Besides, how can everything be so just right that she has no room for manoeuvre? It’s as embarrassing as being caught on the couch!

"This is the heart of the dust king?"
At this time, it seems that it is not too much to watch the scene of bustle. Xiao Ning suddenly looked at the opening Gulan and asked 1.
Now this kind of situation if there is no purpose in Xiao Ning, then Su Ling doesn’t believe it at all!
But she never thought that she would design her in this way in the near future when she was kind enough to save people!
But what really makes her feel ironic is that Huang Lao hates her expression as if she were betrayed!
What can she say? What else can she say?
She was the first to see them together last night! Whether it’s true or not, he and Gulan seem to have more emotions than she thought!
Xiao Ninggu Lan …
Today, Su Ling has clearly known that she was set up and really left her speechless!
She can’t explain what happened just now to burn old three!
She also put on her pride to look forward to the forgiveness of Lao Huang!
"Xiao Gong you don’t blather! Me and Brother Dust … We … We are just brother and sister! " Gulan cheeks suddenly flashed some hongxia after hearing Xiao Ning’s words, and then prevaricated to explain her and burn the third place.
But from her uncertain tone, it doesn’t sound very credible!
"oh? Brother and sister But there is no similarity in looking at your looks! " Xiao Ning spoke again, but what did he say? Su Ling couldn’t listen!
In a short time, she looked at Huang Lao in the eye. At that moment, she clearly saw his eyes flashing disappointment with her. His outline was still divided. When Toshiko faced her, he was once again so indifferent and bone-chilling!
Xiao Ning and Gulan won this battle!
And she Su Ling is broken to pieces!
After that, I didn’t have the mind to listen to what Xiao Ning said. Su Ling secretly lowered her eyes and hung her lips, and she was bound to walk into the dormitory.
It happened that the situation has developed, but there are still people who are not going to let Su Ling go.
Also outside the window Gulan see Su Ling turned to go to detain hurriedly shouted "princess elder sister, you are quick to talk! Don’t let brother Chen misunderstand me. I believe you and this Xiao Gong must be innocent! "
Gulan’s repeated pressure made Su Ling’s heavy emotions on the verge of breaking out.
Step in place Su Ling is still straight back eyes without any waves, trying to calm my heart, feeling mixed feelings, lips slightly upturned and casually saying, "Whatever you think!"
This is the most suitable answer she can give now!
Yes, whatever they think, she doesn’t bother to explain such a thing!
Maybe she and Huang Lao are the wrong start!
Both of them don’t know anything about love, but they get in touch with each other slowly and get in love for a long time!
But no one has ever said that long-term love can resist fickle people!
Heaven is the best way to grasp and the most elusive. In fact, it’s not feelings, but people’s minds!
She was suspicious of the incident last night, but she was also disappointed with her because of what happened just now in her eyes!
Who said that feelings are two things!
In fact, feelings are a lot of personnel! Because when two people can’t tell each other, there will always be all kinds of people involved in this relationship with distortion!
This is a doomed love!
What she Su Ling wants is always simple! She needs a pure relationship. It’s pure!
But it is so difficult!
This is a more two more wait!
Chapter 335 Leave others for the building! (small)
In Su Ling’s quite irresponsible words, Gulan couldn’t help looking up and looking at Huang Lao.
Seeing his thin lip line sipping a sharp arc, he couldn’t help secretly grinding his teeth and shouting at Su Ling’s back again, "Sister Wang, brother Chen and I …"
"You shut up!"
In Gulan, one sentence after another’ Brother Dust’ calls. Finally, Su Ling can’t stand the sudden return of phoenix eyes. At first glance, Gulan suddenly froze and stared at her face and said with a sneer, "Since you are so worried about Brother Dust, don’t take her away quickly! Gulan, you are the last person to have a say in my affairs!
Speaking of which, why don’t you tell me about what you and your brother Chen did last night? "
Sharp teeth and sharp mouth have always been Su Lingwu’s own weapon!
Now in the face of Gu Lanxian’s pressing situation, Su Ling can’t bear it any longer!
Since we want to make it clear, it’s better to have a fish die!
She and Xiao Ning are just a hug even if they are gross again!
But what about them? !
Midnight dreams come back to intimacy! So compared with her and Xiao Ning again calculate what!
When Gu Lan saw Su Ling’s fierce look and cold eyes flash across her cheek, she suddenly felt embarrassed, and then her eyes began to ripple like water waves. Bei Tooth also bit her lip and said, "I … I … Sister Wang, I want to help you!"
"Shut up!" Su Ling looked through the window through the eaves of the window. It seems that from her point of view, there are still raindrops falling along the eaves from time to time.
Dropping on her forehead moistens her hair and helps her look wronged at the moment, which is somewhat delicate and touching!
But in Su Ling’s eyes, these are nothing but scorn!
After Su Ling rebuked the export, she burned her old thin lips slightly, but she didn’t say anything after all!
Looking at Gulan’s expression of bitterness, Su Lingfeng’s eyes are like torches, and the murderous look is gradually coming out!
She used to be the king of special forces. She tried to hide herself and deliberately made herself unruly!
But today she doesn’t want to play such a role anymore!
"Gulan trouble you pack up your worthless injustice in front of me! From now on, you will know what the consequences will be if you step into the boundary of Xiyuan! "
If Su Ling’s remarks didn’t move, they certainly didn’t sound convincing!
It happened that Su Ling walked back to the window again while talking and moving at the moment, and her eyes were not instantly condensed with Gulan. At the same time, she reached out and gently pinched the handless handless small at her side in the palm of her hand, and with her last word blurted out, the handless small was also instantly broken in her white hands!

"Wei brother, don’t cry, have a sister. If you have any grievances, you can tell your sister to take you to buy a dress first." Zhang Mi was heartbroken and looked at the crying baby, and her heart was a little sour. She pulled up her black hand and didn’t give up.

