"Er … Father, walk slowly …" Qingyan left the door unlocked his forehead. I could hardly believe my ears … no? What is this? Shall I choose the heir of the city state? Wow ….. But I can get the favor of Emperor Xi? It’s a little fantastic …

The bottomless black eyes flashed a little creepy and murderous, and the corners of the mouth were left and left, which outlined a murderous look. "Are you now?" As you wish! "
"Uh what?" Qingyan looked at him blankly and didn’t know what to answer at the moment.
Ximing pointed at her and trembled all over. "You, you not only took my body, you also took my throne! Do I have a grudge against you? You treat me like this? "
"Where do I have it?" As soon as Qingyan opened her mouth, she felt a burst of tears in her nose. She was full of grievances, but she vented more people. She fought back and hurt her mouth and argued, "I don’t want to take away what you have. This is not my intention. I want to live. I want Princess Dawan to live with dignity. Please don’t push me again!"
XiMing strode about "who forced who? Can you trample on the dignity of others just because you are born? Can you harm the interests of others at will? "
Qingyan can’t help but gasp. What is this called? She asked herself that she had not done anything wrong so far, and she had never harmed the interests of others! I have been defiled by him for no reason once! He doesn’t have any sincerity now, but he has such a bad attitude. This inscription is really annoying. The 166th emperors ()
With an elusive smile on his face, Xi Ming couldn’t guess whether he was happy or annoyed, but his face was indifferent and distant. "What do you want to do now?"
His aloof and arrogant expression is so handsome that Qing Yan can’t help but breathe in his chest. Although his expression is boring, it always makes Qing Yan angry and hesitated for a long time. She asked, "What should I do?"
"Hum" snorted, and his right hand made a gesture of folding the fan, but he didn’t touch the fan for a long time before he remembered that he had just broken his face, and his anger flashed through his palm. He took a fierce breath and said angrily, "What will you do?"
"Well ….." Qingyan scratched his head and just wanted to say that he was not interested in this kind of super boy draft activity at all, but she read hesitation from Xi Ming’s eyes. Although he tried his best to put on a look of light wind and light clouds, Qingyan could see that he was more nervous than anyone else.
Qingyan’s eyes flashed a sly light, and she thought to herself, looking at his appearance of being swayed by considerations of gain and loss, she knew that although he didn’t want to get married, he still couldn’t let go of the man who groaned in the throne. That’s it. Once it comes to desire, even if his personality is strong, it will be inadvertently smoothed out.
Qingyan shrugged his shoulders and deliberately looked out the window. "How should I know? Maybe an emperor in the parliament hall will become a new city if he is not careful! "
"Really?" Xi Ming smiled shallowly at his handsome face, but it was hard to hide his cold breath. "Then I will wait for good news!" Then he left with a kiss-xiu.
Vomitted to stick out your tongue at the back of the sudden departure of XiMing Qingyan mouth muttered a "is really a weirdo, this is no time to say good words, and then annoyed the old niang really waste you too! Bah! "
I sighed slowly, and Qingyan stroked my cheek with both hands and felt a little hot, but there was a heat flow in my chest. What should I do? What the hell is going on now?
Emperor Xi will make such a decision? Do you want me to choose too? What does he really mean?
Quietly thinking and pondering the emperor’s mind, if Emperor Xi really didn’t want this broken sleeve to be too much, it would never be delayed until now. That’s why I appeared, which made this old man over the age of 80 cry with joy. Perhaps he wanted to inspire him in such a way. I had to choose the inscription in the parliamentary hall so that he would look at me with special respect and be grateful to me. This is also the old emperor Emperor Xi Diliang’s painstaking efforts.
To think clearly about this key problem, Qingyan can’t help but shake his shoulders with a sigh of relief. His face is full of self-deprecating wry smile. "As the saying goes, it’s really not fake to be with you like a tiger. It’s really tiring to be intrigued everywhere."
At this time, her forehead was still dull pain, and Qingyan moved doubtfully to the dressing table, which provoked the scattered forehead to send out Byakki Smoker’s appearance and made her gasp!
The original has disappeared, similar to "Zhu Shazhi", and the charm of the pupil has miraculously sprung up! She caught her eye and rubbed her eyes hard. She looked intently again. Oh, my God, that’s right. The color and shape are exactly the same as before … What’s going on? Don’t …
She remembers being slammed into the corner of the table by a jerk of her forehead. It was indeed the original location of the charm pupil, but it was too fantastic to bump back the disappearing charm pupil.
Look at Qingyan carefully and make sure it’s not a scar left by impact …
I tried my best to smooth over my ups and downs. Qingyan smiled at the ceiling. "Whatever … it’s okay to struggle with this. I can’t always rely on this skill for a generation."
Just lost in thought, a maid-in-waiting came to report "Report to the princess, the second emperor, Liling for an audience"
A face of innocence blink a few eyes qingyan couldn’t believe my ears "what? Fuling? Are you kidding me? I don’t know him. Why did he come to me? "
"Yes," the maid-in-waiting leaned over respectfully. "The second emperor has been waiting in the living room, saying that he must see Princess Fang tonight and have something to ask."
"Oh, you lead the way."
In the lobby, Liling, the second emperor of the city, wore a robe embroidered with dragon and purple clothes, holding a paper fan and waving his hand as bright as Yushu. Before the breeze, he paced up and down with great interest and carefully appreciated the painting method of hanging the wall.
Qingyan stared at him from a distance, which was a compliment!
His handsome and Confucian appearance is different, but his forehead is seven points similar, but his hand-held folding fan looks exactly the same, but he looks more heroic, upright, rich and handsome when he is younger.
Qingyan can’t help but look at it.
And the changes behind him also shocked Liling, who seemed to be meditating. He smiled and looked back at the slightly hot eyes. A "princess" had not yet spoken, and his mouth was already stiff. "Gong … Gong … fairy sister fairy sister!"
He marveled at his knees and then struggled to move his knees towards Qingyan and "ran on his knees"
Poof … Crazy!
This is Liu Qingyan’s first reaction. She almost vomited blood and fell to the ground!
Qingyan hands shaking "Erhuangdian what are you doing? I’m not a fairy sister. I’m not. "
Three meters away from Qingyan, he finally stopped and slammed three heads at her. "Princess, you are so beautiful. I have never seen a beautiful woman like you in Liling. This woman should fall into the world of drunkenness! Now I can finally deeply understand the meaning of this poem. Fairy, fairy, you and I are fairies! "
In the face of Liling’s almost naked praise, Qing Yan’s body aroused a layer of goose bumps. She was embarrassed to dry cough twice. "Liling Emperor, please get up and talk."

The Great Emperor laughed and stared at Ji Yaoxue’s gorgeous face with faint eyes. "This kind of temperament is only available once a princess."

