Taotao hugged her knees in bed and looked at her brain all night. After a night, she didn’t know what she was thinking.

When the sun comes out, the temperature of chaos boundary comes again.
Last night, the snow accumulated on the ground and melted in a short time, and there was no trace of snow at night
When Taotao walked into the courtyard with a slight black rim of the eye, Yuan Tianhe and Kuang Qingming were in the middle of a five-chess game, and some idle things were also watching.
Duan asked, "Don’t you take the postgraduate entrance examination? I haven’t seen your back recently. "
Qing Ming adjusted her glasses. "Grandpa is determined not to let me out of the chaotic world. It’s hard to find someone to stare at me every day. It’s hard to slip away. These days, let them relax their vigilance for a pretence, and then find a chance to sneak out."
When he finished, he saw peach eyes staring at her behind Duan, and Yuan Tianhe and Duan also stared at her.
Taotao wiped her face and there was nothing dirty.
Yuan Tian put five chess pieces together and pressed Taotao on his stool.
He pressed her shoulder politely, which made Taotao get goose bumps.
Duan pushed the breakfast in front of Taotao. "When you eat it, I went back and thought about it carefully. He Li’s bone fart is too difficult to do. If he finds out that I stole his fart, he will probably kill me, but you are accommodating. Remember to tell me when you fart. I will come over with a can and prepare to pick it up."
Taotao was a little scared by their abnormality. She got up and stayed away from them. "What are you doing?"
Yuan Tian blinked. "He Li Bone announced in the chaotic world this morning, and then you will be the heir of the chaotic burial bell."
Taotao "…"
She He Li bone is to say that I didn’t expect him to be serious just because she can ring the emperor clock?
Duan Mou "Ying Taotao" Is this He Li bone that you open the back door? When the news came out, all the spiritual masters in the chaotic world were shocked. Did you see the expression of Feng Chu, the early witch? It was as shocking as seeing the witch’s family being demolished, but I am curious. Why did you choose to be the bell ringer? "
On that day, the clock was very wide, and everyone in the chaotic world heard it.
They also know that the emperor clock is in the chaotic tomb, but it is said that it is in the artifact, and no one associates the clock with the direction of the emperor clock, and no one will guess that Taotao rang the clock.
Yuan Tian was at the scene, but he was so strict that he didn’t even say the name of Qing Dynasty.
Yesterday, He Li gave the Emperor Clock to Taotao.
At this time, the top of the multiplier list was wrapped around the waist by Taotao and the wind chimes that Nangong dust sent her.
She doesn’t talk. No one knows that her waist is a bell.
Taotao primly said, "Don’t talk nonsense. It will be me when the bell rings."
He Li didn’t finish talking to her last night.
Taotao got up. "I’ll go and talk to grandmaster."
"I’m afraid He Li Bone hasn’t seen you now." Duan said lazily with grass roots in his mouth. "Early witch Feng Chu also wanted to see him blocked by the guardian spirit teacher and said He Li Bone was in a meeting."
Can Yuan Tian be the same? When Wu Feng Chu saw him, he didn’t mean to say that he wanted to return my brother’s divorce sticker. Taotao saw that he was down to business. Now she is the heir of the bell ringer. How can He Li’s bone disappear? "
Duan "inherited personnel in front of the Salvation League meeting, but also a little later?"
Kuang Qingming "It’s true that Grandpa also said yesterday that it would be very important to attend the meeting as a bell ringer."
"It’s important" Duan said, "The dark spiritual master is trying to sacrifice nine babies with a boat of students in the sea, which makes the spiritual world angry and the world in jeopardy. Instead of looking for debris to exorcise evil spirits, he points his sword at the spiritual master’s own silence, which can punish his heart."
"The act of killing spiritual masters and killing mortals in Silent Liao has aroused dissatisfaction among many spiritual organizations. This meeting is to determine the line. When dealing with Silent Liao, it is said that the meeting will be held in five days and the place will be in chaos."
Yuan Tian ""line? Then my brother is not coming, too? "
Duan nodded, "The spiritual world will be busy when the Salvation League meeting is held."
The moment Silent Liao made a move against Chaos Tomb in the sea, Taotao knew that the spiritual world would respond, but she didn’t expect it to be so soon.
Silent Lord ranks second in the immortal altar, and its strength is unfathomable. The number of dark spiritual teachers is unknown. If you really want to attack Silent Lao …
Taotao feels that it is really not peaceful for future generations.
Duan Mou: "This quiet Lao is really amazing. It is said that undercover agents have been inserted in the Chaos Tomb and the Special Bureau. I heard that Yuanling and Hefeng have been investigated for a long time, but they have not found any clues until now."
Yuan Tian looked at him suspiciously. "How do you know all this?"
He remembered that he, Taotao and Feng were present when Hangxiang was interrogated at the bottom of the cabin.
Yuan Ling knows that there are undercover agents in the special investigation bureau, but these insiders should not go around saying.
Duan pointed to his nose and was lazy but proud. "I am a spiritual teacher in Duan. There is nothing I don’t know."
"Do you really know everything?" Yuan Tian came to interest.
Duan, um, snorted. "I don’t know the secrets of the spiritual division. I know what brand toilet paper the logistics buyer in the chaotic world likes. What do you want to ask?"
"Do you know Xiao Yue figure things? Where does her family live? What do you like to eat, drink and play? What is your favorite cartoon? Who is the idol? How old are you? Did you like any boys at school? Tell me all about it. "
Duan rubbed his fingers.
Calcium dobesilate capsules has lost all his money, and now he is completely broke.
He suggested, "Why don’t I give you my fart?"
Duan "…"
Duan kicked him open. "Are you strong? Do you have any fans? Can you sell fart? What do I need your ass for? Do you want to smell it? Roll-"
Yuan days hanging in his neck whine "please-"
Yuan Tian hangs in Duan’s figure like a sloth, twisting left and right, and turning upside down, without throwing him around.
Taotao watched them intertwined and suddenly asked, "Do you know anything about grandmaster and teacher?"