sect once again prompted a mighty force to surge out of the body and pour it into the iron flag. At that time, the red flag of blood also shone brightly, and a deep red aerosol also surged out of the iron flag and flowed into the golden fog. All the golden fog added a touch of blood red in an instant.
There is no doubt that this is another kind of ShaQi of the iron and blood banner-iron and blood evil spirit
The golden army was stimulated by this iron and blood evil spirit, which suddenly gave birth to variation, condensed into almost real light eggs, dispersed again, and differentiated and combined to form thousands of long swords, long knives, spears, halberds, long axes and cymbals with red in gold, but all the weapons that can be obtained on the battlefield were materialized and divided into different levels, as if a complete mortal army was flying, chopping and bombarding the black lotus mask in a certain wave.
So after only three rounds, the black lotus shield showed a series of fine cracks. The fourth round of bombardment hit the black lotus mask, and a "crack" sound came out. As the black lotus shield was completely broken, the black light and rain fell all over the sky, and those who had the help of iron and blood were also shaken back by this explosive force.
At this time, people can see the situation in vain, and it takes a blow to slay the innocent party here. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to urge him to help hordes of evil soldiers launch the fifth round of attack.
Seeing that the hordes of evil soldiers will attack again, they will break their flesh and be shattered before Wei Ji. But at this moment, Wei Ji’s eyes have been open, and his eyes are shining with two lights. These two lights are really too dazzling, so those who can see the storm flow can see it. At this moment, they can’t help but feel that things are not good. It seems that things are going to evolve in the opposite direction they expected.
However, Wei Ji is just opposite to you Haoran, although he is equally depressed, but he is not in the slightest panic. He believes that Wei Ji is sure to be hurt when he wakes up and turns around, let alone exert some powerful magical powers, that is, he is afraid that he is unable to control his spiritual strength.
You Haoran is still full of self-confidence, but he is happy that Wei Ji woke up at this moment. After all, is there anything more desperate than despair after hope, or is there anything more gratifying than defeating yourself and defeating the enemy?
"Wei Ji’s fear and desperate eyes should be the perfect ending of my battle!" You Haoran is thinking about his eyes and keeping a close eye on Wei Ji’s eyes, waiting for the scene he wants to appear and draw a complete ending to his battle!
However, Wei Ji didn’t show fear and despair as he expected, but he didn’t even have shock, anger and other emotions, but he was as calm and calm as before, just like a deep pool of ancient wells without showing the slightest waves
There was a loud bang, and the black lotus of Wei Ji’s foot burst. A leaf of Ye Lian petal was cut like a piece of odd-shaped fine wheel vortex blade, and it was greeted by a hammering army. One-on-one, not only did it intercept more than 1,000 pieces of hammering war department, but more than 100 pieces braved bright fine mans and whirled towards Youhaoran to counterattack in the past.
Such a result really makes you Haoran stunned, which is hard to accept, but this can be like a person always facing the reality. When you Haoran also quickly adjusted his mood, he shook his hand and threw the seven-color flying sword in his hand, turning it into a three-foot sword light like Youlong hovering in front of him in the cloud, and all the lotus petals that came from the attack flew back.
However, the seven-color broken arrow was covered with several finely cracked cracks because of the previous intersection. At this time, after hitting the hundreds of lotus petals, it was no longer overwhelmed and exploded on the spot, which turned several fragments into flying swords in all directions, but it was no longer controlled by You Haoran, so there were also many straight ones.
Chapter DiSanSiLiu A sword owl enemy first
Chapter DiSanSiLiu A sword owl enemy first
In this case, you Haoran had already expected it as early as the time of flying sword shooting, but it was still the case. In order to save every strength, he should fight against Wei Ji. After all, this seven-color flying sword has been broken into waste, but it is also a waste.
So in the face of the screaming impact, the flying sword fragments gently shook the iron flag in their hands, and immediately there was a golden aerosol spewing out from the word iron, which aggregated into a light fog shield in front of them. Those fragments hit the light shield and fell in succession, which did not show much power.
At this time, the taboo sound of Wei also sounded "Sword!"
Accompanied by the sound of the original suspended in the air, Geng Jin Excalibur flashed and fell into the palm of Wei Ji’s hand. At this time, Wei Ji didn’t control the flying sword, so he held on to his hand and made a longitudinal impact on You Haoran.