I don’t know if the big emperor glances at Ji Yaoxue and suddenly feels dizzy and has a sense of drowsiness and sinking.
Jiyao snow front more than a figure blocked the big deep and remote emperor’s eyes.
Ji Yaoxue waved his head, took a deep breath and recovered his eyes.
A trace of regret passed in the depths of the great emperor’s eyes
Su Mo said simply, "I advise you not to cut yourself short."
The big emperor frowned and looked at the blue monk who blocked the two people. He gradually narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "Get out!"
Sue ink eyes a clot whole person breath suddenly a change!
Su Mo’s body seems to be an instant generate out of the area, and a strong blood gas is horrible!
The opposite side of the big deep and remote emperor’s eyes was still a weak student, but suddenly it turned into a furious fiend in hell, stepping on the corpse mountain and bloody sea.
By Sue ink eyes a look at the big deep and remote emperor heart almost jumped out of the throat with discoloration.
"Cang solicitation! Cang Hao! "
The guards around the Great Emperor are conscious of the sword drawn from the waist and look alert, staring at Su Mo with a face of tension.
At this time, the mountain peak suddenly shook in front of everyone, and a vast ancient flavor dissipated to reveal a cave dwelling on the mountainside, and many monks were bright at the moment.
The seal is broken!
Shua shua shua!
Many monks offered flying swords in succession, and thousands of people galloped towards the abode of fairies and immortals at a glance.
Whoever can enter the abode of fairies and immortals first can naturally seize the opportunity and may win the treasure first.
Su Mo withdrew her eyes and temporarily turned to look at Ji Yaoxue and others and waved, "Go!"
There was a bitter cold in the eyes of the great emperor. "Let’s fight for the treasure first, and we’ll talk about it later!"
The friars who arrived at the abode of fairies and immortals first shot and smashed the gate of the abode of fairies and immortals.
The dust rolled and everyone filed in.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-two Quasi congenital horcrux
Just broke into the abode of fairies and immortals, an old smell came to my face. Nearby were five different tunnels, wide and dark, leading to unknown depths.
The monks who entered the abode of fairies and immortals paused for a moment and hesitated.
The five aisles look exactly the same. No one knows which aisle has a pulse Dan or a treasure at the end.
But if you choose the wrong aisle, you are likely to return home!
There is one chance!
Many monks hesitated a little, and each chose a tunnel and rushed in.
Brother Dayou Dynasty broke in, with neat steps and strict discipline. At first glance, he was the Iron Master.
"Divide into five teams and enter a tunnel. If you don’t find the first time, return here!" Dayouhuang sound qi
Brother Dayou Dynasty gave a crashing answer.
Ji Yaoxue and others consciously looked at Su Mo unconsciously, and they already regarded Su Mo as the leader of this trip.
The surest way, of course, is to look for it separately like the great secluded dynasty, so that the chance of finding the treasure will be greatly increased
However, there are eleven of them, and once they are divided, they will inevitably be dispersed, so the chaotic situation is easy to be attacked and killed.
Su Mo’s eyes flashed a bit of determination and sank, "Split up and I’ll go to the second aisle on the left. Ten of you will choose a aisle together."
Even if Su Mo is alone, he has confidence and can walk away.
Most of Ji Yaoxue’s ten people are five-pulse foundations, and Ji is a six-pulse foundation all day long, and there is also a night spirit guardian, which has certain self-protection even in the face of danger

Ice silkworm is also a cold insect. When bitten by it, the blood will slowly condense into ice. If the strength is not strong or there is no treatment, it will directly freeze to death.

After turning into an ice silkworm, Situhao could feel that ice silkworm was constantly sucking the surrounding cold water elements.
After sensing these, Stuart Hao couldn’t help being more admired for the cold water element of Tiens.
Brush brush
Suddenly, the branches and leaves rubbed slightly from a hundred meters away from behind.
Roar tight and a deafening roar from the front of the forest is ice spirit day lion roar Chapter 16 Ice spirit day lion.
Ice spirit Tiens roar is full of Xiao murderous look. Although Situhao is now in an unreal form, his heart can’t help but tremble.
It’s really a god beast, the Tiens with Ice Spirit. We should kill the Tiens with Ice Spirit side by side. Eating its flesh and blood is of great benefit to our order.
Ice spirit tiens roared down a powerful sound.
Obviously, the strength of Laiwu is not very strong. Their purpose is to kill the ice spirit Tiens to feed on it. The real strength of the flesh and blood is absolutely higher than that of this rare beast. Most of them will not be able to kill it.
Brush brush
The name Wu voice fall to the ground SiTuHao immediately to constantly ring leaves rubbed.
Bang bang.
A roar was followed by the rubbing of leaves, but these sounds were mixed with the sound of trees being knocked off.
Listen to the two voices, the ice spirit Tiens, and all the martial arts are from Stuart’s hiding place.
White after these situhao heart feeling can’t help but get excited.
Situhao is still quite weak in practicing animal secrets and force. He wants to kill the ice lion, a god beast, by himself. That’s simple.
As far as god beast is concerned, even the weakest god beast is enough to kill a sixth-order Wu, and Situ Hao’s strength today is that a fifth-order Wu with full force is enough to kill him.
He had made up his mind at the beginning of entering the Fenglan Mountains. He wanted many soldiers to be together. When they killed the ice spirit Tiens, he could also fish in troubled waters.
At this point, the situation is that he robbed the conditions in troubled waters.
Situhao ice silkworm’s unreal form hides in the giant tree’s heart, counting his own thoughts, waiting for the gang of ice spirit Tiens to fight with each other.
Brush brush
Bang bang.
The sound keeps ringing and the distance is getting closer and closer. A moment later, dozens of soldiers have flown to the left side of Situhao to hide from the giant tree. At the same time, a snow-white ice lion is now on the right side of the giant tree.
The size of the ice lion is two times different from that of the ordinary adult lion, but Situ Hao is white-eyed, and the ice lion is underage.
The adult ice lion club buffalo is strong enough to compete with the fairy. It’s really an adult ice lion, so it can be said that these weapons are unlucky at present.
At present, Tiens of Ice Spirit can match the seventh-order martial arts at most.
Ha, ha, ha, this ice lion is underage and suitable for us to kill people. Killing ice lion side by side and sharing flesh and blood will make us struggle less for water element training for decades or even longer. One of the first bosses said with a smile
Roaring ice spirit Tiens, although ignorant, looked at this group of people with weapons in their hands, but they also knew that they were not good.
Besides, the nature of the ice-spirit Tiens is ferocious, and when it grinned and roared, a strong wind blew in the forest and swept to the eyes of more than 70 martial arts.
As the wind blows, Situhao shudders, even though it is ice silkworm at this time.
To Stuart’s horror, the trees and leaves around the place where the wind passed immediately covered with thick ice, which made people feel chilly at first sight.
And those weeds are falling with the wind, but they have also become icicles.
This terrible cold water element is really terrible, which is many times more powerful than the single water element. It is no wonder that so many martial arts will rush to the Fenglan Mountains when they hear that the ice spirit Tiens are backward. Chapter 17 Ice Needle
Ice spirit Tiens rolled up a gust of wind with a huge roar, and the place where the wind passed was a world of ice ridges.
More than 70 famous soldiers looked at the giant trees, branches and leaves, people and weeds, and they were bound by thick ice in an instant. They didn’t look horrified.
Obviously, for the ice spirit Tiens, they have heard of it, but they have never seen it. However, they would not have thought that the ice spirit Tiens would be so capable.
Seeing the wind blowing, Wudu didn’t fight back.
The wind is a pervasive form, and these martial arts don’t know how to fight against the ice, the sky, the lion and the wind.
The wind blows the crowd at a flash speed, and the trees and weeds are usually tied with thick ice.
Bang bang bang bang.
Just as the heavy ice was bound, a loud noise kept coming to them, and the heavy ice was shattered by their direct force.
Of course, these weapons are those with strong strength and those with weak strength, but they can’t move at all, standing in the local area like ice sculptures.
Kill the leader, old one and complete, drink a big knife in hand and rush forward. Those who are not controlled by thick ice also rush forward quickly.
Just as the snow-white hair of the Tiens, which came from the attack of Wu, stood up instantly, and the same body was covered with hedgehogs.

This person’s name is Li Xiaoyang, who just graduated from studying in Yinguo in the summer. Because of the epidemic situation, it is difficult to find a work visa locally, and it is about to expire. At that time, he couldn’t buy a direct return ticket to Dongguo. He was cheated by an intermediary and bought a high-priced ticket and flew to Mande. According to the intermediary, he could transfer from there and fly back to Dongguo.