"Not at all. It’s a shame for a man to cry and be your sister." In the irony of destruction, the shepherd boy held back his tears and wiped away his tears and stared at destruction
"Crying because I’m happy doesn’t mean I’m not a man, and I’m good. I’ll protect you." The little face of the shepherd boy is full of firmness.
Even Zhang Mi was amused by the words of herding sheep, pulling a hand to explain others to go back to rest and disappear by himself.
The baby who has been washed clean in the store is wearing a small black suit.
"Good, good. I didn’t expect my brother to be a handsome boy. When he grows up, he must be a handsome boy." Zhang Mi joked.
"I …" The shepherd boy started to say something, but he could sob. Tears swirled in his eyes and stared at Zhang Mibi. He was grateful that he was taken care of and felt happy from the deepest part of his heart.
At this moment, he swore in his heart that this affection should be preserved even if he sacrificed his life, even if it was a moment worth his efforts.
Just as Zhang Mi wanted to say something to comfort the shepherd boy, a dark hole suddenly appeared in front of his feet, and the shepherd boy instantly fell into the hole. Before Zhang Mi could react, the black hole and the shepherd boy disappeared.
"Hey, where did he go? How did it suddenly disappear? "Although the destruction is small, she is a girl who naturally likes beautiful clothes. When she came back, she found that she didn’t shepherd the baby and asked some questions.
"I don’t know, but when he just disappeared, it was definitely not sent away." Zhang Mi went to the place where the shepherd boy disappeared and looked at the floor carefully
"It must be God who asked him to carry out his own mission. No one except God has such ability, even Wang Gangge, the agent, has no ability to manipulate in the virtual world." Zhang Mi said.
"God bless you, my brother." Zhang Mi’s face was a little sad
"Sister, you and I are not sad. You said that he was assigned by God to complete his mission. It is estimated that when he reappears, he will not be a kid who will cry and talk big."
"It may really have the ability to protect us, but I don’t know." Destroy was a little happy when he heard the news that the shepherd boy disappeared, but he was not happy when he saw Zhang Mi’s sad face, so he quickly comforted.
"Sister, I’m not afraid of anything with you."
At the moment when the shepherd boy disappeared, the goat he brought was grazing leisurely outside and disappeared with him.
"Where am I?" The shepherd boy felt that he would come to a strange place as soon as his eyes were dark, but for him, the goats followed him, and he would have come to another world.
Just as the shepherd boy was wondering, a majestic figure appeared in the shepherd boy’s mind.
The shepherd boy knelt down and went to this shadow. Although he couldn’t see it clearly, the shadow gave off momentum and the shepherd boy would never forget it.
Because this shadow is nothing but god! Send the sheep back to his god.
"You are a destiny, and you are the savior of this era."
"Open the path of your destiny’s reincarnation. Teenagers lead your sheep and lead me. You prepare soldiers, iron and blood to tell players that war is cruel."
"Players can only be born in another world if they are baptized in a cruel war."
"Great God, I am a humble shepherd boy. I don’t know anything. I’m afraid I can finish your account." The shepherd boy said uneasily that he didn’t dare to lie before God, just as he said. At this time, he knew nothing but herding sheep.
And after listening to Wang Gang’s words, the shepherd kept saying, "Did that bitch who lied to me before really know that I was the chosen one?"
I don’t want to herd sheep. Bitch is strict in my heart
"You are God’s chosen one. You are God’s whetstone. Both of your sisters live in another world. If they don’t get high and honed, they are likely to die in that world war, and you are the only one who can save them. Will you accept me to give it to you?"
"I am willing, even if I am broken!" After listening to Wang Gang’s words, I thought of Zhang Mi’s gentle eyes, which made people feel warm and take care of the shepherd boy. This time, I did not hesitate to directly promise to be continued.
Chapter 158 Change the battlefield
"It’s not that simple for a child to be a player’s grindstone!"
"The elder sister who took care of you before is also a player-even if she is in front of you, you must not hesitate to kill her in the most cruel way. Can you do that?"
"No, I can’t kill her. Even if I die, I won’t kill her." The shepherd boy refused without hesitation
Wang Gang wanted to instill the aborigines and the players directly into the mind of the herding baby, and when the herding baby digested it almost, he asked, "If the player dies in the middle of the game, it is not really dead, but in another world, then she is completely dead."
After a long silence, the shepherd boy finally agreed to Wang Gang’s request in struggle and correction.
At the moment he promised, the wolf came to the world, and the villagers’ department appeared in this special world with a puzzled face.
All kinds of wolves have come, and all the creatures in the world have appeared behind the shepherd boy one by one.
At this time, the strength of herding sheep baby was raised by Wang Gang to the limit of releasing the true qi, and the strength of other villagers was also raised by Wang Gang to the initial state of releasing the true qi.
At the beginning of the release of the true qi, several players reached the strongest strength among players.
"Bless the wisdom of unbeaten fighting!" Did Wang Gang think about how to exert the power method? With a wave of his hand, Wang Gang directly added the level 3 unbeaten fighting wisdom to the shepherd doll, and all the villagers also got the level 3 unbeaten fighting wisdom blessing at the same time.
Even goats and other animals have been blessed with level 1 unbeaten fighting wisdom by Wang Gang.
The strength of these animals has also been greatly improved by Wang Gang! However, unlike the villagers, animals magnify their physical characteristics.
"Not enough is not enough. War needs not only strength but also wisdom and absolute reason."
Wang Gang gently waved his hand and directly instilled the knowledge of arranging troops and commanding the construction of combat troops into the villagers’ minds.
Not only that, during the war, the villagers herded sheep and the wolves came, and the animals in the world were deprived of their emotional departments and reached the most rational state to ensure that they would not be affected by their feelings and give full play to all their combat effectiveness.
"Go ahead, God chooses people to take your army and hone players crazily. You didn’t have a name before, and now God gives you a name!"
At this time, the shepherd boy has entered the absolute rational state, and everything has been instilled in his mind by Wang Gang. "Thank God!"
Then, according to the establishment of the Earth Army, each villager will be assigned to lead the team.
Although the strength of animals has greatly increased, they have no wisdom, and they must be led by wise villagers.
Wang Gang also opened a direct communication limit between hands and hearts, and these animals will obey the command of the level.
And Wang Gang also opened the battlefield command system with the villagers.
"In this way, players should be well honed." Wang Gang felt that the former team battlefield was perfected by the player’s simulation of different worlds training effect.
Because the players know each other to a certain extent, and half of them need to simulate different worlds, although they keep rotating, they are less than half in training.
At that time, there was no virtual world source method to create creatures, but by this time, all the conditions were met. Wang Gang naturally wanted to pull the aborigines out and let the players hone and adapt to the crazy war.
In the team battlefield, even if the aborigines die, Wang Gang will revive them!
Instilling a lot of knowledge now, even if the aborigines master it in a short time, there will be one or two team wars in the past, and the aborigines will certainly be lucky to instill knowledge in Wang Gang.
The battlefield is the best teacher!
In the battlefield of life or death, even the indigenous people’s learning ability will be greatly improved under the threat of death
"Why didn’t you assign a camp when you entered the team battlefield this time?"
"Because too lazy to show! More than 100,000 people are tired every time. "

He Li bone was staring at the Jason Chung in front of him.

