Although Kumar has condensed the computing power of the ancient star in the face of such a powerful opponent, the first-class mecha is still losing ground.

One by one, he has known each other for a long time, and the artificial intelligence will pass him the fire handle. For the first time, he feels how heavy his manipulation is.
When the last first-class military armor blew itself up, he seemed to see an old friend waving goodbye to himself. It was himself and the second artificial intelligence was born. They had known each other for 500 thousand years.
Computing power is continuously connected to the Kumar Center. The last two first-class mecha are surprisingly tenacious and have not been directly killed by Neil Jue. It is the epee that keeps retreating.
Countdown to five seconds, Sir Neil has approached the research field of artificial fairy gods.
Countdown to three seconds, the earth tore the immortal metal wall, and a first-class mecha was nailed to the wall.
Countdown for two seconds, the strong breeze swept through the ground, and some of them were unstable. They looked up at the fiend, the general man, Anfensi technology, took out a laser gun and shot at Neil Jue for a moment, but they were hit by the mecha at his level and smashed into a ball of meat sauce.
Countdown for one second, the strong breeze and blood foam rubbed Professor Ibuprofen’s old face and head. Instead of showing alarm, this intellectual old man handed Kama his last words in the form of a warm smile and optical cable, "You are free."
He pressed the button that he had already set, and saw Professor Ibuprofen’s body explode into a light beam and rushed to Sir Neil to frown and dodge. I didn’t expect a weak intellectual family to launch an attack on him that needed to dodge.
When the countdown returns to that moment, the ancient star of the universe suddenly rings for a long time, just like a kettle burning water, and then the world talks about whether it is Terran or Wisdom, holding their breath and waiting for the final result.
Chapter one thousand sixty-one I have eyes but I can’t cry.
A violent roar of red hair broke out in heaven and earth, and the enemy of the vertical and horizontal mecha group Neil Jue was repelled by hundreds of thousands of miles in the blue blood!
The blue bloody sky stirred like a pillar of god. Many intelligent people looked at this scene and almost had the urge to kneel down and shout the truth.
And those Zhizu giants in Anwu looked at the screen beams and showed ecstatic expressions in succession.
The artificial fairy god has started successfully! They waited for the moment of counterattack!
And the strength of the artificial fairy god made them jump for joy, and when they woke up, they repelled Sir Neil, who was so strong that he was desperate.
The dust rushed to the sky, the blue blood gas stirred, and the strong wind swept through the eye center of tens of thousands of miles of land in Fiona Fang, but it was extraordinarily quiet
A humanoid creature with gray skin and blue and gold roads slowly stood up as if he were doing his best. His appearance was not much different from that of human beings, as if he had awakened too hastily and some places had not yet developed.
There is still a vague line where his face has eyes and nose and mouth, and his ears have no cochlea. The priority awakening fighter can Kama infuse all energy and nutrition into this strong body.
With one blow, he repelled the mighty Sir Neil for hundreds of thousands of miles.
Kama was born and became an artificial fairy god. He was no longer bound by people and became a free man in this world. He had the strength to repel the strong.
But he didn’t cheer, he didn’t jump for joy, he was watching the fierce war, and the day after tomorrow, the mecha was still falling like a soul, rolling in the deep. This is probably the most beautiful rain in his database.
The ancient star, his intellectual senses, cheered and jumped into his "ears" countless times, which was the joy of the wise people cheering him to wake up and win the upcoming war.
Kama stepped forward slowly, perhaps for the first time to control his almost physical body. He stumbled a little, stopped in the wind and reached for a piece of life coat.
There is no smell of blood in the air because it has been blown away by the strong wind brought by his blow.
Kama looked around blankly and never found the old man again. No one told him what to do next.
He became a real life, but no one could share the joy.
Kumar looked up at the sky, I had eyes … but I couldn’t cry.
The soul of the sky rises against the wind, accompanied by the blue flesh and blood over there, and it seems to destroy everything.
All these visions condensed into a cry, like the roar of the gods.
I have no mouth, but I must growl.
Gray-blue figure rises with divine majesty and edge rage.
"He’s a real life."
Chuhang looked at this scene and said with emotion
The artificial fairy god, or Kama, rushed to the Milky Way like a god, and many deep-blooded nobles were amazed at this sudden change.
It’s just a scientific creation that can repel Sir Neil! ?
However, this is the last time in their lives that they were surprised by the blue blood and blood. With machinery, they shouldn’t have crossed with murder to dye the whole galaxy blue.
Put out the big star and light it up again, dye it blue, like a god coming to light the fire.
There was a massive collapse in the star, and those powerful nobles with deep blood melted into powder in an instant, because they angered the new gods and killed the old man whom God loved most.
Parting is always so sudden that Kamagen didn’t expect that he should say thank you to Professor Ibuprofen. Suddenly, he didn’t ask the old man what to do after he left. Suddenly, he didn’t repay the old man … Suddenly, he couldn’t go back to that afternoon to make a cup of green tea for the old man.
He got the star, perhaps the strongest body in this era. With the crystallization of science and technology for more than 500 thousand years, he may be able to compete with the star, but he feels unhappy.
At this time, his mind was filled with tyranny and murder, and he finally became a real creature, but he wanted to change back to that machine that didn’t think about anything.
In the Milky Way, Kama opened her mouth in anger and tore it. It didn’t grow up completely, and her mouth roared and shook the Milky Way.
Lu Chenwu’s eye can’t see the battle in the distance, and he can see that the forbidden art of the noble blood is dismantled one by one, and he is as good as himself.
The Terran and the Wisdom clan were shocked to see this scene. I didn’t expect that there was such a killer weapon. I heard that the artificial fairy god was real and that the ancient star was born when it was about to be destroyed and suppressed all enemies.
The wise men cheered that their lives were dying soon, and the Terran pride jumped for joy. The research giants of the Anwu wise men embraced each other and just needed champagne to celebrate.
"perfect! It’s perfect. This is the ultimate creation. It deserves the name of God! "
Carlos praised and then sighed, "Anfensi, you must be very pleased that you have reached the source."
Although he has a bad temper and quarrels with Anfensi for a long time, they have known each other since childhood and still have some appreciate each other.
Carlos knew that Professor Ibuprofen and Anfens would probably not live when the powerful blood noble attacked the artificial fairy, but the successful birth of the good artificial fairy saved their last dignity.
"Kumar brought those noble blood samples here, and these noble blood have caused such great losses to our ancient stars, so we must solve them well and give full play to their value."
A wise man ordered that his face could not hide his excitement.
Although the ancient stars went through this great difficulty, they found that the lost race and the deep blood nobles were so powerful that there must be some secret lurking in them.
Although their mecha are exhausted, but now there is an artificial fairy sitting in the star, there is still no other star field. They can make up for the loss if they absorb the secret of the noble blood.