Mu Chenxing gave her a hard knock on the head with a fan handle. "You are so looking forward to my being caught! Don’t worry, if I get caught, I’ll get you out first, and then we’ll have jail time together. That’s what we call sharing weal and woe. "

You carefully looked at the girl in front of you, wearing a lake blue silk dress with two small claws and ribbons of the same color, and combing it into two pigtails. The eyes were bright and the pear vortex was so beautiful. Looking at you, you felt very unhappy again.
Mu Chenxing saw the faint expression of resentment and quickly introduced Yu Zhen and Yu You. Yu Zhen very generously grabbed Yu You’s hand and asked questions kindly, which made Yu You unable to get up.
She was even more excited when she heard that Yuyou was the elder brother of the famous thief. She quickly said, "I am also a thief. I think it was also the famous female grand theft auto." I decided not to say anything when I remembered my unsightly nickname Feather.
Youyou smiled. "Sister Yu Zhen must be a master, too. Should we really have a competition?"
Mu Chenxing’s vendor seems to say naively, "Yes, Miss Feather is also a thief, but she is a little stupid thief. Let’s not compare."
Feather can’t help but get angry. "Let’s talk about it. When I talk about it, I think of being stolen by you!" Every time I think about it, I hate the itch of my roots. Always wake up and remember the class bitterness and the blood and tears!
Especially when I saw Mu Chenxing and Mo Yuyou look down on their feathers like this, I felt that my heart was unloading fire and jumping straight. "How do you compare?"
With a faint smile, "Let’s choose Sister Feather, or I will bully her."
Mu Chenxing walked out of the inn and calmed down. He felt that he was really a little too much. After all, you are young to show yourself like this. You should be calm.
Thought of here, Mu Chenxing turned around and went back to the room to see Yu You still lying on the table, crying and twitching her delicate shoulders, looking so lonely.
Mu Chenxing also felt a little sour in his heart. He approached Yu Yourou and said, "Okay, don’t cry. It’s not my fault, but don’t treat the phoenix like that later, okay?" She is really a very poor girl. "
Hearing Mu Chenxing’s voice, she raised her pear flower and threw herself into Mu Chenxing’s arms. She cried and said, "What’s so mean to me?"
Mu Chenxing clumsily stroked Youyou Xiurou and said, "Okay, okay, it’s my fault, okay? Don’t cry!" His heart seems to be as bitter as eating Rhizoma Coptidis. How did he get into such a big trouble?
Ning Wang Lengche is enjoying Ji Gefei’s wonderful song and dance in the "Qiyue Garden". This Ji Gefei is really a wonderful person, not only intelligent, clever and considerate, but also outstanding in talent and deeply loved by Lengche.
Sometimes it’s like a child who can play for a while if he desperately wants to get a toy and can’t give him another one.
The situation is not just a toy, but an exquisite beauty who can listen, talk and laugh.
Ji Gefei is a very clever girl. She knows how she can win the favor of Ning Wang. If she is invited to spoil, I am afraid she will soon end up abandoned like Su Muxue and others.
Therefore, it is necessary to use your wrist to get the heart of Ning Wang.
Therefore, it is necessary to keep a man’s appetite, and to display his excellent cooking skills from time to time to get a few side dishes to give Ning Wang wine, because if you want to recruit a man, you must first recruit his stomach.
How can a fine girl like Ji Gefei not see that Ning Wang likes that girl? However, the girl with a feather is a stubborn donkey, but this stubborn attitude has aroused Lengche’s interest, but she can’t finish learning the feather, otherwise she will end up in an embarrassing situation.
Fortunately, that girl, Yu Zhen, can’t play chess or draw like this, which gives many Ji Ge the opportunity to show herself in front of King Ning.
It’s not just to accompany Leng Che to finish painting, Leng Che to sit on the couch and enjoy Ji Ge Fei’s just choreographed song and dance. It’s really graceful and very moving.
At this time, people reported that "I reported to the report that Mu Gong was visiting."
Lengche smiled "Please" and got up and went back to the reception hall.
I haven’t seen Mu Chenxing for a month, but she’s still so heroic. She’s followed by a girl with a petite figure, tender and smooth skin, apricot eyes, peach cheeks and watery eyes.
Lengche smiled and got up to meet "Morningstar, I told you earlier that I’d better come to the imperial court to be an official. I’ll arrange a good place for you so that we two brothers can meet often, so we won’t see each other for a long time." You can also help me. "
Mu Morningstar smiled indifferently and said, "It’s not that I don’t know that Morningstar is a wave, and it’s not official material."
Lengche shook his head and sighed. "Sometimes the king really envies you for coming and going like a wild crane in the clouds, but Wang Sheng’s imperial family is sometimes a tolerable thing, but I still hope you can stay with me when you figure it out. I will make arrangements for you at any time."
Mu Chenxing smiled "Thanks a lot"