He has been there for a long time, and the wind is behind him without disturbing him.
It was a long time before He Li bone looked away.
His timbre is like falling to the ground in the cool autumn season, and the needle rain is a little rustling. "I have lived for a hundred years, but I have never thought that everything I stand for is a mystery. My loyal wishes are false. What I want to see is that Taiping is the grave of our generation. This is heaven."
"grandmaster" wind still spoke.
Once upon a time, in his eyes, He Li bone was like a mountain standing on people.
There is always hope for people who want him to stay still if evil spirits are raging.
But just for a moment, he saw the old color in He Li’s bone face, which he had never seen before. It was not the vicissitudes of life, but the aging of mind.
At a certain moment, his eyes lost their luster, which was different from the sky falling down on the wind and made him uneasy.
"I am old." He Li’s bone voice is very light. "The bell ringer is not suitable to do it any more. Today, Taotao rang the emperor bell …"
"I do," Feng looked at Di Zhong before he could speak. "If she were me, I would."
Taotao slept like a log.
Because of the memory of the emperor clock, she slept in a daze for one night and one day, and when she woke up, the distant horizon was already stained with twilight.
Yuan Tianhe and Qing Mingdu came to see her, saw that she had nothing to do, and left when she was sleeping.
Taotao woke up dizzy and got up and went to the yard to blow the night breeze.
He Li bone and wind in the courtyard steps.
Neither of them spoke and quietly looked at the dome dusk.
The distant mountains are stacked on the sea, Wang Yang.
In the twilight, the sun shines brightly, and a warm orange light slowly shines from behind the clouds.
Taotao felt in a daze that it was like the sunset on the top of Qushan Mountain.
Many evenings in the past, Li Sanjiu also accompanied her to watch the dusk like this.
"Grandmaster, why are you here?" Taotao walked behind them.
He Li Bone "I just had a meeting with the Salvation League and wanted to talk to you for a few words. Seeing that you didn’t wake up, you didn’t bother. Are you unwell?"
Taotao: "I’m fine. I just got dizzy and slept more."
Wind: "You sounded the Emperor Bell last night, which exhausted your spiritual strength and most of your spiritual strength. Have a good rest these days."
Was it because the emperor bell was rung?
It is no wonder that the three spiritual veins of the wind have made the six cardioscopes consume a lot, not to mention that one of her spiritual veins rang the emperor’s bell.
There are three of them in the college, Yuan Tianhe and Kuangqing are not in Nangong Dust, and there is no sign of them.
He Li looked at her gently with his back to the sunset. "I told you to stay in chaos and I will answer some things for you."
Taotao froze. "Can I ask now?"
He Li bone motioned for her to say
Taotao has a lot of mysteries in her heart, and suddenly someone can solve them as if she were dreaming.
She didn’t know where to ask for a moment and thought for a long time and asked, "Nangong Chen is the first generation of bell ringers, right?"
He Li’s bone "yes"
"He died at the beginning?" Taotao is puzzled. "Everyone says that the bell ringer in the early generation of Chaos Tomb is the incarnation of God, but I can see in the memory of Emperor Zhong that he was killed by thousands of spiritual teachers in the maze crossing. People in the maze crossing said that 300 years ago, ten thousand people sacrificed the array to slaughter the magic array to suppress evil spirits. What was he?"
He Li bone listened to her question and fell silent.
After a long time, he asked, "Do you know how he is described in Chaos Tombs?"
Taotao shook his head. "I don’t know that the Nangong has never been to me."
He Li bone slowly said, "An Sihai earthquake will set nine continents."
Just nine words have the power of rolling thunder
Taotao understood the meaning of these nine words and murmured, "Is he really a god?"
He Li’s bone "is precisely the incarnation of people who fell into the era of great evil."
The wind "300 years ago, in the era of evil spirits, the evil spirits covered the sun, and the evil spirits were far more powerful than the spiritual masters’ accumulation in a hundred years, and it would be difficult to take shape without God’s intervention."
Taotao: "But there were spiritual teachers three hundred years ago. How could evil spirits accumulate to that extent?"

Mu Chenxing gave her a hard knock on the head with a fan handle. "You are so looking forward to my being caught! Don’t worry, if I get caught, I’ll get you out first, and then we’ll have jail time together. That’s what we call sharing weal and woe. "

