Hua Zhen trip "is it? I don’t think it’s enough, or it’s inherited in another way, and many problems don’t just come from heredity, such as Lord Rothschild, who owns everything today, not from inheritance

If we inherit him, we inherit an existing set of rules.
I’m not against individuals owning wealth. I hope everyone can make a fortune and encourage everyone to give it to future generations. I’m thinking about another thing. What resources and things in this world should not belong to someone’s wealth? "
Interestingly, when Hua Zhenxing made this remark, the other two listeners, except Manman, were rich capitalists and hereditary aristocrats left over from feudal times.
Even Hua Zhenxing has another identity. He is not only conferred the title of Lord, but also owns a large private territory, including all assets and resources in the agricultural reclamation area.
However, the pedestrian in Hua Zhen is still a boy in the grocery store and the general tutor in Yangyuan Valley. Feng Zibin is just a nominal identity, and the world has to create such an identity to do many things.
Hua Zhenxing’s feeling didn’t affect the friendly attitude of Guinea towards Rothschild. They didn’t have an airport meal that night, but drove to xin tian zhen specially, and a welcome dinner was already prepared here.
Mrs. Luo Chaide is also a half-hanging monk. The first person taught by Hua Zhenxing is him. If he is from the perspective of practicing the clan, Luo Chaide can be regarded as the master elder brother of all the students at present.
At present, Rochester’s practice has a second-class level, which is quite good. More importantly, he has contributed a lot to the promotion of Yuanyang in some aspects, and Bruiser has set up a vitality club with members who are either rich or expensive.
It is rare to have the opportunity to meet Hua Zhen, and he personally pointed out Luo Chaide’s cultivation of nourishing Yuan and told him that the cultivation of nourishing Yuan has reached the second level, which can be called "the plague" and is not infected with ordinary diseases.
The term "epidemic disease" was just invented by Hua Zhen because he was not a "white-board monk in the second world"
Luo Chad was overjoyed after listening to it. This is the biggest selling point of finding the vitality club, especially the special world epidemic background, which is particularly touching.
Luo Chad also decided to take part in the assessment of Yangyuan teacher and get a second-class Yangyuan teacher’s certificate. When he went to Hua Zhen, he planned to let him visit Sanhu Town Yangyuan Art Center, so he would arrange another assessment and certification ceremony.
The next day’s trip to Luochaide Guinea is to visit the agricultural reclamation area. The focus is on the so-called Beiluo River Basin in xin tian zhen, which is now the agricultural reclamation area. Shiluochaide was here the year before the rainy season.
At that time, Hua Zhen took an off-road vehicle with him to escape from the port of Sofia and crossed the Beiluo River, a dry valley at the end of the dry season. At that time, this area was just a wasteland.
In just two years, the focus of Hua Zhen’s trip was to build the Beiluo River basin, which has begun to take shape, and the xin tian zhen area is a lush land of geomantic omen. When Luochaide came, it just happened to catch the official completion of Xintian array.
The main force of Huazhen Hanghe’s many "masters" transferred back from the front line is that Fengtan’s brother was originally scheduled to represent the six-level instructors. First, he constructed various array nodes and chose the most suitable position to place the array pivot in Xintian wetland. The last step was to place and operate the large array center as the array pivot, which was originally scheduled for Fengtan’s ancestors to create a magic weapon.
Hua Zhen organized a group of three-level students, four-level and five-level instructors to watch the ceremony, and many of them also participated in the early stage of manual work, otherwise the completion of the circle would not be so fast
Luo Chad is the founder of Far Brussel Life Club, and Hua Zhenxing, a second-class teacher who is about to receive a certificate, didn’t invite him to visit the grand event as an outsider. Dr. Luo can be said to be the lowest monk in the field.
Xiao Guang was in charge of the investigation and design of the array, and Hua Zhenxing presided over the final completion and operation ceremony. The hand-held dust-cleaning Luo was put into the array pivot and the first operation of the array was Pancai, a monk of Dacheng.
The monks except Luo Chaide immediately noticed the change when the net dust fell and the law was running in an instant.
Xintian array covers a larger area than Sanhu array, and its center is not in the town, but the middle edge of the wetland outside the town includes xin tian zhen and the surrounding large farm Yuan Ye.
Hua Zhen can now transfer all kinds of resources of experts, which is much more than that of Xiao Guangsan’s brothers. In a few months, this is also a preliminary attempt, which proves that his attempt has succeeded.
Environmental improvement in xin tian zhen, the monks in Sanjing can immediately perceive that the Falun Gong is not completed once and for all, and it needs the monks to guard and maintain it, and gradually adjust and continue to improve it in the future.
It takes less practice in three realms to have a clear meta-god, so that he can master the knowledge freely. Of course, Luo Chad can’t notice the changes of the earth and the spirit, but he also feels that being in this world is inexplicably comfortable, just like suddenly hitting someone.
"Hua, I believe you can create all miracles in this world!"
"This is indeed a miracle, but I didn’t create it alone."
This is a dialogue between Rothschild and his trip to Hua Zhen after his visit to xin tian zhen.
Chapter 36, deja vu
Xintian array is different from Gushanhu town array, and it is also a part of a larger array.
Huazhenxing plans to build a magic circle in each of the three wetlands in the middle reaches of the Beiluo River, and then visit the Bixi Central Reservoir Area to build a larger magic circle.
This big, three small and four chain-shaped array also constitutes a larger array, which will now cover the Beiluo River basin, and the environmental change and improvement in this area will also affect the areas outside the array.
The original nineteen Dingfengtan brothers had received two families before, but after the completion of Xintian Falun Gong, most people decided to take over the minor children who stayed in the East, which was convenient for taking care of and enjoying the environment here.
Only a real monk who has personally participated in the formation of the array and knows the follow-up plan will know how much it will cost for Huazhenxing to build the Beiluo River Basin, and what subtle benefits will it bring to life in the future.
On the third day of his visit, Luo Chaide visited Sanhu Town Yangyuan Art Center, where he was assessed and received the second-class Yangyuan Teacher’s Certificate. Before leaving, he told Hua Zhenxing a private matter.
Princess Cordia asked him to find a way to get more boxes of Chundan.