Her peers and her boyfriend, several overseas students from the East, only to find that many people had the same idea when they arrived in Mandel, and many of them were fooled by the intermediary. They once stayed in Mandel for more than a month, but they were scared by several dangerous incidents and wanted to flee quickly.
By coincidence, they heard the news spread by Huanxiang Industry, and many people boarded the passenger ship to non-Suo Port together. At that time, Huang Cansheng, the boss of Honggang, was also in the same boat …
These are all the information revealed by Li Xiaoyang’s social media. It’s always another story. When she came to Sofia Port, she found it very interesting. An ‘an, a little Kelin District, also took part in the newly-emerging punching and brushing activities in the local area, and took a lot of live photos and posted them online. Locke was also brought in.
That’s how the Fogan Foundation found clues. If Hua Zhen couldn’t get rid of the gold gang, he wouldn’t have found Locke. If he didn’t find Locke, he wouldn’t have found the five noodle restaurants. If there were no noodle restaurants, he wouldn’t have taken the lead in punching in and brushing his face. He was photographed clearly and sent to overseas social accounts.
All this is really a bit like Hua Zhen.
Hua Zhenxing exclaimed, "Is the big data search function so powerful now?"
Mr. Feng "It may be a coincidence. Is this a little beyond your imagination?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "That’s not true. I also made a Mengmeng. Artificial intelligence is much more powerful than this, but I didn’t expect this technology to happen to me now. But he came to Locke and stared at me?"
Mr. Feng laughed. "Guess?"
Hua Zhen trip "He said that he wanted to find someone who was taken away by Locke and had a black cover with gold stripes. Ordinary people couldn’t beat him. He misunderstood that I was Locke. What apprentice wanted to buy me to help him find it, but why didn’t he catch Locke and force him to come to me?"
Mr. Feng, "You continue to guess"
Hua Zhen’s trip "may be that he felt that even if he caught Locke and forced him to find something, he was not sure. He was worried that Locke might rather die than surrender, but it was so hard to find something. Can I find it even if I am Locke’s apprentice?"
Mr. Feng "is interesting! If you are Frick, what should you do to find the clue to that thing? Didn’t Lao Yang teach you? "
Hua Zhen trip "Let me see … I should be a bait. If Locke finds out that I want to steal it, he will definitely confirm that he has not collected the place, and fraker will secretly observe that he doesn’t know where it is, but Locke will take him to find it."
Mr. Feng nodded "human nature! According to this idea, several sets of plans can be designed, and it is impossible to know exactly what he thinks.
But I can see that he really looks at you a little. He wants to accept you not only to help him do this, but also to be his apprentice in the future. Although this guy is not a good thing, he means it. "
Hua Zhen trip "Why does he want to accept me as an apprentice?"
Mr. Feng "Because he thinks that you are gifted and Locke doesn’t deserve to be your mentor, he thinks that everything you do is learned from Locke. It’s really hard to be at your present level at an early age!
You are an alien in Porto de Somalia, and you can’t have a real sense of belonging. You became Locke’s servant to make a living. Locke took you as an apprentice after seeing your talent, and you just learned from Locke to get out of the misery.
Frick can satisfy your wishes and all your fantasies about the future. When you understand this, you will swear to follow him. While you are still young, he can retrain you and train you … "
Hua Zhen trip "Wait, are these all your brain supplements?"
Mr. Feng smiled again. "I guess I can guess now. Otherwise, who should I ask?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "but he also said that it would erase my memory but make me remember that what he wants me to do is not what I think … is this true?"
Mr. Feng shook his head. "He’s bluffing! Are you Teacher Ding? "
Hua Zhen trip "Do you mean Mr. Dinky? Does he have such a thing?"
Mr. Feng explained, "If you are an ordinary teacher, it can really make you forget a special experience and let you do something that you usually want to do but you can’t do something that you are excluded from."
And you’re not an ordinary friar of the Yuan God and the Qing Dynasty, not to mention Teacher Ding. Even I can’t do it unless you want to.
Mo Lao should have taught you logic, right? Think about it. If he has the means and is sure that he will succeed, what will he do to catch you? Why don’t he just grab Locke, erase Locke’s memory and let Locke find it himself? "
Hua Zhen patted his thigh. "Right … So you must have a big thing?"
Mr. Feng: "There is nothing wrong with me, but it is a bit promising to accept apprentices at a higher level of seniority."
Hua Zhen trip "Do you also have an apprentice?"
Mr. Feng "Yes, but my brother had a time when he was reckless, but he was never so reckless as you are today! You asked all the questions, and now it’s my turn to ask you.
What’s wrong with you? Far from being the opponent of that guy, he didn’t want to kill you, and you still want to die? Try to save yourself when you are in trouble, and saving yourself is to save people. There is an idiom in Eastern China called’ make a pretence of being a snake’. Have you heard of it? "
Hua Zhen trip "heard of it"
Mr. Feng "It is better to know than to know! He misunderstood that you are Locke’s apprentice, which is your greatest advantage. Can you be arrogant when you go back to Porto? Lao Yang can’t have never taught you these truths. "

Taotao hugged her knees in bed and looked at her brain all night. After a night, she didn’t know what she was thinking.

When the sun comes out, the temperature of chaos boundary comes again.
Last night, the snow accumulated on the ground and melted in a short time, and there was no trace of snow at night
When Taotao walked into the courtyard with a slight black rim of the eye, Yuan Tianhe and Kuang Qingming were in the middle of a five-chess game, and some idle things were also watching.
Duan asked, "Don’t you take the postgraduate entrance examination? I haven’t seen your back recently. "
Qing Ming adjusted her glasses. "Grandpa is determined not to let me out of the chaotic world. It’s hard to find someone to stare at me every day. It’s hard to slip away. These days, let them relax their vigilance for a pretence, and then find a chance to sneak out."
When he finished, he saw peach eyes staring at her behind Duan, and Yuan Tianhe and Duan also stared at her.
Taotao wiped her face and there was nothing dirty.
Yuan Tian put five chess pieces together and pressed Taotao on his stool.
He pressed her shoulder politely, which made Taotao get goose bumps.
Duan pushed the breakfast in front of Taotao. "When you eat it, I went back and thought about it carefully. He Li’s bone fart is too difficult to do. If he finds out that I stole his fart, he will probably kill me, but you are accommodating. Remember to tell me when you fart. I will come over with a can and prepare to pick it up."
Taotao was a little scared by their abnormality. She got up and stayed away from them. "What are you doing?"
Yuan Tian blinked. "He Li Bone announced in the chaotic world this morning, and then you will be the heir of the chaotic burial bell."
Taotao "…"
She He Li bone is to say that I didn’t expect him to be serious just because she can ring the emperor clock?
Duan Mou "Ying Taotao" Is this He Li bone that you open the back door? When the news came out, all the spiritual masters in the chaotic world were shocked. Did you see the expression of Feng Chu, the early witch? It was as shocking as seeing the witch’s family being demolished, but I am curious. Why did you choose to be the bell ringer? "
On that day, the clock was very wide, and everyone in the chaotic world heard it.
They also know that the emperor clock is in the chaotic tomb, but it is said that it is in the artifact, and no one associates the clock with the direction of the emperor clock, and no one will guess that Taotao rang the clock.
Yuan Tian was at the scene, but he was so strict that he didn’t even say the name of Qing Dynasty.
Yesterday, He Li gave the Emperor Clock to Taotao.
At this time, the top of the multiplier list was wrapped around the waist by Taotao and the wind chimes that Nangong dust sent her.
She doesn’t talk. No one knows that her waist is a bell.
Taotao primly said, "Don’t talk nonsense. It will be me when the bell rings."
He Li didn’t finish talking to her last night.
Taotao got up. "I’ll go and talk to grandmaster."
"I’m afraid He Li Bone hasn’t seen you now." Duan said lazily with grass roots in his mouth. "Early witch Feng Chu also wanted to see him blocked by the guardian spirit teacher and said He Li Bone was in a meeting."
Can Yuan Tian be the same? When Wu Feng Chu saw him, he didn’t mean to say that he wanted to return my brother’s divorce sticker. Taotao saw that he was down to business. Now she is the heir of the bell ringer. How can He Li’s bone disappear? "
Duan "inherited personnel in front of the Salvation League meeting, but also a little later?"
Kuang Qingming "It’s true that Grandpa also said yesterday that it would be very important to attend the meeting as a bell ringer."
"It’s important" Duan said, "The dark spiritual master is trying to sacrifice nine babies with a boat of students in the sea, which makes the spiritual world angry and the world in jeopardy. Instead of looking for debris to exorcise evil spirits, he points his sword at the spiritual master’s own silence, which can punish his heart."
"The act of killing spiritual masters and killing mortals in Silent Liao has aroused dissatisfaction among many spiritual organizations. This meeting is to determine the line. When dealing with Silent Liao, it is said that the meeting will be held in five days and the place will be in chaos."
Yuan Tian ""line? Then my brother is not coming, too? "
Duan nodded, "The spiritual world will be busy when the Salvation League meeting is held."
The moment Silent Liao made a move against Chaos Tomb in the sea, Taotao knew that the spiritual world would respond, but she didn’t expect it to be so soon.
Silent Lord ranks second in the immortal altar, and its strength is unfathomable. The number of dark spiritual teachers is unknown. If you really want to attack Silent Lao …
Taotao feels that it is really not peaceful for future generations.
Duan Mou: "This quiet Lao is really amazing. It is said that undercover agents have been inserted in the Chaos Tomb and the Special Bureau. I heard that Yuanling and Hefeng have been investigated for a long time, but they have not found any clues until now."
Yuan Tian looked at him suspiciously. "How do you know all this?"
He remembered that he, Taotao and Feng were present when Hangxiang was interrogated at the bottom of the cabin.
Yuan Ling knows that there are undercover agents in the special investigation bureau, but these insiders should not go around saying.
Duan pointed to his nose and was lazy but proud. "I am a spiritual teacher in Duan. There is nothing I don’t know."
"Do you really know everything?" Yuan Tian came to interest.
Duan, um, snorted. "I don’t know the secrets of the spiritual division. I know what brand toilet paper the logistics buyer in the chaotic world likes. What do you want to ask?"
"Do you know Xiao Yue figure things? Where does her family live? What do you like to eat, drink and play? What is your favorite cartoon? Who is the idol? How old are you? Did you like any boys at school? Tell me all about it. "
Duan rubbed his fingers.
Calcium dobesilate capsules has lost all his money, and now he is completely broke.
He suggested, "Why don’t I give you my fart?"
Duan "…"
Duan kicked him open. "Are you strong? Do you have any fans? Can you sell fart? What do I need your ass for? Do you want to smell it? Roll-"
Yuan days hanging in his neck whine "please-"
Yuan Tian hangs in Duan’s figure like a sloth, twisting left and right, and turning upside down, without throwing him around.
Taotao watched them intertwined and suddenly asked, "Do you know anything about grandmaster and teacher?"

