This person’s name is Li Xiaoyang, who just graduated from studying in Yinguo in the summer. Because of the epidemic situation, it is difficult to find a work visa locally, and it is about to expire. At that time, he couldn’t buy a direct return ticket to Dongguo. He was cheated by an intermediary and bought a high-priced ticket and flew to Mande. According to the intermediary, he could transfer from there and fly back to Dongguo.

Her peers and her boyfriend, several overseas students from the East, only to find that many people had the same idea when they arrived in Mandel, and many of them were fooled by the intermediary. They once stayed in Mandel for more than a month, but they were scared by several dangerous incidents and wanted to flee quickly.
By coincidence, they heard the news spread by Huanxiang Industry, and many people boarded the passenger ship to non-Suo Port together. At that time, Huang Cansheng, the boss of Honggang, was also in the same boat …
These are all the information revealed by Li Xiaoyang’s social media. It’s always another story. When she came to Sofia Port, she found it very interesting. An ‘an, a little Kelin District, also took part in the newly-emerging punching and brushing activities in the local area, and took a lot of live photos and posted them online. Locke was also brought in.
That’s how the Fogan Foundation found clues. If Hua Zhen couldn’t get rid of the gold gang, he wouldn’t have found Locke. If he didn’t find Locke, he wouldn’t have found the five noodle restaurants. If there were no noodle restaurants, he wouldn’t have taken the lead in punching in and brushing his face. He was photographed clearly and sent to overseas social accounts.
All this is really a bit like Hua Zhen.
Hua Zhenxing exclaimed, "Is the big data search function so powerful now?"
Mr. Feng "It may be a coincidence. Is this a little beyond your imagination?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "That’s not true. I also made a Mengmeng. Artificial intelligence is much more powerful than this, but I didn’t expect this technology to happen to me now. But he came to Locke and stared at me?"
Mr. Feng laughed. "Guess?"
Hua Zhen trip "He said that he wanted to find someone who was taken away by Locke and had a black cover with gold stripes. Ordinary people couldn’t beat him. He misunderstood that I was Locke. What apprentice wanted to buy me to help him find it, but why didn’t he catch Locke and force him to come to me?"
Mr. Feng, "You continue to guess"
Hua Zhen’s trip "may be that he felt that even if he caught Locke and forced him to find something, he was not sure. He was worried that Locke might rather die than surrender, but it was so hard to find something. Can I find it even if I am Locke’s apprentice?"
Mr. Feng "is interesting! If you are Frick, what should you do to find the clue to that thing? Didn’t Lao Yang teach you? "
Hua Zhen trip "Let me see … I should be a bait. If Locke finds out that I want to steal it, he will definitely confirm that he has not collected the place, and fraker will secretly observe that he doesn’t know where it is, but Locke will take him to find it."
Mr. Feng nodded "human nature! According to this idea, several sets of plans can be designed, and it is impossible to know exactly what he thinks.
But I can see that he really looks at you a little. He wants to accept you not only to help him do this, but also to be his apprentice in the future. Although this guy is not a good thing, he means it. "
Hua Zhen trip "Why does he want to accept me as an apprentice?"
Mr. Feng "Because he thinks that you are gifted and Locke doesn’t deserve to be your mentor, he thinks that everything you do is learned from Locke. It’s really hard to be at your present level at an early age!
You are an alien in Porto de Somalia, and you can’t have a real sense of belonging. You became Locke’s servant to make a living. Locke took you as an apprentice after seeing your talent, and you just learned from Locke to get out of the misery.
Frick can satisfy your wishes and all your fantasies about the future. When you understand this, you will swear to follow him. While you are still young, he can retrain you and train you … "
Hua Zhen trip "Wait, are these all your brain supplements?"
Mr. Feng smiled again. "I guess I can guess now. Otherwise, who should I ask?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "but he also said that it would erase my memory but make me remember that what he wants me to do is not what I think … is this true?"
Mr. Feng shook his head. "He’s bluffing! Are you Teacher Ding? "
Hua Zhen trip "Do you mean Mr. Dinky? Does he have such a thing?"
Mr. Feng explained, "If you are an ordinary teacher, it can really make you forget a special experience and let you do something that you usually want to do but you can’t do something that you are excluded from."
And you’re not an ordinary friar of the Yuan God and the Qing Dynasty, not to mention Teacher Ding. Even I can’t do it unless you want to.
Mo Lao should have taught you logic, right? Think about it. If he has the means and is sure that he will succeed, what will he do to catch you? Why don’t he just grab Locke, erase Locke’s memory and let Locke find it himself? "
Hua Zhen patted his thigh. "Right … So you must have a big thing?"
Mr. Feng: "There is nothing wrong with me, but it is a bit promising to accept apprentices at a higher level of seniority."
Hua Zhen trip "Do you also have an apprentice?"
Mr. Feng "Yes, but my brother had a time when he was reckless, but he was never so reckless as you are today! You asked all the questions, and now it’s my turn to ask you.
What’s wrong with you? Far from being the opponent of that guy, he didn’t want to kill you, and you still want to die? Try to save yourself when you are in trouble, and saving yourself is to save people. There is an idiom in Eastern China called’ make a pretence of being a snake’. Have you heard of it? "
Hua Zhen trip "heard of it"
Mr. Feng "It is better to know than to know! He misunderstood that you are Locke’s apprentice, which is your greatest advantage. Can you be arrogant when you go back to Porto? Lao Yang can’t have never taught you these truths. "