See who avoid so potential YouHaoRan where dare to neglect to want to defend the hammering evil spirit recycling, but who avoid to let out the black lotus petal is desperately entangled in the hammering evil spirit soldiers in its recycling, but also to follow this scene YouHaoRan where dare to recycle hammering evil spirit? When Li’s right hand pinched out a method tactic and suddenly slapped it on his heart, one mouthful blood came out of his mouth and spit it straight on the face of the bloody flag.
Immediately, the flag face of the iron and blood battle flag once again shines brightly, and with the clouds of extremely rich blood fog, it spews out from it, forming a thick fog barrier around You Haoran like a huge bloody cocoon to firmly guard itself inside.
After Wei Ji came, he split the sword toward this huge blood cocoon without saying a word, but at this time, this innate Geng Jin Excalibur was very different from the previous one and did not bloom brightly. After the golden sword light was finished, it was the flying sword body. Only at the moment of splitting the huge blood cocoon, the innate Geng Jin Excalibur Jianfeng showed a ray of golden light slightly.
At this time, the huge storm formed by the previous confrontation between the two men has dissipated. Most of the people outside can see the fighting situation between the two men. The monks and leaders who didn’t know the situation before saw such a scene. Naturally, they secretly hated this moment. They even hated the heads of big powers. "It’s sick to be so happy to be beaten by others!"
Who avoid a sword chopping in huge blood cocoon didn’t produce too much noise, just a slight "snow" fly sword into the blood cocoon several inches to see the people in the heart dark surprised.
Those who watched the war all practiced swordsmanship to the highest level of the foundation. A wisp of sword awn is not big but powerful, so they can accumulate sword power. But where are they? Bai Weiji is far from that level. Otherwise, you Haoran will not be so strong. At this moment, Wei Ji is showing his physical strength.
Wei bogey, even if he worships the Five Elements Sect, has never wavered in his own method of "Thirty-six Changes of the Highest Land". Although it was very difficult to practice the Yin-Yang Dafa in two points because there was no spiritual aid of Yin-Yang Fruit, he has never relaxed his own body, because his own body is far from reaching the limit, and he can continue to strengthen his strength.
It is precisely because of this that Wei Ji’s pure physical strength still ranks first in terms of physical strength, surpassing his own careful practice of sword power. However, physical strength is as vigorous and vigorous as mountains and rivers. Unless he shows his magic and turns himself into a treasure sword, he is not as sharp as sword power. After all, his physical strength can be turned into a sharp edge and blessed in the sword.
At this moment, Wei Ji is really blooming. If it weren’t for camouflage, he wouldn’t even want to bloom this sword. Because of his innate spirit, the material made by Geng Jin Excalibur is really great. The blade is sharper than the blooming sword. If it weren’t for the sword, he would be able to break the blood cocoon deeper.
But where is the best of both worlds? So although it takes a little effort to break the cocoon of blood, it is nothing compared with hiding the secret of its own flesh.
Wei Ji’s blow moved half the strength of the body, and he was satisfied with the power he had cut out now. You Haoran showed this iron and blood banner, and the great master of Wei Ji’s refining device knew at a glance that it was a good thing. When he applied a little strength, he showed his physical power by 60%, and then he set off with his feet lightly, like running around and chopping swords around.
When Wei Ji was young, he didn’t have a spiritual root, but he was a martial arts wizard, so he used to practice many swordsmanship. At this time, one of the swordsmanship, the chaotic cloak, was exhibited. Because the sword was like the tide, this little light seemed to be exhausted and extended into a huge screen. At this moment, if many monks watch the battle, they can see a golden screen cage with its roots trembling slightly, and they can’t see a human figure.
"It’s over!" Suddenly a watching leader suddenly said
And with this sound, there was a crackling sound, and then the golden curtain disappeared, and Wei Ji just stood on one side with a sword in his hand
Look at you Haoran and see that the protective iron and blood is chopped into pieces, and it really rushes to the iron and blood banner like that rag.
With the sound of "poof-",a fountain of blood rose from Youhaoran’s neck and flew his head up, then both of them fell to the ground.
Chapter 347 Leave
Chapter 347 Leave
You Haoran died on the spot, and Wei Ji’s face didn’t fluctuate at all. His left hand stretched out his palm and was slightly concave. Immediately, a huge sucking force gave birth to an instant, and the iron flag in his hand was taken into his own hand, and then it was taken into his own body.
Recall your own black lotus to the income body guard, and avoid any delay. Go on flying towards the Bell Volcano Gate memorial arch in vain. His body is as light as ever, and he has neither deliberately demonstrated the majestic momentum nor deliberately concealed his own strength. It is so ethereal that a faint breath lingers in his body.