You Haoran’s practice of the root method in Zhengqi Xianzong is called "The Road of Iron Blood and Soldiers", which is also one of the root methods of Zhengqi Xianzong.

The word "soldier" in "The Road of Iron Blood and Magic Soldiers" does not refer to the weapon of magic soldiers, but refers to the soldiers who defend their country and defend the country. When soldiers fight to protect the peace of the country and the people, their bodies will inspire a stronger fighting spirit, which is also a kind of righteousness between heaven and earth. It is by absorbing and transporting this fighting spirit that you can promote yourself to minor in some common methods and tactics, and make rapid and advanced achievements.
It is precisely because of this that you Haoran used to practice in places where chaos and small countries abound, and every time he hid near the battlefield to absorb the fighting spirit of the so-called righteous soldiers
However, in addition to releasing this kind of war accident, these soldiers will also produce another thing in the battle-Shaqi, which can’t be absorbed into the body to practice, but it is a good material for refining instruments, so you Haoran took the opportunity to refine this iron and blood banner during his childhood in the practice.
This iron and blood battle flag is the most vigorous iron and blood evil spirit and the sharpest iron and blood evil spirit in the battlefield, and it is the top-ranking weapon. After so many years of warm cultivation and sacrifice, it has already achieved the middle-ranking treasure, but it is the first treasure in his body. If he didn’t want to break through the knot in one fell swoop, then the real person didn’t want to practice hard before, and there were too many waves of mana. He would have refined this iron and blood battle flag into a life instrument, so it would not be necessary to put it in a bag now.
You Haoran knew very well that he had really made a hatred with Wei Ji this time, so he was determined to kill him. When he was afraid, he delayed for too long, and the storm dissipated outside, giving the five elements of the outside brother a chance to intervene in the rescue, so he made a move to go.
When the word "iron and blood" in the iron and blood battle flag released the hordes of soldiers and horses, the golden ShaQi beam wrapped Weiji up and quickly killed the shield released by the black lotus.
Black lotus Wei Ji used to make you Haoran see clearly that it was also a powerful treasure during the first world war of Yi Tianyang, but he didn’t care because obviously at this moment, without Wei Ji to manipulate the black lotus and move its most original means, those more powerful power roots could not be made. In his view, the black lotus shield was broken, which is a split second.
However, it is so surprising that the storm momentum outside has slowed down significantly after a while. Although the black lotus shield is thin, it is still strong. At this moment, you Haoran’s heart is not a bit anxious. After all, the five elements in the background of Wei Ji are much more earth than those of his master, but if Wei Ji is rescued today, Wei Ji will pull a ticket for other disciples to retaliate against him, but he can’t stand it.
When you swim in Haoran’s heart, no matter whether you have been seriously injured, the secret method of stimulating the potential of the righteous immortal Sect once again prompted a mighty force to surge out of the body and pour it into the iron flag. At that time, the red flag of blood also shone brightly, and a deep red aerosol also surged out of the iron flag and flowed into the golden fog. All the golden fog added a touch of blood red in an instant.
There is no doubt that this is another kind of ShaQi of the iron and blood banner-iron and blood evil spirit
The golden army was stimulated by this iron and blood evil spirit, which suddenly gave birth to variation, condensed into almost real light eggs, dispersed again, and differentiated and combined to form thousands of long swords, long knives, spears, halberds, long axes and cymbals with red in gold, but all the weapons that can be obtained on the battlefield were materialized and divided into different levels, as if a complete mortal army was flying, chopping and bombarding the black lotus mask in a certain wave.
So after only three rounds, the black lotus shield showed a series of fine cracks. The fourth round of bombardment hit the black lotus mask, and a "crack" sound came out. As the black lotus shield was completely broken, the black light and rain fell all over the sky, and those who had the help of iron and blood were also shaken back by this explosive force.
At this time, people can see the situation in vain, and it takes a blow to slay the innocent party here. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to urge him to help hordes of evil soldiers launch the fifth round of attack.
Seeing that the hordes of evil soldiers will attack again, they will break their flesh and be shattered before Wei Ji. But at this moment, Wei Ji’s eyes have been open, and his eyes are shining with two lights. These two lights are really too dazzling, so those who can see the storm flow can see it. At this moment, they can’t help but feel that things are not good. It seems that things are going to evolve in the opposite direction they expected.
However, Wei Ji is just opposite to you Haoran, although he is equally depressed, but he is not in the slightest panic. He believes that Wei Ji is sure to be hurt when he wakes up and turns around, let alone exert some powerful magical powers, that is, he is afraid that he is unable to control his spiritual strength.
You Haoran is still full of self-confidence, but he is happy that Wei Ji woke up at this moment. After all, is there anything more desperate than despair after hope, or is there anything more gratifying than defeating yourself and defeating the enemy?
"Wei Ji’s fear and desperate eyes should be the perfect ending of my battle!" You Haoran is thinking about his eyes and keeping a close eye on Wei Ji’s eyes, waiting for the scene he wants to appear and draw a complete ending to his battle!
However, Wei Ji didn’t show fear and despair as he expected, but he didn’t even have shock, anger and other emotions, but he was as calm and calm as before, just like a deep pool of ancient wells without showing the slightest waves
There was a loud bang, and the black lotus of Wei Ji’s foot burst. A leaf of Ye Lian petal was cut like a piece of odd-shaped fine wheel vortex blade, and it was greeted by a hammering army. One-on-one, not only did it intercept more than 1,000 pieces of hammering war department, but more than 100 pieces braved bright fine mans and whirled towards Youhaoran to counterattack in the past.
Such a result really makes you Haoran stunned, which is hard to accept, but this can be like a person always facing the reality. When you Haoran also quickly adjusted his mood, he shook his hand and threw the seven-color flying sword in his hand, turning it into a three-foot sword light like Youlong hovering in front of him in the cloud, and all the lotus petals that came from the attack flew back.
However, the seven-color broken arrow was covered with several finely cracked cracks because of the previous intersection. At this time, after hitting the hundreds of lotus petals, it was no longer overwhelmed and exploded on the spot, which turned several fragments into flying swords in all directions, but it was no longer controlled by You Haoran, so there were also many straight ones.
Chapter DiSanSiLiu A sword owl enemy first
Chapter DiSanSiLiu A sword owl enemy first
In this case, you Haoran had already expected it as early as the time of flying sword shooting, but it was still the case. In order to save every strength, he should fight against Wei Ji. After all, this seven-color flying sword has been broken into waste, but it is also a waste.
So in the face of the screaming impact, the flying sword fragments gently shook the iron flag in their hands, and immediately there was a golden aerosol spewing out from the word iron, which aggregated into a light fog shield in front of them. Those fragments hit the light shield and fell in succession, which did not show much power.
At this time, the taboo sound of Wei also sounded "Sword!"
Accompanied by the sound of the original suspended in the air, Geng Jin Excalibur flashed and fell into the palm of Wei Ji’s hand. At this time, Wei Ji didn’t control the flying sword, so he held on to his hand and made a longitudinal impact on You Haoran.
See who avoid so potential YouHaoRan where dare to neglect to want to defend the hammering evil spirit recycling, but who avoid to let out the black lotus petal is desperately entangled in the hammering evil spirit soldiers in its recycling, but also to follow this scene YouHaoRan where dare to recycle hammering evil spirit? When Li’s right hand pinched out a method tactic and suddenly slapped it on his heart, one mouthful blood came out of his mouth and spit it straight on the face of the bloody flag.
Immediately, the flag face of the iron and blood battle flag once again shines brightly, and with the clouds of extremely rich blood fog, it spews out from it, forming a thick fog barrier around You Haoran like a huge bloody cocoon to firmly guard itself inside.
