Wei Taitai pointed at Chen Yan and shouted a little nervously, "Chen Yan … You, you licentious Cao Jiansheng killed Chen Yan!"

Cao Qiudao stared at Chen Yan and said, "Chen Yan is different today. You are no longer my opponent. Please choose a weapon. I won’t take advantage of you."
Chen Yanxiao said, "This time is different? This sentence is also what I want to say to you, Cao Jiansheng, since you are so confident, just draw your sword and attack me. Actually, my best martial arts is not fencing, so you don’t necessarily need weapons to deal with you. "
The cold light in Cao Qiudao’s eyes flashed "boastful"
Just as Cao Qiudao was about to draw his sword, Zou Yan, Qin Qing and Long Yangjun arrived.
Zou Yan saw that Cao Qiudao wanted to start a fight, and his face changed slightly. "Cao Qiudao, you have been killing and killing Mr. Chen all your life. Are you a distinguished guest in Wang Wei? Do you still want to start a fight with Mr. Chen?"
Cao Qiudao and Zou Yan are old acquaintances, and they also taught Qi Guotai at the same time.
They have different ideas and ideological realms, and they don’t like each other.
Zou Yan thinks that Cao Qiudao can kill people and is a butcher. It is the meanest way to make money by killing people. Cao Qiudao thinks that Zou Yan is ignorant and stubborn and even more annoying than those pedants.
Cao Qiudao stared at Zou Yan coldly, "Zou Yan, don’t meddle with this matter. Cao and Chen Yan are bound to tell a winner."
Qin Qing is a little anxious.
Cao Qiudao’s swordsmanship practice, she knows that although Chen Yan is also very powerful, he is the first strong man in Zhao, but he rarely shows martial arts, swordsmanship and piano. It is difficult to worry.
Long Yangjun said, "Cao Jiansheng, if you really want to compare swords with Mr. Chen, it’s better for you two to hold a sword meeting. Then the whole girder warrior and nobles will come to watch the battle, and Shijun is also very curious about who is more advanced, Cao Jiansheng or Mr. Chen."
Cao Qiudao nodded. "Well, just follow what Long Yangjun said. You remember that Cao will beat you in full view!"
Cao Qiudao, the second time in Handan City, failed to defeat Chen Yan. He has always been angry that Cao Qiudao has made a breakthrough in fencing. Of course, if he wants to find his face, he must defeat Chen Yan to completely stabilize his position as the first in heaven.
There is no conflict between comparing swords with Chen Yan and completing the stag Hou Zhaomu’s confession.
Cao Qiudao has no reason not to agree.
Chen yanxian’s physical fitness and repair have recovered more than half. Even if there is no aura and true qi, it is not Cao Qiudao who can compete with Cao Qiudao. Chen yanxian’s eyes are like a clown.
But Cao Qiu said he didn’t know it was waiting to know.
Doing nods "Cao Qiu way you have confidence is a good thing, it is said that ZuLao handwritten the Tao Te Ching in your hand? I will give you three chances to beat me. If you lose, I hope you can lend me the Tao Te Ching to study for two months. "
Cao Qiudao sneered, "It’s good that you are well informed. I have the Tao Te Ching written by Daozu personally, but you didn’t have a chance to see it. I can completely defeat you without fighting three times."
Chen Yanxiao said, "Don’t talk too much. It’s better to leave some room. I said I’d give you three chances and I will give you three chances. Cao Qiudao hopes you can take advantage of them."
Long Yangjun said to Wei Taitai, "Taidian, you should leave."
Mrs Wei’s face is gloomy. He knows that it is impossible to take Princess Zhao Qian away with Long Yangjun today.
Wei Tai cold hum a turn round and then walk.
Shaoyuanjun immediately followed
When Cao Qiudao turned around, he said to Chen Yan, "Chen Yan, you are very good at Yi Shu."
Compared with before, Chen Yan’s appearance has changed a bit.
After Chen Yan gave general Zhao Rong their healing, Zou Yan said, "I didn’t expect Mr. Chen to discriminate against Huangshu. Did Mr. Chen also study the knowledge of doctors?"
Chen Yan nodded and said, "I know something about the knowledge of doctors. Sometimes we practitioners need to go into the mountains alone, which is much more dangerous. We can’t defend ourselves without a little doctor."
Zou Yan touched the beard and nodded, "That’s that."
Long Yangjun came to see Chen Yanshi with Zou Yan and Qin Qing. He wanted to say that Chen Yanshi stayed in Wei, but today he met Wei Taihe and Cao Qiudao to trouble Chen Yanshi and Princess. Long Yangjun felt that it was inappropriate to talk about soliciting things now. Let’s wait.
Zou Yan, they stayed behind for dinner.
The food is still cooked by Chen Yan himself.
Se Xiang Wei ju
Long Yangjun, satiated with food and drink, said apologetically, "Mr. Chen is really sorry that I let you and Cao Qiudao have a sword fight without your consent."
Chen Yan said, "Long Yangjun didn’t expect Cao Qiudao. This person is really annoying. Since he wants to compete with me, I can become a person. After he defeated him in public, I may be able to be quiet for a while."
Princess Zhao Qian asked, "Are you really sure to defeat Cao Qiudao, Mr. Chen? He’s Qi blade master, the best swordsman in the world. "
Zou Yan said, "Mr. Chen Cao Qiudao still knows something about swordsmanship. He hasn’t lost in ten years. Cao Qiudao is called’ blade master’, but he is ruthless and kind. The old man thinks that the title of’ Demonbane’ is more suitable for him. If he is not sure about Mr. Chen, it is too dangerous not to compete with him."
Chen Yan said, "You are not worried that I will repair Cao Qiu Dao. Even if he is holding an Excalibur, he is still not my opponent. I will beat him openly."
The gap between Cao Qiudao and Chen Yanxiu cannot be bridged by a sword.
Chapter 43 The beast is vulnerable, Tao Wei Mou
In the next few days, Long Yangjun didn’t come to Ulrich again. He was busy with Cao Qiu’s sword fight with Ulrich.
Less than two days after the news was released, all the nobles and warriors in Daliangcheng knew that Cao Qiudao wanted to compete with Mr. Chen of Zhao.
Cao Qiu-dao is a tyrannical figure in blade master, Qi.
Chen Yanze is the first strong man in Zhao recently.