You carefully looked at the girl in front of you, wearing a lake blue silk dress with two small claws and ribbons of the same color, and combing it into two pigtails. The eyes were bright and the pear vortex was so beautiful. Looking at you, you felt very unhappy again.
Mu Chenxing saw the faint expression of resentment and quickly introduced Yu Zhen and Yu You. Yu Zhen very generously grabbed Yu You’s hand and asked questions kindly, which made Yu You unable to get up.
She was even more excited when she heard that Yuyou was the elder brother of the famous thief. She quickly said, "I am also a thief. I think it was also the famous female grand theft auto." I decided not to say anything when I remembered my unsightly nickname Feather.
Youyou smiled. "Sister Yu Zhen must be a master, too. Should we really have a competition?"
Mu Chenxing’s vendor seems to say naively, "Yes, Miss Feather is also a thief, but she is a little stupid thief. Let’s not compare."
Feather can’t help but get angry. "Let’s talk about it. When I talk about it, I think of being stolen by you!" Every time I think about it, I hate the itch of my roots. Always wake up and remember the class bitterness and the blood and tears!
Especially when I saw Mu Chenxing and Mo Yuyou look down on their feathers like this, I felt that my heart was unloading fire and jumping straight. "How do you compare?"
With a faint smile, "Let’s choose Sister Feather, or I will bully her."
Mu Chenxing walked out of the inn and calmed down. He felt that he was really a little too much. After all, you are young to show yourself like this. You should be calm.
Thought of here, Mu Chenxing turned around and went back to the room to see Yu You still lying on the table, crying and twitching her delicate shoulders, looking so lonely.
Mu Chenxing also felt a little sour in his heart. He approached Yu Yourou and said, "Okay, don’t cry. It’s not my fault, but don’t treat the phoenix like that later, okay?" She is really a very poor girl. "
Hearing Mu Chenxing’s voice, she raised her pear flower and threw herself into Mu Chenxing’s arms. She cried and said, "What’s so mean to me?"
Mu Chenxing clumsily stroked Youyou Xiurou and said, "Okay, okay, it’s my fault, okay? Don’t cry!" His heart seems to be as bitter as eating Rhizoma Coptidis. How did he get into such a big trouble?
Ning Wang Lengche is enjoying Ji Gefei’s wonderful song and dance in the "Qiyue Garden". This Ji Gefei is really a wonderful person, not only intelligent, clever and considerate, but also outstanding in talent and deeply loved by Lengche.
Sometimes it’s like a child who can play for a while if he desperately wants to get a toy and can’t give him another one.
The situation is not just a toy, but an exquisite beauty who can listen, talk and laugh.
Ji Gefei is a very clever girl. She knows how she can win the favor of Ning Wang. If she is invited to spoil, I am afraid she will soon end up abandoned like Su Muxue and others.
Therefore, it is necessary to use your wrist to get the heart of Ning Wang.
Therefore, it is necessary to keep a man’s appetite, and to display his excellent cooking skills from time to time to get a few side dishes to give Ning Wang wine, because if you want to recruit a man, you must first recruit his stomach.
How can a fine girl like Ji Gefei not see that Ning Wang likes that girl? However, the girl with a feather is a stubborn donkey, but this stubborn attitude has aroused Lengche’s interest, but she can’t finish learning the feather, otherwise she will end up in an embarrassing situation.
Fortunately, that girl, Yu Zhen, can’t play chess or draw like this, which gives many Ji Ge the opportunity to show herself in front of King Ning.
It’s not just to accompany Leng Che to finish painting, Leng Che to sit on the couch and enjoy Ji Ge Fei’s just choreographed song and dance. It’s really graceful and very moving.
At this time, people reported that "I reported to the report that Mu Gong was visiting."
Lengche smiled "Please" and got up and went back to the reception hall.
I haven’t seen Mu Chenxing for a month, but she’s still so heroic. She’s followed by a girl with a petite figure, tender and smooth skin, apricot eyes, peach cheeks and watery eyes.
Lengche smiled and got up to meet "Morningstar, I told you earlier that I’d better come to the imperial court to be an official. I’ll arrange a good place for you so that we two brothers can meet often, so we won’t see each other for a long time." You can also help me. "
Mu Morningstar smiled indifferently and said, "It’s not that I don’t know that Morningstar is a wave, and it’s not official material."
Lengche shook his head and sighed. "Sometimes the king really envies you for coming and going like a wild crane in the clouds, but Wang Sheng’s imperial family is sometimes a tolerable thing, but I still hope you can stay with me when you figure it out. I will make arrangements for you at any time."
Mu Chenxing smiled "Thanks a lot"

"Then let the store send it to have a look!" Lotus Yan jiing nodded and let the doorman get it.

But only for a moment, the person in charge of the wonderful artical excelling nature, everyone said that Qin Niang actually came in person, and the expression was slightly sorry. "The county owner has a guest watching this pink jewelry …"
Qin Niang paused well, but it won’t continue to be difficult if she doesn’t mean to find fault.
Dong Fengling was slightly disappointed, but she didn’t want to be so importuned. "Why don’t you come first and let others see it first!"
"Xie County Master’s understanding" said Qin Niang and specially looked at Dong Yuling. Is this the woman county master who heard about middle peasants? It’s okay to say that this girl is ill-bred, rude and doesn’t know the rules.
Now it seems even jealous and sour …
"Who’s watching?" Lian Yan Jing casually asks if she can’t buy it. Anyway, Wangfu also has pink gems and pearls, and a lot of them are taken to the palace to make a set for the palace people.
It’s better to be in the palace than to be wonderful.
Qin Niang paused and then sounded Qin Ru Wang Shihe. The man didn’t hide that "it was Miss Su Da who came to incense earlier than the world and the county Lord."
"Oh!" Dong Fengling suddenly hasn’t seen this big lady for a long time.
"Poof, you still love pink at that age?" A listen to is Su Yalan Lian Yan jiing immediately you’re welcome to 1.
Dong ling-ling, if she remembers correctly, Su Yalan is only sixteen years later. Putting aside modernity means that flowers are generally old, and it’s just the time when they are pink. How can she become an old man in the mouth of Lian Yan-jing?
"Lian Yan Jiing, you slandered me behind my back again. I heard it." Su Yalan’s voice sounded from the outside and soon appeared in the house.
Lotus Yan jiing glanced at her and simply ignored her leisurely and took a sip of tea before saying, "Do you want that set of jewelry? Don’t don’t occupy it. "
Su Yalan uncomfortable stare at a certain world and walked over to Dong Yuling’s side. "What are you doing as a big man? If Xiaoling likes me, I will naturally let it go? "
Dong Ling smiled a little. "That’s not true. I’m looking for my sister and I don’t know if she likes it." If you want to don’t have to "
"I just want to see if I don’t particularly like it. I already have two sets of pink jade jewelry. You can have one more set!" Su Yalan or waving is very heroic.
See Su Yalan said so, Dong Yuling will no longer refuse to look at it carefully and express satisfaction with it. Let Qin Niang wrap it up, which is really suitable for little girls.
Think so. Dong Yuling never thought that she was also a girl in the eyes of others.
Qin Niang smiles but is relieved secretly. Fortunately, there is no dispute. She is really afraid that these darling daughter have met each other and have seen enough over the years.
See Dong Fengling bought Su Yalan glanced at the world and found something strange. "You will also come to buy things in person? What an accident! "
The most important thing is to accompany a woman, which is even more unexpected. Su Yalan just misread herself.
"Is it difficult for people’s stores to restrict guests?" What’s the surprise? It’s unnecessary to pass without coming before.
"A man with a heart is really different." Su Yalan continued to vomit with a slap in the mouth.
After saying this, Su Yalan found in hindsight that Dong Yuling didn’t have his reaction, so he felt that the two seemed different.
It’s so obvious to accompany a woman to go shopping. If Dong Yuling is still indifferent, it’s not calm but stupid.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
After packing the jewelry, let the wonderful craftsman send it directly to the county government, and Dong Yuling doesn’t take it himself.
After leaving the store, Dong Yuling still pushed Lian Yan Jing and saw Su Yalan around him. "Do you want to go shopping together?"
Su Yalan immediately felt a hostile line of sight, and her back was instantly chilly, and she quickly shook her head. "I was tired of going out early in the morning and asked you to join me!"
Although she is very interested in their real shopping trip, she still dares not stroke a certain tiger beard
Uh-huh, Princess, it’s not afraid of death that dares to repeatedly commit crimes against a certain person. If you don’t care about her in previous lives, who will let her provoke Dong Yuling?
Who knows how miserable the princess’s own home was after the palace banquet? It seems that I can’t take good care of myself, and I’m weaker than I was when I got married that day. Even the wind can blow down.
Of course, his family heard more or less about the abortion of the princess, which made all darling daughter have a lot of rules and homework, which made them hate the princess even more.
On the day the princess got married, many people went to the scene to see the joke
Actually, the princess is weak, and abortion is the main cause and the secondary cause. It makes people feel restless and can’t take good care of it. This is getting worse and worse. Chapter 196 of 196 has been marked.
Of course, Lian Yan Jiing didn’t mean it on purpose. It was a coincidence that he did it for Dong Yong Ling.
I’m looking for someone to do something to scare women in the middle of the night
Who knew that the princess was too frightened by ghosts in her heart? Even later, Lian Yan Jiing stopped when she saw something was wrong, and she made herself weak. I don’t know if she secretly did too many bad things and was always afraid by accident.
There is a strong psychology that is contrary to her personal deep calculation.
No matter what, it doesn’t prevent Su Yalan from feeling that some life is terrible. She doesn’t want to jump into the pit. No matter how curious she is, she has to endure it abruptly.

