Besides, how can everything be so just right that she has no room for manoeuvre? It’s as embarrassing as being caught on the couch!

"This is the heart of the dust king?"
At this time, it seems that it is not too much to watch the scene of bustle. Xiao Ning suddenly looked at the opening Gulan and asked 1.
Now this kind of situation if there is no purpose in Xiao Ning, then Su Ling doesn’t believe it at all!
But she never thought that she would design her in this way in the near future when she was kind enough to save people!
But what really makes her feel ironic is that Huang Lao hates her expression as if she were betrayed!
What can she say? What else can she say?
She was the first to see them together last night! Whether it’s true or not, he and Gulan seem to have more emotions than she thought!
Xiao Ninggu Lan …
Today, Su Ling has clearly known that she was set up and really left her speechless!
She can’t explain what happened just now to burn old three!
She also put on her pride to look forward to the forgiveness of Lao Huang!
"Xiao Gong you don’t blather! Me and Brother Dust … We … We are just brother and sister! " Gulan cheeks suddenly flashed some hongxia after hearing Xiao Ning’s words, and then prevaricated to explain her and burn the third place.
But from her uncertain tone, it doesn’t sound very credible!
"oh? Brother and sister But there is no similarity in looking at your looks! " Xiao Ning spoke again, but what did he say? Su Ling couldn’t listen!
In a short time, she looked at Huang Lao in the eye. At that moment, she clearly saw his eyes flashing disappointment with her. His outline was still divided. When Toshiko faced her, he was once again so indifferent and bone-chilling!
Xiao Ning and Gulan won this battle!
And she Su Ling is broken to pieces!
After that, I didn’t have the mind to listen to what Xiao Ning said. Su Ling secretly lowered her eyes and hung her lips, and she was bound to walk into the dormitory.
It happened that the situation has developed, but there are still people who are not going to let Su Ling go.
Also outside the window Gulan see Su Ling turned to go to detain hurriedly shouted "princess elder sister, you are quick to talk! Don’t let brother Chen misunderstand me. I believe you and this Xiao Gong must be innocent! "
Gulan’s repeated pressure made Su Ling’s heavy emotions on the verge of breaking out.
Step in place Su Ling is still straight back eyes without any waves, trying to calm my heart, feeling mixed feelings, lips slightly upturned and casually saying, "Whatever you think!"
This is the most suitable answer she can give now!
Yes, whatever they think, she doesn’t bother to explain such a thing!
Maybe she and Huang Lao are the wrong start!
Both of them don’t know anything about love, but they get in touch with each other slowly and get in love for a long time!
But no one has ever said that long-term love can resist fickle people!
Heaven is the best way to grasp and the most elusive. In fact, it’s not feelings, but people’s minds!
She was suspicious of the incident last night, but she was also disappointed with her because of what happened just now in her eyes!
Who said that feelings are two things!
In fact, feelings are a lot of personnel! Because when two people can’t tell each other, there will always be all kinds of people involved in this relationship with distortion!
This is a doomed love!
What she Su Ling wants is always simple! She needs a pure relationship. It’s pure!
But it is so difficult!
This is a more two more wait!
Chapter 335 Leave others for the building! (small)
In Su Ling’s quite irresponsible words, Gulan couldn’t help looking up and looking at Huang Lao.
Seeing his thin lip line sipping a sharp arc, he couldn’t help secretly grinding his teeth and shouting at Su Ling’s back again, "Sister Wang, brother Chen and I …"
"You shut up!"
In Gulan, one sentence after another’ Brother Dust’ calls. Finally, Su Ling can’t stand the sudden return of phoenix eyes. At first glance, Gulan suddenly froze and stared at her face and said with a sneer, "Since you are so worried about Brother Dust, don’t take her away quickly! Gulan, you are the last person to have a say in my affairs!
Speaking of which, why don’t you tell me about what you and your brother Chen did last night? "
Sharp teeth and sharp mouth have always been Su Lingwu’s own weapon!
Now in the face of Gu Lanxian’s pressing situation, Su Ling can’t bear it any longer!
Since we want to make it clear, it’s better to have a fish die!
She and Xiao Ning are just a hug even if they are gross again!
But what about them? !
Midnight dreams come back to intimacy! So compared with her and Xiao Ning again calculate what!
When Gu Lan saw Su Ling’s fierce look and cold eyes flash across her cheek, she suddenly felt embarrassed, and then her eyes began to ripple like water waves. Bei Tooth also bit her lip and said, "I … I … Sister Wang, I want to help you!"
"Shut up!" Su Ling looked through the window through the eaves of the window. It seems that from her point of view, there are still raindrops falling along the eaves from time to time.
Dropping on her forehead moistens her hair and helps her look wronged at the moment, which is somewhat delicate and touching!
But in Su Ling’s eyes, these are nothing but scorn!
After Su Ling rebuked the export, she burned her old thin lips slightly, but she didn’t say anything after all!
Looking at Gulan’s expression of bitterness, Su Lingfeng’s eyes are like torches, and the murderous look is gradually coming out!
She used to be the king of special forces. She tried to hide herself and deliberately made herself unruly!
But today she doesn’t want to play such a role anymore!
"Gulan trouble you pack up your worthless injustice in front of me! From now on, you will know what the consequences will be if you step into the boundary of Xiyuan! "
If Su Ling’s remarks didn’t move, they certainly didn’t sound convincing!
It happened that Su Ling walked back to the window again while talking and moving at the moment, and her eyes were not instantly condensed with Gulan. At the same time, she reached out and gently pinched the handless handless small at her side in the palm of her hand, and with her last word blurted out, the handless small was also instantly broken in her white hands!