Want to know ~ ~ Even if it’s a great talent, just like Mao Zhu Yuanzhang, how many years have you been forbearing to destroy Hu Weiyong, or to destroy Zaizhi and Prime Minister?

In particular, Lao Zhu’s strategy of "cutting his wings and slowly drawing a picture" when he wiped out Zhang Shicheng and the South was put at this time, it was definitely a high practice.
Soon QinBing respectfully reported that "General Zhou Huang is coming" outside the door.
Li Yuanqing smiled, "Let him in."
For a moment, Zhou Huang was busy and quickly knelt in front of Li Yuanqing. "Student Huzhou Zhou Huang has seen Li Shuai."
Li Yuanqing glanced at Zhou Huang
Zhou Huang has packed up the original wet pants at this time, and has changed the temple monk’s blue cloth pants with his brocade clothes, which is neither fish nor fowl, but this fellow has obviously washed his face and is in good spirits.
He still holds a brocade box in his arms.
Later generations, some people say that’ women often need a night to grow up, but men need a long process’
For a long time before, Li Yuanqing always agreed with this, but at this time, it really reached its present position.
Li Yuanqing is, in fact, it is not too long for men to grow up. The key is to have things and setbacks to constantly hone, draw nutrition from setbacks, and then become more frustrated and brave.
At this time, although Zhou Huang is worse than a real man, at noon, the frivolity has dissipated a lot, and it is replaced by a kind of reverence.
Li Yuanqing also could not help secretly nod.
After all, it’s a noble family and a male brother.
If the conditions are a little mature, they are savvy, and their ability to seize opportunities is indeed much better than that of ordinary poor brothers.
"Duke Zhou, please get up."
Li Yuanqing smiled and waved a sign for Zhou Huang to sit in his head.
But how dare Zhou Huang sit? Busy respectful way "before Li Shuai students how dare disrespect? Li Shuai, this is a temporary collection of students. The silver almost arrived at 6,200, leaving 14,000. When the students return to the city, they will definitely send it to Li Shuai. "
Zhou Huang said that he was careful to hit the brocade box, which was just a bright silver ticket.
Li Yuanqing undeniable smile slowly nodded and did not refuse Zhou Huangyin.
Although Li Yuanqing has always wanted to win over the Zhou family, how can they remember if they make a mistake and don’t give them some blood to hurt them?
Is it true that Li Yuanqing is a clay figurine without any anger?
See Li Yuanqing will jinhe cover but slow to talk Zhou Huang little heart can’t help but fear again.
He’s under too much pressure around Li Yuanqing.
This is something Zhou Huang has never felt before.
Zhou Huang also don’t know this ~ this exactly how to shape …
But he doesn’t hate this feeling. Although he is very nervous in his heart, he is very excited. His blood is burning, but on the surface, he has to protect himself and be safe and calm.
It’s like walking at the critical point of ice and fire disputes.
Li Yuanqing don’t talk Zhou Huang nature more afraid to speak carefully watched Li Yuanqing expression waiting for Li Yuanqing to move.
A long time Li Yuanqing smile "when did the duke of Zhou come to Beijing? How are the elders at home? "
Zhou Huang was busy respectfully handing the way, "The students who returned to Li Shuai dialect came to the capital in September last year, and their parents and adults were very well. Thank you for your concern."
Zhou Huang’s surface is very regular, but Li Yuanqing noticed that there was a glimmer of hope in this fellow’s eyes.
Li Yuanqing smiled. "Duke Zhou didn’t tell you the truth. Today, Li came to make his brother talk about it, but at this time, Li changed his mind. Do you know what this is?"
Zhou Huang is not stupid
How can he not understand the deep meaning of Li Yuanqing’s words? When I cried, I couldn’t help but’ plop’ and kowtow desperately. "You can get Li Shuai to teach students to win ten years!"
Li Yuanqing Zhou Huang finished talking about it, and it was already dark.
Yang Jiao ~ Niang, they have already finished worshipping Buddha and waited outside for more than an hour.
But Li Yuanqing did not choose to stay at Jietai Temple tonight, but returned to the mountain camp.
Although the conditions of Jietai Temple are good, it is obvious that only in the camp will Li Yuanqing feel more secure, and his fate will be in his own hands at all times.