However, it is precisely because of this that the leaders who are watching the game are afraid to act rashly because they really don’t know how much strength Wei Ji has left. Even those leaders who have previously moved all kinds of things to see clearly who are trapped by the trick are no exception!
It is reasonable to say that Wei Ji was not short when he was previously subject to You Haoran. It is absolutely impossible to get out of a bit of injury. Then Wei Ji broke out in such a fighting force. It may be forced to support the overdraft potential. Now it looks very stable, but it is hard to say that it is an empty bag and a sword. However, no one dares to test it before. Because it has evolved according to the current situation, Wei Ji is definitely better to get out. If it is sold every time, it is hotter than every time, but it is judged incorrectly. If Wei Ji still has a fighting force, then it may be possible for himself.
Which one of them has not been penance for many years? If you have a level of interest like then zombies, it’s just that it’s not worth taking such a big risk just because of a little face! In particular, most of them thought in their hearts, "wasn’t that righteous immortal idiot earlier?" It’s hard to say that another idiot will go out soon. Anyway, there are so many people. This is a patience competition, but I can’t lose here! "
In the heart, thinking about all the people is naturally more silent, so I watched Wei Ji step by step close to the bell volcano gate memorial arch.
That all the leaders can’t help secretly cursing other leaders for being so timid and afraid to jump out of the first world war? However, it can be redeemed if we get here. It will take Wei Ji a moment to shuttle through the archway. Even if the Bell Volcano comes out, it will be useless for their department to escape.
At this moment, suddenly a shout rang "Wait a minute!"
The distance between the archway and the gate is only three feet. When Wei Ji heard such a sound, he immediately stopped and turned around and looked towards the sound. At the same time, a tall, dignified and strong figure came out from that direction. The leader near this person didn’t know that he was Ding Kuang, the leader of the five largest forces in this clock volcano. His other identity was the five-element brother, and he was also the recognized leader of most of the five-element brothers in this clock volcano.
This man felt a sword of the earth from his body as soon as he appeared. However, this sword is different from his own practice of Gengjin Excalibur, which is absolutely sharp and sharp, but it is very feminine and soft. Such an Angzang man practices this sword potential. Although Wei Bogey feels a little strange, people who are in the kendo and are not bad at swordsmanship will naturally not be despised because of this, but they will be more vigilant in their hearts. Because the more strange he looks like this, the more likely he is to be a master with a very powerful kill.
"The elder brother such as call? But is it also to stop me from coming out of the mountain? " Wei Ji’s face is still calm, his eyes are still cold and calm, and there is no panic at all, as if the previous two fierce battles had never happened.
"My name is Ding Kuang! Born in the Five Elements, Zong Ruoshui Roufeng practiced Ruoshui Roujian! " This big fellow voice also seems to be quite soft and faint. "My name, Brother Wei, may not have been heard, but I have heard about Brother Wei’s reputation for a long time. Today, I really live up to my name!"
"Brother Ding flatter me!" Who avoid to know that this is not a prelude, so the surface is unchanged, not because Ding Kuang is the same door, it is a general reply.
"But not at all!" Ding Kuang continued, "Brother Wei has been closed since he got started. Maybe he doesn’t know enough about some information. I don’t know how many times this encirclement and suppression of then zombies has happened in this clock volcano. This special case of Brother Wei is not unheard of, but Brother Wei is the first one in this century."
"oh? Is it? Then I am really honored! " Who avoid is still a light back to the expression did not change.
"It’s nothing to be honored that Brother Wei has this strength, but it is a matter of course!" Ding Kuang shook his head slightly. "I didn’t come out this time to stop Brother Wei from leaving. After all, we belong to the same family, but I have a little opinion to wake Brother Wei up!"
"oh? I would like to hear the details! " Who avoid immediately answered, but he did not hand over Ding Kuang fuels in accordance with the ceremony and still stood proudly as before.
"I know that there are few brothers of the same age who are rich in wealth, so they are all powerful and powerful, but our generation’s practice is to prove that the fairy is the root, and all kinds of instruments are foreign objects. Don’t rely too much!" Ding Kuang’s mouth was in no hurry or rashness.

He Li bone was staring at the Jason Chung in front of him.

He has been there for a long time, and the wind is behind him without disturbing him.
It was a long time before He Li bone looked away.
His timbre is like falling to the ground in the cool autumn season, and the needle rain is a little rustling. "I have lived for a hundred years, but I have never thought that everything I stand for is a mystery. My loyal wishes are false. What I want to see is that Taiping is the grave of our generation. This is heaven."