After Wei Ji came, he split the sword toward this huge blood cocoon without saying a word, but at this time, this innate Geng Jin Excalibur was very different from the previous one and did not bloom brightly. After the golden sword light was finished, it was the flying sword body. Only at the moment of splitting the huge blood cocoon, the innate Geng Jin Excalibur Jianfeng showed a ray of golden light slightly.
At this time, the huge storm formed by the previous confrontation between the two men has dissipated. Most of the people outside can see the fighting situation between the two men. The monks and leaders who didn’t know the situation before saw such a scene. Naturally, they secretly hated this moment. They even hated the heads of big powers. "It’s sick to be so happy to be beaten by others!"
Who avoid a sword chopping in huge blood cocoon didn’t produce too much noise, just a slight "snow" fly sword into the blood cocoon several inches to see the people in the heart dark surprised.
Those who watched the war all practiced swordsmanship to the highest level of the foundation. A wisp of sword awn is not big but powerful, so they can accumulate sword power. But where are they? Bai Weiji is far from that level. Otherwise, you Haoran will not be so strong. At this moment, Wei Ji is showing his physical strength.
Wei bogey, even if he worships the Five Elements Sect, has never wavered in his own method of "Thirty-six Changes of the Highest Land". Although it was very difficult to practice the Yin-Yang Dafa in two points because there was no spiritual aid of Yin-Yang Fruit, he has never relaxed his own body, because his own body is far from reaching the limit, and he can continue to strengthen his strength.
It is precisely because of this that Wei Ji’s pure physical strength still ranks first in terms of physical strength, surpassing his own careful practice of sword power. However, physical strength is as vigorous and vigorous as mountains and rivers. Unless he shows his magic and turns himself into a treasure sword, he is not as sharp as sword power. After all, his physical strength can be turned into a sharp edge and blessed in the sword.
At this moment, Wei Ji is really blooming. If it weren’t for camouflage, he wouldn’t even want to bloom this sword. Because of his innate spirit, the material made by Geng Jin Excalibur is really great. The blade is sharper than the blooming sword. If it weren’t for the sword, he would be able to break the blood cocoon deeper.
But where is the best of both worlds? So although it takes a little effort to break the cocoon of blood, it is nothing compared with hiding the secret of its own flesh.
Wei Ji’s blow moved half the strength of the body, and he was satisfied with the power he had cut out now. You Haoran showed this iron and blood banner, and the great master of Wei Ji’s refining device knew at a glance that it was a good thing. When he applied a little strength, he showed his physical power by 60%, and then he set off with his feet lightly, like running around and chopping swords around.
When Wei Ji was young, he didn’t have a spiritual root, but he was a martial arts wizard, so he used to practice many swordsmanship. At this time, one of the swordsmanship, the chaotic cloak, was exhibited. Because the sword was like the tide, this little light seemed to be exhausted and extended into a huge screen. At this moment, if many monks watch the battle, they can see a golden screen cage with its roots trembling slightly, and they can’t see a human figure.
"It’s over!" Suddenly a watching leader suddenly said
And with this sound, there was a crackling sound, and then the golden curtain disappeared, and Wei Ji just stood on one side with a sword in his hand
Look at you Haoran and see that the protective iron and blood is chopped into pieces, and it really rushes to the iron and blood banner like that rag.
With the sound of "poof-",a fountain of blood rose from Youhaoran’s neck and flew his head up, then both of them fell to the ground.
Chapter 347 Leave
Chapter 347 Leave
You Haoran died on the spot, and Wei Ji’s face didn’t fluctuate at all. His left hand stretched out his palm and was slightly concave. Immediately, a huge sucking force gave birth to an instant, and the iron flag in his hand was taken into his own hand, and then it was taken into his own body.
Recall your own black lotus to the income body guard, and avoid any delay. Go on flying towards the Bell Volcano Gate memorial arch in vain. His body is as light as ever, and he has neither deliberately demonstrated the majestic momentum nor deliberately concealed his own strength. It is so ethereal that a faint breath lingers in his body.
However, it is precisely because of this that the leaders who are watching the game are afraid to act rashly because they really don’t know how much strength Wei Ji has left. Even those leaders who have previously moved all kinds of things to see clearly who are trapped by the trick are no exception!
It is reasonable to say that Wei Ji was not short when he was previously subject to You Haoran. It is absolutely impossible to get out of a bit of injury. Then Wei Ji broke out in such a fighting force. It may be forced to support the overdraft potential. Now it looks very stable, but it is hard to say that it is an empty bag and a sword. However, no one dares to test it before. Because it has evolved according to the current situation, Wei Ji is definitely better to get out. If it is sold every time, it is hotter than every time, but it is judged incorrectly. If Wei Ji still has a fighting force, then it may be possible for himself.
Which one of them has not been penance for many years? If you have a level of interest like then zombies, it’s just that it’s not worth taking such a big risk just because of a little face! In particular, most of them thought in their hearts, "wasn’t that righteous immortal idiot earlier?" It’s hard to say that another idiot will go out soon. Anyway, there are so many people. This is a patience competition, but I can’t lose here! "
In the heart, thinking about all the people is naturally more silent, so I watched Wei Ji step by step close to the bell volcano gate memorial arch.
That all the leaders can’t help secretly cursing other leaders for being so timid and afraid to jump out of the first world war? However, it can be redeemed if we get here. It will take Wei Ji a moment to shuttle through the archway. Even if the Bell Volcano comes out, it will be useless for their department to escape.
At this moment, suddenly a shout rang "Wait a minute!"
The distance between the archway and the gate is only three feet. When Wei Ji heard such a sound, he immediately stopped and turned around and looked towards the sound. At the same time, a tall, dignified and strong figure came out from that direction. The leader near this person didn’t know that he was Ding Kuang, the leader of the five largest forces in this clock volcano. His other identity was the five-element brother, and he was also the recognized leader of most of the five-element brothers in this clock volcano.
This man felt a sword of the earth from his body as soon as he appeared. However, this sword is different from his own practice of Gengjin Excalibur, which is absolutely sharp and sharp, but it is very feminine and soft. Such an Angzang man practices this sword potential. Although Wei Bogey feels a little strange, people who are in the kendo and are not bad at swordsmanship will naturally not be despised because of this, but they will be more vigilant in their hearts. Because the more strange he looks like this, the more likely he is to be a master with a very powerful kill.
"The elder brother such as call? But is it also to stop me from coming out of the mountain? " Wei Ji’s face is still calm, his eyes are still cold and calm, and there is no panic at all, as if the previous two fierce battles had never happened.
"My name is Ding Kuang! Born in the Five Elements, Zong Ruoshui Roufeng practiced Ruoshui Roujian! " This big fellow voice also seems to be quite soft and faint. "My name, Brother Wei, may not have been heard, but I have heard about Brother Wei’s reputation for a long time. Today, I really live up to my name!"
"Brother Ding flatter me!" Who avoid to know that this is not a prelude, so the surface is unchanged, not because Ding Kuang is the same door, it is a general reply.
"But not at all!" Ding Kuang continued, "Brother Wei has been closed since he got started. Maybe he doesn’t know enough about some information. I don’t know how many times this encirclement and suppression of then zombies has happened in this clock volcano. This special case of Brother Wei is not unheard of, but Brother Wei is the first one in this century."
"oh? Is it? Then I am really honored! " Who avoid is still a light back to the expression did not change.
"It’s nothing to be honored that Brother Wei has this strength, but it is a matter of course!" Ding Kuang shook his head slightly. "I didn’t come out this time to stop Brother Wei from leaving. After all, we belong to the same family, but I have a little opinion to wake Brother Wei up!"
"oh? I would like to hear the details! " Who avoid immediately answered, but he did not hand over Ding Kuang fuels in accordance with the ceremony and still stood proudly as before.
"I know that there are few brothers of the same age who are rich in wealth, so they are all powerful and powerful, but our generation’s practice is to prove that the fairy is the root, and all kinds of instruments are foreign objects. Don’t rely too much!" Ding Kuang’s mouth was in no hurry or rashness.