Huang Yaoshi inserted the jade flute back into the waist, then his left arm separated the fist and his right palm. At the same time, he shot this palm. If there is any uncertainty, it is the move of the palm of the Excalibur that "flowers float"!

Zhou Botong’s right forearm elbow center drew a circle in the middle, and Huang Yaoshi’s palm wind was sucked into it, which instantly bounced out and attacked Huang Yaoshi head-on. That’s a trick!
"Your fist is really amazing!" As he spoke, Huang Yaoshi held out his left palm to block his palm, and then took a quick shot of "taking a moment"!
"You’re not bad at catching flies!" Zhou Botong left arm is still the fork wear a waist right arm suddenly pop up three fingers turned out to be like an orchid shape poking Huang Yaoshi wrist from the side.
"How did you steal my orchid acupuncturist?" Huang Yaoshi’s mouth said at the same time, he quickly turned his wrist and evaded Zhou Botong’s three fingers and left palm. At the same time, he took it lightly. It was a trick "falling flowers"!
"Are you rare in martial arts? This is my fist move’ Gu Youlan’!" Zhou Botong said it was still his right arm, but his left hand reached behind him and scratched it.
"Why don’t you have your left hand!" Huang Yaoshi suddenly discovered this problem and immediately asked.
"I’ll let you do three tricks first to save the old poison from saying I bully you!" Zhou Botong glanced sideways at Ouyang Feng and took a palm at Huang Yaoshi with his left hand. It was the real "three flowers gathering at the top" palm method!
Huang Yaoshi hurriedly stretched out his arm to parry Zhou Botong’s right fist, but then hit exactly one stroke in the fist, "Forever and Last"!
"The old urchin’s arms are actually two different martial arts!" Huang Yaoshi one leng in the heart also dare not neglect one after another to use the ingenious tricks of Excalibur palm Zhou Botong fighting in one place.
Ouyang Feng beside to see the two top players peak matchup can not help but be ecstatic in my heart, carefully observe each move and type of these two people, and try to keep it in mind and come up with a cracking method when I get back.
"I’ve been practicing frog kung fu for more than 20 years. I didn’t expect this Huang Laoxie martial arts to be different. It seems that now and I are still half a catty. How can this old urchin realize such a magical martial arts? It seems that Huang Laoxie is still likely to lose in his hands! " Ouyang Feng stared at the two men fighting in front of him, and their self-confidence was severely challenged.
"There are still two years before Huashan talks about swords. If you want to win the first place in the sky, you will remove these stumbling blocks one by one in these two years!" Ouyang Feng thought of here corners of the mouth emerge a subtle sneer.
At this time, the two men have fought for more than 200 strokes. Although Huang Yaoshi’s work is slightly better than Zhou Botong’s, Zhou Botong’s two arms cooperate with each other and divide into converging moves, which accounts for a great deal of cheapness. When it grows, Huang Yaoshi can’t resist the sudden virtual split of a palm, and his body is vertically backward three feet away.
"Old urchin, you’re amazing. I’m Huang Yaoshi!" Huang Yaoshi is really a master, and even giving up is so simple.
"Ha ha ha!" Zhou Botong burst out laughing with ecstasy and suddenly took out the two-nine-yin Sutra from his pocket and said, "You have been stuck on this island for fifteen years to get this nine-yin Sutra, but now I have defeated you even if I don’t have martial arts in this Sutra!"
Ouyang Feng saw’s greedy eyes in Zhou Botong’s hands, but Zhou Botong suddenly raised the two classics above his head and cried, "It seems that the martial arts in the nine Yin scriptures are not so good, so I will ruin it and save you from always thinking about it!"
Huang Yaoshi and Ouyang Feng didn’t expect Zhou Botong to be destroyed, but Ling Feiyang in the bamboo forest had already expected to rush over immediately and shouted, "Zhou Dage, this is a relic left to you by the founder of Chongyang!"
"Yes, this is the most precious thing my brother left me. How can I ruin it?" Zhou Botong zheng hurriedly will nine Yin true through chuai into the bosom again.
However, Ling Feiyang suddenly appeared in the place and everyone was shocked!
"Brother Ling!" Huang Rong’s face lit up.
"Brother!" Ouyang Ke is a little nervous.
"Ling Shaoxia, how did you come here and how did you break my peach blossom array?" Huang Yaoshi saw Ling Feiyang and immediately thought about the reasons for Zhou Botong’s appearance
"The younger generation can go here by mistake …" Ling Feiyang knew that this peach blossom array was Huang Yaoshi’s lifelong effort and naturally didn’t want to offend him.
"You are so lucky to be able to crack this strange divination by mistake. Did Rong Er draw him a map?" Huang Yaoshi thought of here ruthlessly glanced at Huang Rong.
Huang Rong immediately guessed that Dad’s idea was about to be explained before, but then he thought, "Anyway, I wouldn’t marry Ouyang Ke if I were killed. It’s better to be close to Ling Dage. Dad can think what he likes … but Ling Dage is really clever and can break this peach blossom array!"
"Is this Ling Feiyang running here to rob Rong Er with me?" Ouyang Ke suddenly thought of this problem and immediately became wary.
Ouyang Ke was thinking about Ling Feiyang, but suddenly he walked up to Ouyang Ke and said, "Dear brother, I didn’t make a special trip to Peach Blossom Island to ask you about something!"
"Why bother you to come all the way across the ocean to find me?" Ouyang Ke asked doubtfully.
"Should the good brother of Jiaxing Zuixianlou give me an explanation?" Ling Feiyang’s question is at the same time observing Ouyang Ke’s expression carefully.
"I haven’t been there in Jiaxing Zuixian Building?" Ouyang Ke said strangely.
"You lie! I was just about to ask you! " Huang Rong suddenly jumped out and pointed to Ouyang Ke’s nose and said, "You stole poisonous smoke while playing in Yang Kang, Guo Jing, and brought more than a thousand poisonous snakes to besiege us. You almost caught all of us. Now you dare not admit it?"
