After a while I said, "What do these four beasts have to do with you?"

"Ha, ha, ha, they just want a few pets from the underworld. It’s not much."
It seems that everything Suzaku said is true.
"What are you doing here? Although the old man is a hunter, he has never been interested in hunters. We have nothing to do with each other, but you have hung up your old pet. Is it necessary to make a clear account? I heard that you can do magic moves? "
"I don’t know if you want an algorithm?"
"Hey hey, of course, kill you!"
Chapter 155 Beaten step by step
With that, Stark pulled up his bow and shot out one by one.
The air arrow flies to me in the shape of an "S" like a Youlong. The golden arrow is much worse than the air arrow at first glance, but I know the fact that Stark abandoned the golden arrow and took the air arrow instead. He said that the air arrow is much more powerful than the golden arrow. I have to use the broken sword to resolve his air arrow.
A crisp air arrow shot behind the sword bounced up to the sky and disappeared in an instant. After Stark shot an arrow, his back hand kept pulling his strange bow carved with more than ten skeletons to shoot at me one after another like plucking a string.
After blocking an air arrow, my confidence increased greatly, and I don’t know where I came from. The speed of wielding the broken sword was accelerated instantly, which just happened to block the incoming air arrow. As the air arrow increased, the broken arrow blocked the air arrow and formed a strange air wall in front of me.
"Little blindly blocking you will never beat me. Show some of your first red man momentum that day!" Stark became angry when he saw that his lucky arrow was blocked by a broken sword.
"Day first red momentum? What do I depend on? Am I honored to be the first red man this day? It’s good not to be angry. "Thinking about it, I snorted." You used to be a protoss. Don’t you know that different ways do not agree? Is God a demon or a demon? Do we humans naturally have our own lives to worry about? "
"Ha ha ha ha you idiot! MD, don’t you know that old age is neither a god nor a demon? Hum, hey, hey, God abandoned the old devil and scolded the old for thousands of years. Fortunately, being old is not a reward. Now let you see it! " With that, Stark put away his bow and shot an arrow at half.
Every time the Stark flies higher, his body changes. When the height is about 100 meters, the human form dissipates and he becomes a black bird-Dark Phoenix!
God! Stark has actually turned into Dark Phoenix Suzaku, and what he has been worried about has finally happened.
However, Dark Phoenix flapped his horse with two wings and turned back into Stark. It seems that he has not completed the transformation of Dark Phoenix.
Stark slowly fell to the ground hey hey strange smile two "see? It is said that the phoenix is an immortal bird, but the old hey hey will become the middle and high in the three realms, and Dark Phoenix will live forever! Ha ha … Ha ha … "
"Hum! What if you become the master of the universe? Building your happiness on the suffering of others is simply unnecessary for people like you to live in the world! "
"Shut up! you do not get it , do you? What’s the point of living if it’s not strong? When I finish my metempsychosis, then, hey, hey, can the two worlds resist me? Ha ha ha ha … "
"Bah! What if you become Dark Phoenix? You’re not a bird after all. If I were a god or a demon, would I put you in the eye? " I’m really dismissive of him.
"You ND to old shut up! You know a bird! When you really see the great strength of Dark Phoenix, you will be ashamed of what you said today! " Maybe Stark was really angry. This time, he changed his attack mode. A black dragon flew out of his bow, and he shouted "Dragon bites!"
I can hide, but when the black dragon comes out, it devours me.
After a short period of darkness, the rosefinch’s hair turned to ashes, and even the coat he wore was gone, revealing the dragon armor inside. Then there was no armor to protect his face, and my hands were so painful that I felt the urge to die. I reached out and touched my forehead and my hands gently-my eyebrows were still there! The phase is not broken yet.
There, Stark "Yi" again, followed by a black dragon shooting from his bow.
I danced the broken sword impenetrably and made an air shield in front of me.
The first black dragon hit the air shield without any change; The second one hit the air shield and moved. The third one hit the shield and took a step back. Article 4 Hit me and take two steps back; Article 5: Take four steps back … I don’t know how many times I resisted, but the air shield was broken and my whole person was hit by the black dragon.
Every time I was hit by a black dragon, I felt a little bit lost. By the time I was hit by a black dragon, I felt no pain. I fell heavily in front of the altar. Maybe it was because I had been a bird man. Those feathers didn’t attack me. Just when I didn’t understand this matter, the feathers around me quickly blinked at me. I became a bird man again.
I can move faster with wings.
"MD old letter dozen deathless you! Without you, a hateful human being to make trouble, you might have got your wish by now. "It was a small black dragon, but now it has become a dragon. It’s hard to imagine how Stark could fly out of that bow with such a powerful arrow."
I’m surprised that it’s not just that. It’s even more surprising that I can’t hang up after so many dragons attack me. Look at my luggage. Those high-efficiency red medicines have consumed several bottles of the original keys or these red medicines are still on, otherwise I should have hung up long ago.
When I was burnt out again and my feathers fell to the ground, Stark said again, "Small! I don’t know what medicine you took, but even Suzaku can bite me to death. You mean human beings have actually done it. You are the first person to make me feel tough in 5,000 years. Now I will give you a chance to show your unique skills without reservation. If you beat me, then I will ask you to leave here today or I will send you back. "Then he closed his eyes.
To be honest, I have been beaten by Stark for so long that I don’t even have the ability to fight back, let alone fight back. I don’t know if the Dark Knight has done anything to this edge hunter. Now that I have the opportunity, I have to try.
"Do you really want to give me this chance? You don’t regret it? "
"MD cut the crap! When you are old, since you have said it, you will definitely be given a chance to display it. Hurry up and don’t delay your old age! "
"good! This is what you said! " I slowly raised my broken sword.
Close my eyes, I can clearly feel the black energy coming from all sides to the broken sword.
Chapter 156 Rosefinch tears
"It really is a move in the underworld!" Stark drinks and poses for a fight.
If it’s a real duel, the archer will definitely take the lead, but now Stark has asked me to hit him. The situation is naturally favorable to me. When the broken sword absorbs enough energy, it will automatically cast a dark chop. I don’t think I can control it. When I have it, I will prepare to break the sword, and I will continue to absorb energy like I have a plan.
Stark’s face changed slightly when he saw me holding a broken sword, and he continued to wait patiently for me to make a move.
Finally, the broken sword split out of the dark one with the huge black energy absorbed.
A long black arc halo emerged from the broken sword and chopped at Stark Stark. When he saw the halo, his face changed suddenly, but he still didn’t escape in the same place. I guess he might have seen the dark knight chop before, otherwise he wouldn’t have that expression. Judging from his present posture, he had to pick me up, and the dark knight chop it.
This time, I didn’t feel any discomfort after I killed the Dark Devil. Is there a proficiency problem with the moves? I don’t know a lot of things. I don’t know anything at all. Take this Stark for example. I just sent it out. It was the most powerful move in history, but he took it. I only saw Stark’s throat move. Other bases didn’t change. Stark easily took me without frowning.
"Small good! But you can’t beat me at this level! Well, make it quick. Look at me! " Starr finished archery with a bow.
"Bang" and "Pa" kept breaking from me. I broke the sword and knocked the arrow from Stark one by one. It was hard for me to step back unconsciously every time I picked up my body. Every time I stepped back a little, I sank a little. This ground was paved with stone slabs, but after forty or fifty years, I couldn’t retreat because my feet were already deeply immersed in the stone slabs.
Archers can shoot arrows with such amazing strength. Stark is indeed a terrible edge hunter. If I had a sword in my hand, I might have disappeared long ago.