Because it is too messy, even if the variety of meat and aquatic products with state-owned brands is still rich, Xu Taotao is somewhat insensitive

She wants to buy cheap goods directly at Tong Mall. Who knows that Comrade Gu has to buy food with her so that she can give up her plan to buy food with Tong Mall?
Xu Taotao and Gu Yu Yun push their bicycles into the market, which happens to be very crowded on Sundays. The whole vegetable market is very lively.
It’s hard enough for people to walk, and they have to push bicycles.
You can’t ride a bicycle without pushing it. In this era, bicycles are equivalent to BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the future. No one can look at it and ride it for you in the blink of an eye.
Will you cry when the time comes?
Gu Yu Yun came to this place for the first time, and there was no place to stay. The whole person followed Xu Taotao stiffly.
The pork stall master laughed and asked Xu Taotao, "Lesbian, this is your man. The young man has never been to our food market at first sight. How can he wear leather shoes!"
What about eleven pairs of leather shoes? Who counts if they are dirty?
This gay man is not particular about it!
The pork stall master envies jealousy and hates thinking.
Xu Taotao couldn’t help laughing when he saw Professor Gu’s black shoes. "Master, he’s not my man. He’s my cousin who just came back from abroad and hasn’t been grounded yet!"
Master looked at Professor Gu with red ears and a face of disbelief.
He said, "Is it really your cousin? I don’t look like you two look different. Besides, this gay man looks at you with a smile just like I look at my wife! "
Xu Taotao ""is very outrageous.
When the master of the pork stall saw that she was speechless, she was immediately proud.
"I said that you are a lesbian and want to lie to me!"
Professor Gu is not only blushing at the tip of his ear this time, but also steaming.
He urgently explained, "Master, you misunderstood that Comrade Xu and I are simple friends, not what you think."
He didn’t even dare to look Comrade Xu in the eye, and he didn’t know how the pork stall master decided that his eyes were not pure.
Professor Gu thinks that he is quite simple and has been misunderstood.
However, his explanation is not as good as not explaining that he is flushed and gives people the feeling of shattered glass.
The master of the pork stall looks’ clear’
He jokingly said to Xu Taotao, "Comrade, I believe you now. He is not your man, but you two must be secretly talking about someone!"
He took a look at Gu Yu’s hand carrying vegetables and said to him, "I’ll cook for you before I get married, so a virtuous girl should give someone a birthright early!"
Professor gu jumped into the yellow river and couldn’t wash it clearly
Hey, what are you blushing for?
Xu Taotao "Master, we are really not the object"
The pork stall master waved his hand. "I don’t care if you two are objects or not!"
The two silently bought a good pork tenderloin from the master of the pork stall and a bunch of other ingredients, such as meat, duck and fish.
I came out of the market and went to the marketing agency to buy flour and eggs.
Finally, the big bags hung on Professor Gu’s bike, and Xu Taotao rode it easily by himself.
"Comrade Gu, do you want me to help you share some?"
Comrade Gu kept riding forward, even if the front of the car shook again, he wouldn’t let go. "No, you go first."
Since he said that he came with Comrade Xu as a coolie, how can he give these heavy things to Comrade Xu?
Chapter 10 It’s all bicycles that cause trouble
"Lily, this is your sister’s bike. It’s beautiful!"
"There’s no horizontal bar. It’s smaller than my dad. Oh, this car is also small. Lily, can you help me ask your sister where to buy it?"
Xu Taotao was pulled aside by Xu Lili and smiled at her sister. Xu Taotao took a rest to see her.
"Go ahead, what is it?"
"Hee hee little sister" Xu Taotao tugged at Xu Taotao’s arm and carried the girls down. "I told them that you have a bike, and they have to make fun of it. I can’t. Don’t be stingy, just show it to them."
Xu Taotao saw through her mind at a glance.
"Just look so simple? Nothing else? "
Xu Lili’s eyes dodged, "Don’t be suspicious, little sister."
Xu Taotao nodded and turned to push the cart. "Then I saw it and pushed it home."
"Hey, hey, don’t!"
Xu Lili quickly took the little sister and looked at the group of’ sisters’ who were watching bicycles in full swing, tearing up Xu Taotao pomelo and pleading.
"Little sister, you go home first, and I’ll send you the car back. You show me off for a while first."
I knew you were dishonest.
"No problem," Xu Taotao raised his smiling face. "What do they give you to punish me half?"
Xu Lili ""
She is so clever!
See Xu Lili don’t talk Xu Taotao face immediately to "don’t want to? Don’t want me to go to the cart. "
Xu Lili dragged her away and said angrily, "I will divide you and you will not die!"
Xu Taotao vomitted to stick out his tongue proudly at her. "I’ll give you the bicycle to touch or ride, and send it home completely late. I’ll tell mom if there’s a patch missing."
Xu Lili ""
When Xu Taotao left, Xu Lili was surrounded by a group of little sisters who clung to her bike.
Some people envy and say, "Lily, your sister is so kind to you. I’ll give you a ride on this new bike!" "
"My dad’s bike won’t even touch the baby!"
"Lily, it’s very kind of your sister. Can you tell her that I want to be her sister, too?"
When others hear this idea, it’s good.
"Lily recognizes that the sisters are all sisters after giving your sister a dry sister!"
Xu Lili blushed with anger. This group of shameless people wanted to ride her car, not counting, but also wanted to rob her sister.

However, I feel that this is also an opportunity to take out the [Ice Jade Knife +1] that he just noticed and ask her, "What does Grandma mean by this equipment +1?"