"Which have the matter? How can you be so wrong about me? " Ouyang Ke hands a pool made a very koo expression from Ouyang Ke look ling float in the sky feel he doesn’t like lying.
"So where did you go before you came to Peach Blossom Island?" Ling Feiyang asked
"I have been preparing for a sea boat with my uncle in Zhoushan fishing village. My uncle can give me a certificate!" Ouyang Ke Road
"It is so!" Ouyang Feng Road
"Your uncles and nephews are family, of course, they will protect each other!" Huang Rong beside interrupted.
"Rong Er, how can you talk to Uncle Ouyang like this!" Huang Yaoshi sank his face and said, "You, Uncle Ouyang, are a great master. Do you doubt it?"
"What if someone pretends to be your poisonous snakes? Besides, white camel mountain’s martial arts is’ a thousand miles away’, so no one else can learn it, right? " Ling Feiyang said
Chapter 11 Ling Feiyang’s relatives and friends
"Brother, since you must plant this matter on me, the younger brother will admit it!" Ouyang Ke simply stopped arguing and sneered, "I actually did all these things. I just want to catch you masters of the Song Dynasty!"
"Dad, I have told you that this Ouyang Ke is not a good person, but you just don’t believe it!" Huang Rong immediately said to Huang Yaoshi.
Although Huang Yaoshi acted perversely and irrationally, he attached great importance to the national justice. Ouyang Feng knew Huang Yaoshi’s character very well and quickly stepped in front of Ouyang Ke and said, "This snake array and martial arts are really not learned by outsiders, but Keer has never been to Jiaxing. I will make a careful investigation and give you an account when I get back!"
"If we were all dead at that time, we wouldn’t explain it!" Huang Rong’s words are still sarcastic.
"Shut up!" Huang Yaoshi immediately stopped Huang Rong and said to Ouyang Feng, "Brother Feng has said this, so let’s not let go of my Huang Yaoshi to teach her to make Brother Feng laugh for the time being!"
"Brother medicine out of this? I also like this marriage very much. I hope Brother Yao will consider it carefully! Wouldn’t it be nice to think that I, ashes of time, is as famous as heaven and earth, can form a in-law? "
Huang Yaoshi carefully looked at Ouyang Ke and saw that his handsome and elegant daughter was a perfect match. I thought he was a nephew of Ouyang Feng, and his martial arts must be not weak. I’m afraid that among the younger generation, no one could. Although Huang Rong had already embellished Ouyang Ke’s affairs with Huang Yaoshi, Huang Yaoshi was also a romantic girl when he was young. These things were not only normal, but also praised.
"Dad, I will not marry this Ouyang Ke even if I die!" Huang Rong saw Huang Yaoshi smiling and seemed to have a crush and suddenly "wow" cried.
"What a fake cry! You’re covered in mud. I haven’t scolded you yet! If you mess around again, I’ll break your leg! " Huang Yaoshi Shirley drink a way to think that Huang Rong has simply lost his face.
"Huang Rong is I can never let her marry Ouyang Ke!" Ling Feiyang thought that she was a junior here and suddenly came forward and said, "Marriage is not a child’s play, please think twice about Huangdao!"
Everyone didn’t expect Ling Feiyang to suddenly intervene in this matter. Ouyang Ke glared at Ling Feiyang and thought, "He really came to rob a woman with me!"
"Ling Shaoxia seems to have nothing to do with you?" Huang Yaoshi to ling float in the sky have a good impression, but at the moment it is a fire in my heart to talk has some you’re welcome.
Ling Feiyang didn’t know how good Huang Rong was, but suddenly he ran to Ling Feiyang’s side and grabbed Ling Fei’s hand and cried, "Why not!"
"Huang Rong must want me to be her shield!" Ling Feiyang thought of a warm feeling from his hand all the time. Ling Feiyang can hold Huang Rong’s hand tightly and don’t care about being touched with coal ash.
"Guo Jing tried his best not to catch this little hand, but now I am holding it in Ling Feiyang’s hand!" Ling Feiyang was ecstatic, and even the face almost responded.
Everyone present was stunned by Huang Rong’s move. Ouyang Ke hated it even more. Huang Rong affectionately took Ling Feiyang’s arm and said, "Dad, in fact, my daughter has a heart!"
"Hu said! If you like Ling Shaoxia, why didn’t you say so earlier! " Huang Yaoshi saw through Huang Rong’s trick at a glance.
"Daughter, I’m sorry …" Huang Rong put on a shy expression and leaned her head against Ling Feiyang’s shoulder and said, "Actually, Ling Shaoxia came to Peach Blossom Island to kiss …"
Huang Rong is not a student of Film Academy, but her acting skills are no worse than Ling Feiyang’s. Huang Yaoshi thought that Ling Feiyang could crack the peach blossom array, but she didn’t know it was so good at the moment. "Rong Er, don’t get Ling Shaoxia’s clothes dirty …"
Ouyang Feng has endured for a long time, and finally came forward and said, "Marriage must follow the orders of parents and matchmakers. Since this young Xia is here to kiss, I wonder if he has gone through this process?"
"The younger generation is an orphan and has never seen his parents!" Ling Feiyang’s parents are still in modern society. Of course, it is impossible to move them here, so he said
"If you don’t have your parents’ lives, you can’t count!" Huang Yaoshi immediately said.
"But isn’t this Ouyang Xiandi also childless?" Ling Feiyang said
"I can represent his parents!" Ouyang Feng said.
"Ouyang, do you dare to say that Ouyang Ke is your own child?" Ling float in the sky immediately asks face is with a hint of mockery.
Ouyang Feng immediately froze when he heard Ling Feiyang’s words. Ouyang Ke was the son of adultery with his eldest sister-in-law, but since the death of his brother, no one else knew that even Ouyang Ke was kept in the dark by him.
"Look at his expression this sentence is not casually said the ling float in the sky exactly is what person? Be sure to catch him and torture him later! " Ouyang Feng thought to himself.