"grandmaster" wind still spoke.
Once upon a time, in his eyes, He Li bone was like a mountain standing on people.
There is always hope for people who want him to stay still if evil spirits are raging.
But just for a moment, he saw the old color in He Li’s bone face, which he had never seen before. It was not the vicissitudes of life, but the aging of mind.
At a certain moment, his eyes lost their luster, which was different from the sky falling down on the wind and made him uneasy.
"I am old." He Li’s bone voice is very light. "The bell ringer is not suitable to do it any more. Today, Taotao rang the emperor bell …"
"I do," Feng looked at Di Zhong before he could speak. "If she were me, I would."
Taotao slept like a log.
Because of the memory of the emperor clock, she slept in a daze for one night and one day, and when she woke up, the distant horizon was already stained with twilight.
Yuan Tianhe and Qing Mingdu came to see her, saw that she had nothing to do, and left when she was sleeping.
Taotao woke up dizzy and got up and went to the yard to blow the night breeze.
He Li bone and wind in the courtyard steps.
Neither of them spoke and quietly looked at the dome dusk.
The distant mountains are stacked on the sea, Wang Yang.
In the twilight, the sun shines brightly, and a warm orange light slowly shines from behind the clouds.
Taotao felt in a daze that it was like the sunset on the top of Qushan Mountain.
Many evenings in the past, Li Sanjiu also accompanied her to watch the dusk like this.
"Grandmaster, why are you here?" Taotao walked behind them.
He Li Bone "I just had a meeting with the Salvation League and wanted to talk to you for a few words. Seeing that you didn’t wake up, you didn’t bother. Are you unwell?"
Taotao: "I’m fine. I just got dizzy and slept more."
Wind: "You sounded the Emperor Bell last night, which exhausted your spiritual strength and most of your spiritual strength. Have a good rest these days."
Was it because the emperor bell was rung?
It is no wonder that the three spiritual veins of the wind have made the six cardioscopes consume a lot, not to mention that one of her spiritual veins rang the emperor’s bell.
There are three of them in the college, Yuan Tianhe and Kuangqing are not in Nangong Dust, and there is no sign of them.
He Li looked at her gently with his back to the sunset. "I told you to stay in chaos and I will answer some things for you."
Taotao froze. "Can I ask now?"
He Li bone motioned for her to say
Taotao has a lot of mysteries in her heart, and suddenly someone can solve them as if she were dreaming.
She didn’t know where to ask for a moment and thought for a long time and asked, "Nangong Chen is the first generation of bell ringers, right?"
He Li’s bone "yes"
"He died at the beginning?" Taotao is puzzled. "Everyone says that the bell ringer in the early generation of Chaos Tomb is the incarnation of God, but I can see in the memory of Emperor Zhong that he was killed by thousands of spiritual teachers in the maze crossing. People in the maze crossing said that 300 years ago, ten thousand people sacrificed the array to slaughter the magic array to suppress evil spirits. What was he?"
He Li bone listened to her question and fell silent.
After a long time, he asked, "Do you know how he is described in Chaos Tombs?"
Taotao shook his head. "I don’t know that the Nangong has never been to me."
He Li bone slowly said, "An Sihai earthquake will set nine continents."
Just nine words have the power of rolling thunder
Taotao understood the meaning of these nine words and murmured, "Is he really a god?"
He Li’s bone "is precisely the incarnation of people who fell into the era of great evil."
The wind "300 years ago, in the era of evil spirits, the evil spirits covered the sun, and the evil spirits were far more powerful than the spiritual masters’ accumulation in a hundred years, and it would be difficult to take shape without God’s intervention."
Taotao: "But there were spiritual teachers three hundred years ago. How could evil spirits accumulate to that extent?"

"Then let the store send it to have a look!" Lotus Yan jiing nodded and let the doorman get it.

But only for a moment, the person in charge of the wonderful artical excelling nature, everyone said that Qin Niang actually came in person, and the expression was slightly sorry. "The county owner has a guest watching this pink jewelry …"
Qin Niang paused well, but it won’t continue to be difficult if she doesn’t mean to find fault.
Dong Fengling was slightly disappointed, but she didn’t want to be so importuned. "Why don’t you come first and let others see it first!"
"Xie County Master’s understanding" said Qin Niang and specially looked at Dong Yuling. Is this the woman county master who heard about middle peasants? It’s okay to say that this girl is ill-bred, rude and doesn’t know the rules.