Because he just got into the game yesterday, he doesn’t know much about many things here, and he feels that this is a good opportunity to ask her.
Purple clothes took a brief look and told him, "Your current concept is to strengthen equipment and benefit other equipment cards. Sacrificing to strengthen the soul of an equipment is a bit like feeding a small ice."
Grandma is not the kui is the game when the great god saw that the snow feather had been fed by him, which made Wu Xiaojian suddenly realize.
However, she also woke him up. "But strengthening a piece of equipment is very risky, especially since +6, it is possible that the equipment will be reduced to its original appearance or simply disappear. This weapon has been said by +1 that this person has not only paid great efforts but also had excellent luck, which can help you grow in the early stage."
"Yeah, I see."
Wu Xiaojian consciously didn’t tell grandma where this Star God card came from, for fear that if she really knew that this equipment was from a group of people, it would be difficult to get it, and she would probably let him quit the game directly.
She is worried about her grandson, and she is lucky. Her experience gives him a cheat device, like GM in the game, but it will really threaten his life. She will give priority to his life, which is also grandma.
Although Wu Xiaojian really wants to catch up with grandma, she thinks that Li Qianru should still be waiting for him at home. After he has been out for so long, she should also be worried about greeting Xueyu and getting ready to go out.
Xueyu should be ready to return to her star card and go out with him.
Purple clothes secretly stopped Xueyu and asked her, "haven’t you signed a contract with him yet?"
Xue Yu, who has always been cold and naughty, seems to be as shy as her future mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Her face is slightly red and subverts Wu Xiaojian. She recognizes that she doesn’t understand the emotional situation and says to her, "I still want to observe". There is a little girl who is shy.
Purple clothes can read eyes like an old fox, squint and smile and say to her, "He is my grandson, which will definitely satisfy you."
Snow feather noncommittally immediately into a white light with Wu Xiaojian disappeared in this place.
Purple clothes are also looking up here. I have been a little tired of the bamboo forest scenery for many years, but for the first time, I feel that the sun is cold and it is a dreamland. It is warm here.
Starting (8
Chapter 9 Sister is also a star emissary [Chapter Words 78 Last updated 1394 :8:15]
Wu Xiaojian left the blue agate to fall into the dreamland and directly appeared in the street outside the demolition area. Look at the Star Card in his mobile phone and see that there is one more card inside, which is the only one that he can inherit from his grandmother now.
Grandma carefully selected to keep the baby, although it is not a card group, but the effect is absolutely top-notch
"Go home"
It’s strange that after Xueyu came out, there was no doubt that she didn’t follow.
But it should be confirmed directly in his head that she doesn’t want to talk now.
Wu Xiaojian also don’t want to hurry back to estimate now Li Qianru are anxious to find where he ran.
I also remembered what grandma said to him and asked Xueyu-ichi, "Where did you say the little fire was?"
I feel that since I was grandma, Spirit, that is, grandma summoned animals, he and her grandson naturally had a sense of recovery, and it was even more intuitive to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Xueyu, the ice ghost king. She must be at a high level in the local area.
"It’s close to here, and it seems to be sealed in some Wudang Mountain flame cave." Xueyu told him through her heart voice.
"Wudang Mountain … OK"
Wu Xiaojian even knew that this was a real game, but when he heard that he was going to collect monsters, that is, to fight monsters and train, there were still 10 thousand grass mud horses running by in Wudang Mountain.
As if in the dormitory, I was suddenly shouted by my roommate, "Wu Xiaojian, go!" Today, I went to the university cafeteria to play the assistant chef and exploded his epic pot spoon! "
That’s almost what it feels like
Lu is considering whether to tell Li Qianru this matter. Anyway, Li Qianru is now his partner. This star war is also a combination of two people. The individual is a group of two.
Finally, I thought about it and forgot to tell her about it. Because Li Qianru lives a more ordinary life than he does, but she is not as powerful as Xiaoqiang, and she is as adaptable as he is. It’s awesome enough to accept it all in just one night.
I feel that the atmosphere at home is not quite right when I haven’t opened a security door in the hallway outside with a gift. I have a feeling of wondering if Li Qianru and Mu Jiao Jiao are quarrelling.
But when I opened the security door, I found that the situation was more serious than he thought. At home, I could faintly hear the sound of the pot being knocked over and the table being pushed down.
This …
This is not a quarrel, but a fight!
Quickly open the security door outside the door, push the door and enter, and instantly find that it is still too simple to think in front of him. When entering the door, I feel a feeling of entering the battle field through the fog area, and the battle is not in his home but in his home area, that is …
Star god fights!
Sure enough, just after entering the combat zone, I saw Li Qianru fighting with a white boy who was not like a boy. Next to the boy, there was a petite girl who cooperated with the boy. Both of them were assassins, so Li Qianru still fell into the wind.
Wu Xiaojian recognized the little girl with a round face who was fighting with Li Qianru at a glance, and her big eyes were like dolls.
"Brother Xiaojian, you came back just when I caught a thief in your house."
"thief?" Wu Xiaojian corners of the mouth twitched a.
Li Qianru was so angry that her eyes were about to breathe fire. She yelled at Yingying, "You are the thief! I was kind enough to open the door for you and you attacked me directly! "
"Hum! You’re still quibbling! Say hello to the boy next to her together and let him attack Li Qianru.
Boys, too, listen to whatever girls say without saying anything. Li Qianru can fight them with his bare hands because he is not awake. It seems that it is a loss
Wu Xiaojian has a headache. Unexpectedly, the warbler is a star god or a star messenger. Now it turns out that he chose a summoner. This is not good. He has no ability to stop them from fighting. While rubbing his temples, he took out a star card from his mobile phone and shouted "Start! Gravity field! Ten times gravity! "
Brake when the living room gravity was forced to change into ten times the normal gravity, suddenly three people on both sides were pressed to the ground and couldn’t move, and he was not affected by Li Qian, and everything would be affected by him. Of course, the effect of his card was intentional
"Can you calm down now?" Squat down and ask them both.

When Zhao Wang just stepped into the room and heard this sentence, he was curious and asked, "Who can afford what?"

