He Li bone was staring at the Jason Chung in front of him.

He has been there for a long time, and the wind is behind him without disturbing him.
It was a long time before He Li bone looked away.
His timbre is like falling to the ground in the cool autumn season, and the needle rain is a little rustling. "I have lived for a hundred years, but I have never thought that everything I stand for is a mystery. My loyal wishes are false. What I want to see is that Taiping is the grave of our generation. This is heaven."
"grandmaster" wind still spoke.
Once upon a time, in his eyes, He Li bone was like a mountain standing on people.
There is always hope for people who want him to stay still if evil spirits are raging.
But just for a moment, he saw the old color in He Li’s bone face, which he had never seen before. It was not the vicissitudes of life, but the aging of mind.
At a certain moment, his eyes lost their luster, which was different from the sky falling down on the wind and made him uneasy.
"I am old." He Li’s bone voice is very light. "The bell ringer is not suitable to do it any more. Today, Taotao rang the emperor bell …"
"I do," Feng looked at Di Zhong before he could speak. "If she were me, I would."
Taotao slept like a log.
Because of the memory of the emperor clock, she slept in a daze for one night and one day, and when she woke up, the distant horizon was already stained with twilight.
Yuan Tianhe and Qing Mingdu came to see her, saw that she had nothing to do, and left when she was sleeping.
Taotao woke up dizzy and got up and went to the yard to blow the night breeze.
He Li bone and wind in the courtyard steps.
Neither of them spoke and quietly looked at the dome dusk.
The distant mountains are stacked on the sea, Wang Yang.
In the twilight, the sun shines brightly, and a warm orange light slowly shines from behind the clouds.
Taotao felt in a daze that it was like the sunset on the top of Qushan Mountain.
Many evenings in the past, Li Sanjiu also accompanied her to watch the dusk like this.
"Grandmaster, why are you here?" Taotao walked behind them.
He Li Bone "I just had a meeting with the Salvation League and wanted to talk to you for a few words. Seeing that you didn’t wake up, you didn’t bother. Are you unwell?"
Taotao: "I’m fine. I just got dizzy and slept more."
Wind: "You sounded the Emperor Bell last night, which exhausted your spiritual strength and most of your spiritual strength. Have a good rest these days."
Was it because the emperor bell was rung?
It is no wonder that the three spiritual veins of the wind have made the six cardioscopes consume a lot, not to mention that one of her spiritual veins rang the emperor’s bell.
There are three of them in the college, Yuan Tianhe and Kuangqing are not in Nangong Dust, and there is no sign of them.
He Li looked at her gently with his back to the sunset. "I told you to stay in chaos and I will answer some things for you."
Taotao froze. "Can I ask now?"
He Li bone motioned for her to say
Taotao has a lot of mysteries in her heart, and suddenly someone can solve them as if she were dreaming.
She didn’t know where to ask for a moment and thought for a long time and asked, "Nangong Chen is the first generation of bell ringers, right?"
He Li’s bone "yes"
"He died at the beginning?" Taotao is puzzled. "Everyone says that the bell ringer in the early generation of Chaos Tomb is the incarnation of God, but I can see in the memory of Emperor Zhong that he was killed by thousands of spiritual teachers in the maze crossing. People in the maze crossing said that 300 years ago, ten thousand people sacrificed the array to slaughter the magic array to suppress evil spirits. What was he?"
He Li bone listened to her question and fell silent.
After a long time, he asked, "Do you know how he is described in Chaos Tombs?"
Taotao shook his head. "I don’t know that the Nangong has never been to me."
He Li bone slowly said, "An Sihai earthquake will set nine continents."
Just nine words have the power of rolling thunder
Taotao understood the meaning of these nine words and murmured, "Is he really a god?"
He Li’s bone "is precisely the incarnation of people who fell into the era of great evil."
The wind "300 years ago, in the era of evil spirits, the evil spirits covered the sun, and the evil spirits were far more powerful than the spiritual masters’ accumulation in a hundred years, and it would be difficult to take shape without God’s intervention."
Taotao: "But there were spiritual teachers three hundred years ago. How could evil spirits accumulate to that extent?"