Now it seems even jealous and sour …
"Who’s watching?" Lian Yan Jing casually asks if she can’t buy it. Anyway, Wangfu also has pink gems and pearls, and a lot of them are taken to the palace to make a set for the palace people.
It’s better to be in the palace than to be wonderful.
Qin Niang paused and then sounded Qin Ru Wang Shihe. The man didn’t hide that "it was Miss Su Da who came to incense earlier than the world and the county Lord."
"Oh!" Dong Fengling suddenly hasn’t seen this big lady for a long time.
"Poof, you still love pink at that age?" A listen to is Su Yalan Lian Yan jiing immediately you’re welcome to 1.
Dong ling-ling, if she remembers correctly, Su Yalan is only sixteen years later. Putting aside modernity means that flowers are generally old, and it’s just the time when they are pink. How can she become an old man in the mouth of Lian Yan-jing?
"Lian Yan Jiing, you slandered me behind my back again. I heard it." Su Yalan’s voice sounded from the outside and soon appeared in the house.
Lotus Yan jiing glanced at her and simply ignored her leisurely and took a sip of tea before saying, "Do you want that set of jewelry? Don’t don’t occupy it. "
Su Yalan uncomfortable stare at a certain world and walked over to Dong Yuling’s side. "What are you doing as a big man? If Xiaoling likes me, I will naturally let it go? "
Dong Ling smiled a little. "That’s not true. I’m looking for my sister and I don’t know if she likes it." If you want to don’t have to "
"I just want to see if I don’t particularly like it. I already have two sets of pink jade jewelry. You can have one more set!" Su Yalan or waving is very heroic.
See Su Yalan said so, Dong Yuling will no longer refuse to look at it carefully and express satisfaction with it. Let Qin Niang wrap it up, which is really suitable for little girls.
Think so. Dong Yuling never thought that she was also a girl in the eyes of others.
Qin Niang smiles but is relieved secretly. Fortunately, there is no dispute. She is really afraid that these darling daughter have met each other and have seen enough over the years.
See Dong Fengling bought Su Yalan glanced at the world and found something strange. "You will also come to buy things in person? What an accident! "
The most important thing is to accompany a woman, which is even more unexpected. Su Yalan just misread herself.
"Is it difficult for people’s stores to restrict guests?" What’s the surprise? It’s unnecessary to pass without coming before.
"A man with a heart is really different." Su Yalan continued to vomit with a slap in the mouth.
After saying this, Su Yalan found in hindsight that Dong Yuling didn’t have his reaction, so he felt that the two seemed different.
It’s so obvious to accompany a woman to go shopping. If Dong Yuling is still indifferent, it’s not calm but stupid.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
After packing the jewelry, let the wonderful craftsman send it directly to the county government, and Dong Yuling doesn’t take it himself.
After leaving the store, Dong Yuling still pushed Lian Yan Jing and saw Su Yalan around him. "Do you want to go shopping together?"
Su Yalan immediately felt a hostile line of sight, and her back was instantly chilly, and she quickly shook her head. "I was tired of going out early in the morning and asked you to join me!"
Although she is very interested in their real shopping trip, she still dares not stroke a certain tiger beard
Uh-huh, Princess, it’s not afraid of death that dares to repeatedly commit crimes against a certain person. If you don’t care about her in previous lives, who will let her provoke Dong Yuling?
Who knows how miserable the princess’s own home was after the palace banquet? It seems that I can’t take good care of myself, and I’m weaker than I was when I got married that day. Even the wind can blow down.
Of course, his family heard more or less about the abortion of the princess, which made all darling daughter have a lot of rules and homework, which made them hate the princess even more.
On the day the princess got married, many people went to the scene to see the joke
Actually, the princess is weak, and abortion is the main cause and the secondary cause. It makes people feel restless and can’t take good care of it. This is getting worse and worse. Chapter 196 of 196 has been marked.
Of course, Lian Yan Jiing didn’t mean it on purpose. It was a coincidence that he did it for Dong Yong Ling.
I’m looking for someone to do something to scare women in the middle of the night
Who knew that the princess was too frightened by ghosts in her heart? Even later, Lian Yan Jiing stopped when she saw something was wrong, and she made herself weak. I don’t know if she secretly did too many bad things and was always afraid by accident.
There is a strong psychology that is contrary to her personal deep calculation.
No matter what, it doesn’t prevent Su Yalan from feeling that some life is terrible. She doesn’t want to jump into the pit. No matter how curious she is, she has to endure it abruptly.