Xie Yuan got up and asked the prince of Zhao, "What do you always go out to do these days? I can’t even play at home! "
Xie Yuan has always been not afraid of his father’s smell, so he laughed. "The birthday of the mother princess is coming. Go out and find something good for her. Where are you from, father?"
Speaking of this, the prince of Zhao’s face sank and he was a little upset. He told the princess of Zhao that "the historian has come to ask for news again. The king is really impatient, otherwise you will go on the fifteenth day."
To the historian? When the time comes, I have to wipe my ass again. Zheng’s heart scolded Xie Ting again. I felt very uncomfortable and I couldn’t refuse, so I nodded and knew it.
Pulling up the prince of Zhao again, I just said that I was full of things.
Anyway, this girl Xie Yuan is determined to win, no matter who comes.
Chapter II Confession
It was getting dawn, and Dingyuan had a rest all night. He felt a lot lighter, so he got up and washed, and practiced boxing in the garden to loosen his bones and muscles.
Just a moment ago, I was used to waiting on Dingyuan Hou’s concubines, and I got up and washed up in a hurry to attend to the old lady’s room. When she was old, there would be nothing to be jealous of.
So it’s not difficult for the old lady to wake them up. They said, "I’m not here to wait on you, but I’m still waiting on the master and I’m not coming to inquire."
The two concubines were busy agreeing, but they were still clever and waited on the old lady Gu for breakfast before going to the front yard to find Dingyuan Hou.
Dingyuan Hou got up early, and the children also went to the DPRK early, so they hurried back to pay their respects to Dingyuan Hou.
I’m a little uneasy to ask Dingyuan Hou "father came back this time and I don’t know who was there watching?" I don’t know who will replace it? "
Of course, who is the new Dingyuan Hou and who went to Dingyuan Hou took the towel and wiped his hands and asked him later, "What do you think?"
M hurriedly bowed their heads "son dare not talk nonsense"
Soon three masters, four masters and five masters also came one after another, and all of them were invited to stand by.
Ding Yuanhou looked at them again and knocked on the desktop. "Let me talk about the second thing. Your mother said in the letter that although it is clear, I still want to ask more carefully."
Why ask Gu Boqi first? This topic changed too quickly. Several brothers looked at each other inexplicably but were afraid to say nothing, so they went to pick up the National People’s Congress master and told the five masters at that time.
"On that day, we suddenly received a message from the page sent by the God of Food. When we hurried past, we found our second brother lying on the ground. At that time, it was already more venting and less air intake. I heard that it was his Qiu family that Qiu Shi’ an was vying for a singer." I’m carefully considered some kind of decision and made a more moderate word.
The Fifth Master went on to say, "Later, we asked the shopkeeper and told many young boys that we saw Qiu Shian’s second brother quarreling with our own eyes. They also had a big argument, and then that Qiu Shian pushed the second brother here."
Five master again remind of Qiu Cangwu and Qiu Shi ‘an talking to themselves and Xu Zhiyuan advice couldn’t help yawning mercilessly and feeling gloomy everywhere.
"A singer?" Ding Yuanhou asked noncommittally, "What kind of singer is it?"
That singer has been to Houfu and almost pissed off her second sister-in-law. I’m blunt. "She is an ordinary singer. She was given to her second brother by the Qiu family at first, and then she set up a house for her in Mengou, raising her and having a baby."
"That singer is not a good person. While her second brother is good, she is actually hooking up with the high family. I heard that this child is Qiu Shi’ an, so her second brother was annoyed and went to the Gourmet House all the way. No one can stop her."
So everything is a coincidence.
That singer happened to be discovered by Qiu Shi ‘an, and then Qiu Shi ‘an happened to be not at home, and Gu Boqi also happened to catch up with the God of Food. They had an argument, and everyone in the room ran away. Just when there were two people in that room, Gu Boqi happened to be pushed around by Qiu Shi ‘an and died.
This also said that the past is not very plausible. After all, there were only two people left in the room, Gu Boqi and Qiu Shi ‘an, who else would it be if it wasn’t Qiu Shi ‘an? Even the yamen has given a verdict. How can there be anyone else?
But what if someone hadn’t left then? At that time, there was no third person in the room. What if someone else pushed Gu Boqi away in troubled waters and took advantage of no one to slip away?
Dingyuan Hou took a thoughtful look at his children with bright eyes.
It’s better not to have anyone else. It’s better to be a coincidence
The third master is the quietest and has hardly said a few words since he came in. Ding Yuanhou stopped looking at him and asked, "You don’t care about your second brother’s nonsense on weekdays?"
In charge? Too much, but who can he listen to?
Before the third master could answer, the curtain rang. It turned out that someone had come to report that Gu Chengyu had come to smoke.
Gu Lao, the duke, took the corner of his mouth and smiled. "They remember having a grandfather."
I’m doing some ideological struggle beside me, but I still said, "In fact, my second sister-in-law asked her sister-in-law to inform the two children yesterday. Who knows that I was busy and didn’t pay attention to it? I forgot that the two of them didn’t know and naturally didn’t come."
Dingyuan Hou saw his one eye, nodded and went to De ‘anju. Later, he told the boys to "do your own thing and have nothing to do around me in a few days."
Gu Yan Gu Chengyu was already waiting in De ‘anju.
Dingyuan Hou was first attracted by a plain white silk dress rolling a layer of Phnom Penh smoke at the cuffs and lapels, but I didn’t know that the second daughter was more beautiful than the first.
Gu Manmei is like a fairy, but this is also beautiful. It is really two sisters.
As early as before they came, they had already figured out how to deal with Dingyuan Hou, so when they saw Dingyuan Hou coming in, Gu Chengyu knelt down and confessed.
In fact, there’s nothing to confess. I just didn’t come to pick it up. Anyway, I’m separated.
Although I know that my eldest daughter-in-law forgot to inform me, Dingyuan Hou still doesn’t like it. He snorted, "But you don’t know when I will be back."
Gu Yan pursed her lips and looked up earnestly at the Duke Gu. "It’s my granddaughter’s failure to come. My brother will stay here until my grandfather comes back to pay his respects. It’s my granddaughter’s concern for Aunt Ma. My brother took me back to my grandfather to punish me when she was sick!"
Gu Yan always makes people feel pity when she looks at you with big black and white eyes. She says it is so clear that the white family is home to take care of their sick aunt. Is that their biological mother?
This little girl is not the same as Xiao Jiu, and Xiao Jiu has ways to block you so that you can’t say a word, and you can’t find a mistake, but you always feel aggressive.
But despite the smoke is everywhere difficult to let a person don’t have the heart to push her first.
No wonder these two girls are together. No wonder there is no way to be quiet. No wonder there are so many things.
Dingyuan Hou smiled and brushed the kiss xiu at will. "It’s enough to remember my grandfather, and I don’t care about a day or two sooner or later."
Gu Yan breathed a sigh of relief and rejoiced. She held a baggage from the girl behind her. It seems that she bowed her head and held it for a long time. "This is the granddaughter who embroidered shoes and socks for her grandfather and asked him to wear it reluctantly."
However, I have a heart. Ding Yuanhou nodded and asked the concubines next to him to accept it. He asked Gu Chengyu, "I heard that the emperor asked you to worry about Ding for a year and watch this year pass immediately and still go back to the Royal Guards?"
Royal Guards is a good talker before the Emperor, but he is also a bodyguard when it comes to breaking the sky.
Ding Yuanhou is a soldier. He can leave his family alone for decades, which shows his perseverance and ambition. Gu Chengyu blurted out without thinking, "No! Grandson wants to kill the enemy and defend the country! "

Although we can’t kill him at once, the ninjas still don’t mind destroying him first!

After all, it was once the peak of forbearance, and now not everyone has the opportunity to detain this kind of film-level strong person.
People jokingly gathered around him, and some senior allied forces also acquiesced in this line-they really hated this young man!

In the ecstasy of victory, no one noticed that they were reared, came to inquire or fight, and all the animals stopped in front of the man and knelt down …
All creatures felt fear in front of him, but most humans have been covered by excitement. Only those loyal animals realized the threat before them-if they were not trained, I’m afraid they would have turned around and run …
They didn’t even notice what kind of sadistic smile the man who had been taken prisoner by them was wearing …
Ha ha…
"I’ll ask you for the last time. Where is Jin Yong now?"

I haven’t slept for three days and nights … but I just woke up from my dream in less than an hour after sleeping with the vulture-a strange feeling seems to be waking up. I’m afraid that the man who has been covered in scars will have another adventure.
And when she arrived at Zhenyong ward, the hospital bed was already like this …
Almost without hesitation, the vulture immediately set off and began to March to the front!
From the moment Jin Yong woke up, the hatred flash in the other person’s eyes never disappeared-that despair and anger vulture is really familiar …
She must stop Zhenyong … At this time, besides lying in the ward watergate, she can do it.
But just as she was about to climb over the fence, an absolute method predicted that someone would stand in front of her …
"Mother … you can’t go there."
In the past few years, he has long been a handsome young man. Although his skin is too white and somewhat delicate with some girls, in terms of strength alone, he is no longer the same as that young kid-he is firmly in front of the vulture with complex and decisive eyes.
He has a reason not to let vultures through here …
"Where is Zhenyong?"
The voice of the vulture suppressed the anger, but the murderous look of wanton pouring has made everyone around feel the pressure … The battle three days ago has made everyone realize that this woman is terrible, but now almost no one has the courage to look directly at her spinning sharingan …
Yueyin didn’t answer. He shook his head silently with his hands outstretched in front of the vulture.
He can’t let his mistress go …
"I’m going to ask you one last time."
The vulture’s fists have been clenched and the three gouyu in his eyes have been reassembled into an unknown kaleidoscope after rapid rotation …
"Thousands of hands really brave in the end where! ?”
She almost yelled out these words! And everyone, including Yueyin, still chose silence …
Is that right …
"Moon Silver …"
The scarlet kaleidoscope began to turn rapidly, and almost at the same time, it stood in front of her. Moon Silver immediately fell to his knees-he was panting heavily, but he couldn’t control his actions.
"How dare you!"
The angry punishment vulture instantly crossed the blockade and appeared on the tall wall of konoha …

And then she saw …
This is probably a scene that she will never forget in her life.
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All creatures felt fear in front of him, but most humans have been covered by excitement. Only those loyal animals realized the threat before them-if they were not trained, I’m afraid they would have turned around and run …
They didn’t even notice what kind of sadistic smile the man who had been taken prisoner by them was wearing …