Because it is too messy, even if the variety of meat and aquatic products with state-owned brands is still rich, Xu Taotao is somewhat insensitive

She wants to buy cheap goods directly at Tong Mall. Who knows that Comrade Gu has to buy food with her so that she can give up her plan to buy food with Tong Mall?
Xu Taotao and Gu Yu Yun push their bicycles into the market, which happens to be very crowded on Sundays. The whole vegetable market is very lively.
It’s hard enough for people to walk, and they have to push bicycles.
You can’t ride a bicycle without pushing it. In this era, bicycles are equivalent to BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the future. No one can look at it and ride it for you in the blink of an eye.
Will you cry when the time comes?
Gu Yu Yun came to this place for the first time, and there was no place to stay. The whole person followed Xu Taotao stiffly.
The pork stall master laughed and asked Xu Taotao, "Lesbian, this is your man. The young man has never been to our food market at first sight. How can he wear leather shoes!"
What about eleven pairs of leather shoes? Who counts if they are dirty?
This gay man is not particular about it!
The pork stall master envies jealousy and hates thinking.
Xu Taotao couldn’t help laughing when he saw Professor Gu’s black shoes. "Master, he’s not my man. He’s my cousin who just came back from abroad and hasn’t been grounded yet!"
Master looked at Professor Gu with red ears and a face of disbelief.
He said, "Is it really your cousin? I don’t look like you two look different. Besides, this gay man looks at you with a smile just like I look at my wife! "
Xu Taotao ""is very outrageous.
When the master of the pork stall saw that she was speechless, she was immediately proud.
"I said that you are a lesbian and want to lie to me!"
Professor Gu is not only blushing at the tip of his ear this time, but also steaming.
He urgently explained, "Master, you misunderstood that Comrade Xu and I are simple friends, not what you think."
He didn’t even dare to look Comrade Xu in the eye, and he didn’t know how the pork stall master decided that his eyes were not pure.
Professor Gu thinks that he is quite simple and has been misunderstood.
However, his explanation is not as good as not explaining that he is flushed and gives people the feeling of shattered glass.
The master of the pork stall looks’ clear’
He jokingly said to Xu Taotao, "Comrade, I believe you now. He is not your man, but you two must be secretly talking about someone!"
He took a look at Gu Yu’s hand carrying vegetables and said to him, "I’ll cook for you before I get married, so a virtuous girl should give someone a birthright early!"
Professor gu jumped into the yellow river and couldn’t wash it clearly
Hey, what are you blushing for?
Xu Taotao "Master, we are really not the object"
The pork stall master waved his hand. "I don’t care if you two are objects or not!"
The two silently bought a good pork tenderloin from the master of the pork stall and a bunch of other ingredients, such as meat, duck and fish.
I came out of the market and went to the marketing agency to buy flour and eggs.
Finally, the big bags hung on Professor Gu’s bike, and Xu Taotao rode it easily by himself.
"Comrade Gu, do you want me to help you share some?"
Comrade Gu kept riding forward, even if the front of the car shook again, he wouldn’t let go. "No, you go first."
Since he said that he came with Comrade Xu as a coolie, how can he give these heavy things to Comrade Xu?
Chapter 10 It’s all bicycles that cause trouble
"Lily, this is your sister’s bike. It’s beautiful!"
"There’s no horizontal bar. It’s smaller than my dad. Oh, this car is also small. Lily, can you help me ask your sister where to buy it?"
Xu Taotao was pulled aside by Xu Lili and smiled at her sister. Xu Taotao took a rest to see her.
"Go ahead, what is it?"
"Hee hee little sister" Xu Taotao tugged at Xu Taotao’s arm and carried the girls down. "I told them that you have a bike, and they have to make fun of it. I can’t. Don’t be stingy, just show it to them."
Xu Taotao saw through her mind at a glance.
"Just look so simple? Nothing else? "
Xu Lili’s eyes dodged, "Don’t be suspicious, little sister."
Xu Taotao nodded and turned to push the cart. "Then I saw it and pushed it home."
"Hey, hey, don’t!"
Xu Lili quickly took the little sister and looked at the group of’ sisters’ who were watching bicycles in full swing, tearing up Xu Taotao pomelo and pleading.
"Little sister, you go home first, and I’ll send you the car back. You show me off for a while first."
I knew you were dishonest.
"No problem," Xu Taotao raised his smiling face. "What do they give you to punish me half?"
Xu Lili ""
She is so clever!
See Xu Lili don’t talk Xu Taotao face immediately to "don’t want to? Don’t want me to go to the cart. "
Xu Lili dragged her away and said angrily, "I will divide you and you will not die!"
Xu Taotao vomitted to stick out his tongue proudly at her. "I’ll give you the bicycle to touch or ride, and send it home completely late. I’ll tell mom if there’s a patch missing."
Xu Lili ""
When Xu Taotao left, Xu Lili was surrounded by a group of little sisters who clung to her bike.
Some people envy and say, "Lily, your sister is so kind to you. I’ll give you a ride on this new bike!" "
"My dad’s bike won’t even touch the baby!"
"Lily, it’s very kind of your sister. Can you tell her that I want to be her sister, too?"
When others hear this idea, it’s good.
"Lily recognizes that the sisters are all sisters after giving your sister a dry sister!"
Xu Lili blushed with anger. This group of shameless people wanted to ride her car, not counting, but also wanted to rob her sister.