After a while I said, "What do these four beasts have to do with you?"

"Ha, ha, ha, they just want a few pets from the underworld. It’s not much."
It seems that everything Suzaku said is true.
"What are you doing here? Although the old man is a hunter, he has never been interested in hunters. We have nothing to do with each other, but you have hung up your old pet. Is it necessary to make a clear account? I heard that you can do magic moves? "
"I don’t know if you want an algorithm?"
"Hey hey, of course, kill you!"
Chapter 155 Beaten step by step
With that, Stark pulled up his bow and shot out one by one.
The air arrow flies to me in the shape of an "S" like a Youlong. The golden arrow is much worse than the air arrow at first glance, but I know the fact that Stark abandoned the golden arrow and took the air arrow instead. He said that the air arrow is much more powerful than the golden arrow. I have to use the broken sword to resolve his air arrow.
A crisp air arrow shot behind the sword bounced up to the sky and disappeared in an instant. After Stark shot an arrow, his back hand kept pulling his strange bow carved with more than ten skeletons to shoot at me one after another like plucking a string.
After blocking an air arrow, my confidence increased greatly, and I don’t know where I came from. The speed of wielding the broken sword was accelerated instantly, which just happened to block the incoming air arrow. As the air arrow increased, the broken arrow blocked the air arrow and formed a strange air wall in front of me.
"Little blindly blocking you will never beat me. Show some of your first red man momentum that day!" Stark became angry when he saw that his lucky arrow was blocked by a broken sword.
"Day first red momentum? What do I depend on? Am I honored to be the first red man this day? It’s good not to be angry. "Thinking about it, I snorted." You used to be a protoss. Don’t you know that different ways do not agree? Is God a demon or a demon? Do we humans naturally have our own lives to worry about? "
"Ha ha ha ha you idiot! MD, don’t you know that old age is neither a god nor a demon? Hum, hey, hey, God abandoned the old devil and scolded the old for thousands of years. Fortunately, being old is not a reward. Now let you see it! " With that, Stark put away his bow and shot an arrow at half.
Every time the Stark flies higher, his body changes. When the height is about 100 meters, the human form dissipates and he becomes a black bird-Dark Phoenix!
God! Stark has actually turned into Dark Phoenix Suzaku, and what he has been worried about has finally happened.
However, Dark Phoenix flapped his horse with two wings and turned back into Stark. It seems that he has not completed the transformation of Dark Phoenix.
Stark slowly fell to the ground hey hey strange smile two "see? It is said that the phoenix is an immortal bird, but the old hey hey will become the middle and high in the three realms, and Dark Phoenix will live forever! Ha ha … Ha ha … "
"Hum! What if you become the master of the universe? Building your happiness on the suffering of others is simply unnecessary for people like you to live in the world! "
"Shut up! you do not get it , do you? What’s the point of living if it’s not strong? When I finish my metempsychosis, then, hey, hey, can the two worlds resist me? Ha ha ha ha … "
"Bah! What if you become Dark Phoenix? You’re not a bird after all. If I were a god or a demon, would I put you in the eye? " I’m really dismissive of him.
"You ND to old shut up! You know a bird! When you really see the great strength of Dark Phoenix, you will be ashamed of what you said today! " Maybe Stark was really angry. This time, he changed his attack mode. A black dragon flew out of his bow, and he shouted "Dragon bites!"
I can hide, but when the black dragon comes out, it devours me.
After a short period of darkness, the rosefinch’s hair turned to ashes, and even the coat he wore was gone, revealing the dragon armor inside. Then there was no armor to protect his face, and my hands were so painful that I felt the urge to die. I reached out and touched my forehead and my hands gently-my eyebrows were still there! The phase is not broken yet.
There, Stark "Yi" again, followed by a black dragon shooting from his bow.
I danced the broken sword impenetrably and made an air shield in front of me.
The first black dragon hit the air shield without any change; The second one hit the air shield and moved. The third one hit the shield and took a step back. Article 4 Hit me and take two steps back; Article 5: Take four steps back … I don’t know how many times I resisted, but the air shield was broken and my whole person was hit by the black dragon.
Every time I was hit by a black dragon, I felt a little bit lost. By the time I was hit by a black dragon, I felt no pain. I fell heavily in front of the altar. Maybe it was because I had been a bird man. Those feathers didn’t attack me. Just when I didn’t understand this matter, the feathers around me quickly blinked at me. I became a bird man again.
I can move faster with wings.
"MD old letter dozen deathless you! Without you, a hateful human being to make trouble, you might have got your wish by now. "It was a small black dragon, but now it has become a dragon. It’s hard to imagine how Stark could fly out of that bow with such a powerful arrow."
I’m surprised that it’s not just that. It’s even more surprising that I can’t hang up after so many dragons attack me. Look at my luggage. Those high-efficiency red medicines have consumed several bottles of the original keys or these red medicines are still on, otherwise I should have hung up long ago.
When I was burnt out again and my feathers fell to the ground, Stark said again, "Small! I don’t know what medicine you took, but even Suzaku can bite me to death. You mean human beings have actually done it. You are the first person to make me feel tough in 5,000 years. Now I will give you a chance to show your unique skills without reservation. If you beat me, then I will ask you to leave here today or I will send you back. "Then he closed his eyes.
To be honest, I have been beaten by Stark for so long that I don’t even have the ability to fight back, let alone fight back. I don’t know if the Dark Knight has done anything to this edge hunter. Now that I have the opportunity, I have to try.
"Do you really want to give me this chance? You don’t regret it? "
"MD cut the crap! When you are old, since you have said it, you will definitely be given a chance to display it. Hurry up and don’t delay your old age! "
"good! This is what you said! " I slowly raised my broken sword.
Close my eyes, I can clearly feel the black energy coming from all sides to the broken sword.
Chapter 156 Rosefinch tears
"It really is a move in the underworld!" Stark drinks and poses for a fight.
If it’s a real duel, the archer will definitely take the lead, but now Stark has asked me to hit him. The situation is naturally favorable to me. When the broken sword absorbs enough energy, it will automatically cast a dark chop. I don’t think I can control it. When I have it, I will prepare to break the sword, and I will continue to absorb energy like I have a plan.
Stark’s face changed slightly when he saw me holding a broken sword, and he continued to wait patiently for me to make a move.
Finally, the broken sword split out of the dark one with the huge black energy absorbed.
A long black arc halo emerged from the broken sword and chopped at Stark Stark. When he saw the halo, his face changed suddenly, but he still didn’t escape in the same place. I guess he might have seen the dark knight chop before, otherwise he wouldn’t have that expression. Judging from his present posture, he had to pick me up, and the dark knight chop it.
This time, I didn’t feel any discomfort after I killed the Dark Devil. Is there a proficiency problem with the moves? I don’t know a lot of things. I don’t know anything at all. Take this Stark for example. I just sent it out. It was the most powerful move in history, but he took it. I only saw Stark’s throat move. Other bases didn’t change. Stark easily took me without frowning.
"Small good! But you can’t beat me at this level! Well, make it quick. Look at me! " Starr finished archery with a bow.
"Bang" and "Pa" kept breaking from me. I broke the sword and knocked the arrow from Stark one by one. It was hard for me to step back unconsciously every time I picked up my body. Every time I stepped back a little, I sank a little. This ground was paved with stone slabs, but after forty or fifty years, I couldn’t retreat because my feet were already deeply immersed in the stone slabs.
Archers can shoot arrows with such amazing strength. Stark is indeed a terrible edge hunter. If I had a sword in my hand, I might have disappeared long ago.

