Ms. Ross was stunned and watched warily as Mark took out his hand spray to prevent wolves.

Mark smiled faintly. "Ms. Ross, I have to ask you a few questions before I can confirm this news."
"… what?" Ross clung to the wolf spray and wouldn’t let go!
Mark recalled a story and asked faintly, "Did a CIA agent give this to your boss before he disappeared?"
"… how do you know?"
Mark smiled with satisfaction when he got the answer he wanted, then looked at Abigail Ross and said, "Ms. Ross, you can go."
"… Ray?"
"in a very hidden secret prison."
"… where?"
"That’s what I want to know."
"Are you looking for someone?"
"Of course!" Mark glanced at Ross sideways and shook his head and said, "But I’m not like you. I’m going there for a holiday. You saved lives."
with this
Mark raised his right hand slightly, opened the passenger door directly, made a gesture of please to Ms. Ross, and then said, "But if I see Ray after I solve my trouble, maybe I will bring him back."
Steady! No waves!
Mark once again told himself in his heart
Once, it was because of thoughtlessness that such a thing appeared that endangered one’s political life.
Early know so.
At that time, Mark should have let the old guy worthington die directly.
But the scenery is beautiful, just like a holiday manor. I have lived in a rich prison in new york for a generation
Will it be?
Can’t you honestly accept 123 years in prison?
But it was only in 123.
As soon as you close your eyes, you will pass. If you close them, you may be able to go forward.
Have to sue!
But also directly from the positive hard steel mark.
A lawsuit can be announced to report to mephistopheles in hell.
Some people always misjudge a person’s psychology and action thinking.
Mark put the worthington court on trial at that time to show judicial justice.
It’s not that Mark is heartless.
This is good.
Mark decided to be cruel.
Poor old worthington has lost his car, ticket, company and his only son.
I’m losing my life …
Will it be?
Mark couldn’t help feeling sad at the thought of it …
Chapter 365 Great changes in the geocentric world
But because he is soft-hearted, he can live in prison for a long time
And the result?
After listening to a guy hiding in the dark, he jumped out and acted as a horse striker to die.
I have to say, this is disgusting!
With this in mind, Mark even looked down on the dwarf.
If you just jump up and hit Mark on the knee, Mark might pay attention to him.
But …
Being able to hide in the dark is not enough to be afraid, but to watch a clown performing a funny performance
The next day!
Mark and his fiancee hugged each other and said cautiously, "Dear bumblebee is going to mutate. Be sure to bring it back to me on vacation."
Kate took a look at the yellow Chevy, which has fallen behind an era, and said, "I’ll sell this car to a second-hand car dealership this afternoon."
"Haha, I’m joking with you."
"oh? What do you mean? "
"It means that if he said that, I would go straight away and beat her from Washington to Siberia."
"… say it again?"
Three hours later.
Mark got out of the plane and rubbed it. It still hurts his chest and waist.
I have protected the president’s girlfriend, and my strength is stronger than others.
It’s all red!
It’s just a simple naughty word, although if you were a person, Mark would promise to die with one punch.
But who knew Kate could find a loophole in this sentence and connect it with Mark’s love for bumblebees more than her.