Suddenly the blood was bleeding all over the place and screamed.

The man got a shiver and hid in the back scratching his head and couldn’t figure out a way to turn his eyes and shouted, "Brother, don’t! We are all players. Can I trust you? "
Ji Fan smiled and said, "OK!" Say that finish made a gesture to withdraw the shield back longbow, walked to the player.
The player smiled contemptuously and his expression passed away. The enthusiasm went forward and made a gesture behind his back. The mountain thief also enthusiastically surrounded him and was surrounded by a faint state.
JiFan pike in hand and proud to walk over, the player’s eyes is also a burst of murder.
JiFan moves silly all know that when he leaned in, he must be better than him.
The man looked at JiFan JiFan face can’t believe shouting "drop don’t kill! Those who drop don’t kill! "
Those mountain thieves don’t care.
When Ji Fan was originally surrounded,
Qiang Qiang!
In an instant, an iron wall stood upright in the middle of the tunnel and formed a small circle.
Boom! !
Handfuls of pike stood upright in the gap between the iron walls and stung out.
Like hanging kebabs, there were more than one mountain thief left in a blink of an eye.
JiFan disgust waved beheaded and went straight to the hall.
Dig the cornerstone as usual
"Please choose 1 Occupy 2 Destroy"
The whole cottage flashed twice and turned into a lot of materials.
"Huiyuan Yanhuang"
Lu Xun was as usual looking at only a few mountain thieves roared!
"shoot freely!"
Mountain thief leader was fierce, picked up a pike and rushed to pick up Zhou Shuang in an attempt to get Lu Xun to get the boat.
Wang Qiang looked at the bandit leader with disdain and shouted, "Target bandit leader shoots!"
It was embarrassing to find that no one listened to his scratching his head and picked up the iron tire bow and shot it. The poor performance really caused Lu Xun’s attention
Tracing the cause ordered that "the leaders of the first group of target bandits remain unchanged"
Wang Qiang excited a roar, seized the opportunity, kicked a foot soldier, walked behind the boulder, and his left eye narrowed, similar to aiming at the bandit leader, seized the opportunity and boomed to push.
The big head hides behind Zhou Shuang and turns a blind eye to Zhou Shuang’s hard struggle.
"Stones and boulders"
Booming ~ ~ ~!
When the leader heard that something was wrong,
It’s too late
Suddenly, two people were crushed by huge stones, including flesh and blood, glistening brains and Nathan’s white bone powder.
Intermediate Hutou Mountain Village was destroyed.
Chief! Die!
Far away, Ji Fan breathed a sigh of relief, smiled easily and shouted "Victory!"
"All hegemony rate +25 intelligence +21"
"Command 36 force 36 intelligence 33 politics"
Ji Fan spat out a sigh of relief. "It’s finally getting better!"
Chapter VI Bing
In the hall, Ji Fan sits in the theme, and Lu Xun and Wang Qiang are located in turn.
JiFan said with a smile, "After the war, it is natural to reward Lu Xun for his merits. I have nothing to reward you for the gold and silver in the warehouse. You can take my position if you want! I have nothing to give you, Wang Qiang! Your small eyes are accurate enough, so I’ll give you ten young men and you can be the scout leader! How about those ten young men give you a longbow, leather armor and sabre training after training? Are you satisfied? "
Wang Jianqiang nodded and said, "Brother Yao, you are too kind to me! I have long wanted to be down a peg or two. "
Lu Xun cut in.
JiFan a face of what look at Lu Xun.
"Master, the logging field is coming to an end, and we must make preparations. There are at most this village, but large villages can’t rise to towns and resources are scarce, and most of them are mountains."
JiFan nodded at Lu Xun made a look at Wang Qiang expression.
Lu Xun looked at Wang Qiang and saw Wang Qiang’s fat face smiling at him.
"Wang Qiang listens!"
Wang Qiang grin immediately bitter to the original opportunity to make this severe Lu Xun please him or face up.
But I didn’t expect to say "yes!"
Lu Xun looked funny and said, "Find out all the cottages in Fiona Fang, the village, and explore the village along the road to Jijiazhuang, and investigate the forces of the cottages along the road."
Wang Qiang spent immediately rang rang "elder brother yao your sister you’re not sick! Ten people! Ten people! "